Only 2 teams have won more bowl games than Georgia Bulldogs with 30 bowl victories and 3 bowl ties to only 19 losses and those are Alabama 38 bowl wins and Southern California 34 bowl wins. Oklahoma has 29 bowl wins and only 20 bowl losses with 1 tie. Bowl games played Georgia can move up to # 2 if we can beat Oklahoma, and if we can’t then Oklahoma will tie us in bowl wins. Alabama has played in 66 bowl games. Georgia Bulldogs have played in 53 bowl games with this bowl game against Oklahoma and a win there would send us to our 54th bowl game. I take Georgia to WIN and face Alabama for the National Championship at Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta Georgia where I choose US.

SEC down ?


Not hardly.


I thought that it was accepted that The Mighty SEC is DOWN ?


SEC 10 National Championships in Football Starting 2003

  1. 2015 Alabama
  2. 2012 Alabama
  3. 2011 Alabama
  4. 2010 Auburn
  5. 2009 Alabama
  6. 2008 Florida
  7. 2007 LSU
  8. 2006 Florida
  9. 2004 Auburn * 13-0 undefeated 2004 # 2 every single poll before USC stripped of its NC belongs to Auburn
  10. 2003 LSU


This would be 11 NC for SEC starting 2003 season.  That is NOT DOWN.  THIS is NOT DOWN.  There are 2 SEC teams for NC 2017 season called the 2018 National Championship Georgia # 3 and Alabama # 4.  Frankly there would have been 3 including Auburn if Auburn did not have to play us.  Down ?  No.  THIS is NOT DOWN.


*The FWAA stripped USC of its 2004 Grantland Rice Trophy and vacated the selection of its national champion for 2004. The BCS also vacated USC’s participation in the 2005 Orange Bowl and USC’s 2004 BCS National Championship, and the AFCA Coaches’ Poll Trophy was returned.


Alabama is looking for revenge.  You will NOTE that THIS BLOG called for us to play Oklahoma DURING THE GAME against Auburn yesterday and for Alabama to play Clemson in a grudge rematch of 35-31 last year.  On the last play of the game the OFFICIALS did NOT call a PICK PLAY as they did against Georgia Bulldogs in The SEC Championship Game REMOVING our touchdown catch from the scoreboard.  But Clemson LOSES without that call and the officials GAVE the NC to Clemson and STOLE IT from Alabama.  My proof ?  3 different polls after that play to end the game ranked Alabama national champions anyway.


You get that ?


Alabama won the national championship 2016 season last year.


There is NO QUESTION of it.


  1. Colley Matrix Poll ranks Alabama national champions last year 2016 season
  2. Congrove Computer Rankings Poll ranks Alabama # 1 for 2016 season too
  3. Dunkel System Poll ranks Alabama # 1 for 2016 as well.


Excuse me but those are the VERY POLLS Georgia Tech claims their national championships in.


Clemson LOST to 8-5 Pittsburgh last season at HOME for Clemson in Clemson.  Alabama’s lone loss was the 35-31 call on the last play of the game which was by all accounts an Alabama WIN counted as their only loss last season.


I want bad boy Baker Mayfield.  I want his ass.


Big XII and ACC ?  No hope this is an ALL SEC NC.


Nick Saban says he LOST to Auburn on the same field but not by as much.

Hey Nick you are NOT PLAYING Auburn.  That was us yesterday and soon it will be us you are playing.  See ya soon.  Go beat Clemson but watch us beat Oklahoma first in the Rose Bowl where Georgia Bulldogs are UNDFEATED in the Rose Bowl all-time including a shut-out.  Baker Mayfield is going to know he is playing The SEC.


Want a top pick in the NFL Draft ?


Take Roquan Smith not Baker Mayfield who is a FLAKE while you can build a defense around Roquan Smith.


Watch and see.


This is really a dozen national championships in football for The SEC starting 2003 and EVERYONE knows that especially Nick Saban who has half the dozen himself at Alabama and at LSU.  Get the picture Bluto maintains The SEC is DOWN – uh no Senator THIS IS OUR heyday.


Oh and MARK RICHT is not in the Top 10 of the AP Poll nor in the Top 10 of the Coaches’ Poll.  Got that senator Bluto ?


So while you were over there saying how The SEC is DOWN and how a good case can be made that Mark Richt should NOT have been FIRED, I promised that Mark Richt WOULD BE FIRED and had to be and I guaranteed on THIS BLOG too all calendar year 2017 that WE would WIN The SEC Championship 2017.


Guess what Bluto ?


That makes you 0-2 and me 2-0.


I said that EVERY DAY on THIS BLOG.  No one has ANY question of that.




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