National Championship Game. Sony Michel takes it in on Wild Dawg after Lorenzo Carter blocks the Oklahoma field goal in double overtime. 54-48 That is 7 TD and 2 Field Goals. I TOLD YOU Oklahoma could not stop us. I guaranteed this win. Remember ?

College Football Playoff National Championship


Jake Fromm 20 of 29 for 2 TD passes and zero interceptions.


Baker Mayfield CRYING on the sidelines.

Baker Mayfield 23 of 35 for 2 TD passes and one interception (actually 2 second one called back.)


FU Baker Mayfield.


God damn BABY.


38-8 Baker Mayfield as starting college quarterback ENDS his career crying like a God Damn Baby.


3 Rushing TD 1 receiving TD Sony Michel PLAYER-OF-THE-GAME.


2 Rushing TD Nick Chubb.


1 TD reception Javon Wims.


7 TD




And 2 field goals made.


Oklahoma was ahead 14 for us 31 for them.  Then they pulled a Mark Richt and squibbed kicked with 6 seconds on the clock before half time.  Dumbass Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley called the same bullshit Mark Richt called here against Georgia Tech and squib kicked it.  Jake Fromm coolly threw a big pass downfield and Kirby called his last time out he had saved and Rodrigo Blankenship nailed a 55-yard field goal that was good from 60.


That made it 17-31 the good guys losing but only down 2 scores now.  And our defense had not stopped them yet and you know we would stop them on defense.    And Jake Fromm had not made any really huge plays yet.  And you knew he would too.


But we were down 14 to 31 with 6 seconds before half and won the God Damn Game.


Go Dawgs.


We are undefeated in Rose Bowls 2-0.


We are undefeated against Choke-la-homa 1-0.


We are in the National Championship Game 2017-2018 season at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium Monday night 1-8-2018 and we will be rested by 5 more hours than our opponent but that is 5 hours of sleeping while flying across the country tonight.  We need to be getting on that plane right now.


Las Vegas was right we beat them by more than their 1.5 points they had us winning by.




The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs after 37 years of not winning the national championship are playing for it Monday night and Mark Richt would have NEVER had us here.



I told you we would win The SEC Championship 2017.  Really I alone promised you this last December when we beat TCU.  I told you we would beat Oklahoma.  We did that too.  This is what THIS BLOG is known for.



I told you it is going to be Alabama who beats Clemson.


I told you it is The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs who BEAT Alabama in the National Championship Game.


This has been a Classic Match-up with Oklahoma and Georgia.


Georgia has WON.


The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs have shut-up Baker God Damn crybaby Mayfield for the rest of his worthless braggadocio life who will not do SHIT in the NFL.


1-1-2018 9:30 p.m.


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