Alabama joins the play-off 4 teams : Clemson, Auburn, Oklahoma, Alabama. I have Wisconsin out no matter what they do 2 best wins 7-5 and 8-4 team for Wisconsin. That is NOT play-off team. Ohio State OUT even with win over weak Wisconsin who beat NO ONE. Miami of Florida screwed the pooch too like Ohio State and if they beat Clemson they are STILL OUT TOO after losing to Pittsburgh for God’s sake Mark Richt. TCU is out play-offs no matter what they do. No Pac-12 team can get into play-offs EITHER. Still are 2 SEC teams IN as I see it. Kirby MUST beat Auburn.

There is only one way for Kirby to make the play-offs : Kirby must beat Auburn who were leading 10 to 40 just 3 weeks ago.  Wisconsin would be left out in that scenario and Alabama would be IN.  Got it ?


If Auburn loses they are OUT but how could they LOSE when they were ahead 10-40 over Kirby 3 weeks ago ?  Well for one scenario somehow we got after Jarrett Stidham from Baylor.  I will tell you this too if Kirby does not get after Jarrett Stidham then he is SEC PLAYER OF THE YEAR and he beats us.  I think Kirby recognizes Stidham as the key to the game.  I give Kirby a LOT of credit for being smart but honestly Kirby has NO EXPERIENCE on offense and he has a long way to go to learn that part of being a head coach.  I would expect Mike Cavan to tell Kirby how good Stidham is.  I see it.


I have Alabama ahead of Kirby for several reasons such as Kirby redshirted OL who should have been playing Saturday and such as Kirby refuses to try to allow Jim Chaney to pass the football.


I am putting pressure on Stidham every play – that is my game plan.  Stidham is going to know I am after his ass.  I want to hit Stidham.  I want to be up in his face on every play.  Stidham is the difference in the game.




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