Georgia has the TOUGHEST STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE of all the top teams according to ESPN this morning and 2nd toughest among the top teams is Notre Dame. It’s a long way down before any other team is listed. And none of them being considered for the play-off poll are even in the top 25 strength of schedule. Gary Danielson PICKS on GEORGIA because of our schedule but the FACTS are we can’t win it all because of our schedule Notre Dame Auburn Alabama Mississippi State Bowl Opponent # 1 Bowl Opponent # 2 while Kentucky and Georgia Tech are NEITHER easy wins – tough teams – TOUGH SCHEDULE Gary Danielson you God Damn PIECE OF SHIT LIAR. You are TELEVISING the God Damn Game Gary Danielson – do not LIE about the opponents pre-game DEFEND YOURSELF whole entire broadcast.

# 9 Strength of Schedule Georgia Bulldogs

# 16 Strength of Schedule Notre Dame touchdown Irish Jesus’

# 32 Strength of Schedule Aladamnbama

# 33 Strength of Schedule All Barn

# 39 Strength of Schedule Mississippi State

# 42 Strength of Schedule Ohio State boy are they a disappointment

# 45 Strength of Schedule Choke-la-homa

# 46 Strength of Schedule Climpson

# 49 Strength of Schedule Michigan State

# 55 Strength of Schedule in the ACC FSU wow easy schedule with 5 losses

# 68 Strength of Schedule Texas in the Big XII with 5 losses

# 78 Strength of Schedule Penn State in the Big 10 with all those pussies’ schedules


Just LOOK at these Strength of Schedules of these teams acting so High and Mighty.


Just look…



Our schedule is the TOUGHEST you lying piece of shit Gary Danielson CBS.  Name me a team with a TOUGHER SCHEDULE Gary Danielson ?


Go ahead I will wait.




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