Roquan Smith every year on Academic Honor Roll up for Academic All-America may or may not jump ship after our playoff run 2017 as a Junior but he is a top NFL Draft Pick I say AHEAD of Baker Mayfield because you can build defense around him. Now BUTKUS AWARD WINNER as top linebacker joins Dick Butkus Derrick Thomas Rolando McClain and C.J. Mosley as TOP LINEBACKER AWARD 2017-2018 season for BUTKUS AWARD winner Roquan Smith. Remember when he joined us and not all those other schools including UCLA who lied to Roquan Smith about Jeff Ulbrich leaving UCLA as LB coach and DC for half a million Atlanta Falcons LB coach ? That was February 4 of 2015. Now this BUTKUS AWARD for this man this blog has followed so closely for 3 years now. Way to go. And what a fine-looking young man. Will he COME BACK 2018 ?

Roquan Smith is destined for College Football Hall of Fame and Pro Football Hall of Fame.  We have 3 of those.


National Football League 75th Anniversary All-Time Team we have none of those.  We also had none who had won the Butkus Award.  Now we have.  He could join elite list winning two if he returns his senior year 2018.


Bronko Nagurski Trophy and the Chuck Bednarik Award have both lined-up to give this really smart Academic All-America Roquan Smith more coveted awards 2017 and 2018.  NFL clamors they can build a defense around him he is so fast.  Did you see how quickly he got his body on those 2 fumbles yesterday ?  Roquan Smith stands-out on and off the field which is why I would take Roquan Smith before I took Baker Mayfield.  Baker Mayfield is deranged.


Kirby has Georgia’s Defense # 2 in The SEC in really every category 2017 season and Kirby says credit Mel Tucker.  Guess what ?  I credit Roquan Smith.


Macon County high school we were very fortunate to get Roquan Smith.  This is exactly the type of player other schools STOLE from Mark Richt.  Roquan Smith stuck with us after taking classes before we FIRED Mark Richt.


Mark Richt wasted Roquan Smith 2015 season.  We FIRED Mark Richt for his legendary wasting of talent.


THIS BLOG said it was just fine with ME that Roquan Smith was the first player to NOT SIGN NLI national letter of intent.  Many have followed Roquan Smith AFTER that February 4 of 2015 three years’ now ago.


Roquan Smith: UGA beats UCLA for historic recruit




This was all HUGE BIG NATIONAL NEWS this blog followed closely.



He is our Captain Defense Roquan Smith.


I said Roquan Smith would find maybe one other player with more tackles than him 2017 season in The SEC.  And how did that prediction of THIS BLOG work out ?  Well he could still end up # 1 and certainly is # 1 in The SEC for solo tackles.


You know ?


When the guy makes the tackle and were it not for him it would NOT be a tackle.


I have seen a lot of guys following Georgia Bulldogs 60 years now with 2 generations of seasons’ tickets and I have had Falcons’ seasons tickets through my Dad as well – so I recognize this type of talent when I see it.  Roquan Smith is the REAL DEAL.


I have been telling you THAT on THIS BLOG for 3 years’ of time now.


Roquan Smith 72 solo tackles wow 2017 season

113 tackles total 2017 season

10 and half tackles for loss of 50 yards 2017 season

5 and half sacks leads the team 2017 season

2 pass break-ups

2 pass defended

3 quarterback hurries

2 fumble recoveries – did you see him take-off up field yesterday ? sweet

1 forced fumble



I fully expect Roquan Smith to be one of the top 10 NFL Draft Picks 2018 after this 2017 season therefore leaving despite his Academic All-America.  Maybe because of his Academic smarts he knows he has to leave now.


Roquan Smith would have had to finish his college degree to be College Football Hall of Fame in the past but that requirement has been waived because Roquan Smith should enter the NFL Draft after this season.  It is the smart and proper decision.


2 games from now.





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