Georgia 17-2 picks up big win over Auburn in Basketball as Mackenzie Engram forward has huge game giving Lady Bulldogs now RPI # 21 ranked in Coaches’ Top 25 AND in Committee’s ranking in the Top16 returning to NCAA Tournament for Lady Bulldogs who are # 2 best SEC team 2017-2018 season

Top 16 Committee Ranking for 2017-2018 :


The Lady Bulldogs – Top 5 Women’s Basketball Program All-Time



Deangelo Gibbs is NOT a medical issue and we ALL know that

This is not a medical issue. He did not get to play any of the last 8 games and barely played getting 3 tackles all year those on special teams. This is a misuse of talent. Whereever he goes to he will be a star and will play in the NFL as his cousin is our top returnning defensive player. His family have NFL bloodlines. I think we all know he is very good. This is a loss for us. I want him back. 1 wasted year is better than 2 by transferring. Kirby can’t really back down on this guy. He has a load of players in similar situations. Want me to list them all ? I think we all know who they all are. I guess we’ll have to move-on. I am sure Deangelo Gibbs would love to have the NCAA list this as a medical redshirt year but that is not happening. Redshirt also is unjustified. It’s just a lost year Deangelo. Come on back We all want you.