Only the Super Bowl scored higher on all TV ratings than our game in the College Football Playoffs National Championship of 16.7 percent. This is a HUGE INCREASE of 9 percent over last year. And in Atlanta half the TV sets were on Our game. Half of 7 million TV. I thought The SEC was DOWN ? That’s bullshit.


The SEC is DOWN ?  Everyone was riveted to their TV all night long and on a Monday night no less.  A rainy cold Monday night. 2 SEC teams playing each other.  Big 10 shut-out of College Football Playoffs.  They ALL watched.  Pac-12 shut-out of College Football Playoffs.  They ALL watched.  ACC shut-out of the Championship Game.  They ALL watched.


The rest of the conferences WISH The SEC was down.  In fact we had 5 SEC teams in the top 18 and should have had 6 in South Carolina.  We had 3 of the top 10 including Auburn.  We had BOTH of the top 2.


Down ?


WTF are you blathering about ?


No one will watch you said pregame.


YOU watched you God Damn LIAR.


Of the 12 College Football Playoff Games so far this is the best by far except for 1 game of the 12 and that game had 3 networks all broadcasting it added together to lead of the 12 College Football Playoff Games so far.


ESPN paid $ 470 million dollars for the playoffs and in return they get half the 7 million in Atlanta watched and reaped huge rewards for the National Championship Game with us on it as well – proving Georgia Bulldogs are a largely popular team at home, or the road, or on TV.


Clemson winning the National Championship Game last year got only an 8.0 rating compared to our 16.8 with Georgia Bulldogs in it instead by direct stark contrast.


Georgia Bulldogs are a hugely popular brand to invite to your home, have at our own home, or have on TV.  We have tons of rivalries and they all were tuned-in.  I think the majority of those tuned-in were hoping that Georgia Bulldogs would beat all the seven in a row # 1 recruiting classes Alabama has had until Kirby unseated him for 2018 only.






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