“Jim Chaney’s focus remains mainly on the overall offense and all aspects of it. So Jim Chaney will still have the last word on what the offense looks like what the strategy is and yes what plays are called.” Bullshit he will. How do you sleep at night Chip Towers with this CONTINUED unabashed utter crap ?

I am predicting James Coley does NOT have anything like the 31% plays this season passing plays like Jim Chaney did last season.


You are a God Damn LIAR Chip Towers AJ-C DawgNation.  You ALWAYS have been.


“Since Jim Chaney has been at Georgia the tendency has been to think of him as a run-heavy coordinator. And he is to a certain degree.” God Damn it Chipper Towers Jim Chaney passed the football only 31 percent of all the plays not only in the national championship game against that great Alabama defense tipping his hand but also all season. 31 % do you even know what that means to a balanced attack to keep the opponent off-balance Chipper Towers AJ-C DawgNation ? Do you dumbass ? Yet Jim Chaney had Jake Fromm national leader in passing percentage completion. It was a fool-hearty bullshit game plan which FAILED.


“Head Coach Kirby Smart made it clear at his introductory news conference for the UGA Georgia Bulldogs replacing FIRED Mark Richt that Kirby intended Georgia to be a run-first team on offense under Kirby’s leadership. Beyond that Smart doesn’t meddle much on that side of the football.” What utter nonsense Chipper Towers Jesus frigin’ Christ. Only 300 of our total of 1000 plays all season did Jake Fromm throw a pass. Three hundred passes of one thousand offensive plays for the # 2 team in the nation which THIS BLOG guaranteed pre-season would be The SEC Champions with all this talent. And we tied our hands behind our backs and passed the ball 31 percent of all our plays last season.


That is NOT a balanced attack Chipper Towers you God Damn FOOL.


That is ANYTHING BUT a balanced attack.


So Jim Chaney was DEMOTED. Stripped of being Kirby’s only guy in charge of Kirby’s offense. We all know who is in charge of Kirby’s defense.


Kirby PROMOTED James Coley to Offensive Coordinator. Maybe you missed that Chipper Towers you dumb shit.


“Jim Chaney’s focus remains mainly on the overall offense and all aspects of it. So Jim Chaney will still have the last word on what the offense looks like what the strategy is and yes what plays are called.” Bullshit he will. How do you sleep at night Chip Towers with this CONTINUED unabashed utter crap ?


I guarantee you that James Coley will NOT throw the ball only 31 percent of the plays this year God Damn MORON Chipper Towers AJ-C DawgNation.




You have written some dumb shit pieces Chipper Towers. THIS takes the cake.


And THAT is saying something.




I do not know why Chipper Towers AJ-C DawgNation even tries to write about our beloved Georgia Bulldogs. He is so FULL OF SHIT.



AJ-C DawgNation Chipper Towers – remains Apologist a God Damn Liar.


Chipper Towers has ALWAYS been full of shit.  First it started with his DEFENSE of Mark Richt and the lies he still says to the very day about that dumbass.


Now today Chipper Towers AJ-C DawgNation states that it is Jim Chaney calling the plays 2018 and states that Kirby does NOT meddle with the offense at all but lets Jim Chaney do whatever the hell he wants to do.


NOTHING could be farther from the truth on BOTH FRONTS.


What a load of bullshit Chipper Towers.


Why BOTHER to try to write about The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs’ football team 2018 UGA losers of the national championship game after we had scored 4 of the first 5 scores in the game and were ahead 20-7 but called only 31 percent of our plays as passes all season and that game especially.




Jake Fromm is helping Justin Fields for all to see. Does that mean that Jake Fromm thinks Justin Fields is better than he as QB ? That’s a Mark Richt bullshit decision to say Jake Fromm is better than Justin Fields. He just simply is NOT. Kirby has selected the true freshman as his starting QB 3 years in a row if Kirby picks as I Justin Fields.

The # 1 quarterback is the # 1 quarterback.


What does it say when the # 1 quarterback is doing all he can do to help the back-up quarterback ?


It is undeniable that we did not pass the ball enough last year.  The incomplete passes 2016 certainly left the door open 2017 for Jake Fromm and while Jake Fromm fixed that with his accuracy he did not throw the ball enough last year now did he ?


Likewise the lack of throwing the ball 2017 means that with Justin Fields getting all the snaps he can get all Spring that Jake Fromm helping him all he can every snap all Spring certainly gives the impression that Jake Fromm thinks that Justin Fields is a better quarterback than he is.


We all know that Justin Fields can run the football but there too frankly Jake Fromm could have run the ball more often with better results himself 2017.


We stalled as an offense 2017 for the most part and the reason for that was not that Jake Fromm did not tuck the ball and take-off but that honestly the wide receivers did not get separation and our undersized 2017 OL did not get the wide receivers an opportunity to get open downfield.  I look for James Coley to fix all this.  He has to.  It is HIS JOB just like it has been Kirby’s job to make his defenses so great all of Kirby’s career.  Boy we had a fine defense last season didn’t we ?


Did you recognize that ?


We played within ourselves and kicked some ass 2017 on defense.  It was Erk Russell all over again 2017.


That’s how I saw it.  Jake Fromm hit them for the most part when they were open.  We just did not do it enough.


We ran the ball on first down 2017.

We ran the ball on second down 2017.

We even ran the ball on third down a fair bit 2017.


To my way of thinking that is a FAILED OFFENSE and why James Coley got promoted to quarterbacks’ coach and offensive coordinator.  There is ONLY ONE GUY who calls the play calls.


That is James Coley.


I don’t picture James Coley letting Kirby tell HIM TOO that he runs the damn ball every first down every second down and on third downs some too or act desperate and be surprised by the accuracy of Jake Fromm on 3rd Down always behind the chains.


This is 2018.


We just signed the most dynamic quarterback in our entire 126-year history.  You don’t do that and pretend that it is not he but the other guy helping him who is going to be a top NFL Draft Pick after not this season or after next season but after the season after that.  Let him languish a year behind a lesser quarterback and that does NOT alter the fact that 2 years after this season Justin Fields is GONE.  We can look the fool like we did with Knowshon Moreno.  Mark Richt did not play Knowshon Moreno his freshman season and then we saw him for only 2 years and then he was gone.  The same is true of Justin Fields whatever use Kirby makes of him 2018.


We can pretend that Jake Fromm is a better quarterback than Justin Fields.  That would NOT be I.  I want Justin Fields to be Kirby’s 3rd in a row true freshman STARTING quarterback all 3 of Kirby’s now first 3 seasons.  Vince Dooley said that no freshman is going to start for him and then Herschel Walker his true freshman season ran over and around every great football player in the United States of America.


Herschel Walker was the # 1 overall recruit in the nation 1980.

We’ve NOT had anyone since who was like that other than Matthew Stafford # 2 Scout.com quarterback nationally 2006 but Mark Richt had him 3rd string and even yanked him once he did make him finally the starter.  THAT was NO # 1 recruiting class in the nation as Kirby just signed was it ?  We LOST 4 games 2006 including blown-out by vols AND lost to Vandy and then after the loss to Florida Mark Richt LOST to Kentucky too for good measure.  There is no comparison of 2006 and Matthew Stafford and where Kirby is 2018 with Justin Fields other than that Matthew Stafford came-in here as the # 2 Scout.com quarterback in America and promptly got named 3rd team by dumbass Mark Richt who LOST 4 games 2006 trying to tell us that Matthew Stafford was NOT the # 1 overall NFL Draft Pick.  Yeah he was.


Now we have the overall # 1 best football player in America again now 2018 according to ESPN and everyone else says Justin Fields is the # 2 best overall player in all of The United States of America.  Hold him back ?  Act like Jake Fromm is better ?  That’s a Mark Richt bullshit decision.  Kirby has selected the true freshman as his starting QB 3 years in a row if Kirby picks as I Justin Fields.



The question is when do we all wake-up and recognize this ?


That’s how I see it.


What is Kirby saying ?


Well all Kirby did this time last year was criticize Jacob Eason.  Go look at the quotes.   I remarked on each here on this blog.


What Kirby has said so far this year is that Justin Fields is “VERY QUICKLY PICKING-UP the offense.”


Justin Fields is 6′ 3″ out of Harrison and 221 lbs. load named the Nation’s # 1 recruit according to ESPN and # 2 to everyone else who just happens to also be not just the # 1 Dual-Threat QB prospect but # 1 overall prospect in nation who CAN NOT BE SIMPLY HELD BACK.  That is how I read Jake Fromm helping Justin Fields.


You read it however you want and ignore the facts all you want.


I’ll be here to point out that it was I who told you about Jake Fromm not only this time last year but for 3 years before that here on this blog too and his incredible accuracy.


Now I am sharing that Justin Fields is our quarterback.


Get used to it.


305 passing attempts 2017-2018 Georgia Bulldogs’ season for Kirby’s offense he allowed us to throw of 975 offensive plays.  31 percent of Kirby’s plays last season Kirby let Jake Fromm throw the ball.  That is 1st Down : Run.  2nd Down : Run.  Third Down too is NOT all passes or Kirby would have allowed Jake Fromm to have thrown then 33 and a third percent of the plays : Passes.  So therefore still on 3rd Down Kirby would NOT ALLOW Jake Fromm to pass.


1st Down : Run

2nd Down : Run

3rd Down : still run some 3rd Downs DESPITE being behind the chains.


THIS is a prima facie case of a FALLED OFFENSE and why Kirby HAD TO DEMOTE Jim Chaney promoting James Coley and why Justin Fields is getting at least as many snaps as Jake Fromm all Spring – getting him all the snaps Kirby can get for Justin Fields.  And this is why Jake Fromm is helping Justin Fields.




We did not throw the ball enough last year and THAT ALONE is why we lost to Auburn in the regular season and why we lost to Alabama.  Our model for playing such great defenses is ridiculous run 1st Down run 2nd Down run 3rd Down some too.




This is 2018.  These are unsustainable numbers for Kirby last season for the national runner-up NOT allowing us to throw the God Damn football last year.


Changes had to be made.  Don’t forget Kirby’s Dad is a head coach too.  Don’t forget Kirby has loads of Offensive Minds talking to Kirby about offenses.  To design a good defense you MUST understand good offenses.


In 2018 good offenses throw the ball more than 31 percent of the time.  You have to be more balanced than that or you tip-off your opponent and make their job easier.


Kirby knows this.


The Offensive Coordinator and the Starting Quarterback BOTH have to be on the same page and they must disagree with Kirby and throw the frigin’ ball more than run 1st Down run 2nd Down and run some 3rd Downs too.


I understand it helps a defense to run the ball like that.


It costs you games.


It makes you too predictable.


This is 2018 and we just signed our most dynamic QB ever in 126 years of our history.  Throw the football or get someone who will.





James Coley is training the quarterbacks himself. I did NOT want you to MISS THAT in this bullshit statement that somehow Jim Chaney was NOT DEMOTED. Sure he was. Our offense SUCKED 2016 and sucked 2017.

James Coley is going to make Mike Bobo look like shit.






86 on Scholarship by my count but I give you the list detail of the 86 not just the number Spring March 2018 so if we petition medical redshirt for Divaad Wilson then we’re at 85 on scholarship as I have it. Here are the details.

2 QB (2)- Jake Fromm (So), Justin Fields (Fr)


5 RB (5)- D’Andre Swift (So), James Cook (Fr), Brian Herrien (Jr), Elijah Holyfield (Jr), Zamir White (Fr)


5 TE (5)- Isaac Nauta (Jr), Charlie Woerner (Jr), Luke Ford (Fr), Jackson Harris (Sr),  John FitzPatrick (Fr)


12 WR (12)- Tommy Bush (Fr) Mecole Hardman Junior (Jr), Riley Ridley (Jr), Jeremiah Holloman (rsFr), Kearis Jackson (Fr), Akhil Crumpton (Sr), Terry Godwin (Sr), Michael Chigbu (Sr), Jayson Stanley (Sr), Tyler Simmons (Jr), Trey Blount (rsFr), Matt Landers (rsFr)


16 OL (17)- Andrew Thomas (So), Jamaree Salyer (Fr), Ben Cleveland (So), Trey Hill (Fr), Cade Mays (Fr), Isaiah Wilson (rsFr), Netori Johnson (So), D’Marcus Hayes (Sr), Warren Ericson (Fr), Kendall Baker (Sr), Lamont Gaillard (Sr), Solomon Kindley (So), Justin Shaffer (So), Owen Condon (Fr),  Sam Madden (Medical Redshirt Jr no longer counts toward 85 keeps his Scholarship), Chris Barnes (So), Pat Allen (Jr)


12 DL (12)- Daquan Hawkins-Muckle (Sr), Jonathan Ledbetter (Sr), Michael Barnett (Jr), Michail Carter (Jr), Tyler Clark (Jr), David Marshall (Jr), Julian Rochester (Jr), Justin Young (Jr), Malik Herring (So), Devonte Wyatt (So), Jordan Davis (Fr), Tramel Walthour (Fr)


17 LB (17)- Adam Anderson (Fr), Quay Walker (Fr), Brenton Cox (Fr), Azeez Ojulari (Fr), Otis Reese (Fr), Nate McBride (So), Monty Rice (So),  Channing Tindall (Fr), Keyon Brown (Sr), Rashad Roundtree (Medical Redshirt Sr no longer counts toward 85 keeps his Scholarship), Juwan Taylor (Sr), D’Andre Walker (Sr), Tae Crowder (Jr), Jaleel Laguins (Jr), Walter Grant (So), Jaden Hunter (So), Robert Beal (rsFr)


15 DB (15)- Tyson Campbell (Fr), Deandre Baker (Sr), Jarvis Wilson (Sr), Tyrique McGhee (Jr), J.R. Reed (Jr), Tray Bishop (So), Richard LeCounte (So), William Poole (So), Ameer Speed (So), Eric Stokes (So), Mark Webb (So), Latavious Brini (rsFr), Chris Smith (Fr), Divaad Wilson (Fr – ACL March 2018 obvious medical redshirt right ? ), Nadab Joseph (Fr)


3 K/P (3)- Rodrigo Blankenship (Jr), Marshall Long (So), Jake Camarda (Fr)


86 – 1 medical redshirt petition Divaad Wilson.  I do NOT list players not on the team right now March 27 2018 as I am trying to get to 85 when DeAngelo Gibbs is NOT here.  Likewise I do NOT list Natrez Patrick whom I consider abdicated his Scholarship here – on the team practicing – but as WALK-ON until such time as he is reinstated and his Scholarship awarded again but NOT today.  All 3 of these guys are huge and 3 whom I wish I was counting making it 88.  But it is not 88 because of these 3.



“I have a ton of family members who live in South Carolina and are alums of that school.” Chip Towers 10th paragraph today’s Sunday paper AJ-C DawgNation. Well that explains it Chipper. That qualifies YOU to write about The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs Chipper Towers you God Damn piece of shit ?

“I have a ton of family members who live in South Carolina and are alums of that school.” Chip Towers





Justin Fields # 1 recruit nationally splitting time equally with Jake Fromm. Kirby says Justin Fields is picking up the offense very QUICKLY. Kirby to start his 3rd true freshmen quarterback in a row 2018.

The biggest news today is NOT that Kirby is splitting time evenly between Jake Fromm and Justin Fields but that Kirby when asked about it states that Justin Fields is picking up the offense very QUICKLY.


Justin Fields can NOT be held back.




Isaac Nauta says today : “Justin Fields. Absolutely. He has a cannon. He’s a big physical kid. He’s a really good kid too. I like the way he acts – his demeanor. Doesn’t have too big of a head — very level-headed. Coming into a place like this – that’s the way you gotta be. I’m excited to see what he can do.” Isaac Nauta is our Starting TE for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs who begin 2018 as the # 4 team in the Polls this 2018 season up-coming coming off our 13-2 season 2017 and he is speaking about the # 1 nationally recruit overall 2018. Herschel Walker was a # 1 recruit nationally and Vince Dooley said that : “No Freshmen is going to start for me.”





Michael Wayne Bratton Saturday Down South


I love Jake Fromm who is NO Justin Fields.


All Kirby did was criticize Jacob Eason.  I do not picture Kirby making that mistake again.  This will be the third season in a row to begin Kirby’s 3-year career in which Kirby has started a true freshmen quarterback.


Please ask Kirby about this: he loves that when we all ask him every day about just Justin Fields.


Kirby will gag every coach and every player to NOT SPEAK about Justin Fields.  I am surprised that Isaac Nauta was allowed to say this.






WIGGLE wanted by Cortez Hankton do NOT miss this video Amari Cooper Biletnikoff Award 2-time Pro-Bowl Award 23 years young 1st Round NFL Draft Pick # 4 overall Alabama BCS National Champions 1727 yards receiving for the season 16 TD catches among his 124 catches in one year. HERE’S THE WIGGLE.



Wide Receiver should WIGGLE Cortez Hankton :





I see we STILL do NOT know who our top OL are. We got it WRONG 2016. We got it WRONG 2017. Kirby has forced the wrong ones again 2018 as Kirby’s 1st String OL : Andrew Thomas (LT) Kendall Baker (LG) Lamont Gaillard (C) Ben Cleveland (RG) and Isaiah Wilson (RT). Baker and Gaillard have NO BUSINESS on 1st Team 2018. Cleveland should have been 1st String 2016. Wilson should have been 1st String last season 2017. Sad we can’t figure-out who our OL is.



How can you report THAT OL as 1st String OL 2018 and NOT comment on it with all the TALENT on-hand at OL ?


Pretty face.



An offensive coordinator is not also a tight ends’ coach. The usual bullshit provided to explain that is not suited for human consumption. It’s not coincidence that as our FAILED offensive coordinator that he NEVER USED HIS GOD DAMN TIGHT ENDS. Now he is in charge of them. Joy to ALL THAT CRAP. On the positive side of the ledger James Colley indeed has done far better by STARK CONTRAST. Kirby HAD TO DO SOMETHING about the offense now that we have Justin Fields. We certainly can NOT WAIT with our FAILED OFFENSE of 2017 (and FAILED OFFENSE of 2016.) I am GUARANTEEING TRUE FRESHMAN JUSTIN FIELDS is Kirby’s 3rd in a row TRUE FRESHMAN STARTER AT QB at Georgia.

Did you get that ?


I continue to MAKE ALL THESE PREDICTIONS and I continue to be ABSOLUTELY SPOT-ON on ALL of them.


I told you about Jake Fromm on THIS BLOG for years watching him play baseball.  I extolled the completion percentage discussing his 16 strikes in a row in the Little League World Series where he also hit 3 home runs.


While you can not blame Jake Fromm for the offense when Kirby told Jim Chaney to NOT pass the ball 2017 (and 2016) the facts are that Justin Fields is a BETTER quarterback than Jake Fromm.



Justin Fields 6′ 3″ Harrison 221 lbs. Nation’s # 1 recruit happens to also be # 1 Dual-Threat QB prospect but # 1 overall prospect in nation CAN NOT BE HELD BACK.  His career starts today.  He will be Kirby’s 3rd in a row FRESHMEN STARTING QB AT GEORGIA.




HIRE US A GOD DAMN BASKETBALL COACH FOR OUR WOMEN. Joni Taylor hired as Joni Crenshaw really has NOT gotten the job done. It is my experience that the best coaches are POINT GUARDS not centers or power forwards. Andy Landers left Georgia # 4 best active head coach and Joni Taylor is ANYTHING BUT. Joni Taylor’s issues are NOT GETTING THE KIDS TO SIGN-ON and join our team. The DUMBASSES over on AJ-C DawgNation this week heralded Joni Taylor as one of Greg McGarity’s GOOD HIRES but the facts are EXACTLY the opposite. Aren’t they ? FIRE JONI TAYLOR.

.743 winning percentage Andy Landers

.663 winning percentage Joni Taylor (Joni Crenshaw)


That is 2/3 wins for Joni Taylor when Andy Landers was at 3/4 wins.


We have given up a bunch and hired a DUD.


This season is OVER.


Joni Taylor has won a grand total of one (1) NCAA Tournament Game in 3 years now.


We did not do SHIT again 2018.


We have not done JACK SHIT 2015 2016 or 2017 either and the prospects for 2019 are BLEAK.


We don’t have the players that a top 5 coach # 4 active head coach Andy Landers left Joni Taylor.


Joni Taylor is and has been WEAK getting the gals to want to come play at Stegesaurus.


Repeatedly the top players in-state have signed elsewhere and Joni Taylor has been wholly unable to go get the players she needs nor the players WE DESERVE.


Hired 4-13-2015 this blog reported that it was a BAD HIRE Joni Crenshaw who right after she was hired as a head coach to top 5 all-time UGA Lady Bulldogs’ Basketball Program with no prior head coaching experience Joni Crenshaw CHANGED HER DAMN NAME to Joni Taylor.  She has suffered in anonymity since.

This season Joni Taylor let her team JACK THE DAMN BALL up hitting only 35 percent of our shots while our opponents shot 41 percent.


Our opponents this season also out-rebounded us and our opponents had nearly 200 more assists than we did – JACKING THE GOD DAMN BASKETBALL UP like we did ALL GOD DAMN SEASON LONG as this blog reported daily since Joni Taylor was hired.


We don’t rebound we don’t pass the ball to our teammates and we JACK THE GOD DAMN BASKETBALL up.


It’s NOT a pretty sight.


It has NOT been.




We committed more than a hundred more turnovers than our opponents this season which is OVER.


150 percent more block shots we gave up than we blocked ourselves.  All we do is drive the lane out of control and forcing the ball up instead of passing to the open man.  We blocked 80 opponents blocked 196 of our shots.


244 steals we made 281 steals they stole from us.


A team full of ball hogs who can not shoot their way out of a wet God Damn paper bag.




This season as last season.


And as the season before.


Failed experiment Joni Taylor.


Bring in top 5 basketball coach for our women God Damn it.


1901 points this year we scored while 2210 points our opponents did.  We’re NOT a very good basketball team and our program is going to be A LOT WORSE next year than it was THIS YEAR.


3 YEARS one NCAA basketball tournament win for our women and that over Mercer.  I am told that is Mercer in Macon not even the Mercer in Atlanta whatever Mercer in Macon is.


I am ready to END THIS BULLSHIT hire of Greg McGarity Joni Taylor.  Maybe she can make up her mind what her freaking name is at her next hire and stick with that choice.


She was NEVER going to replace Andy Landers and I said THAT here on this blog April 13 of 2015 and every day since.  I am SAYING IT AGAIN.


Fire Joni Taylor.






I want to make sure I get this straight. “There are 7 to 16 better NFL players than Roquan Smith SEC Defensive Player of the Year SEC Championship Game Winner Player of the Game Consensus 20 times over named 1st Team All-America and Butkus Award Winner.”

WTF are you folks smoking ?


Put that shit down.  It’s bad for you.


Seriously you are PAID to offer an opinion of the NFL Draft and offer-up that Roquan Smith around whom any NFL team could build its defense until 2030 is going to be picked instead number 7 through number 17.


Oh yeah right.


Why even open your God Damn silly assed mouth ?



Kirby # 6 # 3 # 1 and now # 1 again 2019 in 247sports.com Composite Rankings with now 6 of the top 41 players in-state here in Georgia adds the # 3 best player in the state of Tennessee Memphis Bill Norton moves Georgia Bulldogs to # 1 in the nation now again for 2019

vols are just having an extremely bad time of it STILL with 2 of the top 3 now committed out-of-state LSU and Georgia winning big-time recruits in the state of Tennessee 2019.  In fact vols only have 1 of the top 50 recruits in the state of Tennessee committed to the vols so far.





By STARK CONTRAST the Mighty Georgia Bulldogs UGA have 6 of the top 41 in-state in Georgia already for 2019.





And now the 3rd best recruit overall in the state of Tennessee has committed to Georgia Bill Norton who is 6 feet 6 inches and 270 lbs Defensive End for our Defensive Line the # 128 overall best prospect in the nation.


Bill Norton makes Kirby # 1 again 2019 in 247sports.com Composite Rankings :




The # 128 of 3000 top recruits nationwide 2019 Bill Norton has committed to the Mighty UGA Georgia Bulldogs 2019.  Fantastic Top 5 % prospect overall in the nation Bill Norton welcome sir.


Good job Kirby.  One of the ways a coach can be a good coach is to get top recruits.  In fact a good coach can do THAT and nothing else and be considered a top coach.





Georgia 26-6 plays DUKE 23-8 in basketball 7 o’clock tomorrow night Monday 19 th March 2018 in the NCAA basketball tournament. Tickets are $ 16 students are FREE. This win today over 30-3 Mercer is the first NCAA tournament victory since Andy Landers retired yet Georgia is # 5 all-time in NCAA tournament wins under Andy Landers. Today everyone off the bench turned the ball over. On the season we haven’t shot free throws very well but today we did



It was a great game today on Comcast ESPN2 channel 847.



Happy Saint Patrick’s Day ! We BEAT # 3 Florida 5-4 last night on a walk-off 2-run dinger marking the end of 7 straight regular season LOSSES to Florida in a row dating back to 2013. Lady Diamond Dogs are # 10 in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll in Softball and are # 2 in the nation in hitting batting a team .378. First pitch scheduled for 2 p.m. today and admission is FREE but with 3 squalls of rain the 2 p.m. baseball game welcoming AL Comcast 792 SEC Network and Softball vs FL no TV should see delays. 1 p.m. Lady Bulldogs basketball plays Comcast Channel 847 this afternoon Saturday in the Big Dance NCAA Women’s Basketball Game.

Softball Georgia Lady Bulldogs 2 p.m. free admission no TV

The Lady Bulldogs – Top 5 Women’s Basketball Program All-Time whip-around coverage Comcast Channel 847 ESPN 2 at 1 p.m. hosting Mercer at 1:30 p.m.  Mercer has a very nice new gym but Georgia is 25-6 on the season and expected to win.  Lady Bulldogs 25-6 are # 17 in the polls and Mercer 30-2 are # 24 in the polls.  KeKe Calloway from Forsyth paces Mercer with 17 points per game and feeds Kahlia Lawrence leading Mercer with over 19 points per game from Columbus Georgia.  These are definitely two who got away.  We’ll have our hands full to hand Mercer their only 3rd loss of the season.


If you ASK KeKe Calloway from Forsyth and Kahlia Lawrence of Columbus why they selected Mercer over Georgia they would BOTH tell you because their NEW GYM is far nicer than our antiquated out-of-date Stegeman Coliseum which we broke ground on January of 1962 by stark contrast fifty-six years ago.


This gym is NOT suitable for Lady Bulldogs # 5 all-time in Women’s Basketball Program.  It was 50 years ago.  We have the most cash on-hand of any NCAA school and there is no excuse for losing-out to Mercer on these 2 fine gals who we need and have needed for years now here at UGA.


Everyone has a nice new gym except us.  And we have the MOST CASH instead from our SEC Revenue-Sharing landfall annually – an annuity worthy of taking out a LOAN on a new gym God Damn it.


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day





UGA Georgia Bulldogs’ Pro Day 10 am SEC Network Wednesday 21 March LIVE includes analyst Tom Luginbill who transferred to Georgia Tech and went 1-10 in beating only a 1-AA team in 1994 and then transferred-out of Georgia Tech. Why the HELL is HE involved in OUR PRO DAY ? Tom Luginbill seriously ?

Tom Luginbill who transferred to Georgia Tech and went 1-10 in beating only a 1-AA team in 1994 and then transferred-out of Georgia Tech is broadcasting The University of Georgia Pro Day 2018.


Marcus Spears defensive end for LSU will also be broadcasting our Georgia Bulldogs’ Pro Day 2018 on SEC Network.


Peter Burns a little golf guy is also broadcasting this even likely to be the headline event between now and G-Day Game.


Why can’t we have our OWN UGA Georgia Bulldogs broadcasting this event we host live instead of these 3 jerks ?


We are likely to have double-digit of our Georgia Bulldogs selected in the up-coming NFL Draft April 26 in Texas.


I would think ESPN could afford to get guys like Champ Bailey Hines Ward David Pollack maybe even Maria Taylor host this live event.


Pay attention to what you are doing ESPN.  And who your audience is.




Color me not impressed ESPN with your choices for our broadcast crew jerks.




Marquette and Indiana and all he can do is .606 winning percentage. He’ll NEVER last nor get it done at UGA Georgia Bulldogs. He should have INSISTED on a new gym then he would have been successful here. One .606 at Marquette and Indiana is NOT successful. Two we needed a new gym and instead got this.

THIS will NEVER work.


He needed a new gym to be successful and if he gets one during his tenure then he will be successful and if he does not then he won’t be successful.




Stephen Hawking the world’s greatest mind of our time said before he passed that God did NOT create the Universe because then there was NO TIME and he said that there is no afterlife either. I do not want you to miss that he just said that the other day for all of us. So what I would like to know then is where the Hell is our God Damn new gymnasium with all these SEC Revenue sharing monies God Damn it ?

13 billion years ago 100 billion galaxies formed each with 100 million stars of which our sun is 1 – not something in 6 days which was 4.5 billion years ago 9 billion years after the big bang because Stephen Hawking said that then there was NO TIME therefore God was NOT THERE and did NOT create the universe nor is there ANY afterlife.  So the question I want to know then is where is our new gymnasium then ?


Did you notice him say that ?  Did you notice that he is the greatest mind of our time born 1942.




I would NOT be betting against Nick Chubb

2nd to ONLY Herschel Walker in The SEC.

4.52 in 40-yard dash for 2nd largest running back 228 lbs. of bruiser legs

38.5 vertical you get that for 228 lbs. man

10 feet 8 inch broad jump my God – you betting AGAINST Nick Chubb ?  Seriously ?

29 reps of 225 lbs. bench press hello

55 feet 8 inches 12 lbs. shot put state of Georgia state record



We have ALL these folks betting AGAINST Nick Chubb.


What the HELL do they know ?


Yes Mark Richt brought Nick Chubb back too fast.  He was desperate.  Nick Chubb is a BEAST.


And one day he will be our coach.







Thad Matta mutually agreed with Ohio State to step down as their head coach due to his long time health issues which were causing a decline in on court performance of his team and causing a decline in his recruiting as well. So like Urban Meyer he has BAD HEALTH but agreed to “look for other jobs” when he was fired in order to keep his $ 9 million dollar buyout and medical benefits which might exceed the buyout with his back so bad he can’t even get out of a normal chair.

His replacement  Chris Holtmann went 24-8.


And our new gymnasium ?  Not to worry all is well now eh ?


Or is this really about Thad Matta contractually having to pursue other jobs after he was fired from Ohio State because of his back so bad he can’t even get up out of a normal chair or else they REFUSE to continue pay his medical bills and refuse to continue pay his $9 million dollar buyout at $100 thousand a month unless he does pursue other jobs.


It is a pretty silly clause to agree with by Thad Matta but he did that.




New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick 7-time Super Bowl Winner 2 as Defensive Coordinator and 5 as head coach and 2017 NFL Coach of the Year Sean McVay of the Los Angeles Rams will both coach and speak at the annual University of Georgia Coaches’ Clinic hosted by UGA Georgia Bulldogs’ head coach Kirby Smart. The clinic is Thursday through Saturday March 29 30 and 31 2018.

Middle school and high school football players are invited to interact with world class NFL head coaches and with Dan Quinn Atlanta Falcons head coach.






CHIP TOWERS dumbass of AJ-C DawgNation says today : “Hugh Durham believes Georgia can recapture hoops magic with right coach.” What HOOPS MAGIC CHIPPER TOWERS you dumb son of a bitch ? WTF are you talking about recapture hoops magic Chipper Towers ?

In his dumbest headline ever Chipper Towers NOW SAYS  recapture hoops magic with right hire.  Ah Bullshit Chipper Towers Jesus Christ you don’t have the brains God gave to a grape seed.







“In the end I felt like we have not reached our full potential as a basketball program.” Greg McGarity AD UGA Georgia Bulldogs men’s basketball. Well you NEVER will with the antiquated old out-of-date POOR facility of the Stegesaurus which has NOT held an NCAA men’s Tournament Game since 1971 and for GOOD REASON.

We have BOTH our hands tied behind our backs trying to recruit in THIS GREAT STATE with ALL THIS TALENT HERE because Ole Miss can go build a new gym and The University of Georgia can NOT.


That simple enough for you ?


Our gymnasium is NOT competitive has not been competitive and WILL NOT BE until such time as we BUILD US A PROPER GYM for men’s and women’s sports.


Wake up.






Chad Reuter NFL.com this morning picks Roquan Smith # 17 NFL Draft PICK. Ah bullshit Chad Reuter when Roquan Smith is THE GUY any team could build its defense around until 2030. You get that Chad Reuter ? 2030.

What a God Damn moron statement that Roquan Smith is drafted # 17 in the up-coming NFL Draft April 26.


Jesus Christ Chad Reuter 16 better players for the NFL than Roquan Smith ?




God damn fool.




# 17 Roquan Smith

# 28 Sony Michel

# 30 Isaiah Wynn

#59 Nick Chubb

# 64 Lorenzo Carter

# 119 Trenton Thompson


6 of the top 119 Georgia Bulldogs however has Roquan Smith # 17

# 59 Nick Chubb – bet AGAINST Nick Chubb at your OWN DAMN RISK dumbass.


# 59 ?


58 better NFL players than Nick Chubb – that’s bullshit.








32 teams Thursday April 26 eight LONG weeks from now 2018 NFL DRAFT and 247 Sports.com says Georgia has 6 of the first 66 picks WOW ! And UGA Bulldogs have # 151 Bellamy # 203 Wims # 208 Sanders – that is 9 which is one less than I have 10 drafted I say. HELL OF A DAMN DRAFT. We’re going to kick-ass. I started pointing THIS OUT on this blog YEARS AGO that THIS is what was going to be happening right NOW.

NFL Draft # 14 All-Time UGA with 316 looks to add ten more I think.  Here is what 247 Sports.com says :


7 players in The United States of America are better than Roquan Smith.  I don’t think so.  He is lot higher than that.  Any team could BUILD their entire defense around him for YEARS to come.  Franchise changer.  Cleveland New York and Indianapolis are the only 3 teams who have a shot at Roquan Smith.


# 35 Isaiah Wynn OG


# 41 Lorenzo Carter – freak will go higher than that seriously 40 better for NFL ?  That’s crap.


# 51 Sony Michel – well I have 2 statements about that BULLSHIT 1 there are NOT 50 better and 2 do NOT bet against Nick Chubb – or DO at your own peril


# 60 Nick Chubb – after the star of the NFL Scouting Combine 2018 performance Josh Edwards says # 60.  Ah bullshit.  No one can pass on him that long.


# 66 Trenton Thompson


247 Sports.com says Georgia has 6 of the first 66 picks WOW !


And UGA Bulldogs have


# 151 Davin Bellamy

# 203 Javon Wims

# 208 Dominick Sanders


  1. # 8 Roquan Smith
  2. # 35 Isaiah Wynn OG
  3. # 41 Lorenzo Carter
  4. # 51 Sony Michel
  5. # 60 Nick Chubb
  6. # 66 Trenton Thompson
  7. # 151 Davin Bellamy
  8. # 203 Javon Wims
  9. # 208 Dominick Sanders






Our problems all season long have been missing free throws jacking-up 3 pointers and missing those too many turnovers and allowing too many steals and today was MORE OF THE SAME but we WON on the road at Missouri to advance 3 p.m. today Friday against Kentucky




Joseph Lewis IV Southern California sophomore wide receiver has been suspended from the team indefinitely after five (5) counts of domestic violence charges with arraignment March 13 for incidents on February 5 and February 11 of 2018. TEE MARTIN recruited him to USC Trojans 247sports.com # 14 receiver and # 95 overall prospect 2017 rankings a 4-star recruit last year.




Georgia Lady Diamond Dawgs # 10 in Top 10 in Softball today FloSoftball and # 11 in Coaches’ Poll NFCA Coaches USA Today Poll both March 6 of 2018 College Sports has us in the top 10 as well at # 10 nation Softball. Georgia Tech game tonight rained out. Brittany Gray top pitcher in the nation early on now. And as team UGA # 3 ERA at 0.70 and # 2 at batting average team average .405









March 7, 2018

Cocky conceited arrogant boastful bold impudent not showing due respect for others is ALL Baker Mayfield does. So today he states he is NOT COCKY. Stick it up your God Damn COCKY asshole Baker Mayfield. Your tape does NOT look very good against Davin Bellamy Baker Mayfield you arrogant piece of shit class A jerk who is only 6 feet 0 inches and 5/8 of an inch with only 29 inch vertical and only 4.84 in 40-yard dash. Ran up stats on CUPCAKES. Arrested on FELONY running from Police DRUNK. Every game running his God Damn MOUTH. “I’m going to be the best to ever play.” Then there are the obscene gestures to the audience IN THE GAMES TOO. NFL wants that ? NFL needs that ? Forget 1-31 Cleveland last 2 years NO ONE NEEDS his cocky full of himself non-athletic short slow asshole who Oklahoma Sooners coddled. BAKER MAYFIELD is a God Damn Liar – he’s not going to be the BEST to EVER play the game. He wouldn’t even play on our own team but ride the God Damn BENCH.

“I’m going to be the best to ever play.”


This the latest lie and cocky bullshit out of this friqin’ liar’s mouth now today.


“I’m going to be the best to ever play.”


Ah bullshit.



Confident, Not Cocky Baker Mayfield Says He’s The One That Can Turn Browns Around




Baker Mayfield  only 6 feet 0 inches and 5/8 of an inch with only 29 inch vertical and only 4.84 in 40-yard dash.  Nobody thinks THAT is # 1 ever history of the game.  Nobody but YOU.


The University of Oklahoma should have PROPERLY PUNISHED Baker Mayfield and made him into a better person – instead they kowtowed to him and let him get away with all this bullshit.  I guarantee you Cleveland does NOT draft him.  That’s 100 % guarantee.


I hate Baker Mayfield and EVERYTHING he stands for.  I wanted to play him when we won The SEC Championship.  I called for us to play Oklahoma as soon as we beat Auburn.  I wanted Oklahoma.  I got my wish.  We beat his ass as I guaranteed we would.  We did.  I picked on Baker Mayfield all year long from the time of his arrest on felony charges which the University of Oklahoma did NOT even punish him for unless you consider one snap against a cupcake punishment which I do NOT.




Nick Chubb 38.5 inch vertical leap WOW ! Lorenzo Carter 10′ 10″ broad jump well done. Nick Chubb 10′ 8″. LAST DAY TODAY to see if ANYONE ELSE can shine. I expected MORE from others of our 10 there. Hard to imagine 8 will be drafted now.




Javon Wims 6’ 4” who had 720 yards receiving this year ran 4.53 in 40-yard dash as receivers 14 were slower 20 faster notably LSU 4.34 DJ Clark who is 6’ 4” who had 874 yards receiving this season. Someone told Javon Wims NOT to bench press so he will NOT be drafted. 33.5 vertical leap Javon Wims. DJ Clark 40 inch.




Javon Wims had one chance. And some dumbass told Javon Wims to REST HIS LAURELS on what he did at Georgia and REFUSED to do the bench press which one man did 24 reps. That Javon Wims REFUSED to even try bench press does him in in my opinion. He needed to show he is powerful at 215 lbs. and so he refused to do ANY bench presses. What does THAT tell YOU ?



Justin Fields and DJ Shockley are the only Dual-Threat Quarterbacks Georgia Bulldogs have used for many years now. Justin Fields is several inches taller and THAT prevented DJ Shockley from PLAYING in the NFL that he was in fact too short. There is NO denying Justin Fields WILL PLAY IN THE NFL.

I am glad that DJ Shockley has such a great career in broadcasting and love hearing him talk every word of it every year.  He is a GREAT MAN.  I love and respect DJ Shockley and always have.  I have had his back my entire knowledge of DJ Shockley starting 1999.  But comparing him to Justin Fields is an unfair comparison.


Justin Fields 6′ 3″ Harrison 221 lbs. Nation’s # 1 recruit happens to also be # 1 Dual-Threat QB prospect but # 1 overall prospect in nation CAN NOT BE HELD BACK.  Height 75 inches.  Weight 221 lbs.  # 1 prospect overall in the nation.  DJ Shockley was REDSHIRTED and played only one designated series per game until his senior season when he got injured in college causing us to lose to Florida and to Auburn.  Then we lost to West Virginia in the Sugar Bowl here in Atlanta.  I was there.  It was 0-28 before we even sat down.


The truth of the matter is that Justin Fields is quite a bit different football player than DJ Shockley.  And Justin Fields is surrounded by quite a bit better talent all around him than DJ Shockley was too.  DJ Shockley is a fine man.  I felt that he would have been the Falcons’ Starting QB had he not been injured when all the dog fighting came up with Michael Vick.


DJ Shockley was drafted by the Falcons with their 7th and Final Round pick 2006.  He did not even make the roster 2006.  DJ Shockley got injured.  He never played one down in the NFL for ANY team.


Justin Fields is an NFL Quarterback.  DJ Shockley could have been an NFL Quarterback but he got injured and THAT was the concern about him that he was too short to be QB and too slight at 214 lbs.  It proved to be his undoing in the NFL.  A fine man.  A great QB.  My hero.  But he NEVER played one down in the NFL and NEITHER did David Greene.




There is NO denying Justin Fields WILL PLAY IN THE NFL.


73.13 inches 6 feet and 09 inches.  6 feet 09 inches and 42 one hundreds. DJ Shockley 214 lbs.


75 inches and 221 lbs. Justin Fields absolutely positively plays in the NFL.


I said David Greene would NOT play in the NFL.


I said Aaron Murray would NOT play in the NFL.


I said Matthew Stafford would play in the NFL.


I say Justin Fields WILL PLAY in the NFL absolutely positively without a doubt.  DJ Shockley did not.  I wished he had not been injured because he would have played in the NFL.


But the facts are he did not and Justin Fields will.


Justin Fields can NOT be held back.  Justin Fields is one of the TOP NFL DRAFT picks not the 7th Round last pick by the Falcons 2006 DJ Shockley only 6 feet 09 inches tall – too short to be considered for the NFL frankly and too slight – not durable enough.  Great guy great QB my own personal HERO but never played a down in the NFL.


I also felt that DJ Shockley should NOT have been redshirted 2001.  I complained instantly and every day since.  THAT dumbass coach is gone for such decisions as that.  Kirby has STARTED a true freshman quarterback EVERY SINGLE YEAR of his coaching career so far.


If you redshirt Justin Fields you will only see him play 2 years like Knowshon Moreno.  Justin Fields is going to be drafted whether he is redshirted or not in 2018 because after the 2020 season Justin Fields will be DRAFTED with one of the very top NFL Draft Picks that year.


You got it ?


We can NOT therefore deny Justin Fields his 2018 true freshman season like dumbass Mark Richt did with DJ Shockley 2001.  In 2001 Mark Richt lost 4 games.  Mark Richt would NOT have lost 4 games 2001 season if DJ Shockley played 2001.  It hurt our recruiting of quarterbacks that DJ Shockley was redshirted 2001 and held back a guy who should NOT have been held back.  It kept us from signing other quarterbacks because he was always going to be given his one senor year.


THAT’S BULLSHIT in 2018 to think Justin Fields is DJ Shockley.  They are as different as night and day.


4.51 Justin Fields 40-yard dash 75 inches tall 221 lbs. faster taller bigger

4.61 DJ Shockley 40-yard dash 73.13 inches tall 214 lbs. slower shorter slighter







Lady Dawgs WIN quarterfinal 2018 SEC Women’s Basketball Tournament over Missouri and now face South Carolina 7 p.m. tonight ESPNU Comcast Channel 883. Lady Dawgs 25-5 are # 19 and beat Missouri who is # 14. South Carolina tonight is # 8.

Georgia assured itself of a top 16 seed.


The Lady Bulldogs – Top 5 Women’s Basketball Program All-Time are a hungry basketball team.




Anybody who thinks for one God Damn Moment that the Classic City will turn into the freaking DUNK CITY with all this talent in THIS STATE by simply hiring the right coach is out of his mind. You’re going to have to build us a new gym.

If I were a coach I would tell you that you have to have it in my contract that I get a new gym within 2 years or I will NOT come coach there.  It would be part of my contract.  There is no excuse for us to sit on all this cash and let our players leave this state to play in far better facilities everywhere else.


The problem with our men’s and women’s basketball programs is and has been TALENT.  We can’t recruit to a gym 54 years old and not designed for basketball even way back then.


No coach can.


Don’t FOOL yourself that a new coach fixes our underlying problem.


Build us a new gym and then the players and coaches will show-up to this Flagship School in this HOTBED of talent in-state.


Anything else and ANY other conversation or consideration BESIDES BUILDING US A NEW GYM WITH ALL THIS GOD DAMN CASH WE HAVE is putting the cart ahead of the horse.


I now return you to your bullshit on the topic.




The kids do not want to play at the Stegesaurus which has not hosted an NCAA men’s Tournament Game since 1971 which is not in 47 years.  It does NOT matter who your coach is men or women.  Not really.  Give us a new gym and top coaches will follow.  Top players will stay here.  They will want to play in our new gym.  Ole Miss can use their SEC monies and build a new gym and The University of Georgia can not ?



Nick Chubb runs FASTER 40-yard dash than Sony Michel 4.52 and 4.54 while others ran 4.46 Arizona State and 4.49 LSU – DERRIUS GUICE.

Actually this means MORE for Nick Chubb than Sony Michel.  I would NOT bet against Nick Chubb.




Let me put it like this to you ok ?


His first interview when he made his COMMITMENT to Georgia I said THAT DAY right then that Nick Chubb would be our football coach one day.





Someone told Isaiah Wynn to NOT run the 40-yard dash.  Excuse me that is a HUGE BIG ERROR.  He already is short for the NFL.  He needed to SHOW his athleticism.  He could have run the 40-yard dash and erred not doing so.


Nick Chubb on the other hand SENT HIS STOCK SOARING just now.


4.52 in the 40-yard dash FASTER than Sony Michel.




I am sorry but THAT is significant.


I would RATHER have been FASTER than Nick Chubb were I Sony Michel.





$24.99 Baker Mayfield HUMBLE YOURSELF jersey by 17ove Davin Bellamy also has RED jersey S M L XL XXL XXXL buy here : URL Link provided.

Calling the Dawgs




I hate Baker Mayfield.  I hate his sorry ass.


Davin Bellamy is charging $ 15 less than market price for these choices as others are charging $ 39.99 but not Davin Bellamy.  His $ 15 off sale price is only $24.99.  I hope he sells a shit load.  I bought a Beat Boise T-Shirt and can’t even wear it to mow the God Damn Grass in.  Personally I look forward to many years of this Stick THIS up your God Damn pompous asshole Baker Mayfield shirt instead.






Davin Bellamy is at the 2018 NFL Scouting Combine kicking some more Oklahoma ass today.


Imagine his new boss did not even let Baker Mayfield even try to throw a ball into the end zone against us any of those plays at the end of the game in overtime.


You can’t win if you don’t try.




10 Bulldogs 2018 NFL Scouting Combine 2018 Georgia Bulldogs IMPRESSIVE on way to MOST NFL DRAFT PICKS of all teams UGA 2018. Sony Michel 214 lbs. proves to NFL can run between tackles. Isaiah Wynn 6′ 2″ and 6/8 is second shortest OL preventing NFL OT but arms are 33″ and 3/8 bypassing 5 OL so those 5 are OG only NFL. Isaiah Wynn bubble OT. Nick Chubb 227 lbs. second heaviest RB NFL so he will have to show 40-yard speed to show he can run outside NFL. RB short life. OL long life. Fascinating START 2018 NFL Scouting Combine.

NFL Scouting Combine – where guys are given WRONG advice to NOT perform when INVITED.


Too often in the past NFL Scouting Combines Georgia Bulldogs have been given the WRONG ADVICE to rest their laurels on their college careers and NOT PERFORM.




What you do in performance is shown on national TV for a year.  It can jump-start your NFL career.


This is big.


I believe Kirby is telling our men to compete and do it as hard as they can muster.


You don’t pussyfoot in the NFL.


Fascinating START 2018 NFL Scouting Combine for our IMPRESSIVE Georgia Bulldogs !


Good Luck to ALL our 2018 NFL Scouting Combine Georgia Bulldogs.  Go do your very best.


We have 10 Georgia Bulldogs competing at the 2018 NLF Scouting Combine :