Jacob Eason quit the program because he can see he is NOT the better QB.

Oh we did that already – to determine that Jacob Eason was NOT GOING TO BE SENT BACK OUT THERE as our Starting Quarterback EVER AGAIN barring injury to Jake Fromm.   And even then. Jacob Eason was NOT the better Quarterback compared to Jake Fromm – both 5-Star Quarterbacks ranked the # 2 or #3 best QB in the nation.


Ok.  But you quit the program because you can’t stand the competition.  Good riddance is exactly what I have to say about that bullshit turn of events.


Kiss my ass Jacob Eason.


If you thought it was tough last year wait until 2018 around here with us adding ANOTHER QB who is ALSO better than you Jacob Eason.


I guess Jacob Eason can not take the competition.


When did we have a QB who did that to us before ?


Oh I can’t compete with Jake Fromm.


I am going to Washington Huskies and be the back-up for Jake Browning a Junior whom NO ONE is going to replace with Jacob Eason because he must sit-out a year.  It is what it is.  Jake Browning would be a senior 2018 season so Jacob Eason could replace him next year 2019.  And Jacob Eason has played his freshmen year and has played his sophomore year sit-out his junior.  One year for Jacob Eason.


http://georgiadogs.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=338 Jake Fromm bio UGA


http://georgiadogs.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=332  Jacob Eason bio UGA


Adios – don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out the door Jacob Eason.


The better man is our QB.


Honestly Jacob Eason I find this unprecedented that you would do this to us.  I don’t think it says much about you Jacob Eason.


I guess you KNOW that right ?


Kirby made the RIGHT CHOICE for the right reasons and has been proven correct.


Jacob Eason :

8-5 won/loss starting QB

208 of 377 completions 55 % for 2458 yards 16 TD passes

minus 57 yards -57 rushing on 36 attempts for 1 rushing TD Jacob Eason.

Jacob Eason had 8 interceptions.



Jake Fromm :

12-2 as a Starter and he won game Jacob Eason started last year coming off the bench

181 completion of 291 passes which is 62 % for 2615 yards and 24 TD Passes

positive 79 yards + 79 yards rushing on 55 attempts for 3 rushing TD

Jake Fromm 7 interceptions.



Jake Fromm far BETTER across the board every single solitary category.


Jacob Eason quit the program because he can see he is NOT the better QB.


I’ll take JAKE FROMM.