Jalen Hurts 2nd leading rusher last week in their playoff win. Alabama no interceptions. They don’t turn the ball over. Alabama no penalties. They are disciplined. Alabama shuts down rushing offenses. Lining-up smash mouth against that bunch is NOT going to work Kirby. That is NOT where our advantage is Kirby. Alabama out-recruited us every year Kirby until you got here in the trenches too.

If you want to picture the game before it is played I believe that is entirely possible.


Nick Saban is going to line-up stop the run and run the ball himself.  He will ask his quarterback to throw maybe 5 yards downfield all game – that’s it and otherwise take-off and run the ball from the QB position.  Nick Saban is going to think that he can dominate our OL – which I still say is our weak link.  Nick Saban thinks his defense can stop our running.  Nick Saban is also going to believe that he can run the ball on us.  He may have more reservations about that than stopping us but he nonetheless thinks he can run the ball on us and that his QB can still be conservative and still pass the ball if he has to.


Nick Saban has NO REASON to think otherwise.


I just don’t see any mistakes from Alabama.


Kirby now on the other hand has done extremely well since he got here on Defense.  It is Kirby’s small offensive line which has let him down along with an array of poor play calls that his freshmen quarterbacks have not always been able to audible out of.  They read it.  They see it.  They check out of it.  But honestly our play calls are WAY TOO CONSERVATIVE to my way of thinking on offense.  I also think we are too conservative on returning kickoffs.


I mean we have all these speed guys and yet take a knee on every kick-off instead of try to take it out of there.


And there really is no question that our OL is undersized this entire 2017-2018 season and that it did not need to be but that is what Kirby wanted to do this season redshirting 3 of the top 5 OL in the nation.  Seth Emerson said today Georgia may NEVER get back to this game.  When are the Good Ole Days ?  I said every post that THIS is the season not next year.  THIS year.


I tried this time last year to tell Kirby that he HAD TO PLAY the freshmen OL.  He played 2.  He redshirted 3 of the top 5 OL in the nation this year. I told you Kirby would NEED them for THIS GAME against Alabama.  I thought it would be for The SEC Championship.  But it is the same difference now because lose and we are DONE.  He redshirted 2 last year and did not play them really this year either.  The beef is on the bench on OL 2017-2018 season for Kirby.  I tried to tell Kirby that I guaranteed him The SEC Championship and that he would play Alabama and that he would NEED his big OL against Alabama.


Here we are.


The game will be won and lost on our OL.


The entire national championship relies upon Kirby’s OL being able to impose its will on Alabama.


Because Kirby is not going to pass the ball any more than Nick Saban will Monday night.


Those will be exciting plays when the ball is passed but there will not be many of them – on either side.


Mark Richt lost the recruiting battle to Alabama every year.


Kirby has fixed that.


We have the talent to win.


We are going to have to be DYNAMIC on OFFENSE to win.


Jake Fromm.


Jake Fromm must have a MVP game.