A foot. 12 inches. Snowed 24 hours in a row December 8 until December 9 of 2017 Atlanta. Atlanta. Not even Winter.

It started snowing at 9 am yesterday morning and snowed until 9 am this morning.  It was 31 or 32 or 33 degrees Fahrenheit the whole entire time.


Winter Storm Benji.


More than 12 inches snow here before ?  I am going to say that this is the MOST SNOW we ever got in a 24-hour period.


It was non-stop.  It had to be.  I think it is 50 % more than I have EVER seen.


February 6 of 1978 our headquarters flew me to New York.  I checked -in to the Cherry Hill New Jersey Marriott National Convention Center Highway 33 and U.S. 1 Princeton after flying into Newark.  I dug out of 17 and a half inches of snow and went to the Worldwide HQ the next morning.  There was a Guard there and me.  On top of that, it really would not go way in 30 mph winds.  Then there was another storm on top of that that following night.  So Sunday when I landed and Monday night BOTH.  It all started when they flew me in Sunday night.  I got to the Hotel ok but it was coming down.


I figured it snowed up there all the time.  I asked at the front desk for a snow shovel and dug my way all the way to the street from the parking lot.  I was in a rental car.  I went over a curb at one point and it scraped off the bottom of the Hertz car.  All 4 wheels and the oil pan.


I had purchased a phone.  A car phone.  It was blue and about the size of 12 cans.


The system analysts loved it when I drove them to customer sites calling ahead.  That was 4 decades ago.


Got it ?


I sold that cell phone for $ 700.


I called them they said there another Hertz bottom ramp.  Can I get there ?


I said you’ll do this all the time right ?  I see the gas station.  That it ?  Yes.  Ok I will go there.  I went they came back with wrecker and pulled it out put the 4 wheels back and poured 4 quarts oil into engine. I drove to Newark Airport and handed them the key.


They gave me another.


I made it to the office.


Like I said I was the ONLY person there besides the security guard who was there overnight from Sunday night.


There was another 17 inches the next night – Monday night.  It just would not end.  In fact it snowed for days on end then.


Again Tuesday I got there and the Director showed-up hearing I was there the day before.


He wanted to meet me.


I turned on the mainframe for the Director and wrote some COBOL programs and debugged them on the card punch.  I printed the report for him on the I-Line paper.


The Director told everyone about that for 8 years I worked there. It was my first day on the job.  I just had graduated UGA.






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