Kirby finished 2016 season 8-5 with # 99 in the nation at pass completion percentage with a TON of drops and improved significantly 2017 at # 43 in pass completion percentage but still have not played top receivers 2016 or 2017 seasons. We have NOT really added top receivers 2018 now either. NCAA Rankings to evaluate our team

# 99 in pass completion percentage 2016-2017 season :


# 43 in pass completion percentage 2017-2018 season :


NCAA Rankings to evaluate our team.


I really don’t understand why Kirby can NOT for the life of him go out and recruit top wide receivers here – other than everyone knows Kirby does NOT even want to throw the football if he did NOT have to.


Kirby tried to sit on the lead having scored 4 of the first 5 scores of the game and LOST as a direct result thereof.


# 117 Penalties 2017-2018 season


# 40 Kick-Off Return Defense by Shane Beamer’s group 2017-2018 and frankly weren’t any good 2016 either.


# 105 Passing Offense 2017-2018 season

# 105 passing the God Damn Football for the # 2 best team in the nation.


God awful.


In fact we passed the ball only 31 percent of the time 2017-2018 season.  That means we ran on first down.  We then ran on second down.  And we ran on third down some of the time too.



# 45 Punt Return Defense Shame Beamer’s group was not much better 2017-2018 season despite the great Punter we handed Shane Beamer.


# 48 in sacking opponents 2017-2018 season Kirby failed once again 2017-2018 season again to want to put pressure on opponent’s quarterbacks preferring to cover their receivers than to go after their QB like we saw the better defenses go after our quarterback 2017-2018 season.


# 32 Total Offense 2017-2018 season despite the fact that we were the # 2 best team in the nation.


It is a FAILED OFFENSE Kirby continues to run because Kirby can NOT recruit Wide Receivers here thinking Kirby does not even WANT to throw the football.




# 35 in the nation Jake Fromm Completion Percentage because Kirby’s receivers are not that great.


It is a double-edged sword for Kirby.


Kirby doesn’t WANT to throw the football so the receivers don’t want to come play for Kirby.


Again 2018 now coming-up as 2017 and as 2016 Kirby is behind the 8-ball on getting us top receivers again.


THIS is where we are.  THIS is what the NCAA Rankings prove once again about 2017-2018 season as it was in 2016-2017 season too and now how it will be 2018-2019 season too.


We WON’T pass the ball 2018 so we did NOT get the top receivers again 2018 did we ?


Despite our obvious NEED.