SUNDAY 11 February 2018 Basketball Game at vols 24535 capacity Thompson–Boling Arena 3 p.m. today SEC Network Channel 792 Comcast same exact time as 2018 Advance Auto Parts Clash NASCAR FS1 Comcast Channel 875 FS1HD Daytona Beach temperature 85.

NASCAR’s first event 2018 is open to the 17 drivers who won a pole 2017 season.


vols do NOT deserve to have a better gym than The University of Georgia.  It is BAD ENOUGH that our players from HERE have to go up there to play in a real gym but for us to sit on the MOST CASH in The SEC whilst providing our players both men and women the Stegesaurus instead is just sad.


The Lady Dawgs today are 21-3 on the season and have a good chance to beat vols even on the road.


vols # 11 Georgia UGA Lady Bulldogs number 18.


9-2 vs The SEC Georgia Lady Dawgs.


Our piece of shit gym is now 54 years old and was designed by the Agricultural School to be a cow palace.  It is too small and too poorly designed to be fixed by putting lipstick on that pig.  And yet here sits UGA with the MOST CASH in The SEC once again 2018 and all the other schools with NEW GYMS but not us.


Built in 1964 by Ag School on their campus.


The Stegesaurus replaced Woodruff Hall with a seating capacity of 3000 built in 1923 and only seats 10523 capacity.  While Woodruff Hall lasted only 22 years The Stegesurus has stood there as an impediment to our men and women basketball programs for 54 years.


The kids in this great state play a mean game of basketball but categorically for over 50 years have REFUSED to play basketball in this crappy-assed “gym.”


Us with all this cash.


NCAA men’s basketball tournament last held a game here in 1971 and that is 47 years NCAA has deemed our gym UNSUITABLE.


Lady Diamond Dawgs have won 3 straight against ranked opponents and # 25 are 4-1 on the season

6 batters are batting over 400 on the season.

Team batting average is .418

Opponents all of whom are ranked teams are batting only .217

We average over 10 runs a game.

Our fielding is BETTER than our opponents which it was NOT last year.

Our pitching has a team ERA of 1.97

Our opponent’s pitching has a team ERA of 11




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