After the RECRUITING HAUL of 7 of the top 25 ESPN rated 2018 recruits ESPN has MOVED GEORGIA UP from # 5 to # 3 for this up-coming season. # 3 Georgia Bulldogs UGA 2018-2019 pre-season Poll ESPN

ESPN must be figuring since the 7 of their ESPN Top 25 prospects for 2018 is the most ANY school EVER recruited that many of the very best football players in the nation that Kirby will be playing them this up-coming 2018 season.


Kirby has embarked on a series of POSITIVE COMMMENTS about his top recruits one by one since Signing Day last Wednesday one top recruit after another highlighted by Kirby since last Wednesday that they are going to be great by individual name.




Who is the better quarterback Jacob Eason or Jake Fromm ?

Jacob Eason :

8-5 won/loss starting QB

208 of 377 completions 55 % for 2458 yards 16 TD passes

minus 57 yards -57 rushing on 36 attempts for 1 rushing TD Jacob Eason.

Jacob Eason had 8 interceptions.

COULD NOT HANDLE THE COMPETITION prefer transfer where school loses senior QB again.



Jake Fromm :

12-2 as a Starter and he won game Jacob Eason started last year coming off the bench

181 completion of 291 passes which is 62 % for 2615 yards and 24 TD Passes

positive 79 yards + 79 yards rushing on 55 attempts for 3 rushing TD

Jake Fromm 7 interceptions.

WANTED the competition came to Georgia when Jacob Eason ALREADY HERE.



Jake Fromm far BETTER across the board every single solitary category.