31 percent of our plays are passing plays. That is NOT EVEN run 1st and 2nd pass 3rd down. That is run on 3rd down some too. Here are my 2-Deep 2018. Who are the players I am expecting the MOST from 2018 season ? This is a REBUILD. All you have to do is look to see this is not a reload. I told you THIS all last year. Lose 3 games 2018. Remember I told you SEC Championship 2017 ? Well do you ? I am counting on 12 Freshmen 2018 twelve got it ? Without those 12 Kirby NEVER replaces all he just lost. 12-3

  1. D’Andre Swift Sophomore TB I felt would’ve won Heisman last year nearly any other team 1 start 17
  2. Jake Fromm Sophomore QB All-America QB returns but Kirby has started True Fresh QB 2 yrs row
  3. J.R. Reed Redshirt Junior DB our single best defensive player returning
  4. Deandre Baker Senior CB
  5. D’Andre Walker Senior LB
  6. Michail Carter Junior DT
  7. Tyler Clark Junior DT
  8. Ben Cleveland Redshirt Sophomore OL
  9. Ahkil Crumpton Senior WR
  10. Deangelo Gibbs ? Wasted Freshman none last 8  games better last play than Malkom Parrish DB
  11. Terry Godwin Senior WR
  12. Mecole Hardman Jr. Junior WR 1 start 2017
  13. DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle Senior DT
  14. D’Marcus Hayes Senior now wasted last year OL
  15. Brian Herrien Junior TB I still see him as NFL potential
  16. Jeremiah Holloman Sophomore WR held back 2017-2018 season
  17. Riley Ridley  Junior WR held back to just 6 starts 2017-2018 season
  18. Elijah Holyfield Sophomore Special Teams TB WR great potential 1 start 2017
  19. Netori Johnson Redshirt Freshman OL
  20. Solomon Kindley Redshirt Sophomore OL
  21. Richard LeCounte III Sophomore DB got one start last year
  22. Jonathan Ledbetter Senior DE
  23. David Marshall Junior OLB
  24. Nate McBride Sophomore LB
  25. Tyrique McGhee Junior DB
  26. Isaac Nauta Junior TE believe will declare for draft after 2018 season pretty much wasted 2017
  27. Natrez Patrick Senior ILB drug treatment gave-up his scholarship would not be on my team
  28. William Poole Sophomore DB
  29. Monty Rice  Sophomore ILB felt should’ve started vs AL & OK
  30. Riley Ridley Junior WR held him back 2 years now
  31. Julian Rochester Junior DL
  32. Ameer Speed Sophomore DB
  33. Andrew Thomas Sophomore OL
  34. Isaiah Wilson  Redshirt Freshman OL wasted 2017
  35. Charlie Woerner Junior TE
  36. Rodrigo Blankenship  Junior K
  37. Jake Camarda Frosh 2018 Punter
  38. Kearis Jackson Peach County 4.53 in 40-yard dash # 26 national prospect # 4 WR Early Frosh
  39. Trey Hill Houston County Warner Robins 6′ 3.5″ 346 lbs. # 38 national # 2 Guard Frosh
  40. James Cook Miami Northwestern HS 5′ 11″ 183 lbs. # 31 national # 3 Running Back rotation Frosh
  41. Jamaree Salyer Pace Academy 5-star 6′ 4″ 342 lbs. # 10 national prospect # 1 Offensive Guard Frosh
  42. Zamir White Scotland NC 5-star  6′ 1″ 220 lbs. # 6 national prospect # 1 RB be redshirted Frosh
  43. Azeez Ojulari Marietta  6′ 3″ 230 lbs. # 79 national prospect # 7 Defensive End Frosh
  44. Devonte Wyatt Towers 6′ 3″ 301 lbs. DL # 10 JUCO national prospect # 4 JUCO DT rotation Frosh
  45. Luke Ford Illinois 6′ 6″ 252 lbs. # 49 national prospect # 2 Tight End Frosh
  46. Channing Tindall Columbia SC 6′ 2″ 218 lbs. # 91 national prospect # 5 OLB start Frosh
  47. Justin Fields Harrison 5-star # 1 prospect in the nation overall # 1 QB nationally too start Frosh
  48. Adam Anderson Rome 6′ 5″ 225 lbs. 5-star # 18 national prospect # 1 Outside Linebacker start Frosh
  49. Cade Mays Knoxville  6′ 6″ 318 lbs. 5-star # 16 national prospect # 2 Offensive Tackle start Frosh
  50. Brenton Cox Stockbridge 6′ 4″ 250 lbs. 5-star # 22 national prospect # 2 Defensive End start Frosh


Let’s put it like this : If Kirby does not play 12 of his true freshmen game 1 this 2018 he can never replace all we lost and if he doesn’t play 12 freshmen 2018 Kirby is writing this year off as rebuilding year.  It is VERY dangerous to not study 37-50 on the depth chart and get them in the rotation early.  Last year at the end of the year we had freshmen who were ready but they had no snaps so were redshirted when they could’ve helped.


For all we did right 2017 the last play is a screw-up when others could have helped and were NOT out there.  You have to cover the guy.  Now we will be 12-3 twelve wins 3 losses for 2018.  Lost too much. Rebuilding year.


Swift, D’Andre got 5 carries a game 1 reception a game which I see as criminal

Hardman, Mecole got 25 receptions all 15 games also criminal

Nauta, Isaac got 9 receptions all 15 games should turn pro after this 2018 season then

Crumpton, Ahkil allowed to have 5 passes thrown to him all year flashing great hands

Holloman, Jeremiah allowed to have 1 pass thrown to him all year I counted on game 1

Hardman, Mecole had 8 carries all year long 8, Prather Hudson got 6 – you get that ?


975 total plays on offense and 305 were passes 31 percent .31 not balanced sat on lead and lost


We scored the first 3 times in the game unanswered and lost imposing our will with small OL.  We scored 4 of the first 5 scores in the game and got beat.  You can say all you want but THESE are the facts.   You know what my NFL buddies said to me ?  They thought they were watching the FALCONS.  Guys who played in the NFL.  This is what THEY SAID.  Nick Chubb had 18 carries for 25 yards.


That is a FAILED OFFENSE 2017 Kirby.


You better FIX THAT SHIT 2018 Kirby passing only 31 percent of the plays.  That works fine against unranked teams but in the play-offs you telegraph your plays against a good defense.  They can sit on a play which is what they did.




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