Jake Fromm is helping Justin Fields for all to see. Does that mean that Jake Fromm thinks Justin Fields is better than he as QB ? That’s a Mark Richt bullshit decision to say Jake Fromm is better than Justin Fields. He just simply is NOT. Kirby has selected the true freshman as his starting QB 3 years in a row if Kirby picks as I Justin Fields.

The # 1 quarterback is the # 1 quarterback.


What does it say when the # 1 quarterback is doing all he can do to help the back-up quarterback ?


It is undeniable that we did not pass the ball enough last year.  The incomplete passes 2016 certainly left the door open 2017 for Jake Fromm and while Jake Fromm fixed that with his accuracy he did not throw the ball enough last year now did he ?


Likewise the lack of throwing the ball 2017 means that with Justin Fields getting all the snaps he can get all Spring that Jake Fromm helping him all he can every snap all Spring certainly gives the impression that Jake Fromm thinks that Justin Fields is a better quarterback than he is.


We all know that Justin Fields can run the football but there too frankly Jake Fromm could have run the ball more often with better results himself 2017.


We stalled as an offense 2017 for the most part and the reason for that was not that Jake Fromm did not tuck the ball and take-off but that honestly the wide receivers did not get separation and our undersized 2017 OL did not get the wide receivers an opportunity to get open downfield.  I look for James Coley to fix all this.  He has to.  It is HIS JOB just like it has been Kirby’s job to make his defenses so great all of Kirby’s career.  Boy we had a fine defense last season didn’t we ?


Did you recognize that ?


We played within ourselves and kicked some ass 2017 on defense.  It was Erk Russell all over again 2017.


That’s how I saw it.  Jake Fromm hit them for the most part when they were open.  We just did not do it enough.


We ran the ball on first down 2017.

We ran the ball on second down 2017.

We even ran the ball on third down a fair bit 2017.


To my way of thinking that is a FAILED OFFENSE and why James Coley got promoted to quarterbacks’ coach and offensive coordinator.  There is ONLY ONE GUY who calls the play calls.


That is James Coley.


I don’t picture James Coley letting Kirby tell HIM TOO that he runs the damn ball every first down every second down and on third downs some too or act desperate and be surprised by the accuracy of Jake Fromm on 3rd Down always behind the chains.


This is 2018.


We just signed the most dynamic quarterback in our entire 126-year history.  You don’t do that and pretend that it is not he but the other guy helping him who is going to be a top NFL Draft Pick after not this season or after next season but after the season after that.  Let him languish a year behind a lesser quarterback and that does NOT alter the fact that 2 years after this season Justin Fields is GONE.  We can look the fool like we did with Knowshon Moreno.  Mark Richt did not play Knowshon Moreno his freshman season and then we saw him for only 2 years and then he was gone.  The same is true of Justin Fields whatever use Kirby makes of him 2018.


We can pretend that Jake Fromm is a better quarterback than Justin Fields.  That would NOT be I.  I want Justin Fields to be Kirby’s 3rd in a row true freshman STARTING quarterback all 3 of Kirby’s now first 3 seasons.  Vince Dooley said that no freshman is going to start for him and then Herschel Walker his true freshman season ran over and around every great football player in the United States of America.


Herschel Walker was the # 1 overall recruit in the nation 1980.

We’ve NOT had anyone since who was like that other than Matthew Stafford # 2 Scout.com quarterback nationally 2006 but Mark Richt had him 3rd string and even yanked him once he did make him finally the starter.  THAT was NO # 1 recruiting class in the nation as Kirby just signed was it ?  We LOST 4 games 2006 including blown-out by vols AND lost to Vandy and then after the loss to Florida Mark Richt LOST to Kentucky too for good measure.  There is no comparison of 2006 and Matthew Stafford and where Kirby is 2018 with Justin Fields other than that Matthew Stafford came-in here as the # 2 Scout.com quarterback in America and promptly got named 3rd team by dumbass Mark Richt who LOST 4 games 2006 trying to tell us that Matthew Stafford was NOT the # 1 overall NFL Draft Pick.  Yeah he was.


Now we have the overall # 1 best football player in America again now 2018 according to ESPN and everyone else says Justin Fields is the # 2 best overall player in all of The United States of America.  Hold him back ?  Act like Jake Fromm is better ?  That’s a Mark Richt bullshit decision.  Kirby has selected the true freshman as his starting QB 3 years in a row if Kirby picks as I Justin Fields.



The question is when do we all wake-up and recognize this ?


That’s how I see it.


What is Kirby saying ?


Well all Kirby did this time last year was criticize Jacob Eason.  Go look at the quotes.   I remarked on each here on this blog.


What Kirby has said so far this year is that Justin Fields is “VERY QUICKLY PICKING-UP the offense.”


Justin Fields is 6′ 3″ out of Harrison and 221 lbs. load named the Nation’s # 1 recruit according to ESPN and # 2 to everyone else who just happens to also be not just the # 1 Dual-Threat QB prospect but # 1 overall prospect in nation who CAN NOT BE SIMPLY HELD BACK.  That is how I read Jake Fromm helping Justin Fields.


You read it however you want and ignore the facts all you want.


I’ll be here to point out that it was I who told you about Jake Fromm not only this time last year but for 3 years before that here on this blog too and his incredible accuracy.


Now I am sharing that Justin Fields is our quarterback.


Get used to it.


305 passing attempts 2017-2018 Georgia Bulldogs’ season for Kirby’s offense he allowed us to throw of 975 offensive plays.  31 percent of Kirby’s plays last season Kirby let Jake Fromm throw the ball.  That is 1st Down : Run.  2nd Down : Run.  Third Down too is NOT all passes or Kirby would have allowed Jake Fromm to have thrown then 33 and a third percent of the plays : Passes.  So therefore still on 3rd Down Kirby would NOT ALLOW Jake Fromm to pass.


1st Down : Run

2nd Down : Run

3rd Down : still run some 3rd Downs DESPITE being behind the chains.


THIS is a prima facie case of a FALLED OFFENSE and why Kirby HAD TO DEMOTE Jim Chaney promoting James Coley and why Justin Fields is getting at least as many snaps as Jake Fromm all Spring – getting him all the snaps Kirby can get for Justin Fields.  And this is why Jake Fromm is helping Justin Fields.




We did not throw the ball enough last year and THAT ALONE is why we lost to Auburn in the regular season and why we lost to Alabama.  Our model for playing such great defenses is ridiculous run 1st Down run 2nd Down run 3rd Down some too.




This is 2018.  These are unsustainable numbers for Kirby last season for the national runner-up NOT allowing us to throw the God Damn football last year.


Changes had to be made.  Don’t forget Kirby’s Dad is a head coach too.  Don’t forget Kirby has loads of Offensive Minds talking to Kirby about offenses.  To design a good defense you MUST understand good offenses.


In 2018 good offenses throw the ball more than 31 percent of the time.  You have to be more balanced than that or you tip-off your opponent and make their job easier.


Kirby knows this.


The Offensive Coordinator and the Starting Quarterback BOTH have to be on the same page and they must disagree with Kirby and throw the frigin’ ball more than run 1st Down run 2nd Down and run some 3rd Downs too.


I understand it helps a defense to run the ball like that.


It costs you games.


It makes you too predictable.


This is 2018 and we just signed our most dynamic QB ever in 126 years of our history.  Throw the football or get someone who will.






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