In EVERY major announcement and EVERY POLL and EVERY RECRUITING RANKINGS Alabama Georgia and Clemson have led the way ALL off-season 2018 and Ohio State despite being left-OUT of the College Football Playoffs is RIGHT THERE in compensation to their coaching staffs – RIGHT THERE with Alabama Georgia Clemson and Ohio State 2018 salaries. Dell McGee $ 550 thousand dollars – MY hero.

Per Seth Emerson WSB and all-time UGA Georgia Bulldogs BEST BEAT WRITER AJ-C DawgNation


$6.42 million dollars Kirby’s staff not counting him 2018 and not counting ALL his other staff

$6.58 million dollars Clemson staff 2018

$7.06 million dollars Ohio State staff 2018 despite blown-out by UNRANKED 5-loss Iowa among losses


Dell McGee $ 550 thousand dollars – MY hero.



Alabama Georgia and Clemson have led the way ALL off-season 2018.


4 of our coaching staff have been singled-out as the VERY BEST RECRUITERS 2018.


Dell McGee leads the way as BEST RECRUITER 2018.


I think BEST RECRUITING JOB all-time 2018 by Dell McGee.


No Georgia coach ever had the type recruiting year Dell McGee has 2018.


And NOW they have the MONEY to SHOW FOR IT.


Mark Richt paid his staff extra money OUT OF HIS OWN POCKET – an NCAA violation – rather than MAKE Butts-Mehr pay his coaches who were for the MOST PART crap coaches.  15 years of head-scratching hires.  Dell McGee BANNED Mark Richt from his campus.


Kirby did NOT lose to ANY cupcake UNRANKED team 2017 AND did not NO-SHOW in the Big Games did he ?


Kirby’s staff got PAID for that by Butts-Mehr rather than FIRED for their performance and then paid out-of-pocket ANYWAY by Mark Richt which is NCAA VIOLATION.