Atlanta is not the college football capital of the world – it’s the football capital of the world

7 million football fans in Atlanta.


That’s what we have.


Everyone is a football fan.


We’re fans MOSTLY of college football and of those mostly we’re Bulldog fans.


But we have every college team with a place where their team meets and some have several places where their team meets to watch games together.


You can have a state tag made for nearly every college football team.


Certainly every college football coach comes to these 7 million to choose whom it is here he will give a scholarship offer to.


Yes we also are a destination.


Not just a destination for games and we are that for high school college and NFL games.


But Atlanta is a DESTINATION if you are a FOOTBALL PLAYER.


You want to come here to play football.


If you play football you want to come here.


THIS WEEK notwithstanding with the 5 degree wind chill factor this morning HOT LANTA has great weather.


Envy of the nation weather.


And envy of the nation freeways too.


Yes Atlanta gets MORE of the highway money than EVERYWHERE else.


So put your tag on your car with a college football team as your tag choice here.


I remember before we had half a million.


You would drive up heartbreak hill and Piedmont Hospital and the sign read 400 thousand.


We had busses with steel poles which went up to the electrical wires above sparks flying.


I used to have to get off I-75 I-85 downtown at Williams Street – the straight ahead exit – and muddle our way through town just to get to the Atlanta Airport.


Largest public and largest private airports are both here in Atlanta.  Hartsfield and DeKalb Peachtree Airports.


Friday we play high school football.


They don’t even play that sport anywhere else.


Just here.


There is no comparison.


They say there are more football players who go on to the NFL in California Texas and Florida than from here.


They don’t care about their high school football there like we do here.


Then colleges with all the bowl games national championship games basketball tournaments Atlanta has become synonymous with college sports.  We’re home to so many of the very great colleges in all of this great nation and internationally renown colleges right here.


The Falcons once the butt of jokes under Rankin Smith has turned into what others are jealous of and they get a playoff game Saturday night themselves after playing in the Super Bowl.


Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium is destined to be the Mecca of football high school college and NFL.


See you Monday night World.


Welcome back to Atlanta after our Olympics.


And yes our 1 World Series win.


We FIRED our coach 145 wins in 15 years here and replaced him with a REAL 10-win a season guy Kirby 21 wins in 2 years and oh by the way National Championship Game appearance.  Now to win a big game for a change and to do that without having lost to any cupcake EITHER.


Bring it on Alabama.


You’re NOT Atlanta.



Maria Taylor broadcasting National Championship Game after her Rose Bowl appearance – what a doll – to be such a super smart and now highly successful lady after her days for her competing so well for us. Remember Maria Taylor ? I sure do.

Well there are 10 state of Georgia recruits on Alabama’s roster Monday night but it is one of our own broadcasting the game.


Maria Taylor.


BBA and MBA from The University of Georgia.


GREAT Lady Bulldog Women’s Basketball player at a time Andy Landers had many such but she also is also one of our VERY BEST EVER UGA Women’s Volleyball Players of All-Time too.


Lady Bulldogs’ Women’s Basketball Player here at UGA shot .458 from the field for us on a team chalk full of stars such as Tasha Humphrey Sherill Baker Megan Darrah whom I grew-up with Ashley Houts Angel Robinson Porsha Phillips Maria Taylor on the 2007-2008 Lady Bulldogs Women’s Basketball team is the 5th leading shot blocker on the 27-7 Lady Bulldogs’ team of Andy Landers and 3rd best leading field goal shooter behind only Tasha Humphrey and Angel Robinson.


You really must listen to Maria Taylor’s voice. ESPN has so many distinctive voices some of which are the most grading voices to listen to and then there is Maria Taylor’s Awesome Wonderful Voice we all have listened to here at Georgia IN ALL OUR SPORTS for over a decade now.


Listen to her again Monday night and relish her voice as I.


SPOTLIGHT on the sweetheart.

And what a Baby Doll.


God gives few Scholar Status.

God gives few Athletic Prowess.


God gives BOTH Athletic Prowess AND Scholar Status to really only a handful and THIS the pinnacle Lady and oh by the way Homecoming Queen too.


ESPN Turner Sports Network ISS IMG NBC CSS SEC Network ESPN2 ESPN3 ESPNU Orange Bowl every year there really is no EQUAL to this GREAT among GREATS in Sports Network Commentary.


Maria Taylor represented The United States of America in Women’s International Volleyball and 3 times was named All-SEC here at Georgia.


From Alpharetta I just simply put can not be more proud of Maria Taylor if I wanted to be.


Thank you Maria Taylor. I have followed you a decade. Even when you were playing you were doing TV shows. I remember once when Andy Landers interviewed you on TV.


As in Women’s Basketball where you were 3rd best shooter on the team on a great 27-7 Lady Bulldogs Team for Andy Landers you hit over 50% of your kill shots in Women’s Volleyball too. 35 kills in a single game.  Routinely Maria Taylor hit 20 kills in games for us here at Georgia.


Pride of Centennial High Alpharetta Maria Taylor is MY PERSONAL HERO. Ok I am in love too I readily admit I can not help myself.



Darling from Georgia.


National Honor Society.  All-State and Fulton County Scholar Athlete of the Year side note Homecoming Queen.




6’ 2” of all lady all brains all brawn and the best speaking voice on ESPN of all her compatriots gorgeous.


Sweetest pic I have seen in a long time.


Fourth all-time in program history in career kills with 1729 and was fourth all-time in total points with 2020 here at UGA.


Simulcast Comcast Channels 846 and 847 ESPN College Football Playoff National Championship Game Monday night 8:17 p.m.


Anchor Analyst Broadcaster Reporter



Mark Richt never gave Jake Fromm an offer. If we did not fire Mark Richt then we have NO JAKE FROMM. The Defense against Jalen Hurts # 1 dual-threat QB in the nation 13-1 both seasons last year and this year as Starter at QB is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT DEFENSE from defending pass-happy Baker Mayfield. All the blitzes of NO USE against Jalen Hurts. You must CONTAIN and spy. This is NO Baker Mayfield FLAKE.

# 1 Dual-Threat QB in the nation 247 Sports Composite Ranking :


13-1 both years as a Starting QB.


Jalen Hurts is an Academic All-America.


Although Jalen Hurts runs the ball as a real dual-threat QB # 1 in the country for 954 yards last year he actually has run the ball better this season.


5.5 yard per rush in college as QB 2017-2018 season so far


Only 1 interception all year this 2017-2018 season by Jalen Hurts.  How great is that ?


Although Jalen Hurts threw for 23 TD passes and 2780 yards passing last year 2016 he actually has passed the ball better this season as well.


9 interceptions Jalen Hurts last year 2016 only 1 interception all year this year so far 2017-2018.


Jalen Hurts just isn’t asked to do as much this year passing because he runs so well.


3 times this year and 4 times last year 2016 Jalen Hurts has rushed for over 100 yards in a game.


7 games Jalen Hurts has rushed for 100 yards in a game.


I don’t know about you but that is a prolific quarterback running and throwing and not just this year at 26-2 as a Starter.


Jalen Hurts does NOT pass the ball as well as Jake Fromm which is what you would expect there too since Jake Fromm is the # 2 pro-style QB.  But Jake Fromm while he can run the ball as his baseball days attest doesn’t and Jalen Hurts does.


Can Georgia kick Jalen Hurts ass while he tries to run on Georgia – get him to the ground hard smash mouth  ?


Alabama has only faced one defense as good as Georgia’s and that was Auburn who BEAT Alabama while Georgia both won and lost against Auburn.


Jalen Hurts is 1st Team All-SEC Quarterback.


Jake Fromm is Freshman All-America and also is an Academic Honor Roll and Dean’s List student.


One is really a runner who throws passes extremely well and the other is a passer who passes the ball as well as any QB in the country but also can take-off and go running.


Mark Richt NEVER DID EVEN OFFER Jake Fromm.  If we don’t fire Mark Richt we have NO JAKE FROMM.



The folks yesterday who said they would deploy the same defense against Baker Mayfield that they now would run against Jalen Hurts are FOOLS.


Jalen Hurts and Baker Mayfield are as divergently different to defend as night and day Bernie.