Ohio State is TELLING PROSPECTS HERE IN GEORGIA that if they come to Columbus Ohio they will be a 1st Round NFL Draft Pick and if they come to UGA they will be a 2nd Round NFL Draft Pick. Really Urban Liar ? That is your CRAPPY LIES you offer-up to 17 year old 5-star recruits like Stockbridge Georgia Brenton Cox.

Who do you think believes that Urban Meyer ?


I am looking forward to the NFL Draft and the Play-Off Selection Committee.  I believe UGA will have MORE NFL Draft Picks and higher ones than Ohio State and I fully expect The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs to have had a better year than Ohio State as well.


Let’s see how the College Football Play-Off Committee sees Ohio State and sees Georgia tonight shall we Urban Meyer ?


Ohio State 10-2 LOST to 7-5 Iowa AND Oklahoma 11-1 beat Ohio State too.

Georgia 11-1 LOST only to 10-2 Auburn who beat two teams the committee had ranked # 1.



Only is a 5-star prospect from Stockbridge going to be an NFL 1st Round Draft Pick if he goes to Ohio State and only is he instead going to be just only a 2nd Round NFL Draft Selection if he goes instead to lowly little ole Georgia with 3 SEC teams ranked AHEAD of Ohio State by the Selection Committee.


Urban Meyer you are a liar boy.  A complete liar.  It is so easy to see right through your lies.   You lose credibility Urban Meyer when you state as fact  OBVIOUS LIES.









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