1st Team Consensus All-American Roquan Smith SEC Defensive Player of the Year BUTKUS AWARD leads a long list of UGA 2018 NFL Draft selections Sony Michel Isaiah Wynn Nick Chubb Lorenzo Carter Trenton Thompson Aaron Davis Dominick Sanders Jeb Blazevich Cameron Nizialek Davin Bellamy So I see 10 Bulldogs selected 2018 NFL Draft and another 10 Bulldogs finished with their career after 2 more games 4 of those who might be free agent NFL contract signings after the 2018 NFL Draft John Atkins Javon Wims Reggie Carter and Malkom Parrish. Kirby loses 20 he had as STARTERS for Kirby here after 2017 season – half of them drafted 10 to lead the nation in NFL Draft Picks 2018 Georgia Bulldogs and 4 more whom I see being picked-up as free agent signings after the 2018 NFL Draft up-coming. Georgia will have the most impressive NFL Draft of EVERY SCHOOL 2018 NFL Draft. MARK MY WORDS. I guaranteed you The SEC Championship 2017 didn’t I ? Baker Mayfield up to his POOR SPORTSMANSHIP again all night last night Oklahoma doing NOTHING about him.

Georgia is picked by one and a half points over Baker Mayfield and Oklahoma because Oklahoma can not STOP us while we have plenty to go up against Baker Mayfield with.  Baker Mayfield will never do SQUAT in the NFL and he is a total FLAKE as a personality.  Baker Mayfield is a guy already sending out tweets about Georgia Bulldog fans.  Big XII teams do not play defense.  SEC teams do.   We can get the advantage not only on defense but on special teams.  And I think we can stop Baker Mayfield. This is the match-up I wanted because Oklahoma thinks they recruit well and we don’t.  I have news for Oklahoma.  We match-up with Oklahoma and can win.  Thus Las Vegas went from a pick them to a favorite for Georgia Bulldogs by a point and a half.   ALL the BETTING so far is ALL ON GEORGIA BULLDOGS.




The reason ?


Because we are senior-laden team who will be the most drafted team in the up-coming NFL Draft after this season.


NOT Oklahoma.


Baker Mayfield tweet today : “And to the Georgia fans that had the kind words of encouragement… I applaude your creativity.”


Here Baker Mayfield : STICK THIS up your God Damn NOVICE asshole.


You will NEVER play in the NFL Baker Mayfield.


No NFL team will even take a chance on your mouth Baker Mayfield.


Oklahoma has NO DEFENSE.  Iowa State scored 38 points on Oklahoma defense and beat Oklahoma.


Thank you Lord for giving me Oklahoma to play game 1.  Iowa State is a 7-5 team.


7-5 scored 38 points and beat Oklahoma home game for Oklahoma.  Rose Bowl is NO home game for you Oklahoma and Georgia is NO Iowa State.



These Georgia Bulldogs will not be drafted but certainly made their mark here in their career and now are gone after 2 more games :

John Atkins probable free agent signing

Javon Wims possibly might

Reggie Carter not out of the question that he might sign a free agent contract

Malkom Parrish not out of the question that he might sign a free agent contract

Trent Frix

Christian Payne

Aulden Bynum

Jordan Davis

Dyshon Sims

Brice Ramsey – all 20 of these guys STARTED here for Kirby. Brice as punter









The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs 2017 College Football Playoff Participant will lead the nation with 10 selections in the NFL Draft and 4 more picked-up by NFL teams after the draft as free agent signings.


Great job guys all 20 of you are STARTERS here at UGA for Kirby and you WON SEC Championship !


You have two (2) games left.







Roquan Smith

Sony Michel

Isaiah Wynn

Nick Chubb

Lorenzo Carter

Trenton Thompson

Aaron Davis

Dominick Sanders

Jeb Blazevich

Cameron Nizialek

Davin Bellamy


Some other who might consider 2018 NFL Draft after this season as well :


D’Marcus Hayes # 2 JUCO OT

Jonathan Ledbetter Junior # 9 DT

Natrez Patrick Junior # 12 DE

J. R . Reed Redshirt Junior





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