There is nothing wrong with the early signing period. Aaron Brule said one full WEEK BEFORE early signing date that he was LOOKING AROUND not made-up his mind. Kirby did NOT boot him to the curb. Aaron Brule was OFFICIALLY a soft-commitment on December 13.

The early signing period is just for fine young men like Aaron Brule.  We all wish him the best but we turned our attention ELSEWHERE on December 13.  If you did not keep up with Aaron Brule then do NOT offer-up your opinion that Mark Richt was a nice guy to guys like Aaron Brule than Kirby is.


If Aaron Brule wanted to come here then he should not have been saying what he DID SAY December 13 about wanting to play closer to home and how much he loved Oklahoma State University too.


Aaron Brule also said on December 13 that he was DELAYING his decision until February 7.


The local rags just picked-up on this and see this as a Jesus’ birthday cancellation.


Guess what ?




Try to keep up.


Bother to keep up if you are going to comment online.


Or not.


Make a fool of yourself in public.


There is nothing new about that with you.


Or your biases.


Why did we sign some we did at the last minute ?




If you don’t want us to read it then don’t post to it.


Jesus Christ.


I have news for you about all the “commitments” December 25 – they ALL are the VERY DEFNITIION of soft verbal.


You just don’t know what soft verbal is.


Aaron Brule was THE very definition of soft verbal.


Best of luck.


We moved-on December 13.


What did you expect us to do ?


Ignore your word Aaron Brule ?




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