Which 9 did Kirby have a scholarship for this January of his 2018 signees ? I picture 6 are working to earn spot on field 2018 and at least 3 might start.

  1. WR Kearis Jackson ?   if Kirby can’t recruit receivers then Kearis can’t start 2018 ? why ?
  2. QB Justin Fields – starter 2018 ? Kirby started freshman QB 2016 and 2017. broke index finger October should be ok already by now even though it is his throwing hand
  3. DE Brenton Cox – Kirby stole from Ohio State big coups I think Linebacker starter 2018
  4. OG Trey Hill – starter 2018 ? Kirby needs bulk and Trey Hill is that rotate in at least
  5. OT Cade Mays – starter 2018 ? More bulk for Kirby put in rotation for sure 2018
  6. DT Devonte Wyatt – needs to be in rotation 2018
  7. RB WR PR KR Zamir White – he needs to rehab ACL 2018 redshirt for CERTAIN
  8. CB Divaad Wilson – redshirt for CERTAIN
  9. C Warren Ericson seems to be a year off too small redshirt for CERTAIN




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