Once in a Blue Moon : Men’s Basketball BEATS FLORIDA TOO 72-60 here at the Stegesaurus # 23 Florida missed 15 field goals in a row and Georgia made 12 free throws in a row at the end. First Super Blue Blood Moon since 1866 right now outside 31 January 2018 in the West Sky up high now both at the SAME TIME.

Nicolas Claxton of Greenville South Carolina came off the bench to claim 8 rebounds and 3 blocked shots to LEAD the CHARGE tonight on national TV.


Yante Maten had 20 points 7 rebounds 2 assists and a blocked shot.  No he did not sell popcorn at halftime but he put his team on his back.


13-8 Georgia

4-5 SEC Georgia

# 57 RPI

# 78 BPI


Georgia was down

43-48 with 13 minutes 5 seconds to go on the 2nd half.

70-58 Georgia went on a 27-10 run down the stretch to come from behind.


It will knock Florida OUT of the top 25.




That was a fun game to watch tonight.


Once in a Blue Moon :



First Super Blue Blood Moon since 1866 right now outside 31 January 2018 in the West Sky up high now.





Kirby finished 2016 season 8-5 with # 99 in the nation at pass completion percentage with a TON of drops and improved significantly 2017 at # 43 in pass completion percentage but still have not played top receivers 2016 or 2017 seasons. We have NOT really added top receivers 2018 now either. NCAA Rankings to evaluate our team

# 99 in pass completion percentage 2016-2017 season :




# 43 in pass completion percentage 2017-2018 season :




NCAA Rankings to evaluate our team.


I really don’t understand why Kirby can NOT for the life of him go out and recruit top wide receivers here – other than everyone knows Kirby does NOT even want to throw the football if he did NOT have to.


Kirby tried to sit on the lead having scored 4 of the first 5 scores of the game and LOST as a direct result thereof.


# 117 Penalties 2017-2018 season


# 40 Kick-Off Return Defense by Shane Beamer’s group 2017-2018 and frankly weren’t any good 2016 either.


# 105 Passing Offense 2017-2018 season

# 105 passing the God Damn Football for the # 2 best team in the nation.


God awful.


In fact we passed the ball only 31 percent of the time 2017-2018 season.  That means we ran on first down.  We then ran on second down.  And we ran on third down some of the time too.



# 45 Punt Return Defense Shame Beamer’s group was not much better 2017-2018 season despite the great Punter we handed Shane Beamer.


# 48 in sacking opponents 2017-2018 season Kirby failed once again 2017-2018 season again to want to put pressure on opponent’s quarterbacks preferring to cover their receivers than to go after their QB like we saw the better defenses go after our quarterback 2017-2018 season.


# 32 Total Offense 2017-2018 season despite the fact that we were the # 2 best team in the nation.


It is a FAILED OFFENSE Kirby continues to run because Kirby can NOT recruit Wide Receivers here thinking Kirby does not even WANT to throw the football.




# 35 in the nation Jake Fromm Completion Percentage because Kirby’s receivers are not that great.


It is a double-edged sword for Kirby.


Kirby doesn’t WANT to throw the football so the receivers don’t want to come play for Kirby.


Again 2018 now coming-up as 2017 and as 2016 Kirby is behind the 8-ball on getting us top receivers again.


THIS is where we are.  THIS is what the NCAA Rankings prove once again about 2017-2018 season as it was in 2016-2017 season too and now how it will be 2018-2019 season too.


We WON’T pass the ball 2018 so we did NOT get the top receivers again 2018 did we ?


Despite our obvious NEED.





We go down there to Exactech Arena at the O’Connell Center and BEAT Florida in Basketball today making Georgia Bulldogs now one win away from 20-win season. We’re # 15 in RPI # 21 in the AP Poll # 20 in the Coaches’ Poll and in the top 16 Committee Rankings # 16. We beat FLORIDA in Gainesville. Time we played them THERE in football too.



19-2 on the season

7-1 against SEC teams

The Lady Bulldogs have it going on.


We beat Florida 66-57 but the game was NOT on TV.  You had to stream it.


The 2 stars led the way


ROBINSON, Caliya had 22 points and is a Junior

ENGRAM, Mackenzie had 14 points and is a Senior.  When Andy Landers quit she did not get to play in the NCAA Tournament because she had bacteria – weird and we have not been back since.


CONNALLY, Gabby had ANOTHER strong outing proving she belongs in the starting line-up.


The Lady Bulldogs – Top 5 Women’s Basketball Program All-Time have not done shit since Andy Landers up and quit the program to be a radio TV announcer but they sure are this year.


As I said we would this year.


We just ran away with the game at the end.


Our next game is Thursday at LSU and then Super Sunday we play 2 p.m. against Ole Miss at the Stegesaurus.



We need a new gym.


If you want the men to compete you have to build us a new gym.



If you are not going to build us a new gym with all this cash we have then don’t talk to ME about the men because we have not had an NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament at the Stegesaurus since 1971 which is 47 years ago.  The kids will NOT play there.  You HEAR me yet ?



We’re exactly at 85 Scholarships. Here they all are with National Signing Day a week from Wednesday 7 February 2018. I would sign 2 more to be at 87 a LB and a WR. Our Class is # 2 Recruiting Ranking by 247Sports.com and # 1 Rivals Ranking # 1 ESPN Ranking

# 2 https://247sports.com/Season/2018-Football/CompositeTeamRankings

# 1 https://n.rivals.com/team_rankings/2018/all-teams/football

# 1 http://insider.espn.com/college-sports/football/recruiting/classrankings?class=2018



  1. Warren Ericson-e North Gwinnett 6′ 4″ 290 lbs. # 222 national prospect #5 Offensive Guard # 263 overall prospect
  2. Jake Camarda-s Norcross Keith Maloof 6′ 2″ 175 lbs. # 7 Kicker nationally 5-star Punter & Kicker
  3. Owen Condon-s Bishop McGuinness Oklahoma City 6’7″ 300 lbs. # 386 national prospect # 31 Tackle
  4. John Fitzpatrick-s Marist School  6′ 6″ 230 lbs.  4-Star # 121 national prospect # 5 Tight End
  5. Kearis Jackson-e Peach County Fort Valley # 26 national prospect # 4 Wide Receiver 4.53 at 5′ 11″ and 203 lbs.
  6. Trey Hill-e Houston County Warner Robins 6′ 3.5″ 346 lbs. # 38 national # 2 Offensive Guard
  7. James Cook-s Miami Northwestern HS 5′ 11″ 183 lbs. # 31 national # 3 Running Back 4.69
  8. Jamaree Salyer-s Pace Academy 5-star 6′ 4″ 342 lbs. # 10 national prospect # 1 Offensive Guard
  9. Zamir White-e Scotland NC 5-star  6′ 1″ 220 lbs. # 6 national prospect # 1 Running Back 4.39 will be redshirted because of his ACL surgery you just lose a year if you want him to be right at 6′ 1″ and 220 lbs.
  10. Azeez Ojulari-s Marietta  6′ 3″ 230 lbs. # 79 national prospect # 7 Defensive End 4.69
  11. Divaad Wilson-e 6′ and 180 lbs.  # 334 national prospect # 26 cornerback # 242 overall prospect
  12. Chris Smith-s Hapeville Atlanta 5′ 11″ 170 lbs. # 295 national prospect # 29 cornerback 4.69
  13. Justin Fields-e Harrison Kennesaw 5-star # 1 prospect in the nation overall # 1 QB nationally 4.51 at 6’3″ and 221 lbs. big boy
  14. Adam Anderson-s Rome 6′ 5″ 225 lbs. 5-star # 18 national prospect # 1 Outside Linebacker
  15. Cade Mays-e Knoxville  6′ 6″ 318 lbs. 5-star # 16 national prospect # 2 Offensive Tackle
  16. Brenton Cox-e Stockbridge 5-star 6′ 4″ 250 lbs. 5-star # 22 national prospect # 2 Defensive End
  17. Devonte Wyatt-e Towers 6′ 3″ 301 lbs. DL # 10 JUCO national prospect # 4 JUCO DT
  18. Nadab Joseph-s Miami 6′ 180 lbs. # 155 national prospect # 10 Cornerback
  19. Luke Ford-s Carterville Illinois 6′ 6″ 248 lbs. # 49 national # 2 Tight End
  20. Channing Tindall-s Columbia SC 6′ 2″ 213 lbs. # 19 national prospect # 5 Outside Linebacker 4.86


-e Enrolled

-s Signed

-c Soft Commit by very definition



  1. Jordan Davis-c Mallard Creek (Charlotte, NC)
  2. Tramel Walthour-c Liberty County (Hinesville, GA)
  3. Rachad Wildgoose Jr. Northwestern (Miami, FL) too soft for me not counting him at this point 1-27





247Sports.com Composite Recruiting Rankings 2018 :


6-6 FSU # 24 recruiting rankings

4-8 Nebraska # 27 recruiting rankings

6-6 Ole Miss # 38 recruiting rankings

7-5 Texas A and M # 35 recruiting rankings

4-8 vols # 17 recruiting rankings

4-7 Florida # 16 recruiting rankings

8-4 Michigan # 14 recruiting rankings

9-4 South Carolina # 18 recruiting rankings

9-4 LSU # 12 recruiting rankings

10-4 Auburn # 10 recruiting rankings

10-3 Miami of Florida Mark Richt # 5 recruiting rankings with only one 5-star

13-2 Georgia # 2 recruiting rankings

12-2 Oklahoma # 7 recruiting rankings

13-1 Alabama # 6 recruiting rankings



2 QB (2)- Jake Fromm (So), Justin Fields (Fr)


5 RB (5)- Brian Herrian (Jr), Elijah Holyfield (Jr), D’Andre Swift (So), James Cook (Fr), Zamir White (Fr)


5 TE (4)- Jackson Harris (Sr), Isaac Nauta (Jr), Charlie Woerner (Jr), John FitzPatrick (Fr) Luke Ford (Fr)


11 WR (12)- Michael Chigbu (Sr), Akhil Crumpton (Sr), Terry Godwin (Sr), Jayson Stanley (Sr), Mecole Hardman (Jr), Riley Ridley (Jr), Tyler Simmons (Jr), Trey Blount (rsFr), Jeremiah Holloman (rsFr), Matt Landers (rsFr), Kearis Jackson (Fr),


17 OL (14)- Kendall Baker (Sr), Lamont Gaillard (Sr), D’Marcus Hayes (Sr), Pat Allen (Jr), Sam Madden (Jr), Chris Barnes (So), Ben Cleveland (So), Solomon Kindley (So), Netori Johnson (So), Justin Shaffer (So), Andrew Thomas (So), Isaiah Wilson (rsFr), Owen Condon (Fr), Warren Ericson (Fr), Trey Hill (Fr), Jamaree Salyer (Fr) Cade Mays (Fr)


12 DL (14)- Daquan Hawkins-Muckle (Sr), Jonathan Ledbetter (Sr), Michael Barnett (Jr), Michail Carter (Jr), Tyler Clark (Jr), David Marshall (Jr), Julian Rochester (Jr), Justin Young (Jr), Malik Herring (So), Devante Wyatt (So), Jordan Davis (Fr)?, Tramel Walthour (Fr)?


15 LB (13)- Keyon Brown (Sr), Rashad Roundtree (Sr), Juwan Taylor (Sr), D’Andre Walker (Sr), Tae Crowder (Jr), Jaleel Laguins (Jr), Walter Grant (So), Jaden Hunter (So), Nate McBride (So), Monty Rice (So), Robert Beal (rsFr), Adam Anderson (Fr), Azeez Ojulari (Fr), Channing Tindall (Fr), Brenton Cox (Fr)


14 DB (15)- Deandre Baker (Sr), Jarvis Wilson (Sr), Tyrique McGhee (Jr), J.R. Reed (Jr), Tray Bishop (So), Richard LeCounte (So), William Poole (So), Ameer Speed (So), Eric Stokes (So), Mark Webb (So), Latavious Brini (rsFr), Chris Smith (Fr) Divaad Wilson (Fr) Nadab Joseph (Fr)


3 K/P (3)- Rodrigo Blankenship (Jr), Marshall Long (So), Jake Camarda (Fr)






This is whom we lost :


30 senior class 2017 season and quite the class it is including walk-ons 19 who Started for Kirby here:


18 Seniors On-Scholarship only 1 of which has not been a Starter for Kirby here:

Jordan Davis – only Senior on Scholarship to never Start for Kirby here.  Not to be confused with Jordan Davis the freshmen commitment on our DL for 2018.

Shakenneth Williams – Started vs Auburn 2016 medical redshirt 2017 career complete 2016. Coach. Not counted as one of the 85 on Scholarship 2017 but was provided Scholarship.

Brice Ramsey – former Starter for Kirby here as Starting Punter

12 Senior Walk-Ons (some of these may have been or may be now on Scholarship temporarily & 2 who are Starters)
David Marvin – may or may not have been promised a Scholarship here
Trent Frix – Starting Long Snapper some on Scholarship some not while here
Christian Payne –  – Starting Fullback some on Scholarship some not while here
2 juniors declared for 2018 NFL Draft Early :
Trenton Thompson DL
Roquan Smith LB
32 in total lost off last year’s 13-2 team # 2 nationally and I have said for over a year now that we would lead the nation in NFL Draft Picks 2018.



ESPN # 63. # 57. # 55. # 28. # 27. # 26. # 19. # 15. # 13. # 1. That is ten (10) of the top 63 best players in all of America. That is 16 % of the Top 63 best player overall for one team of the 130 FBS teams. That is NOT # 1. That is a STOMPING of Biblical Proportions.

1 Justin Fields QB-DT GA 6’3” 221 94 Georgia
2 Trevor Lawrence QB-PP GA 6’6” 209 94 Clemson
3 Xavier Thomas DE FL 6’3” 269 94 Clemson
4 Eyabi Anoma DE MD 6’6” 223 93 Alabama
5 K.J. Henry DE NC 6’6” 234 92 Clemson
6 Patrick Surtain Jr. CB FL 6’2” 192 92 List
7 Micah Parsons DE PA 6’3” 241 91 Penn State
8 Justin Shorter WR NJ 6’4” 213 91 Penn State
9 Devon Williams ATH CA 6’5” 191 91 List
10 Terrace Marshall Jr. WR LA 6’3” 193 91 LSU
11 Tyson Campbell CB FL 6’3” 181 91 List
12 Jackson Carman OT OH 6’6” 346 90 Clemson
13 Brenton Cox DE GA 6’5” 250 90 Georgia
14 Taron Vincent DT FL 6’2” 299 90 Ohio State
15 Zamir White RB NC 6’0” 205 89 Georgia
16 Nick Petit-Frère OT FL 6’5” 260 89 List
17 Justin Watkins ATH FL 6’0” 173 88 List
18 Ricky Slade RB VA 5’9” 185 88 Penn State
19 Cade Mays OT Knoxville, TN
Knoxville Catholic
6’6” 327 88 Georgia
20 Emory Jones QB-DT Franklin, GA
Heard County
6’3” 196 88 Florida
21 Matthew Jones OT Brooklyn, NY
Erasmus Hall
6’4” 300 88 Ohio State
22 Jalen Hall WR Long Beach, CA
Long Beach Polytechnic
6’3” 186 88 List
23 Palaie Gaoteote ILB Las Vegas, NV
Bishop Gorman
6’2” 235 88 USC
24 B.J. Foster S Angleton, TX
6’1” 192 87 Texas
25 Asante Samuel Jr. CB Fort Lauderdale, FL
Saint Thomas Aquinas
5’10” 170 87 Florida St
26 Kearis Jackson WR Fort Valley, GA
Peach County
6’1” 203 87 Georgia
27 Trey Hill OG Warner Robins, GA
Houston County
6’5” 346 87 Georgia
28 Jamaree Salyer OG Atlanta, GA
Pace Academy
6’4” 342 87 Georgia
29 Xavier Williams ATH Hollywood, FL
6’1” 190 87 Alabama
30 Jacob Sirmon QB-PP Bothell, WA
6’5” 226 87 Washington
31 A.J. Lytton CB Upper Marlboro, MD
5’11” 173 87 Florida St
32 Brevin Jordan TE-H Las Vegas, NV
Bishop Gorman
6’3” 250 87 Miami
33 Jaelen Gill ATH Westerville, OH
Westerville South
6’1” 177 86 Ohio State
34 Jeremy Ruckert TE-Y Lindenhurst, NY
6’6” 230 86 Ohio State
35 Kelvin Joseph CB Baton Rouge, LA
Scotlandville Magnet
6’1” 193 86 List
36 Joshua Moore ATH Yoakum, TX
6’1” 171 86 List
37 Teradja Mitchell ILB Virginia Beach, VA
Bishop Sullivan
6’2” 247 86 Ohio State
38 Tyreke Johnson CB Jacksonville, FL
Trinity Christian
6’1” 191 86 Ohio State
39 Joey Gatewood ATH Jacksonville, FL
Bartram Trail
6’5” 234 86 Auburn
40 Ayodele Adeoye ILB Bradenton, FL
IMG Academy
6’1” 231 86 Texas
41 Al Blades Jr. CB Fort Lauderdale, FL
Saint Thomas Aquinas
6’0” 173 86 Miami
42 Jacob Copeland WR Pensacola, FL
6’0” 192 86 List
43 Justin Mascoll DE Snellville, GA
South Gwinnett
6’4” 230 86 Clemson
44 Mustapha Muhammad TE-Y Missouri City, TX
Ridge Point
6’4” 235 86 Michigan
45 Anthony Cook CB Houston, TX
6’0” 173 86 Texas
46 Alontae Taylor WR Manchester, TN
6’1” 180 86 Tennessee
47 Tanner McKee QB-PP Corona, CA
6’6” 219 86 List
48 Amon-Ra St. Brown WR Anaheim, CA
Mater Dei
6’0” 191 86 List
49 Keondre Coburn DT Houston, TX
6’3” 334 86 Texas
50 DeMarvion Overshown S Arp, TX
6’3” 195 86 Texas
51 Dorian Thompson-Robinson QB-DT Las Vegas, NV
Bishop Gorman
6’2” 194 86 UCLA
52 Emil Ekiyor OG Indianapolis, IN
6’3” 339 85 Alabama
53 Tommy Togiai DT Pocatello, ID
6’3” 295 85 Ohio State
54 William Barnes OG Apopka, FL
6’5” 312 85 List
55 James Cook RB Miami, FL
Miami Central
6’0” 182 85 Georgia
56 Adrian Martinez QB-PP Fresno, CA
Clovis West
6’2” 198 85 Nebraska
57 Adam Anderson DE Rome, GA
6’4” 214 85 Georgia
58 Justin Rogers QB-DT Bossier City, LA
6’4” 198 85 TCU
59 Amari Burney ATH Clearwater, FL
Calvary Christian
6’2” 217 85 Florida
60 Lorenzo Lingard RB Orange City, FL
6’0” 190 85 Miami
61 Brey Walker OT Moore, OK
6’7” 330 85 Oklahoma
62 Jalen Preston WR Manvel, TX
6’2” 208 85 Texas A&M
63 Luke Ford TE-Y Carterville, IL
6’6” 245 85 Georgia




These guys need to get on the field.  In 15-game season of 12-3 I think SEC East Champions 2018 season our opponents do NOT have these guys.  We must play them to replace what is I say the most NFL Draft Picks in the nation this up-coming NFL Draft for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs.



The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs have the # 2 best talent in The SEC 2018. We will win SEC East 2018 and go 12-3. Average Recruiting Ranking # 5 UGA over the latest 5 years with redshirt making up our 2018 team.

Average Recruiting Ranking # 5 UGA over the latest 5 years with redshirt making up our 2018 team :


2014 :

# 1 Alabama 5*=6… 4*=16

# 2 LSU 5*=4…4*=13

# 5 Texas A&M 5*=3…4*=11

# 6 Auburn 5*=2…4*=11

# 7 vols 5*=0…4*=16

# 8 Georgia 5*=3…4*=10

# 9 Florida 5*=1…4*=8

# 19 South Carolina 5*=0…4*=10





2015 :


# 1 Alabama 5*=6…4*=14

# 4 vols 5*=1…4*=15

# 5 LSU 5*=2…4*=11

# 6 Georgia 5*=2…4*=12

# 8 Auburn 5*=1…4*=19

# 11 Texas A&M 5*=3…4*=10

# 20 South Carolina 5*=0…4*=7

# 21 Florida 5*=2…4-Star=2





2016 :

# 1 Alabama 5*=3…4*=14

# 2 LSU 5*=2…4*=16

# 6 Georgia 5*=3…4*=11

# 9 Auburn 5*=1…4*=12

# 12 Florida 5*=0…4*=12

# 14 vols 5*=0…4*=10

# 18 Texas A&M 5*=0…4*=8

# 25 South Carolina 5*=0…4*=6





2017 :

# 1 Alabama 5*=6…4*=18

# 3 Georgia 5*=3…4*=17

# 7 LSU 5*=1…4*=14

# 9 Auburn 5*.*=1…4*=10

# 11 Florida 5*=0…4*=11

# 13 Texas A&M 5*=0…4*=8

# 17 vols 5*=1…4*=4

# 21 South Carolina 5*=0…4*=6




2018 :

# 2 Georgia 5*=6…4*=12

# 6 Alabama 5*=1…4*=14

# 10 Auburn 5*=0…4*=16

# 12 LSU 5*=1…4*=11

# 16 Florida 5*=0…4*=9

# 17 vols 5*=0…4*=7

# 18 South Carolina 5*=0…4*=6

# 35 Texas A&M 5*=0…4*=6





Here are the number of four- and five-star prospects in the past five recruiting classes from each state in the SEC footprint. Note that this is a total, not how many signed with SEC schools.

• Florida: 230
• Texas: 230
• Georgia: 140
• Louisiana: 73
• Alabama: 61
• Tennessee: 43
• Mississippi: 38
• South Carolina: 28
• Arkansas: 15
• Kentucky: 13
• Missouri: 12




Remember again that THIS BLOG states that it does NOT matter where you are ranked in 5-star or 4-star or other star but where you are ranked nationally at your position that most reflects your recruiting rankings and therefore your expectations for future success.


There are only 15 who are 5-star so that group is too small to be useful at less than half a percent of the total prospects FBS Football each year.  There are 300 who are 4-star so that group is too big to be useful other than those 315 players are certainly very good football players.  But so too is # 316 and # 317 and THAT is the point.  # 316 is not as good as 4-star # 315 because # 316 is only a 3-star recruit ?  Bullshit.  THAT is NOT what the recruiting services said at all GridIron Now.com Mike Huguenin.  What they said instead by direct stark contrast is that recruit # 316 ranked the # 316 overall prospect in the nation and that he was the # 11 best QB in the nation.  Try to remember that.  There are 130 teams in FBS.  You got the # 11 QB # 316 overall prospect nationally.  Uh that would be VERY GOOD.  True it is not – not 5-star and is not 4-star but # 316 best national prospect overall and he # 11 best QB in the nation of over 3000 FBS recruits signed every single year.


Average Rankings 5 recruiting classes with redshirts who make-up each team 2018 :


# 2.00 Alabama

# 5.00 Georgia

# 5.60 LSU

# 8.40 Auburn

# 10.4 vols

# 13.8 Florida

# 16.4 Texas A&M

# 20.6 South Carolina


Therefore SEC East Champions The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs 12-3 overall record 2018-2019 season and Alabama SEC Champions 2018.  This is based upon the TALENT that all teams in The SEC have.


I am counting on Kirby to make our talent count.


Last year is OVER.  Let’s look at 2018 and see who makes up our team and how these players compare to Alabama and other powers in The SEC.


Average Recruiting Ranking # 5 UGA over the latest 5 years with redshirt making up our 2018 team.  We will win SEC East and lose to Alabama.  Last year I told you we would WIN SEC Championship.  I said it this time last year and every day thereafter.  I was right.



If Kirby is going to have success 2018 he will have relied heavily on his in-coming freshmen 2018 especially the top dozen of them. Now you can argue what is success all you want but 2017 was certainly a success. Do you remember THIS BLOG guaranteeing YOU an SEC Championship 2017 every single calendar day of 2017 ?

Here are the guys who will HAVE TO GET THE JOB DONE if 2018 is not going to be just a rebuilding year :


  1. Jake Camarda Frosh 2018 Punter
  2. Kearis Jackson Peach County 4.53 in 40-yard dash # 26 national prospect # 4 WR Early Frosh
  3. Trey Hill Houston County Warner Robins 6′ 3.5″ 346 lbs. # 38 national # 2 Guard Frosh
  4. James Cook Miami Northwestern HS 5′ 11″ 183 lbs. # 31 national # 3 Running Back rotation Frosh
  5. Jamaree Salyer Pace Academy 5-star 6′ 4″ 342 lbs. # 10 national prospect # 1 Offensive Guard Frosh
  6. Zamir White Scotland NC 5-star  6′ 1″ 220 lbs. # 6 national prospect # 1 RB be redshirted Frosh
  7. Azeez Ojulari Marietta  6′ 3″ 230 lbs. # 79 national prospect # 7 Defensive End Frosh
  8. Devonte Wyatt Towers 6′ 3″ 301 lbs. DL # 10 JUCO national prospect # 4 JUCO DT rotation Frosh
  9. Luke Ford Illinois 6′ 6″ 252 lbs. # 49 national prospect # 2 Tight End Frosh
  10. Channing Tindall Columbia SC 6′ 2″ 218 lbs. # 91 national prospect # 5 OLB start Frosh
  11. Justin Fields Harrison 5-star # 1 prospect in the nation overall # 1 QB nationally too start Frosh
  12. Adam Anderson Rome 6′ 5″ 225 lbs. 5-star # 18 national prospect # 1 Outside Linebacker start Frosh
  13. Cade Mays Knoxville  6′ 6″ 318 lbs. 5-star # 16 national prospect # 2 Offensive Tackle start Frosh
  14. Brenton Cox Stockbridge 6′ 4″ 250 lbs. 5-star # 22 national prospect # 2 Defensive End start Frosh


Get these guys out there game one Kirby because with all we just lost off our 2017 team you have NO CHOICE but to rely heavily upon these 14.


No Choice.


Oh and fix the offense Kirby this crap of 31 percent of our plays passing plays is atrocious.



I did not say that I did not want more 2017.  I did.


2017 by ALL MEASURES however is still a success.


Look this is Georgia.


We became the Clemson of college football when Clemson hired Dabo Swinney.


38 years now for us.




Any fans out there older than 38 ?


How about older than 46 ?


Born 1972 or earlier ?


You would have to have been born 1972 or earlier to even remember our last national championship.


We’re Georgia.  We’re the butt of jokes.


We’ve BEEN the butt of jokes.


2017 is a success trust me on this.


My definition of success ?





31 percent of our plays are passing plays. That is NOT EVEN run 1st and 2nd pass 3rd down. That is run on 3rd down some too. Here are my 2-Deep 2018. Who are the players I am expecting the MOST from 2018 season ? This is a REBUILD. All you have to do is look to see this is not a reload. I told you THIS all last year. Lose 3 games 2018. Remember I told you SEC Championship 2017 ? Well do you ? I am counting on 12 Freshmen 2018 twelve got it ? Without those 12 Kirby NEVER replaces all he just lost. 12-3

  1. D’Andre Swift Sophomore TB I felt would’ve won Heisman last year nearly any other team 1 start 17
  2. Jake Fromm Sophomore QB All-America QB returns but Kirby has started True Fresh QB 2 yrs row
  3. J.R. Reed Redshirt Junior DB our single best defensive player returning
  4. Deandre Baker Senior CB
  5. D’Andre Walker Senior LB
  6. Michail Carter Junior DT
  7. Tyler Clark Junior DT
  8. Ben Cleveland Redshirt Sophomore OL
  9. Ahkil Crumpton Senior WR
  10. Deangelo Gibbs ? Wasted Freshman none last 8  games better last play than Malkom Parrish DB
  11. Terry Godwin Senior WR
  12. Mecole Hardman Jr. Junior WR 1 start 2017
  13. DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle Senior DT
  14. D’Marcus Hayes Senior now wasted last year OL
  15. Brian Herrien Junior TB I still see him as NFL potential
  16. Jeremiah Holloman Sophomore WR held back 2017-2018 season
  17. Riley Ridley  Junior WR held back to just 6 starts 2017-2018 season
  18. Elijah Holyfield Sophomore Special Teams TB WR great potential 1 start 2017
  19. Netori Johnson Redshirt Freshman OL
  20. Solomon Kindley Redshirt Sophomore OL
  21. Richard LeCounte III Sophomore DB got one start last year
  22. Jonathan Ledbetter Senior DE
  23. David Marshall Junior OLB
  24. Nate McBride Sophomore LB
  25. Tyrique McGhee Junior DB
  26. Isaac Nauta Junior TE believe will declare for draft after 2018 season pretty much wasted 2017
  27. Natrez Patrick Senior ILB drug treatment gave-up his scholarship would not be on my team
  28. William Poole Sophomore DB
  29. Monty Rice  Sophomore ILB felt should’ve started vs AL & OK
  30. Riley Ridley Junior WR held him back 2 years now
  31. Julian Rochester Junior DL
  32. Ameer Speed Sophomore DB
  33. Andrew Thomas Sophomore OL
  34. Isaiah Wilson  Redshirt Freshman OL wasted 2017
  35. Charlie Woerner Junior TE
  36. Rodrigo Blankenship  Junior K
  37. Jake Camarda Frosh 2018 Punter
  38. Kearis Jackson Peach County 4.53 in 40-yard dash # 26 national prospect # 4 WR Early Frosh
  39. Trey Hill Houston County Warner Robins 6′ 3.5″ 346 lbs. # 38 national # 2 Guard Frosh
  40. James Cook Miami Northwestern HS 5′ 11″ 183 lbs. # 31 national # 3 Running Back rotation Frosh
  41. Jamaree Salyer Pace Academy 5-star 6′ 4″ 342 lbs. # 10 national prospect # 1 Offensive Guard Frosh
  42. Zamir White Scotland NC 5-star  6′ 1″ 220 lbs. # 6 national prospect # 1 RB be redshirted Frosh
  43. Azeez Ojulari Marietta  6′ 3″ 230 lbs. # 79 national prospect # 7 Defensive End Frosh
  44. Devonte Wyatt Towers 6′ 3″ 301 lbs. DL # 10 JUCO national prospect # 4 JUCO DT rotation Frosh
  45. Luke Ford Illinois 6′ 6″ 252 lbs. # 49 national prospect # 2 Tight End Frosh
  46. Channing Tindall Columbia SC 6′ 2″ 218 lbs. # 91 national prospect # 5 OLB start Frosh
  47. Justin Fields Harrison 5-star # 1 prospect in the nation overall # 1 QB nationally too start Frosh
  48. Adam Anderson Rome 6′ 5″ 225 lbs. 5-star # 18 national prospect # 1 Outside Linebacker start Frosh
  49. Cade Mays Knoxville  6′ 6″ 318 lbs. 5-star # 16 national prospect # 2 Offensive Tackle start Frosh
  50. Brenton Cox Stockbridge 6′ 4″ 250 lbs. 5-star # 22 national prospect # 2 Defensive End start Frosh


Let’s put it like this : If Kirby does not play 12 of his true freshmen game 1 this 2018 he can never replace all we lost and if he doesn’t play 12 freshmen 2018 Kirby is writing this year off as rebuilding year.  It is VERY dangerous to not study 37-50 on the depth chart and get them in the rotation early.  Last year at the end of the year we had freshmen who were ready but they had no snaps so were redshirted when they could’ve helped.


For all we did right 2017 the last play is a screw-up when others could have helped and were NOT out there.  You have to cover the guy.  Now we will be 12-3 twelve wins 3 losses for 2018.  Lost too much. Rebuilding year.


Swift, D’Andre got 5 carries a game 1 reception a game which I see as criminal

Hardman, Mecole got 25 receptions all 15 games also criminal

Nauta, Isaac got 9 receptions all 15 games should turn pro after this 2018 season then

Crumpton, Ahkil allowed to have 5 passes thrown to him all year flashing great hands

Holloman, Jeremiah allowed to have 1 pass thrown to him all year I counted on game 1

Hardman, Mecole had 8 carries all year long 8, Prather Hudson got 6 – you get that ?


975 total plays on offense and 305 were passes 31 percent .31 not balanced sat on lead and lost


We scored the first 3 times in the game unanswered and lost imposing our will with small OL.  We scored 4 of the first 5 scores in the game and got beat.  You can say all you want but THESE are the facts.   You know what my NFL buddies said to me ?  They thought they were watching the FALCONS.  Guys who played in the NFL.  This is what THEY SAID.  Nick Chubb had 18 carries for 25 yards.


That is a FAILED OFFENSE 2017 Kirby.


You better FIX THAT SHIT 2018 Kirby passing only 31 percent of the plays.  That works fine against unranked teams but in the play-offs you telegraph your plays against a good defense.  They can sit on a play which is what they did.




19 Georgia Bulldogs have rushed for over 1000 yards in a season University of Ground Attack

1,000 Yards Rushing Season Georgia Bulldogs :

  1. 1,891 – Herschel Walker, 1981 SEC Record
  2. 1,752 – Herschel Walker, 1982
  3. 1,616 – Herschel Walker, 1980
  4. 1,547 – Garrison Hearst, 1992
  5. 1,547 – Nick Chubb, 2014
  6. 1,400 – Knowshon Moreno, 2008
  7. 1,385 – Todd Gurley II, 2012
  8. 1,345 – Nick Chubb, 2017-2018 season
  9. 1,334 – Knowshon Moreno, 2007
  10. 1,324 Musa Smith, 2002
  11. 1,312 – Willie McClendon, 1978
  12. 1,227Sony Michel, 2017-2018 season
  13. 1,216 – Tim Worley, 1988
  14. 1,161 – Sony Michel, 2015
  15. 1,130 – Nick Chubb, 2016
  16. 1,103 – Frank Sinkwich, 1941
  17. 1,059 – Rodney Hampton, 1989
  18. 1,058 – Kevin McLee, 1976
  19. 1,016 – Lars Tate, 1987


17 years in a row now The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs have been represented in the Super Bowl. And finally last year we played-for the national championship. LII

2001 I looked at the rosters of the Baltimore Ravens and New York Giants and I don’t see a Georgia Bulldog on those rosters for that Super Bowl now 18 years ago in 2001. But we have every year since and here every Georgia Bulldog representing us in a Super Bowl since Super Bowls started are listed below including the last 17 years in a row now of UGA Bulldogs represented in the Super Bowl which is the Best in The SEC.


  1. 2002 Patrick Pass Running Back New England Patriots and Jermaine Wiggins Tight End New England Patriots
  2. 2003 Jermaine Phillips Safety Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tim Wansley Cornerback Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Matt Stinchcomb Offensive Tackle Oakland Raiders
  3. 2004 John Kasay Place Kicker Carolina Panther and Jermaine Wiggins Tight End Carolina Panthers and Will Witherspoon Linebacker Carolina Panthers and Richard Seymour Defensive Tackle New England Patriots and Patrick Pass Running Back New England Patriots
  4. 2005 Patrick Pass Running Back New England Patriots and Richard Seymour Defensive Tackle New England Patriots and Ben Watson Tight End New England Patriots
  5. 2006 David Greene Quarterback who never threw a pass in the NFL Seattle Seahawks and Arnold Harrison Linebacker Pittsburgh Steelers and Verron Haynes Running Back Pittsburgh Steelers and Hines Ward Wide Receiver Pittsburgh Steelers
  6. 2007 Tim Jennings Cornerback Indianapolis Colts
  7. 2008 Richard Seymour Defensive Tackle New England Patriots and Ben Watson Tight End New England Patriots and Danny Ware Running Back New York Giants
  8. 2009 Leonard Pope Tight End Arizona Cardinals and Hines Ward Wide Receiver Pittsburgh Steelers
  9. 2010 Charles Grant Defensive End New Orleans Saints and Jon Stinchcomb Offensive Tackle New Orleans Saints and Tim Jennings Cornerback Indianapolis Colts
  10. 2011 Hines Ward Wide Receiver Pittsburgh Steelers and Jarius Wynn Defensive End Green Bay Packers
  11. 2012 Danny Ware Running Back New York Giants
  12. 2013 Demarcus Dobbs Defensive End San Francisco 49ers and Dannell Ellerbe Linebacker Baltimore Ravens and DeAngelo Tyson Defensive Tackle Baltimore Ravens
  13. 2014 Champ Bailey Defensive Back Denver Broncos and Knowshon Moreno Running Back Denver Broncos and Chris Clemons Defensive End Seattle Seahawks
  14. 2015 Demarcus Dobbs Defensive End Seattle Seahawks
  15. 2016 Thomas Davis Linebacker Carolina Panthers and Charles Johnson Defensive End Carolina Panthers
  16. 2017 Super Bowl : Chris Mayes NT (IR) on the Injured Reserve list for the Atlanta Falcons in his rookie season not playing after playing so well for Georgia 2013 2014 and 2015 seasons here out of Spalding High Griffin.  David Andrews Started and played every play for the New England Patriots all season long as their Starting Center except for 4 plays. And he started 11 of 14 games his rookie season the season before for New England.  Malcolm Mitchell Started 6 of 14 games as WR for the New England Patriots his rookie season 2017 with 401 receiving yards with 4 touchdowns on 32 catches and had a catch in the win over the Steelers to send the New England Patriots to play Atlanta in Houston in the Super Bowl. Malcolm Mitchell injured his knee before Super Bowl 2017.
  17. New England Patriots Center David Andrews a team captain while  Wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell remained on injured reserve starting September 7 Preseason Game knee injury against Texans. The 2nd year Pro Malcolm Mitchell had zero snaps 2017-2018 season from the Preseason Game injury to his knee.  What a shame after what Malcolm Mitchell did to the Falcons last year in the Super Bowl with his 6 catches for 70 yards all after the Falcons had a 28-3 lead and this after he Started 6 games last year.   Philadelphia Eagles Linebacker Dannell Ellerbe Starter getting the bulk of the snaps at middle linebacker has an injured hamstring which prevented him from playing against the Vikings.  Dannell Ellerbe would be questionable then to play in the Super Bowl so it is down to David Andrews if Malcolm Mitchell too remains on injured reserve all season long from his preseason game knee injury.


17 years in a row The Georgia Bulldogs have had a representative in Super Bowls consecutively.


Georgia Bulldogs in the Super Bowl before this run of 17 years in a row :


1967 Zeke Bratkowski QB Green Bay Packers beat Kansas City.

1969 Jimmy Orr WR Baltimore Colts  New York Jets beat the Colts 16-7. Orr had  three catches for 42 yards in the gamet is known for being wide-open in the end zone on a flea-flicker only to have Earl Morrall throw to fullback Jerry Hill resulting in an interception by Jets’ safety Jim Hudson.

1971 Jimmy Orr WR Baltimore Colts Baltimore Colts beat the Dallas Cowboys 16-13.

1972 Jake Scott Safety and  Bill Stanfill Defensive End Miami Dolphins both Miami Dolphins.  Dallas Cowboys beat the Dolphins 24-3.  Scott played with a broken left hand and broke his right wrist in the game.

1973 Jake Scott Safety Miami Dolphins and Bill Stanfill Defensive End Miami Dolphins and Len Hauss Center Washington Redskins.  Dolphins beat the Redskins 14-7.  Jake Scott Super Bowl MVP had two interceptions he returned for 63 return yards one a 55-yard return from the end zone in the 4th quarter to win the Super Bowl.  Jake Scott is my friend and should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Jake Scott is QUITE the nice guy.  I know.

1974 Jake Scott Safety Miami Dolphins and Bill Stanfill Defensive End Miami Dolphins and Fran Tarkenton Quarterback Minnesota Vikings.  Dolphins beat the Vikings 24-7.  Jake Scott recovered two fumbles in the game and had 45 punt return yards.

1975 Dick Conn who led The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs in Interception 1972 with five (5) Defensive Back Pittsburgh Steelers and Bobby Walden Punter Pittsburgh Steelers and Fran Tarkenton Quarterback Minnesota Vikings.  Pittsburg Steelers 16 Minnesota Vikings 6.


1976 Bobby Walden Punter Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers 21 Dallas Cowboys 16.

1977 Fran Tarkenton Quarterback Minnesota Vikings. Oakland Raiders 32 Minnesota Vikings 14.

1978 Bucky Dilts Punter Denver Broncos.  Dallas Cowboys 27 Denver Broncos 10.

1982 Mike Moonpie Wilson Offensive Tackle Cincinnati Bengals and Guy McIntyre Offensive Lineman San Francisco 49ers who won 26-21 over Cincinnati Bengals.

1985 Guy McIntyre Offensive Lineman San Francisco 49ers who won 38-16 over Miami Dolphins.

1986 Kevin Butler Place Kicker Chicago Bears who won 46-10 over New England Patriots who were like the Falcons back then.

1987 Freddie Gilbert Defensive End Denver Broncos and Winford Hood Offensive Lineman Denver Broncos and Clarence Kay Tight End Denver Broncos.  Remember all these guys ?  I sure do.  I was a huge fan of the NFL BEFORE the Super Bowls.

NFC NFL 26 Super Bowl Wins AFC AFL 25 Super Bowl Wins.  Before these Super Bowls, the NFL won EVERY YEAR.  It was called the NFL Championship Game.  Charley Trippi Won the MVP on the NFL Championship Game.

In fact the first several were NOT even called the Super Bowl of the ones which are considered Super Bowls.

The 2 leagues merged in 1970 when I had been attending Georgia Bulldogs’ Football games at Sanford for 14 years that season already on my Dad’s Seasons’ Tickets and then later-on on my own Seasons’ Tickets along with my Dad having his too.

Now the NFL turns its collective backs on the NFL prior to the Super Bowl like it didn’t even exist.  Sure it did.  It was huge.  It still is but College Football has lots more following and more attendance.

1988 Winford Hood Offensive Lineman and Daryll Jones Defensive Back and Clarence Kay Tight End ALL 3 of the Denver Broncos.  Washington Redskins won 42-10 over Denver Broncos.

1989 Guy McIntyre Offensive Lineman San Francisco 49ers.

1991 Rodney Hampton Running Back New York Giants.

1992 Terry Hoage Safety Washington Redskins

1995 Shannon Mitchell (UGA 1990-1993 with Eric Zeier Garrison Hearst Mack Strong Terrell Davis) Tight End San Diego Chargers

1996 Ray Donaldson 58 East Rome High 1980 2nd Round NFL Draft Pick National Champion Georgia Bulldogs Consensus UGA All-America 17 years NFL 6 Pro Bowls Super Bowl Champ Center Dallas Cowboys and Andre Hastings Wide Receiver Pittsburgh Steelers

1997 Hason Graham Wide Receiver New England Patriots

1998 Terrell Davis Running Back Denver Broncos and Jermaine Smith Defensive Tackle Green Bay Packers

1999 Terrell Davis Running Back Denver Broncos

2000 Larry Brown Tight End Tennessee Titans and Charlie Clemons Linebacker St. Louis Rams

2001 I looked at the rosters Baltimore Ravens and New York Giants and I don’t remember one.



42 Bulldogs have lifted NFL Championship Game Trophy including Terrell Davis twice.


17 consecutive season The Georgia Bulldogs have played in the Super Bowl which is the longest streak in The SEC.


The ONLY college to have 4 different players Win the MVP of the NFL’s Championship Game Hines Ward, Terrell Davis, Charley Trippi and Jake Scott the ONLY indeed The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs are quite the story in the NFL and this latest recruiting class we just signed 2017 will be the Greatest of them All.





I watched Terrell Davis from our seasons’ tickets so I was rooting for Terrell Davis and for us thereby.


Hines Ward NEXT elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and that will be 4 Bulldogs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


1 win in 171 combined seasons of the Falcons Braves Hawks and Flames/Thrashers.


38 years for us with no national championship now.  2017-2018 season was a success however.  You want a definition of what is a success ? 2017.  You want some perspective on the success of The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs 2017-2018 season ?  The Atlanta Falcons did NOT have success 2017-2018 season by direct stark contrast.   Got it ?


During the latest 17 years 44 Georgia Bulldogs have represented us in the Super Bowl.  Of the 44 Georgia Bulldogs in the latest 17 consecutive Super Bowls 32 different Georgia Bulldogs have represented us in the Super Bowl.


But I looked them all up for you. I listed them by name by year.  I did all this research by myself.  Do you remember who told you every single day of calendar year 2017 who would win The SEC Championship – that it would be I guaranteed The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs.  You remember that ?



Georgia 17-2 picks up big win over Auburn in Basketball as Mackenzie Engram forward has huge game giving Lady Bulldogs now RPI # 21 ranked in Coaches’ Top 25 AND in Committee’s ranking in the Top16 returning to NCAA Tournament for Lady Bulldogs who are # 2 best SEC team 2017-2018 season

Top 16 Committee Ranking for 2017-2018 :




The Lady Bulldogs – Top 5 Women’s Basketball Program All-Time



Deangelo Gibbs is NOT a medical issue and we ALL know that

This is not a medical issue. He did not get to play any of the last 8 games and barely played getting 3 tackles all year those on special teams. This is a misuse of talent. Whereever he goes to he will be a star and will play in the NFL as his cousin is our top returnning defensive player. His family have NFL bloodlines. I think we all know he is very good. This is a loss for us. I want him back. 1 wasted year is better than 2 by transferring. Kirby can’t really back down on this guy. He has a load of players in similar situations. Want me to list them all ? I think we all know who they all are. I guess we’ll have to move-on. I am sure Deangelo Gibbs would love to have the NCAA list this as a medical redshirt year but that is not happening. Redshirt also is unjustified. It’s just a lost year Deangelo. Come on back We all want you.



Top 50 players of 2018 season for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs

  1. D’Andre Swift Sophomore TB
  2. Jake Fromm Sophomore QB
  3. J.R. Reed Redshirt Junior DB
  4. Deandre Baker Senior CB
  5. Michail Carter Junior DT
  6. Tyler Clark Junior DT
  7. Ben Cleveland Redshirt Sophomore OL
  8. Ahkil Crumpton Senior WR
  9. Deangelo Gibbs  Wasted Freshman none last 8  games better last play than Malkom Parrish DB
  10. Terry Godwin Senior WR
  11. Mecole Hardman Jr. Junior WR
  12. DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle Senior DT
  13. D’Marcus Hayes Senior OL
  14. Brian Herrien Junior TB
  15. Jeremiah Holloman Sophomore WR
  16. Riley Ridley  Junior WR
  17. Elijah Holyfield Sophomore Special Teams TB WR
  18. Netori Johnson Redshirt Freshman OL
  19. Solomon Kindley Redshirt Sophomore OL
  20. Richard LeCounte III Sophomore DB
  21. Jonathan Ledbetter Senior DE
  22. David Marshall Junior OLB
  23. Nate McBride Sophomore LB
  24. Tyrique McGhee Junior DB
  25. Isaac Nauta Junior TE
  26. Natrez Patrick Senior ILB ?
  27. William Poole Sophomore DB
  28. Monty Rice  Sophomore ILB
  29. Riley Ridley Junior WR
  30. Julian Rochester Junior DL
  31. Ameer Speed Sophomore DB
  32. Andrew Thomas Sophomore OL
  33. D’Andre Walker  Senior OLB
  34. Isaiah Wilson  Redshirt Freshman OL
  35. Charlie Woerner Junior TE
  36. Rodrigo Blankenship  Junior K
  37. Jake Camarda Frosh 2018 Punter
  38. Kearis Jackson Peach County 4.53 in 40-yard dash # 26 national prospect # 4 WR Early Frosh
  39. Trey Hill Houston County Warner Robins 6′ 3.5″ 346 lbs. # 38 national # 2 Guard Frosh
  40. James Cook Miami Northwestern HS 5′ 11″ 183 lbs. # 31 national # 3 Running Back rotation Frosh
  41. Jamaree Salyer Pace Academy 5-star 6′ 4″ 342 lbs. # 10 national prospect # 1 Offensive Guard Frosh
  42. Zamir White Scotland NC 5-star  6′ 1″ 220 lbs. # 6 national prospect # 1 RB be redshirted Frosh
  43. Azeez Ojulari Marietta  6′ 3″ 230 lbs. # 79 national prospect # 7 Defensive End Frosh
  44. Devonte Wyatt Towers 6′ 3″ 301 lbs. DL # 10 JUCO national prospect # 4 JUCO DT rotation Frosh
  45. Luke Ford Illinois 6′ 6″ 252 lbs. # 49 national prospect # 2 Tight End Frosh
  46. Channing Tindall Columbia SC 6′ 2″ 218 lbs. # 91 national prospect # 5 OLB start Frosh
  47. Justin Fields Harrison 5-star # 1 prospect in the nation overall # 1 QB nationally too start Frosh
  48. Adam Anderson Rome 6′ 5″ 225 lbs. 5-star # 18 national prospect # 1 Outside Linebacker start Frosh
  49. Cade Mays Knoxville  6′ 6″ 318 lbs. 5-star # 16 national prospect # 2 Offensive Tackle start Frosh
  50. Brenton Cox Stockbridge 6′ 4″ 250 lbs. 5-star # 22 national prospect # 2 Defensive End start Frosh






Which 9 did Kirby have a scholarship for this January of his 2018 signees ? I picture 6 are working to earn spot on field 2018 and at least 3 might start.

  1. WR Kearis Jackson ?   if Kirby can’t recruit receivers then Kearis can’t start 2018 ? why ?
  2. QB Justin Fields – starter 2018 ? Kirby started freshman QB 2016 and 2017. broke index finger October should be ok already by now even though it is his throwing hand
  3. DE Brenton Cox – Kirby stole from Ohio State big coups I think Linebacker starter 2018
  4. OG Trey Hill – starter 2018 ? Kirby needs bulk and Trey Hill is that rotate in at least
  5. OT Cade Mays – starter 2018 ? More bulk for Kirby put in rotation for sure 2018
  6. DT Devonte Wyatt – needs to be in rotation 2018
  7. RB WR PR KR Zamir White – he needs to rehab ACL 2018 redshirt for CERTAIN
  8. CB Divaad Wilson – redshirt for CERTAIN
  9. C Warren Ericson seems to be a year off too small redshirt for CERTAIN




Matt Stinchcomb College Football Hall of Fame # 19 University of Georgia Bulldogs

4 coaches listed :


  1. Wally Butts
  2. Pop Warner
  3. Jim Donnan
  4. Vince Dooley




players listed :

  1. Kevin Butler
  2. Bill Hartman
  3. Terry Hoage
  4. Bob McWhorter
  5. John Rauch
  6. Jake Scott
  7. Frank Sinkwich
  8. Vernon Catfish Smith
  9. Bill Stanfill
  10. Fran Tarkenton
  11. Scott Woerner
  12. Herschel Walker
  13. Charley Trippi


And Pat Dye certainly is a Georgia Bulldog and he too certainly is in the College Football Hall of Fame as a Coach.


18 is now Matt Stinchcomb announced as College Football Hall of Fame


19 College Football Hall of Fame The University of Georgia















Only Alabama has played in more bowl games than Georgia with 54 bowl games. Only Alabama and Southern California have won more bowl games than Georgia while Georgia is now at 31-20-3. Georgia is one of the 2 or 3 best bowl teams all-time.






When Andy Landers up and left his top 5 women’s program all-time The Lady Bulldogs have NOT BEEN RANKED SINCE now this morning as I promised they would be on THIS BLOG they are ranked # 21 RPI officially and # 24 Coaches’ Poll but still unranked AP Poll 17 January 2018. It’s been YEARS.








Minus 3 on the wind chill – 3 is the lowest besides January 25 of 2003 since all the way back when we last won a national championship in football. I thought you might like to know how cold it is tonight. 1 night colder on wind chill in 38 years here in Atlanta.




29 seasons Mighty Georgia Bulldogs won 80 percent of our games.

  1. 5-1-0 in 1894
  2. 4-0-0 in 1896
  3. 7-1-1 in 1911
  4. 6-1-1 in 1912
  5. 8-0-1 in 1920
  6. 9-1-0 in 1927
  7. 8-2-0 in 1931
  8. 8-2-0 in 1933
  9. 9-1-1 in 1941
  10. 11-1-0 in 1942
  11. 9-2-0 in 1945
  12. 11-0-0 in 1946
  13. 9-2-0 in 1948
  14. 10-1-0 in 1959
  15. 10-1-0 in 1966
  16. 8-1-2 in 1968
  17. 11-1-0 in 1971
  18. 10-2-0 in 1976
  19. 12-0-0 in 1980
  20. 10-2-0 in 1981
  21. 11-1-0 in 1982
  22. 10-1-1 in 1983
  23. 10-2-0 in 1992
  24. 10-2-0 in 1997
  25. 13-1-0 in 2002
  26. 10-2-0 in 2004
  27. 11-2-0 in 2007
  28. 12-2-0 in 2012
  29. 13-2 in 2017


There have been 17 Georgia Bulldogs named Walter Camp All-America the most recent of which is Roquan Smith 2017-2018 season who is eligible for College Football Hall of Fame since he is CONSENSUS ALL-AMERICA 2017-2018 Season Walter Camp Associated Press (AP), Football Writers Association of America (FWAA), American Football Coaches Association (AFCA), Walter Camp Foundation (WCFF), The Sporting News (TSN), Sports Illustrated (SI), USA Today (USAT) ESPN, CBS Sports (CBS), College Football News (CFN), Scout.com, Athlon Sports, Fox Sports (FOX) and Walter Camp All-America 2017-2018 season. Expected be 1st Round NFL Draft Pick selected BEFORE Baker Mayfield.

All Walter Camp All-America players for Georgia :  Roquan Smith LB, Jarvis Jones LB,  Drew Butler P, Max Jean-Gilles OL, Greg Blue S, Thomas Davis S, Matt Stinchcomb OL, Jon Stinchcomb OL, Joel Parrish OL, Randy Johnson OL, Royce Smith OL, Jake Scott S, Bill Stanfill DT, Edgar Chandler OL, Frank Sinkwich HB, Tom A. Nash E, Joe Bennett T, and Charley Trippi TB.


Herschel Walker is the only Georgia Bulldog to ever win the Walter Camp National Player of the Year Award.


Clemson has never had any player who won the Walter Camp Award.

Georgie tek has never had any player who won the Walter Camp Award.

South Carolina has never had any player who won the Walter Camp Award.

Tennessee has never had any player who won the Walter Camp Award.

Missouri has never had any player who won the Walter Camp Award.

Texas A & M has never had any player who won the Walter Camp Award.




Roquan Smith, Georgia (AP, AFCA, FWAA, WCFF, TSN, SI, USAT, ESPN, CBS, CFN, Athlon)


Other schools do a BETTER JOB of promoting their top players.



Gabby Connally came from Texas to Georgia wins at Texas A&M the # 17 team with 37 points. She’s cute. # 26 RPI wins over # 17.

Gabby Connally just beat the shit out of Texas A&M.  The announcers were all over Texas A&M freshmen players and Gabby just up and stole the show.




10 of 17 from the field


13 of 14 free throws


16-2 Georgia

4-1 SEC should be ranked now




Georgia is now undefeated in 7 games on the road.


Thank you San Antonio.


Obviously this is the signature win for Georgia Lady Bulldogs in frankly really all the years since Andy Landers up and quit the program which he had at # 5 all-time.


# 26 RPI Lady Bulldogs are WAY AHEAD of men at # 57 RPI and losing


This should propel the women to the top 25.







Only the Super Bowl scored higher on all TV ratings than our game in the College Football Playoffs National Championship of 16.7 percent. This is a HUGE INCREASE of 9 percent over last year. And in Atlanta half the TV sets were on Our game. Half of 7 million TV. I thought The SEC was DOWN ? That’s bullshit.



The SEC is DOWN ?  Everyone was riveted to their TV all night long and on a Monday night no less.  A rainy cold Monday night. 2 SEC teams playing each other.  Big 10 shut-out of College Football Playoffs.  They ALL watched.  Pac-12 shut-out of College Football Playoffs.  They ALL watched.  ACC shut-out of the Championship Game.  They ALL watched.


The rest of the conferences WISH The SEC was down.  In fact we had 5 SEC teams in the top 18 and should have had 6 in South Carolina.  We had 3 of the top 10 including Auburn.  We had BOTH of the top 2.


Down ?


WTF are you blathering about ?


No one will watch you said pregame.


YOU watched you God Damn LIAR.


Of the 12 College Football Playoff Games so far this is the best by far except for 1 game of the 12 and that game had 3 networks all broadcasting it added together to lead of the 12 College Football Playoff Games so far.


ESPN paid $ 470 million dollars for the playoffs and in return they get half the 7 million in Atlanta watched and reaped huge rewards for the National Championship Game with us on it as well – proving Georgia Bulldogs are a largely popular team at home, or the road, or on TV.


Clemson winning the National Championship Game last year got only an 8.0 rating compared to our 16.8 with Georgia Bulldogs in it instead by direct stark contrast.


Georgia Bulldogs are a hugely popular brand to invite to your home, have at our own home, or have on TV.  We have tons of rivalries and they all were tuned-in.  I think the majority of those tuned-in were hoping that Georgia Bulldogs would beat all the seven in a row # 1 recruiting classes Alabama has had until Kirby unseated him for 2018 only.





NFL Scouting Combine : Davin Bellamy Javon Wims Lorenzo Carter Isaiah Wynn Nick Chubb Sony Michel John Atkins Cameron Nizialek Trenton Thompson Roquan Smith Dominick Sanders Jeb Blazevich might Reggie Carter probably won’t. So 11 NFL Scouting Combine Invitees and 8 of those NFL Draft Picks DOMINATE the nation.

Michigan had 14 players at the NFL Scouting Combine last year but was outdone there by Utah who turned in more medals for placing first second or third at each position.


This year I have stated for some time now that Georgia would DOMINATE the NFL Scouting Combine February 27 to March 5 then LEAD THE NATION in NFL Draft Picks with 8 I think.





Kirby picked # 5 for 2018 in way too early Rankings ESPN Alabama Clemson Ohio State Oklahoma Georgia Wisconsin Washington Michigan State West Virginia Penn State Auburn Michigan Virginia Tech Southern Cal TCU Boise State Mississippi State LSU South Carolina.




CBS Sports Dennis Dodd has Georgia Bulldogs # 3 for 2018 in preseason poll on CBS with 5 SEC teams in the top 25.

Quarterback? Check. Running backs? Check. You will become familiar with D’Andre Swift and incoming recruit Zamir White. Roquan Smith is the biggest loss on defense. Oh, and the SEC East remains soft. Pencil in the Dawgs for another trip to Atlanta — at least.



Who does Kirby lose after this 2017-2018 stellar season of # 2 Final AP Poll and # 2 Final Coaches’ Poll Consensus # 2 season – we know he loses 21 all who started here for Kirby – 2 or 3 we have been told about in addition – still others with decisions to make. We have full complement coming-in for them. Get it done in 2018. Prediction 12-3 lose too much.

  1. 97 John Atkins N SR 6-4 308 Thomson, Ga./Thomson/Hargrave Military
  2. 17 Davin Bellamy OLB SR 6-5 240 Chamblee, Ga./Chamblee
  3. 83 Jeb Blazevich TE SR 6-5 242 Charlotte, N.C./Charlotte Christian
  4. 70 Aulden Bynum OT/TE SR 6-5 295 Valdosta, Ga./Valwood School
  5. 7 Lorenzo Carter OLB SR 6-6 242 Norcross, Ga./Norcross
  6. 45 Reggie Carter ILB SR 6-1 230 Snellville, Ga./South Gwinnett
  7. 27 Nick Chubb TB SR 5-10 228 Cedartown, Ga./Cedartown
  8. 35 Aaron Davis CB SR 6-1 189 Locust Grove, Ga./Luella
  9. 85 Jordan Davis TE SR 6-4 240 Thomson, Ga./Thomson
  10. 36 Dante Dixon RB SR 5-7 170 Dacula, Ga.//Kennesaw State
  11. 69 Trent Frix SN SR 6-0 215 Calhoun, Ga./Calhoun/Air Force Academy
  12. 1 Sony Michel TB SR 5-11 222 Plantation, Fla./American Heritage
  13. 92 Cameron Nizialek P GS 6-2 200 Chantilly, Va.//Columbia Univ.
  14. 14 Malkom Parrish CB SR 5-10 185 Quitman, Ga./Brooks County
  15. 47 Christian Payne FB SR 6-1 242 Athens, Ga./Prince Avenue Christian
  16. 24 Dominick Sanders SS SR 6-0 193 Tucker, Ga./Tucker
  17. 55 Dyshon Sims OG SR 6-4 290 Valdosta, Ga./Lowndes
  18. 75 Thomas Swilley OG SR 6-3 318 Athens Cedar Shoals 1 game yr
  19. 6 Javon Wims WR SR 6-4 215 Miami, Fla./Ed White/Hinds CC
  20. 77 Isaiah Wynn OG SR 6-2 302 St. Petersburg, Fla./Lakewood
  21. 23 Shakenneth Williams WR SR 6-1 208 Macon, Ga./Rutland not play coach
  22. 39 Rashad Roundtree ILB  JR  6-1 204 Evans, Ga./Lakeside CTE
  23. 78  D’Marcus Hayes OL  JR  6-5 315 Madison Central/MS Gulf Coast CC ?
  24. 13  Jonathan Ledbetter DE  JR  6-4 277 Tucker, Ga./Tucker ?
  25. 18 Deandre Baker DB 5’11” 180 lbs Miami, Fla./ Northwestern says gone
  26. 78  Trenton Thompson DT  JR  6-4 295 Albany, Ga./Westover says gone
  27. 3  Roquan Smith LB  JR  6-1 225 Montezuma, Ga./Macon County says gone
  28. 6  Natrez Patrick ILB  JR  6-3 238 Atlanta, Ga./Mays ?
  29. 10 Jacob Eason QB 6’5″ 235 lbs Sophomore Lake Stevens Wash says gone



Boy we lose a lot.  Of course readers to THIS BLOG right here knew that before 2017 season began that 2017 was THE YEAR not 2018.  In fact in THIS POST last year I posted that I guarantee that Kirby WINS The SEC Championship 2017.  And I said THEN that Kirby loses a ton after 2017.


Now everyone wants to say how great Kirby is going to be 2018. I was right on target last year.  2018 is a new year now.





Kirby gets Georgia Bulldogs ranked # 2 AP Poll # 2 Amway Coaches Poll # 2 Massey Ratings Poll # 2 Richard Billingsley Report Poll at 13-2 while Wes Colley Matrix Ratings Poll ranked UCF # 1 Alabama # 2. Mark Richt # 13 AP Poll Miami of Florida losing all 3 of his final 3 games including to 5-7 Pittsburgh who was not even in a bowl game. Georgia beat # 10 Auburn # 11 Notre Dame # 19 Mississippi State # 3 Oklahoma and left our team and its fans just heart-broken over 37 years of futility. It was a hell of a lot of fun and one hell of a run. We’re going to grab ourselves by the seat of our pants and pick ourselves up. There isn’t anyone else who will do it for us.

# 2 AP Poll Georgia with Oklahoma # 3



# 2 Amway Coaches Poll  Georgia with Oklahoma # 3



# 2 Massey Ratings Poll Georgia with Ohio State # 3



# 2 Richard Billingsley Report Poll



# 3 Peter Wolfe Georgia Bulldogs with Central Florida UCF 13-0 # 2



# 3 Jeff Sagarin Poll Georgia with # 2 Ohio State



# 4 Wes Colley Rankings Poll Georgia with UCF # 1 Alabama # 2 Wisconsin # 3



# 5 Anderson-Hester Seattle Times Poll with Alabama # 1 UCF # 2 Wisconsin # 3 Ohio State # 4



SEC won 5 Bowl Games including all 3 of the most important bowls the College Football Playoff Bowls.


Only 1 conference 7-1 Big Ten won more bowl games than The SEC this year but they did NOT play in ANY of the IMPORTANT bowl games and were SHUT-OUT of the College Football Playoff Bowl Games so THEY did not do better than The SEC 2017-2018 season and in fact are QUITE BITTER about it.



SEC 2 of the top 2 teams including BOTH teams in the College Football Playoff Bowl Games who won games.  SEC 3 of the top 10 AP Poll.  Mark Richt # 13 AP Poll Miami of Florida losing all 3 of his final 3 games including to 5-7 Pittsburgh who was not even in a bowl game.  South Carolina was # 27 AP Poll and # 28 Amway Coaches’ Poll.   SEC 5 AP Poll Top 25 teams # 1 Alabama # 2 Georgia # 10 Auburn # 18 LSU # 19 Mississippi State.  Georgia beat # 10 Auburn # 11 Notre Dame # 19 Mississippi State # 3 Oklahoma and left our team and its fans just heart-broken over 37 years of futility. It was a hell of a lot of fun and one hell of a run.


We’re going to grab ourselves by the seat of our pants and pick ourselves up.  There isn’t anyone else who will do it for us





Georgia can become the 2nd best opponent of all-time against Alabama with OUR WIN over them yet AGAIN. We are who they LEAST want to play. We beat Alabama as well as anyone EVER and always have. Anyway 10 of THEIR players come from State of Georgia ANYWAY. We are already 2nd best to Alabama all-time with 54 bowl games. We already 2nd best SEC Championships to Alabama. Why did Nick Saban say Georgia lost by more than he did at Auburn ? Why their receiver say we can’t stop Alabama ? Even Las Vegas has us losing by 4 and half with 71 % money on Alabama. With our offensive talent why no respect ? Why all this put-down when we are great ?


Alabama still picked by 4 and half points with 71 % of the money on Alabama. No respect for Georgia. Their Alabama players bragging that we can NOT STOP Alabama on offense when Georgia clearly has the more talented offensive players although there is still some question about our play calls for them and about blocking for them. Nick Saban too putting Georgia DOWN for losing at Auburn by MORE than Alabama lost at Auburn by.






# 54 University of Georgia U.S. News and World Report top colleges 2018

# 110 University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa U.S. News & World Report 2018




# 1 Princeton

# 2 Harvard

# 3 Yale

# 5 Stanford

# 18 Notre Dame

# 21 Emory

# 22 UCLA

# 23 Southern California

# 28 Michigan

# 36 Georgia Tech

# 45 Florida

# 51 Miami of Florida

# 52 Penn State

# 54 The University of Georgia

# 55 Ohio State University

# 60 Texas

# 61 Syracuse

# 62 Maryland

# 67 Clemson

# 68 Pittsburgh

# 69 Texas A&M

# 74 Virginia Tech

# 75 Baylor

# 78 TCU

# 79 Iowa

# 81 Michigan State

# 82 Florida State

# 83 North Carolina State

# 97 University of Oklahoma – Norman

# 103 Auburn

# 104 South Carolina

# 105 University of Tennessee at Knoxville

# 110 University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa





“We lost to Auburn at Auburn which is a rivalry game for us. Tough place to play. Georgia lost by a whole bunch there too – a lot more than we did – and they are in the play-offs.” Nick Saban putting The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs DOWN for losing at Auburn by a lot more than Alabama did.


67 Bowl Games played Alabama

54 Bowl Games played Georgia

Top 2 teams playing each other


26 SEC Championships Alabama and Georgia has 13 which is 2nd most


SEC top conference SEC BOTH top 2 teams playing each for 2nd time for national championship


Alabama’s Greatest Opponents of All-Time in Order :

.4451 % 36-45-1 is Auburn record against Alabama

.4100 % 37-55-8 is vols record against Alabama

.4030 % 25-38-4 is our UGA record against Alabama Win makes us .4118

.3500 % 14-26-0 is Florida record against Alabama

.3354 % 25-52-5 is LSU record against Alabama

.2500 % 7-21-0 is Arkansas record against Alabama

.1814 % 17-82-3 is Mississippi State record against Alabama

.1765 % 3-14-0 is Miami of Florida record against Alabama

.1692 % 10-53-2 is Ole Miss record against Alabama

.1395 % 5-36-2 is Southern Mississippi record against Alabama

.0769 % 1-12-0 is Virginia Tech’s record against Alabama

.0625 % 2-37-1 is Kentucky’s record against Alabama


Oklahoma is 3-1-1 against Alabama. Georgia is undefeated against Oklahoma. Oklahoma would have beat Alabama last weekend and Georgia would have beat Clemson.


Notre Dame is 5-2 against Alabama. Georgia is undefeated against Notre Dame. Georgia DID beat Notre Dame this year and Alabama would NOT have.


2004 Nick Saban’s defensive backs’ coach at LSU – National Championship

2006 Nick Saban’s secondary coach at Miami Dophins Nick’s unsuccessful NFL try

2007 Nick Saban’s defensive backs’ coach at Alabama

2008 Nick Saban’s Defensive Coordinator

2009 Nick Saban’s Defensive Coordinator – National Championship

2010 Nick

2011 Nick Saban’s Defensive Coordinator – National Championship

2012 Nick Saban’s Defensive Coordinator – National Championship

2013 Nick

2014 Nick

2015 Nick Saban’s Defensive Coordinator – National Championship

In fact Kirby was with Nick until January 11 of 2016.


Kirby was Nick’s coach for 11 years.

I have NO IDEA why Nick would state this week that Kirby was with him 9 maybe 10 years.

It is just part of Nick Saban’s NEGATIVE SELLING CAMPAIGN against all his competitors. Remember all the LSU discussion with him calling them all “coonass guys that talk funny.”

Remember Nick Saban saying before he played LSU this year that “The worst thing that has happened for all of us in The SEC is when LSU LOST this 2017 year to Troy.”


This is the 11th SEC National Championship starting 2003 whoever wins it :


2003 LSU

2004 * Auburn was undefeated and consensus next in line since USC vacated nc game win

2006 Florida

2007 LSU

2008 Florida

2009 Alabama

2010 Auburn

2011 Alabama

2012 Alabama

2015 Alabama

2017-2018 season an SEC team either Georgia I predict – or Alabama


If 2004 Southern California VACATED the N.C. Game win themselves you can NOT say The SEC did not win it nor can you say Pac-12 did.  Somebody damn sure did.  Who the hell do you think it was ?


Mark Richt should not have been fired ? All those folks are looking pretty God Damn Stupid today.


If Nick Saban had to line-up Alabama with 4.8 million to 10.3 million here in Georgia and line-up the University of Alabama with University of Georgia or line-up Tuscaloosa with the # 1 college football town Athens Georgia or had to line-up high school football in the state of Alabama compared to high school football in the state of Georgia Alabama would come out on the short end of all these comparisons. So Nick Saban instead NEGATIVE SELLS against all his opponents. Oh Don’t GO THERE. They’re no good.


Yeah we are.


The Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program is # 11 All-Time in Wins.




What makes Alabama so damn much better than Georgia ? I am with Fran Tarkenton on this. I can’t see it. We are going to have to WIN this game to get the respect we deserve. We have the # 1 mascot in all of sports. We have the # 6 best college stadium. We buy the 6th most merchandise of all teams. We travel better than Alabama and Notre Dame and everyone else. We are # 11 in wins all-time. We have the # 2 most net revenue. We have the Forbes # 2 most football revenue. We have # 5 most NFL Draft Picks and will lead nation 2018 NFL Draft. We are # 17 Forbes Best Academics and Sports. We are # 6 hottest student bodies. I do not deny that we have been a floundering program but THIS BLOG guaranteed our SEC Championship 2017 right after we beat TCU last year in our bowl game and EVERY DAY since.


We can do this.


27 times UGA has won 80 % or more of our games that season. We’ve had a better season than Alabama. We’ve had the best season in college football this season.


We have to beat Alabama to get some respect ?


I bet you there are more people pulling for Georgia than there are for Alabama.


Who is Georgia ?


6 Georgia Bulldogs’ Football National Championships :








The Pac-12 fans and the Big 10 fans ARE watching this game.  So too are the Big XII fans and the ACC fans.  None of them have teams who can beat these 2 SEC teams.  SEC Down ?  Not hardly.


You think this is Tuscaloosa ?

# 1 College Football Town Athens, Georgia by panel of AP Poll voters :



# 1 Party School University of Georgia.


Besides those negative selling against us I will tell you who Georgia is for we ARE the team that everyone knew could be here because of the only 3 other schools with more talent than Georgia. Clemson stopped screwing this up too ? Georgia would have beat Clemson last week. Alabama would NOT have beat Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl.


We get NO RESPECT. We are going to have to go out there and WANT IT more because no one is going to give this game to us. We are going to have to TAKE IT.





All the Polls Rankings before Championship Game latest releases besides # 3 UGA # 4 AL College Football Playoff Poll include UGA # 1 Anderson-Hester AL # 5 – – – # 1 Massey Rankins AL # 2 – – – # 1 Colley Matrix # 5 AL – – – # 3 Sagarin

# 1 Georgia

# 5 Alabama

Colley Matrix



# 2 Georgia

# 6 Alabama

Peter Wolfe Poll



# 1 Georgia

# 5 Alabama

Anderson-Hester Poll



# 1 Alabama

# 3 Georgia

Jeff Sagarin Poll




# 1 Georgia

# 2 Alabama

Massey Ratings




# 3 Georgia

# 4 Alabama

Coaches’ Poll




# 3 Georgia

# 4 Alabama

AP Poll




# 3 Georgia

# 4 Alabama

College Football Playoff Poll




265 Peachtree Street Atlanta GA 30303 Atlanta Hyatt Regency team hotel


1414 Andrew Young International Boulevard NW Atlanta GA  30313 Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium – this is a bogus address for Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium it is 2 blocks South of Andrew Young International Boulevard.  This new stadium is on Centennial Olympic Park Dr, Atlanta, GA 30313



What are our top 10 bowl games of all-time now that only Alabama and Southern California have done better in bowl games now than The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs ?


  1. 1980 Sugar Bowl # 8 Final AP Poll Notre Dame. We beat # 20 Florida in Jacksonville on Buck Belue’s pass to Lindsay Scott. Run Lindsay Run ! We beat # 14 South Carolina, Independent, at Sanford. All 3 on ABC. I was there. 12-0 untied, unbeaten, unbelievable ! National Championship including both Consensus AP Poll and Coaches’ Polls after the season. Georgia SEC Champions. Herschel Walker, no freshman is going to start for me. More fodder for Vince Dooley. More for Erk Russell, too, and finally he had to go make his name for himself with the nation’s # 3 best Defense AGAIN – also # 5 best offense – duh ! AND, there were no other unbeaten teams.
  2. 2018 Rose Bowl # 3 UGA # 2 Oklahoma down 17 points with 6 seconds before halftime Georgia came from behind forcing 1st Overtime 104 Rose Bowls when in second overtime Lorenzo Carter forced his way through Oklahoma’s vaunted OL and blocked their field goal then Sony Michel scored his 4th Touchdown of the game around left end to win 54-48. Considered by all to be one of the top 2 bowl games of all-time for Georgia and of the NCAA in the playoffs.
  3. 1946 Sugar Bowl, # 9 North Carolina Final AP Poll, Wally Butts Won Sugar Bowl 20-10, beat # 7 Georgie tek yellowjackets at Sanford 35-7, shut-out # 15 Alabama 15-0 at Sanford, beat # 19 Kentucky 28-13, ended season 11-0, and Wally Butts won the National Championship beating # 9 North Carolina in the Sugar Bowl 20-10. National Championship Williamson System Poll. Army 9-0-1 and Notre Dame 8-0-1 and Wally Butts Georgia 11-0 in far better Conference. Capacity Crowd, National Stage, everyone watching us. National Champions Wally Butts Georgia.
  4. 1942 Rose Bowl, # 13 UCLA Final AP Poll, Wally Butts Won Rose Bowl, Wally Butts ended AP Poll # 2 end November Ohio State no bowl game, shut-out Florida in Jacksonville at Fairfield stadium 75-0, beat # 3 Alabama 21-10 when Wally Butts was ranked # 2 at Grant Field, shut-out # 2 Georgie tek yellowjackets 34-0 at Sanford, SEC top teams 1942 Final AP Poll are # 2 UGA, # 5 Georgie tek yellowjackets, # 7 vols, # 10 Alabama, # 16 Auburn, and # 17 Mississippi State, UCLA is the Pacific Coastal Conference Champion. Frank Sinkwich won the Heisman Trophy and Wally Butts Won the National Championship shutting-out UCLA 9-0 Rose Bowl National Champions according to Berryman Poll, Billingsley Poll, DeVold System Poll, Houlgate System Poll, Litkenhous Poll, Poling System Poll, Williamson System Poll, and according to Sagarin Ratings Poll.   Wally Butts was 11-1, Wisconsin was 8-1-1, and Ohio State was 9-1 not even playing in a bowl game. 1942 SEC Champions. Capacity Crowd, National Stage, everyone watching us. National Champions Wally Butts Georgia. Charley Trippi Rose Bowl MVP.
  5. 1959 Orange Bowl, Won ended up # 5 both AP and Coaches Polls. # 18 Missouri Final AP Poll, Vince Dooley Won Orange Bowl shutting-out Missouri 14 to nothing. Trailing 7-13 Auburn who was # 8 Fran Tarkenton who has donated millions and millions and millions of dollars to UGA threw 13-yard TD pass as clock expired to win 14-13 at Sanford. We were 10-1 losing in Columbia to # 16 Coaches’ Poll South Carolina of the ACC. We were undefeated in The SEC at 7-0-0 while four (4) SEC teams finished the 1959 Season in the Final AP Poll Top 10 Georgia, Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss and Florida # 19. Pat Dye All-America Guard 1959. I was at these games here when I recall Dad telling me Fran Tarkenton DeMolay, Dad was leader for, College Football Hall of Fame Pro Football Hall of Fame would fill the air with footballs for that era – beautiful Fall days on our beautiful campus which has only become even more beautiful since. He took me with his seasons’ tickets and specifically pointed out these points to me about the DeMolay that Dad was proud of. Georgia SEC Champions. Georgia ended # 3 in the Massey Poll, Number 5 in the AP Poll and # 5 in the Coaches’ Poll because we beat # 8 Auburn, beat Alabama, and beat # 18 Final AP Poll Missouri in the Orange Bowl behind Vince Dooley and Erk Russell.
  6. 1945 Oil Bowl, # 17 Tulsa Final AP Poll, Wally Butts Won Oil Bowl 20-6 New Year’s Day Houston Texas Capacity Crowd National Stage, everyone watching us as Charley Trippi College Football Hall of Fame Pro Football Hall of Fame Won Maxwell Award as Finest College Football Player Won 2 National Championships Football Georgia # 1 Overall NFL Draft Pick NFL Championship Game MVP threw for 1 TD and returned a punt for another TD.
  7. 1966 Cotton Bowl Classic, # 10 SMU Final AP Poll, Vince Dooley Won Cotton Bowl Classic 24-9, beat # 5 Georgie tek yellowjackets 27-14 at Sanford, beat # 7 Florida Gators at the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville 27-10, beat Ole Miss # 12 Final Coaches’ Poll 9-3 at Sanford, Georgie tek yellowjackets would end the season # 8 Final AP Poll, Miami of Florida # 9 Final AP Poll who beat Vince Dooley at the Orange Bowl Miami 6-7 in 1966, and Vince Dooley had Georgia # 4 in both Final AP Poll and Final Coaches’ Poll. Miami of Florida was # 10 Final Coaches Poll, Florida # 11, Ole Miss # 12. Vince Dooley Won National Championship 1966 according to Kenneth Massey Poll which was also part of the Official BCS Polls because we had a better strength of schedule than Alabama. And, because we had a better Defense than Alabama with Georgia ranked the # 1 Defense in the nation. Georgia SEC Champions. The Junkyard Dawgs.   Ole Miss had the 2nd best Defense in the nation and we beat Ole Miss 9-3 at Sanford. I was at these games here. Final AP Poll had Georgia # 4, Miami of Florida # 9 and Georgie tek yellowjackets # 8, with SMU # 10. Erk Russell Georgia Defensive Coordinator. National Championship Vince Dooley and Erk Russell.
  8. 1983 Cotton Bowl # 2 Texas. Texas entered as # 2 and we were # 7. We ended up # 4 and Texas # 7. We beat # 20 UCLA, # 9 Florida, tied Clemson at Clemson, and won at Grant Field 27-24. I was at that game too and our games here. Clemson would end up # 11, Alabama # 15 and we # 4 AP Poll, same as we finished 1982.
  9. 1992 Citrus Bowl Georgia # 8 AP & Coaches’ Polls 1992 Won over # 15 AP Poll Ohio State. Eric Zeier Garrison Hearst Mack Strong Terrell Davis Will Muschamp Ohio State has played 11 bowl games against The SEC and NOT WON ANY, which is why Ohio State is only 25-24 in bowl games while we enjoy 28-19-3 in bowl games – which as you can SEE – is quite the storied history of big bowl games on the national stage everyone watching us.   10-2, we had lost to only # 12 vols and # 10 Florida Final AP Poll Rankings and ended up # 8 ourselves at 10-2 behind Eric Zeier QB and Garrison Hearst RB who thought he would win the Heisman he came in 3rd, and did win the Doak Walker Award top running back, and the ESPN Espy Award Top Outstanding Collegiate Athlete Award. Watched all this from my seasons’ tickets.
  10. 1998 beat # 18 both Final AP and Coaches’ Polls Virginia and were # 14 both polls ourselves. 1997 we were # 10 in the Final AP Poll and 10-2 behind Matt Stinchcomb, Hines Ward, Robert Edwards, Larry Brown, Greg Bright, Kirby Smart and Champ Bailey and won the Outback Bowl over Wisconsin. 1999 we were again # 16 both polls and again beat # 19 Purdue in the Outback Bowl and in 2000 again we were # 17 in the Final Coaches’ Poll. In fact, Jim Donnan’s last 4 years we were # 12 in the nation won/lost record at 35-13, and Vince Dooley did NOT want to replace Jim Donnan but found Mike Adam$ make the decision for Vince Dooley when the only teams better in The SEC were the vols and Florida. In stark direct contrast to these 15 Big Bowl Games by The Georgia Bulldogs on the National Stage everyone watching us, Mark Richt then was hired by Vince Dooley December 20, 2000 and his best bowl win over a team ranked like these others by us in the Final AP Poll was that in 2004, Mark Richt won the Outback Bowl – more in line with what we were doing at the time. As a matter of fact, Mark Richt is # 21 won/lost record after 2007 at 64-29 – hardly a step up, wouldn’t you say ? Saw all this from my seasons’ tickets.



“They’ve got some great talented DBs but none that can hold us.” Jerry Jeudy Deerfield Beach Florida wide receiver with 13 catches all season long in 13 games. One catch a game and Georgia can’t hold Alabama because he is so damn great. I don’t think so Jerry Jeudy BIG MOUTH.

Jerry Jeudy

Deerfield Beach Florida

13 catches all year long played in all 13 game so far 13 catches

“They’ve got some great talented DBs but none that can hold us.”


That’s horseshit.




Jalen Hurts 2nd leading rusher last week in their playoff win. Alabama no interceptions. They don’t turn the ball over. Alabama no penalties. They are disciplined. Alabama shuts down rushing offenses. Lining-up smash mouth against that bunch is NOT going to work Kirby. That is NOT where our advantage is Kirby. Alabama out-recruited us every year Kirby until you got here in the trenches too.

If you want to picture the game before it is played I believe that is entirely possible.


Nick Saban is going to line-up stop the run and run the ball himself.  He will ask his quarterback to throw maybe 5 yards downfield all game – that’s it and otherwise take-off and run the ball from the QB position.  Nick Saban is going to think that he can dominate our OL – which I still say is our weak link.  Nick Saban thinks his defense can stop our running.  Nick Saban is also going to believe that he can run the ball on us.  He may have more reservations about that than stopping us but he nonetheless thinks he can run the ball on us and that his QB can still be conservative and still pass the ball if he has to.


Nick Saban has NO REASON to think otherwise.


I just don’t see any mistakes from Alabama.


Kirby now on the other hand has done extremely well since he got here on Defense.  It is Kirby’s small offensive line which has let him down along with an array of poor play calls that his freshmen quarterbacks have not always been able to audible out of.  They read it.  They see it.  They check out of it.  But honestly our play calls are WAY TOO CONSERVATIVE to my way of thinking on offense.  I also think we are too conservative on returning kickoffs.


I mean we have all these speed guys and yet take a knee on every kick-off instead of try to take it out of there.


And there really is no question that our OL is undersized this entire 2017-2018 season and that it did not need to be but that is what Kirby wanted to do this season redshirting 3 of the top 5 OL in the nation.  Seth Emerson said today Georgia may NEVER get back to this game.  When are the Good Ole Days ?  I said every post that THIS is the season not next year.  THIS year.


I tried this time last year to tell Kirby that he HAD TO PLAY the freshmen OL.  He played 2.  He redshirted 3 of the top 5 OL in the nation this year. I told you Kirby would NEED them for THIS GAME against Alabama.  I thought it would be for The SEC Championship.  But it is the same difference now because lose and we are DONE.  He redshirted 2 last year and did not play them really this year either.  The beef is on the bench on OL 2017-2018 season for Kirby.  I tried to tell Kirby that I guaranteed him The SEC Championship and that he would play Alabama and that he would NEED his big OL against Alabama.


Here we are.


The game will be won and lost on our OL.


The entire national championship relies upon Kirby’s OL being able to impose its will on Alabama.


Because Kirby is not going to pass the ball any more than Nick Saban will Monday night.


Those will be exciting plays when the ball is passed but there will not be many of them – on either side.


Mark Richt lost the recruiting battle to Alabama every year.


Kirby has fixed that.


We have the talent to win.


We are going to have to be DYNAMIC on OFFENSE to win.


Jake Fromm.


Jake Fromm must have a MVP game.




Atlanta is not the college football capital of the world – it’s the football capital of the world

7 million football fans in Atlanta.


That’s what we have.


Everyone is a football fan.


We’re fans MOSTLY of college football and of those mostly we’re Bulldog fans.


But we have every college team with a place where their team meets and some have several places where their team meets to watch games together.


You can have a state tag made for nearly every college football team.


Certainly every college football coach comes to these 7 million to choose whom it is here he will give a scholarship offer to.


Yes we also are a destination.


Not just a destination for games and we are that for high school college and NFL games.


But Atlanta is a DESTINATION if you are a FOOTBALL PLAYER.


You want to come here to play football.


If you play football you want to come here.


THIS WEEK notwithstanding with the 5 degree wind chill factor this morning HOT LANTA has great weather.


Envy of the nation weather.


And envy of the nation freeways too.


Yes Atlanta gets MORE of the highway money than EVERYWHERE else.


So put your tag on your car with a college football team as your tag choice here.


I remember before we had half a million.


You would drive up heartbreak hill and Piedmont Hospital and the sign read 400 thousand.


We had busses with steel poles which went up to the electrical wires above sparks flying.


I used to have to get off I-75 I-85 downtown at Williams Street – the straight ahead exit – and muddle our way through town just to get to the Atlanta Airport.


Largest public and largest private airports are both here in Atlanta.  Hartsfield and DeKalb Peachtree Airports.


Friday we play high school football.


They don’t even play that sport anywhere else.


Just here.


There is no comparison.


They say there are more football players who go on to the NFL in California Texas and Florida than from here.


They don’t care about their high school football there like we do here.


Then colleges with all the bowl games national championship games basketball tournaments Atlanta has become synonymous with college sports.  We’re home to so many of the very great colleges in all of this great nation and internationally renown colleges right here.


The Falcons once the butt of jokes under Rankin Smith has turned into what others are jealous of and they get a playoff game Saturday night themselves after playing in the Super Bowl.


Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium is destined to be the Mecca of football high school college and NFL.


See you Monday night World.


Welcome back to Atlanta after our Olympics.


And yes our 1 World Series win.


We FIRED our coach 145 wins in 15 years here and replaced him with a REAL 10-win a season guy Kirby 21 wins in 2 years and oh by the way National Championship Game appearance.  Now to win a big game for a change and to do that without having lost to any cupcake EITHER.


Bring it on Alabama.


You’re NOT Atlanta.



Maria Taylor broadcasting National Championship Game after her Rose Bowl appearance – what a doll – to be such a super smart and now highly successful lady after her days for her competing so well for us. Remember Maria Taylor ? I sure do.

Well there are 10 state of Georgia recruits on Alabama’s roster Monday night but it is one of our own broadcasting the game.


Maria Taylor.


BBA and MBA from The University of Georgia.


GREAT Lady Bulldog Women’s Basketball player at a time Andy Landers had many such but she also is also one of our VERY BEST EVER UGA Women’s Volleyball Players of All-Time too.


Lady Bulldogs’ Women’s Basketball Player here at UGA shot .458 from the field for us on a team chalk full of stars such as Tasha Humphrey Sherill Baker Megan Darrah whom I grew-up with Ashley Houts Angel Robinson Porsha Phillips Maria Taylor on the 2007-2008 Lady Bulldogs Women’s Basketball team is the 5th leading shot blocker on the 27-7 Lady Bulldogs’ team of Andy Landers and 3rd best leading field goal shooter behind only Tasha Humphrey and Angel Robinson.


You really must listen to Maria Taylor’s voice. ESPN has so many distinctive voices some of which are the most grading voices to listen to and then there is Maria Taylor’s Awesome Wonderful Voice we all have listened to here at Georgia IN ALL OUR SPORTS for over a decade now.


Listen to her again Monday night and relish her voice as I.


SPOTLIGHT on the sweetheart.

And what a Baby Doll.


God gives few Scholar Status.

God gives few Athletic Prowess.


God gives BOTH Athletic Prowess AND Scholar Status to really only a handful and THIS the pinnacle Lady and oh by the way Homecoming Queen too.


ESPN Turner Sports Network ISS IMG NBC CSS SEC Network ESPN2 ESPN3 ESPNU Orange Bowl every year there really is no EQUAL to this GREAT among GREATS in Sports Network Commentary.


Maria Taylor represented The United States of America in Women’s International Volleyball and 3 times was named All-SEC here at Georgia.


From Alpharetta I just simply put can not be more proud of Maria Taylor if I wanted to be.


Thank you Maria Taylor. I have followed you a decade. Even when you were playing you were doing TV shows. I remember once when Andy Landers interviewed you on TV.


As in Women’s Basketball where you were 3rd best shooter on the team on a great 27-7 Lady Bulldogs Team for Andy Landers you hit over 50% of your kill shots in Women’s Volleyball too. 35 kills in a single game.  Routinely Maria Taylor hit 20 kills in games for us here at Georgia.


Pride of Centennial High Alpharetta Maria Taylor is MY PERSONAL HERO. Ok I am in love too I readily admit I can not help myself.



Darling from Georgia.


National Honor Society.  All-State and Fulton County Scholar Athlete of the Year side note Homecoming Queen.




6’ 2” of all lady all brains all brawn and the best speaking voice on ESPN of all her compatriots gorgeous.


Sweetest pic I have seen in a long time.


Fourth all-time in program history in career kills with 1729 and was fourth all-time in total points with 2020 here at UGA.


Simulcast Comcast Channels 846 and 847 ESPN College Football Playoff National Championship Game Monday night 8:17 p.m.


Anchor Analyst Broadcaster Reporter



Mark Richt never gave Jake Fromm an offer. If we did not fire Mark Richt then we have NO JAKE FROMM. The Defense against Jalen Hurts # 1 dual-threat QB in the nation 13-1 both seasons last year and this year as Starter at QB is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT DEFENSE from defending pass-happy Baker Mayfield. All the blitzes of NO USE against Jalen Hurts. You must CONTAIN and spy. This is NO Baker Mayfield FLAKE.

# 1 Dual-Threat QB in the nation 247 Sports Composite Ranking :




13-1 both years as a Starting QB.


Jalen Hurts is an Academic All-America.


Although Jalen Hurts runs the ball as a real dual-threat QB # 1 in the country for 954 yards last year he actually has run the ball better this season.


5.5 yard per rush in college as QB 2017-2018 season so far


Only 1 interception all year this 2017-2018 season by Jalen Hurts.  How great is that ?


Although Jalen Hurts threw for 23 TD passes and 2780 yards passing last year 2016 he actually has passed the ball better this season as well.


9 interceptions Jalen Hurts last year 2016 only 1 interception all year this year so far 2017-2018.


Jalen Hurts just isn’t asked to do as much this year passing because he runs so well.


3 times this year and 4 times last year 2016 Jalen Hurts has rushed for over 100 yards in a game.


7 games Jalen Hurts has rushed for 100 yards in a game.


I don’t know about you but that is a prolific quarterback running and throwing and not just this year at 26-2 as a Starter.


Jalen Hurts does NOT pass the ball as well as Jake Fromm which is what you would expect there too since Jake Fromm is the # 2 pro-style QB.  But Jake Fromm while he can run the ball as his baseball days attest doesn’t and Jalen Hurts does.


Can Georgia kick Jalen Hurts ass while he tries to run on Georgia – get him to the ground hard smash mouth  ?


Alabama has only faced one defense as good as Georgia’s and that was Auburn who BEAT Alabama while Georgia both won and lost against Auburn.


Jalen Hurts is 1st Team All-SEC Quarterback.


Jake Fromm is Freshman All-America and also is an Academic Honor Roll and Dean’s List student.


One is really a runner who throws passes extremely well and the other is a passer who passes the ball as well as any QB in the country but also can take-off and go running.


Mark Richt NEVER DID EVEN OFFER Jake Fromm.  If we don’t fire Mark Richt we have NO JAKE FROMM.



The folks yesterday who said they would deploy the same defense against Baker Mayfield that they now would run against Jalen Hurts are FOOLS.


Jalen Hurts and Baker Mayfield are as divergently different to defend as night and day Bernie.



Alabama picked by 4 and a half points. Only 29 percent of the money is on Georgia even taking the 4 and a half points. No Colin Cowherd. No Saturday Down South. Yes you criticize Lincoln Riley but NOT for not going for it on 4th Down 1st Overtime. The ENTIRITY of all the overtimes Lincoln Riley NEVER HAD HEISMAN TROPHY WINNER BAKER MAYFIELD with 527 yards in the game EVER throw ONE SINGLE PASS INTO THE END ZONE. Well he threw one but Deandre Baker made our 2nd Interception this one in the overtime only to have it called back off-sides Georgia. THAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH LINCOLN RILEY. That and Kirby played 60 players and Lincoln Riley countered with only 51. The 51 Lincoln Riley DID play were not as highly-rated as Kirby’s 60. But Kirby played 9 more players having 9 fresh men on the field while Lincoln Riley had 9 tired worn-out ones to counter with. Lincoln Riley out-coached by Kirby on and off the field.

Alabama picked to beat Georgia by 4 and a half points and even so only 29 percent of the money is on Georgia.




Alabama would not have even beat Oklahoma.


Georgia has the more talented Quarterbacks and running backs if we call right play calls.


I understand Alabama has a good defense.  So too does Georgia.


Alabama is not as good and is weaker without Kirby and Georgia is stronger with Kirby.  This is NOT a win-win for Nick Saban.  This is a lose-lose for Nick Saban.  Sure 11-0 against his assistants.  They did not have the talent Kirby has especially at QB and running back positions.


Can Alabama beat Georgia ?  Georgia certainly beats Clemson.


Oklahoma certainly beats Alabama.


Hell Notre Dame beats Alabama.





This dropped Oklahoma’s bowl record against SEC teams to 6-8-1 all-time.


Now what was it that national media perpetrated that Oklahoma did prior to kick-off against SEC teams ?


Beat them ?


Really ?


Oklahoma beats SEC teams in bowl games ?


Bullshit they do.


How the living hell is 6-8-1 all-time vs The SEC in bowl games is Oklahoma BEATING SEC teams ?


I missed that narrative.  It went right over my head.


Georgia is 4-1 vs the Big XII in bowl games.


Big XII folks.




The Big XII has NEVER won the College Football Playoff National Championship.


The Big XII is not winning the College Football Playoff National Championship this year again either.


Of course The SEC has won 11 national championships in football starting 2003.


11 NC SEC starting 2003.






Excuse me ?


Oklahoma is a giant killer beating SEC teams ?


Excuse me ?


They looked mighty poorly coached to me.


Oklahoma was the # 57 defense so I stated Oklahoma could NOT stop Georgia.


Therefore Georgia wins.


I was surprised that Oklahoma could put-up 48 points on our defense 45 in regulation.


But the Lincoln Riley bullshit call before halftime he tried to justify to the cameras going into the locker room at halftime of squib kicking with 6 seconds on the clock Kirby ALSO made Lincoln Riley eat.


Our Quarterback.  Remember # 11 for Georgia Jake Fromm.  Jake Fromm threw a pass to get us close.  And the guy whom Baker Mayfield just showed the CHOKE SIGN to at 1:35 of the 1st Quarter BEAT Oklahoma with the Field Goal from 55 yards.


On THAT play Lincoln Riley AKA dumbass told the press that HIS PLAYERS DID NOT EXECUTE his play call well.


At least Mark Richt did not float that bullshit when he pulled the same dumbass move against Georgia Tech only to lose that game too for the same exact mistake by Lincoln Riley.


You kick-off deep and defend.  Football 101.  You do NOT give your opponent the ball where all they need is an 11-yard pass to kick a field goal with 6 seconds on the clock and Kirby with a timeout he saved.


Lincoln Riley NEVER let Baker Mayfield with his 527 yards against Georgia throw one single pass into the end zone in all the overtimes.  And LOST.


How else are you ahead by 3 scores with 6 seconds before half and LOSE ?


(1) Kirby played 9 more players and had his men fresh Lincoln Riley’s tired worn-out

(2) Lincoln Riley squib kick 6 seconds before half Kirby threw pass kicked 55-yard field goal

(3) Lincoln Riley let Baker Mayfield show CHOKE SIGN to Rodrigo Blankenship who then HIT 55-yarder to beat him.

(4) Lincoln Riley only played 51 while Kirby had 9 MORE 60 so their players tired worn-out Kirby’s fresh

(5) Lincoln Riley NEVER did have Baker Mayfield throw a single pass into the end zone either Overtime

(6) Lincoln Riley NEVER had ANY semblance of control of Baker Mayfield


Yes Lincoln Riley was out-coached by Kirby.


Yes Lincoln Riley made mistake after mistake after mistake losing the game as a result of his coaching.


No Lincoln Riley did NOT lose because he did not go for it on 4th Down in 1st Overtime.


Lincoln Riley LOST the game because he put-up with Baker Mayfield’s antics all season long a distraction to his # 2 ranked team then let him show CHOKE SIGN to our kicker missing a 48-yarder while Lincoln Riley’s own kicker missed from far closer than that in the 2nd Overtime to LOSE THE GAME while Lincoln Riley only played 51 players while Kirby’s players were more well rested and not worn-out 60 Bulldogs in the game and because Lincoln Riley NEVER let Baker Mayfield throw the ball into the end zone in either overtime after Deandre Baker intercepted him the 2nd time along with our 5 sacks of Baker Mayfield.


Poor coaching job by Lincoln Riley.


Kirby out-coached Lincoln Riley.


Our Quarterback out-performed Baker Mayfield and will be drafted HIGHER than Baker Mayfield.


Jake Fromm is the # 2 ranked best Quarterback in the United States of America.  This according to 247Sports.com Composite Ranking.


# 2 QB nation Jake Fromm 247 Sports Composite Ranking :




Jacob Eason was also the # 2 QB nation 247 Sports Composite Ranking :




Baker Mayfield # 47 QB 247 Sports Composite Ranking :




Jalen Hurts # 1 dual threat QB Alabama fans for years said they wanted


Jake Fromm was outstanding 20 of 29 with no interceptions and 2 TD passes.

Baker Mayfield 23 of 35 with 2 interceptions one called back and 2 TD passes along with sacked 5 times


Jake Fromm was BETTER than Baker Mayfield.


Jake Fromm threw the block to spring and free Sony Michel on the game-winning TD.


Baker Mayfield was on the sidelines watching with his head between his ass crying when Jake Fromm threw that block on the last play of the game.


Let me know when Baker Mayfield is drafted higher than Jake Fromm ?


As Kirby said pre-game Baker Mayfield reminds Kirby of Johnny Manziel who is OUT of football for his antics.


Both Johnny Manziel and Baker Mayfield are short Heisman Trophy Quarterbacks who have had NOTHING but issues of immaturity both on and off the field carrying themselves in a way which causes opponents to take utter glee in not just shutting them down but rubbing their nose in it.


Take me for example I have written 15 posts about Baker Mayfield starting with his felony arrest February 25 fleeing police drunk running away from police who did not shoot him but captured the drunk.  Baker Mayfield shouted obscenities at the police and threw-up on his own shirt then ran from the police after the police had detained him.  That is a felony.  If you don’t know what is right and wrong Lincoln Riley allow ME to tell you.  Instead you made a folk hero out of Baker Mayfield over this arrest on felony charges February 25 of 2017 Lincoln Riley.


Kirby put Natrez Patrick in rehab and removed him from the game.  Lincoln Riley suspended Baker Mayfield 2 play calls.  2.  And the CHOKE SIGN against Georgia on the field of play DURING the game Lincoln Riley ?  Don’t tell ME Lincoln Riley you did not see Baker Mayfield do that when Rodrigo Blankenship missed on our 48-yard field goal try with 1:35 left in the 1st Quarter us losing by 7-14.


No Lincoln Riley boy.


You were out-coached by Kirby.


Baker Mayfield was arrested on felony fleeing arrest February 25 and Bob Stoops QUIT June 7.  Bob Stoops knew he HAD TO KICK Baker Mayfield off the team and chose to quit coaching instead.


Lincoln Riley then ALSO refused to properly punish Baker Mayfield all year long as THIS BLOG REPORTED 15 posts about Baker Mayfield antics which Lincoln Riley did NOTHING about except suspend him for 2 snaps.


I started posting about this February 25 of 2017 ON THIS BLOG when he fled the arrest.  And again when Bob Stoops quit over it June 7 by which time he had the details showing Baker Mayfield should be properly punished but Bob Stoops wimped-out and Lincoln Riley made coaching mistakes.


Nothing Lincoln Riley did from the beginning was correct with Baker Mayfield.  Nothing Lincoln Riley did on or off with field was right with Baker Mayfield.  Nothing.


Kirby out-coached Lincoln Riley all year long.  Kirby had to tell Lincoln Riley that Baker Mayfield is just another Johnny Manziel.  Lincoln Riley probably thought that was a complement. Not hardly Johnny Manziel is OUT of football and Baker Mayfield is RIGHT BEHIND him.


How do you get arrested for public drunk throw-up on your T-shirt be detained then FLEE police February 25 and only be punished to miss 2 snaps all year ?  The AJ-C got ALL OVER KIRBY to punish and to suspend Natrez Patrick on not a felony arrest and Lincoln Riley lets Baker Mayfield serve only a 2 snap penalty all year ?  Georgia’s defense was worse without Natrez Patrick as senior Reggie Carter replaced him in the line-up as Natrez Patrick’s back-up.  Otherwise we were intact.  Monty Rice whom I called for to replace Natrez Patrick played only to give Reggie Carter a blow or two during a 2 OT game.  But Kirby criticized to suspend Natrez Patrick for the Oklahoma game while Lincoln Riley not criticized for not punishing Baker Mayfield for a FELONY arrest.  By the way Baker Mayfield NEVER SAID he did not flee the arrest on the FELONY ARREST.  In fact the Court punished Baker Mayfield for it just NOT Lincoln Riley.




“We lost to Auburn at Auburn which is a rivalry game for us. Tough place to play. Georgia lost by a whole bunch there too – a lot more than we did – and they are in the play-offs.” Nick Saban putting The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs DOWN for losing at Auburn by a lot more than Alabama did.

19 Georgia Bulldogs rushed for over 1000 yards in a season :


1,000 Yards Rushing Season Georgia Bulldogs :

  1. 1,891 – Herschel Walker, 1981 SEC Record
  2. 1,752 – Herschel Walker, 1982
  3. 1,616 – Herschel Walker, 1980
  4. 1,547 – Garrison Hearst, 1992
  5. 1,547 – Nick Chubb, 2014
  6. 1,400 – Knowshon Moreno, 2008
  7. 1,385 – Todd Gurley II, 2012
  8. 1,334 – Knowshon Moreno, 2007
  9. 1,324 Musa Smith, 2002
  10. 1,320 – Nick Chubb, 2017-2018 season
  11. 1,312 – Willie McClendon, 1978
  12. 1,216 – Tim Worley, 1988
  13. 1,161 – Sony Michel, 2015
  14. 1,130 – Nick Chubb, 2016
  15. 1,129 – Sony Michel, 2017-2018 season
  16. 1,103 – Frank Sinkwich, 1941
  17. 1,059 – Rodney Hampton, 1989
  18. 1,058 – Kevin McLee, 1976
  19. 1,016 – Lars Tate, 1987


Nick Chubb accomplished this three times while Sony Michel accomplished this twice.  Knowshon Moreno is the only other player to accomplish this twice for us besides Herschel Walker Nick Chubb and Sony Michel.


Only Alabama with 39 bowl wins and Southern California with 34 bowl wins have more bowl wins than Georgia with our 31 bowl wins.  31-19-3 Georgia.


Only Alabama has played in more than 54 bowl games and this is Georgia’s bowl game number 54.  THIS makes this a very important bowl game.  What it does NOT do is motivate Big Ten fans or Pac-12 fans or Big XII fans or ACC fans.  So there is going to  be a LOT of whining this entire next week including this time next week after the game.


2 teams only have won more Bowl Games than our 31 wins 3 ties 19 losses in 54 bowl games : Alabama 39 Southern California 34.


We are # 2 most bowl games played 54 behind only Alabama 67.


So this national championship game is between the top 2 teams in bowl history # 1 with 67  bowl games and # 2 with 54 bowl games now Monday night.



After all the nasty comments and nasty hand gestures by Baker Mayfield during the play of the Rose Bowl Game where repeatedly he stated that Georgia would NEED HELP because he would beat our ass.  And his choke sign when we were down 7 to 14 when Rodrigo Blankenship missed a 48-yard field goal try.  All Baker Mayfield did was give us resolve made us mad and made us want to beat the shit out of the son of a bitch. To see Baker Mayfield cry like a baby whining afterwards that he wishes he had not lost to Georgia instead was sweet revenge.





So we have Nick Saban putting us down because we lost at Auburn worse than he lost at Auburn this year.






This on top of Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn who just lost 4 games again this year 2017 after losing 5 games last year 2016 and after losing 6 games the year before that 2015 and after losing 5 games again the year before that too 2014 – this Gus Malzahn bragging after his home field win over us 2017 that : “We whipped the dog crap out of them – didn’t we?”


Here we have Nick Saban telling us that he lost at Auburn by less than we lost at Auburn by.


That is like Baker Mayfield bragging all during the Rose Bowl game to the press interviewing the immature petulant child while the game was being played that Georgia better get some help that we needed it to beat him and even giving a choke sign to our field goal kicker when he simply missed a 48-yard field goal. As Baker Mayfield went back on to the Rose Bowl field at the 1:48 mark of the first quarter us losing by 7 to 14 he cuts his hands across his throat a clear choke sign.


We aren’t to mention here that their kicker in double-overtime had his field goal blocked from a lot closer than Rodrigo Blankenship missed his 48-yard field goal try.


Lincoln Riley never did call any pass play from Baker Mayfield in either of the 2 overtimes into the end zone. Not one. Well he called one but we intercepted Baker Mayfield for what would have been the 2nd time in the one game only to have the officials say one of our DL put his hand down on the line of scrimmage on the play and called it back.


But we had to endure all this bullshit from Baker Mayfield all pre-game leading up to the Rose Bowl and then all during the Rose Bowl only to not even have his coach Lincoln Riley have any confidence in him in any of the overtimes to even allow him even once to try to throw the ball into the end zone.


And he can do the choke sign to us during the Rose Bowl but we can’t remind him in return of such favor that we blocked his kicker’s field goal try in second overtime to beat Oklahoma. I mean CHOKE-la-homa.


Bowl Games 31-19-3 Georgia Bulldogs.

Bowl Games 29-21-1 Oklahoma Sooners


UGA 4-1 vs Big XII in bowl games while Oklahoma is 6-8-1 losing record against SEC in bowl games.


And now we turn our attention to Nick Saban.


“We lost to Auburn at Auburn which is a rivalry game for us. Tough place to play. Georgia lost by a whole bunch there too – a lot more than we did – and they are in the play-offs.” Nick Saban putting The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs DOWN for losing at Auburn by a lot more than Alabama did.


Be right with you Nick.


I think we have better football players than you do Nick Saban. In fact, this state of Georgia is a LOT better football hotbed for high school football as well than Alabama is either. And your school is certainly NO MATCH for The University of Georgia.



Best Colleges U.S. News and World Report :



# 1 Princeton


# 36 yellowjackets


# 47 Florida


# 51 Miami of Florida


# 56 U.S. News and World Report Rankings Top Colleges The University of Georgia


# 70 Texas A&M


# 72 Baylor


# 75 Michigan State


# 82 Iowa


# 89 N.C. State


# 96 the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa



Alabama has 4 million 800 thousand in the entire state.




Atlanta has over 7 million in this city alone.




In Georgia high school football is king.




There isn’t anything in the state of Alabama that is king. It’s a backwards state with an inferior high school football program and inferior university than Georgia.




And no one wants to go to Tuscaloosa.


This while of course once again Athens has AGAIN been named the top college football town. Athens is a TON better than Tuscaloosa. If anyone can even find the damn place. No one ever says Alabama is better for high school football, a place to go, or a better university.


As Fran Tarkenton says we should be able to beat Alabama.


We have a legitimate shot at beating Alabama. We really do.


Kirby leaving Alabama and coming to Georgia has hurt Alabama and helped Georgia.



Georgia makes $12 and a half million dollars for its pay-out of this College Football Playoff National Championship.



For The University of Georgia this means :


$3.850 million

$2.025 million

$2.125 million

$2.25 million travel L.A.

$2.25 million travel Atlanta

Total $12.50 million dollars UGA College Football Playoff National Championship SEC revenue sharing Bobby Dodd wanted no damn part of for Georgia Tech.


This would be the same amount for Alabama – both of which are getting $8.65 million MORE than every other SEC team.


How does this relate to the total revenue for UGA sports ?  Well it just went up $ 8.65 million over 2017 revenue for UGA sports.


Here those numbers are :





$ 123 million UGA July 2017 sports’ revenue annually # 15 in the nation


$ 76 million GT July 2017 sports’ revenue annually # 51 in the nation


How does this relate to the total College Football Playoff National Championship revenue ?


Well there are $600 hundred million dollars total College Football Playoff National Championship revenue and that number grows each year.  So of that number this year $ 460.42 million dollars is being doled-out to the football programs.  There is a lot of money somewhere here.  Follow the money.





Do you remember the Mark Richt Apologists ? Well do ya’ ? You know. The ones who said they wanted their sons to play for Mark Richt ? The ones who said what a great guy Mark Richt is ? The ones who said Mark Richt does it the RIGHT WAY ? The ones who said that Mark Richt should NOT be fired ? The ones who said you could make the case that Mark Richt should NOT have been fired ? Remember these guys ? Do you ?


“I’m proud of the job Kirby has done there. They’ve got a great football team. That will be a challenging game for us.” Nick Saban on facing Kirby Smart’s Mighty Georgia Bulldogs in the All-SEC National Championship # 2 second-time as SEC have 11 bowl games SEC teams played in finishing this season 5 wins 6 losses in bowl games but the 2 bowl games that mattered most SEC undefeated – facing each other for all the marbles as The Mighty SEC in 2012 too. Nick going for # 6 N.C. 5 of the last 9 at AL plus the LSU one of Nick’s. And SEC is winning its 11th National Championship in football starting 2003. SEC 11 starting 2003 N.C. Oh yeah The SEC is DOWN.

2003 LSU

2004 * Auburn was undefeated and consensus next in line since USC vacated nc game win

2006 Florida

2007 LSU

2008 Florida

2009 Alabama

2010 Auburn

2011 Alabama

2012 Alabama

2015 Alabama

2017 SEC team either Georgia I predict or Alabama


11 SEC National Championships in Football starting 2003




I realize Nick Saban is 11-0 vs. his former assistants.  That is not as important as who the players are.  We have the better players here at Georgia.


See you 8 p.m. Monday night Nick Saban.


And yes I predicted all of this.


I predicted on THIS BLOG that Kirby would win The SEC Championship 2017.  I made that prediction at the TCU game last December.  I predicted Ohio State would be kept out of the play-offs.  I predicted that Alabama would make the play-offs instead.  I predicted that we would face Oklahoma and hoped like hell that was the case.  I predicted that we beat Oklahoma because they could not stop us on defense.  I predicted Alabama would win over Clemson.  I predicted Georgia would play Alabama.


I predicted Georgia beats Alabama in our All-SEC N.C. play-off game.


And I predicted that Mark Richt would be FIRED so that all of this would happen.  And I said that once he was gone that this would happen and that we would recruit BETTER without Mark Richt than with him.


You have to feel pretty God Damn Stupid about now if you picked on me about my predictions.


Don’t you ?




Baker Mayfield post game interview Rose Bowl Game Crying on YouTube here at this URL Link : “Crying – I can’t believe it’s over. It’s been a wild ride – MORE CRYING.”

7:45 TO 8:15 at this URL Link :





Baker Mayfield crying post game interview after losing to The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs on YouTube.com .


Oklahoma loses to Georgia College Football Playoffs Rose Bowl Game 2018.





National Championship Game. Sony Michel takes it in on Wild Dawg after Lorenzo Carter blocks the Oklahoma field goal in double overtime. 54-48 That is 7 TD and 2 Field Goals. I TOLD YOU Oklahoma could not stop us. I guaranteed this win. Remember ?

College Football Playoff National Championship


Jake Fromm 20 of 29 for 2 TD passes and zero interceptions.


Baker Mayfield CRYING on the sidelines.

Baker Mayfield 23 of 35 for 2 TD passes and one interception (actually 2 second one called back.)


FU Baker Mayfield.


God damn BABY.


38-8 Baker Mayfield as starting college quarterback ENDS his career crying like a God Damn Baby.


3 Rushing TD 1 receiving TD Sony Michel PLAYER-OF-THE-GAME.


2 Rushing TD Nick Chubb.


1 TD reception Javon Wims.


7 TD




And 2 field goals made.


Oklahoma was ahead 14 for us 31 for them.  Then they pulled a Mark Richt and squibbed kicked with 6 seconds on the clock before half time.  Dumbass Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley called the same bullshit Mark Richt called here against Georgia Tech and squib kicked it.  Jake Fromm coolly threw a big pass downfield and Kirby called his last time out he had saved and Rodrigo Blankenship nailed a 55-yard field goal that was good from 60.


That made it 17-31 the good guys losing but only down 2 scores now.  And our defense had not stopped them yet and you know we would stop them on defense.    And Jake Fromm had not made any really huge plays yet.  And you knew he would too.


But we were down 14 to 31 with 6 seconds before half and won the God Damn Game.


Go Dawgs.


We are undefeated in Rose Bowls 2-0.


We are undefeated against Choke-la-homa 1-0.


We are in the National Championship Game 2017-2018 season at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium Monday night 1-8-2018 and we will be rested by 5 more hours than our opponent but that is 5 hours of sleeping while flying across the country tonight.  We need to be getting on that plane right now.


Las Vegas was right we beat them by more than their 1.5 points they had us winning by.




The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs after 37 years of not winning the national championship are playing for it Monday night and Mark Richt would have NEVER had us here.



I told you we would win The SEC Championship 2017.  Really I alone promised you this last December when we beat TCU.  I told you we would beat Oklahoma.  We did that too.  This is what THIS BLOG is known for.



I told you it is going to be Alabama who beats Clemson.


I told you it is The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs who BEAT Alabama in the National Championship Game.


This has been a Classic Match-up with Oklahoma and Georgia.


Georgia has WON.


The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs have shut-up Baker God Damn crybaby Mayfield for the rest of his worthless braggadocio life who will not do SHIT in the NFL.


1-1-2018 9:30 p.m.

Oklahoma takes it to our defense while our Offense for Kirby is just not going to get it done in these type of games.

We’re going to have to fix our offensive play calls.  Watch Oklahoma.  Now there are offensive play calls there.


Right ?


After the long field goal when Oklahoma screwed up on kick-off, down 2 touchdowns at half time I am surprised they could do this to our defense truly I am.


I did expect our offense to be about what it is.


Which is about what it has been.


I have no idea why we can’t TRY to return kick-offs.


Oklahoma is weak on special teams and we down it in the end zone after ALL THESE DAMN TOUCHDOWNS and make no effort to get back to the 25-yard line ?


That is a failed strategy.


We can DO this.


We still can tire them out.


We still can stop them on defense.


We still can make a play on special teams.


37 years I want to play to be in THIS POSITION.