Atlanta is not the college football capital of the world – it’s the football capital of the world

7 million football fans in Atlanta.


That’s what we have.


Everyone is a football fan.


We’re fans MOSTLY of college football and of those mostly we’re Bulldog fans.


But we have every college team with a place where their team meets and some have several places where their team meets to watch games together.


You can have a state tag made for nearly every college football team.


Certainly every college football coach comes to these 7 million to choose whom it is here he will give a scholarship offer to.


Yes we also are a destination.


Not just a destination for games and we are that for high school college and NFL games.


But Atlanta is a DESTINATION if you are a FOOTBALL PLAYER.


You want to come here to play football.


If you play football you want to come here.


THIS WEEK notwithstanding with the 5 degree wind chill factor this morning HOT LANTA has great weather.


Envy of the nation weather.


And envy of the nation freeways too.


Yes Atlanta gets MORE of the highway money than EVERYWHERE else.


So put your tag on your car with a college football team as your tag choice here.


I remember before we had half a million.


You would drive up heartbreak hill and Piedmont Hospital and the sign read 400 thousand.


We had busses with steel poles which went up to the electrical wires above sparks flying.


I used to have to get off I-75 I-85 downtown at Williams Street – the straight ahead exit – and muddle our way through town just to get to the Atlanta Airport.


Largest public and largest private airports are both here in Atlanta.  Hartsfield and DeKalb Peachtree Airports.


Friday we play high school football.


They don’t even play that sport anywhere else.


Just here.


There is no comparison.


They say there are more football players who go on to the NFL in California Texas and Florida than from here.


They don’t care about their high school football there like we do here.


Then colleges with all the bowl games national championship games basketball tournaments Atlanta has become synonymous with college sports.  We’re home to so many of the very great colleges in all of this great nation and internationally renown colleges right here.


The Falcons once the butt of jokes under Rankin Smith has turned into what others are jealous of and they get a playoff game Saturday night themselves after playing in the Super Bowl.


Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium is destined to be the Mecca of football high school college and NFL.


See you Monday night World.


Welcome back to Atlanta after our Olympics.


And yes our 1 World Series win.


We FIRED our coach 145 wins in 15 years here and replaced him with a REAL 10-win a season guy Kirby 21 wins in 2 years and oh by the way National Championship Game appearance.  Now to win a big game for a change and to do that without having lost to any cupcake EITHER.


Bring it on Alabama.


You’re NOT Atlanta.




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