HIRE US A GOD DAMN BASKETBALL COACH FOR OUR WOMEN. Joni Taylor hired as Joni Crenshaw really has NOT gotten the job done. It is my experience that the best coaches are POINT GUARDS not centers or power forwards. Andy Landers left Georgia # 4 best active head coach and Joni Taylor is ANYTHING BUT. Joni Taylor’s issues are NOT GETTING THE KIDS TO SIGN-ON and join our team. The DUMBASSES over on AJ-C DawgNation this week heralded Joni Taylor as one of Greg McGarity’s GOOD HIRES but the facts are EXACTLY the opposite. Aren’t they ? FIRE JONI TAYLOR.

.743 winning percentage Andy Landers

.663 winning percentage Joni Taylor (Joni Crenshaw)


That is 2/3 wins for Joni Taylor when Andy Landers was at 3/4 wins.


We have given up a bunch and hired a DUD.


This season is OVER.


Joni Taylor has won a grand total of one (1) NCAA Tournament Game in 3 years now.


We did not do SHIT again 2018.


We have not done JACK SHIT 2015 2016 or 2017 either and the prospects for 2019 are BLEAK.


We don’t have the players that a top 5 coach # 4 active head coach Andy Landers left Joni Taylor.


Joni Taylor is and has been WEAK getting the gals to want to come play at Stegesaurus.


Repeatedly the top players in-state have signed elsewhere and Joni Taylor has been wholly unable to go get the players she needs nor the players WE DESERVE.


Hired 4-13-2015 this blog reported that it was a BAD HIRE Joni Crenshaw who right after she was hired as a head coach to top 5 all-time UGA Lady Bulldogs’ Basketball Program with no prior head coaching experience Joni Crenshaw CHANGED HER DAMN NAME to Joni Taylor.  She has suffered in anonymity since.

This season Joni Taylor let her team JACK THE DAMN BALL up hitting only 35 percent of our shots while our opponents shot 41 percent.


Our opponents this season also out-rebounded us and our opponents had nearly 200 more assists than we did – JACKING THE GOD DAMN BASKETBALL UP like we did ALL GOD DAMN SEASON LONG as this blog reported daily since Joni Taylor was hired.


We don’t rebound we don’t pass the ball to our teammates and we JACK THE GOD DAMN BASKETBALL up.


It’s NOT a pretty sight.


It has NOT been.




We committed more than a hundred more turnovers than our opponents this season which is OVER.


150 percent more block shots we gave up than we blocked ourselves.  All we do is drive the lane out of control and forcing the ball up instead of passing to the open man.  We blocked 80 opponents blocked 196 of our shots.


244 steals we made 281 steals they stole from us.


A team full of ball hogs who can not shoot their way out of a wet God Damn paper bag.




This season as last season.


And as the season before.


Failed experiment Joni Taylor.


Bring in top 5 basketball coach for our women God Damn it.


1901 points this year we scored while 2210 points our opponents did.  We’re NOT a very good basketball team and our program is going to be A LOT WORSE next year than it was THIS YEAR.


3 YEARS one NCAA basketball tournament win for our women and that over Mercer.  I am told that is Mercer in Macon not even the Mercer in Atlanta whatever Mercer in Macon is.


I am ready to END THIS BULLSHIT hire of Greg McGarity Joni Taylor.  Maybe she can make up her mind what her freaking name is at her next hire and stick with that choice.


She was NEVER going to replace Andy Landers and I said THAT here on this blog April 13 of 2015 and every day since.  I am SAYING IT AGAIN.


Fire Joni Taylor.







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