Georgia can become the 2nd best opponent of all-time against Alabama with OUR WIN over them yet AGAIN. We are who they LEAST want to play. We beat Alabama as well as anyone EVER and always have. Anyway 10 of THEIR players come from State of Georgia ANYWAY. We are already 2nd best to Alabama all-time with 54 bowl games. We already 2nd best SEC Championships to Alabama. Why did Nick Saban say Georgia lost by more than he did at Auburn ? Why their receiver say we can’t stop Alabama ? Even Las Vegas has us losing by 4 and half with 71 % money on Alabama. With our offensive talent why no respect ? Why all this put-down when we are great ?


Alabama still picked by 4 and half points with 71 % of the money on Alabama. No respect for Georgia. Their Alabama players bragging that we can NOT STOP Alabama on offense when Georgia clearly has the more talented offensive players although there is still some question about our play calls for them and about blocking for them. Nick Saban too putting Georgia DOWN for losing at Auburn by MORE than Alabama lost at Auburn by.




# 54 University of Georgia U.S. News and World Report top colleges 2018

# 110 University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa U.S. News & World Report 2018




# 1 Princeton

# 2 Harvard

# 3 Yale

# 5 Stanford

# 18 Notre Dame

# 21 Emory

# 22 UCLA

# 23 Southern California

# 28 Michigan

# 36 Georgia Tech

# 45 Florida

# 51 Miami of Florida

# 52 Penn State

# 54 The University of Georgia

# 55 Ohio State University

# 60 Texas

# 61 Syracuse

# 62 Maryland

# 67 Clemson

# 68 Pittsburgh

# 69 Texas A&M

# 74 Virginia Tech

# 75 Baylor

# 78 TCU

# 79 Iowa

# 81 Michigan State

# 82 Florida State

# 83 North Carolina State

# 97 University of Oklahoma – Norman

# 103 Auburn

# 104 South Carolina

# 105 University of Tennessee at Knoxville

# 110 University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa


“We lost to Auburn at Auburn which is a rivalry game for us. Tough place to play. Georgia lost by a whole bunch there too – a lot more than we did – and they are in the play-offs.” Nick Saban putting The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs DOWN for losing at Auburn by a lot more than Alabama did.


67 Bowl Games played Alabama

54 Bowl Games played Georgia

Top 2 teams playing each other


26 SEC Championships Alabama and Georgia has 13 which is 2nd most


SEC top conference SEC BOTH top 2 teams playing each for 2nd time for national championship


Alabama’s Greatest Opponents of All-Time in Order :

.4451 % 36-45-1 is Auburn record against Alabama

.4100 % 37-55-8 is vols record against Alabama

.4030 % 25-38-4 is our UGA record against Alabama Win makes us .4118

.3500 % 14-26-0 is Florida record against Alabama

.3354 % 25-52-5 is LSU record against Alabama

.2500 % 7-21-0 is Arkansas record against Alabama

.1814 % 17-82-3 is Mississippi State record against Alabama

.1765 % 3-14-0 is Miami of Florida record against Alabama

.1692 % 10-53-2 is Ole Miss record against Alabama

.1395 % 5-36-2 is Southern Mississippi record against Alabama

.0769 % 1-12-0 is Virginia Tech’s record against Alabama

.0625 % 2-37-1 is Kentucky’s record against Alabama


Oklahoma is 3-1-1 against Alabama. Georgia is undefeated against Oklahoma. Oklahoma would have beat Alabama last weekend and Georgia would have beat Clemson.


Notre Dame is 5-2 against Alabama. Georgia is undefeated against Notre Dame. Georgia DID beat Notre Dame this year and Alabama would NOT have.


2004 Nick Saban’s defensive backs’ coach at LSU – National Championship

2006 Nick Saban’s secondary coach at Miami Dophins Nick’s unsuccessful NFL try

2007 Nick Saban’s defensive backs’ coach at Alabama

2008 Nick Saban’s Defensive Coordinator

2009 Nick Saban’s Defensive Coordinator – National Championship

2010 Nick

2011 Nick Saban’s Defensive Coordinator – National Championship

2012 Nick Saban’s Defensive Coordinator – National Championship

2013 Nick

2014 Nick

2015 Nick Saban’s Defensive Coordinator – National Championship

In fact Kirby was with Nick until January 11 of 2016.


Kirby was Nick’s coach for 11 years.

I have NO IDEA why Nick would state this week that Kirby was with him 9 maybe 10 years.

It is just part of Nick Saban’s NEGATIVE SELLING CAMPAIGN against all his competitors. Remember all the LSU discussion with him calling them all “coonass guys that talk funny.”

Remember Nick Saban saying before he played LSU this year that “The worst thing that has happened for all of us in The SEC is when LSU LOST this 2017 year to Troy.”


This is the 11th SEC National Championship starting 2003 whoever wins it :


2003 LSU

2004 * Auburn was undefeated and consensus next in line since USC vacated nc game win

2006 Florida

2007 LSU

2008 Florida

2009 Alabama

2010 Auburn

2011 Alabama

2012 Alabama

2015 Alabama

2017-2018 season an SEC team either Georgia I predict – or Alabama


If 2004 Southern California VACATED the N.C. Game win themselves you can NOT say The SEC did not win it nor can you say Pac-12 did.  Somebody damn sure did.  Who the hell do you think it was ?


Mark Richt should not have been fired ? All those folks are looking pretty God Damn Stupid today.


If Nick Saban had to line-up Alabama with 4.8 million to 10.3 million here in Georgia and line-up the University of Alabama with University of Georgia or line-up Tuscaloosa with the # 1 college football town Athens Georgia or had to line-up high school football in the state of Alabama compared to high school football in the state of Georgia Alabama would come out on the short end of all these comparisons. So Nick Saban instead NEGATIVE SELLS against all his opponents. Oh Don’t GO THERE. They’re no good.


Yeah we are.


The Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program is # 11 All-Time in Wins.


What makes Alabama so damn much better than Georgia ? I am with Fran Tarkenton on this. I can’t see it. We are going to have to WIN this game to get the respect we deserve. We have the # 1 mascot in all of sports. We have the # 6 best college stadium. We buy the 6th most merchandise of all teams. We travel better than Alabama and Notre Dame and everyone else. We are # 11 in wins all-time. We have the # 2 most net revenue. We have the Forbes # 2 most football revenue. We have # 5 most NFL Draft Picks and will lead nation 2018 NFL Draft. We are # 17 Forbes Best Academics and Sports. We are # 6 hottest student bodies. I do not deny that we have been a floundering program but THIS BLOG guaranteed our SEC Championship 2017 right after we beat TCU last year in our bowl game and EVERY DAY since.


We can do this.


27 times UGA has won 80 % or more of our games that season. We’ve had a better season than Alabama. We’ve had the best season in college football this season.


We have to beat Alabama to get some respect ?


I bet you there are more people pulling for Georgia than there are for Alabama.


Who is Georgia ?


6 Georgia Bulldogs’ Football National Championships :


The Pac-12 fans and the Big 10 fans ARE watching this game.  So too are the Big XII fans and the ACC fans.  None of them have teams who can beat these 2 SEC teams.  SEC Down ?  Not hardly.


You think this is Tuscaloosa ?

# 1 College Football Town Athens, Georgia by panel of AP Poll voters :


# 1 Party School University of Georgia.


Besides those negative selling against us I will tell you who Georgia is for we ARE the team that everyone knew could be here because of the only 3 other schools with more talent than Georgia. Clemson stopped screwing this up too ? Georgia would have beat Clemson last week. Alabama would NOT have beat Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl.


We get NO RESPECT. We are going to have to go out there and WANT IT more because no one is going to give this game to us. We are going to have to TAKE IT.






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