Bulldawg Illustrated proves it is really just a BLOG and not a good one at that – NOT news outlet with their view that Justin Fields did NOT do better than Jake Fromm. “Jake Fromm stays the starter until Justin Fields proves otherwise.” Good Lord what does Justin Fields have to do to outshine Jake Fromm than what he has done ? Quit with the excuses for Jake Fromm. Jake Fromm had a BAD GAME in the G-Day Game after going # 105 Passing Offense all of last season while Justin Fields was QUITE IMPRESSIVE and CLEARLY the better QB.

8 of 16 on 3rd Down Conversions for Justin Fields while Jake From was only 3 of 12 on 3rd Down Conversions.


“Jake Fromm stays the starter until Justin Fields proves otherwise.”



Savannah Richardson just shows she knows jack shit about what she witnessed Saturday.


Bulldawg Illustrated Savannah Richardson



After a lackluster performance at the 2018 G-Day game many believe Jake Fromm can not keep his Starting Role.


“Despite what most think Jake Fromm appears to have secured his starting position with his performance.”  Bullshit.  Anything but.


“Excuses Jake Fromm with the first team receivers had them instead drop the ball while back-up second-stringer worse QB Justin Fields had WORSE receivers and none of them dropped the ball by stark contrast.”  What a load of horseshit.


“Overall Jake Fromm put together a solid performance despite losing the game to the Black squad.”  That is a completely biased view Savannah.  I am confused Savannah.  Are you Savannah Richardson or Savannah Leigh.  It appears Bulldawg Illustrated is equally confused calling you BOTH NAMES.


“Unfortunately the chemistry isn’t there yet between the receivers and Jake Fromm.”  Excuses.  The chemistry was NOT there last year either with # 105 Passing Offense with Jake Fromm for the second best team in the nation.  Just figure how good Georgia would have been if we could have passed the ball last year.  The fact is that Jake Fromm opened the door for Justin Fields and Justin rushed through the open door and did everything he could to take the job away.


Then Savannah writes a bunch of crap about all the interceptions by Jake Fromm making excuses.


This is what these very same writers did with Mark Richt every game : Make Excuses.


Justin Fields completed a higher percentage of his passes and took off running down the field several times one for 22 yards running rings around the performance of Jake Fromm.


Justin Fields does not need any excuses as he had the BETTER GAME by far than Jake Fromm.


For millions to see on ESPN main channel # 846 Comcast Saturday.


Instead of saying Jake Fromm has plenty of room to grow, Savannah Richardson says Justin Fields does.  Here.  Stick THIS up your God Damn dumbass asshole Savannah Leigh.


Then this dumbass Savannah Richardson summarizes that : “Jake Fromm Seems to have a Secure Job because of WHO he is.”


That is so freaking weak Savannah Leigh.


“With a full year under his belt it’s hard to take this job away from him. It’s even harder to take it away from him when he put together a performance like he did at G-Day. To most it seemed lackluster but in actuality it should show the fans that the team’s in good hands.”  No he opened the door for Justin Fields and after the game Jake Fromm said that Justin Fields had the better game and is the better QB.


Why did you leave that off ?





Jake Fromm did NOT secure his starting job and in fact did anything but opening the door for Justin Fields according to Jake Fromm himself.



Javon Wims makes 321 Georgia Bulldogs Drafted Players. 75 of the latest 76 NFL Drafts back to 1942 have had Bulldogs. 53 SEC Big Ten only 33. Pac-12 only 30. And Big XII only 20.

Aaron Davis signed free agent contract with New York Giants.

John Atkins signed free agent contract with New England Patriots.

Davin Bellamy signed free agent contract with Houston Texans AFC South.

Trenton Thompson signed a free agent contract with Cleveland Browns.

David Marvin who transferred to UGA 2017 from Wofford signed free agent Falcons

Jeb Blazevich

Dominick Sanders

Reggie Carter






  1. Roquan Smith # 8 Chicago Bears 1
  2. Isaiah Wynn # 23 New England Patriots 1
  3. Sony Michel # 31 New England Patriots 1
  4. Nick Chubb # 35 Cleveland Browns 2
  5. Lorenzo Carter # 66 New York Giants 3
  6. Javon Wims # 224 Chicago 7







$18.5 million 4-year contract Roquan Smith plus signing bonus $11.5 million

$11.5 million 4-year contract Isaiah Wynn plus signing bonus $6.5 million

$9.6 million 4-year contract Sony Michel plus signing bonus $5 million






The Atlanta Falcons took Calvin Ridley with the 26th pick and 2nd pick Isaiah Oliver which I think is a BAD CHOICE.


53 SEC Big Ten only 33.  Pac-12 only 30. And Big XII only 20 drafted players whole conference.  ACC 45.


Yeah SEC is really down 53 drafted 10 in first round and 7 of those came from # 1 and # 2 teams in the United States of America who played each other SEC Alabama and SEC Georgia with Alabama # 1 recruiting ranking 7 years in a row and Georgia # 1 recruiting ranking now 2018.


Sad what passes as DOWN SEC.


Real down.


10 of the first 32 NFL Draft Picks are SEC and Roquan Smith is the # 1 player in The SEC drafted.  The nearest was the ACC with 6.  The Big Ten was only 4.  The Pac-12 was only 4.  We nearly had that many by ourselves.  The Big XII has only one.  Ohio State has zero.



UGA Georgia Bulldogs in the NFL Draft are # 14 All-Time UGA with 321 NFL Draft Selections.

75 of the latest 76 NFL Drafts have included one Bulldog.


We have the most 1st Round NFL Draft Picks ever for us with 3.



Nick Chubb NFL Draft Pick # 35 Cleveland Browns – fantastic Georgia Bulldogs 5 picks first 3 rounds halfway to my goal




  1. Roquan Smith # 8 Chicago Bears 1
  2. Isaiah Wynn # 23 New England Patriots 1
  3. Sony Michel # 31 New England Patriots 1
  4. Nick Chubb # 35 Cleveland Browns 2
  5. Lorenzo Carter # 66 New York Giants 3







$18.5 million 4-year contract Roquan Smith plus signing bonus $11.5 million

$11.5 million 4-year contract Isaiah Wynn plus signing bonus $6.5 million

$9.6 million 4-year contract Sony Michel plus signing bonus $5 million





The Atlanta Falcons took Calvin Ridley with the 26th pick and 2nd pick Isaiah Oliver which I think is a BAD CHOICE.




10 of the first 32 NFL Draft Picks are SEC and Roquan Smith is the # 1 player in The SEC drafted.  The nearest was the ACC with 6.  The Big Ten was only 4.  The Pac-12 was only 4.  We nearly had that many by ourselves.  The Big XII has only one.  Ohio State has zero.



UGA Georgia Bulldogs in the NFL Draft are # 14 All-Time UGA with 320 NFL Draft Selections.

75 of the latest 76 NFL Drafts have included one Bulldog.


We have NEVER had an NFL Draft like this one even with our 26 in a row NFL Drafts with The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs having our UGA players drafted.


The Georgia Bulldogs look to have the most NFL Draft Picks this year of all teams.


We already have the most 1st Round NFL Draft Picks ever for us with 3.



Best NFL Draft EVER for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs bettering 2002 and 2013 now 2018 with 3 First Round NFL Draft Picks. I told you Roquan Smith # 8 single digit Chicago Bears just like I said all along. Isaiah Wynn # 23 New England Patriots. # 31 Sony Michel New England Patriots. 3 UGA Bulldogs 1st Round NFL Draft Picks 2018.



75 of the latest 76 NFL Drafts have included one Bulldog but we have NEVER had an NFL Draft like this one even with our 26 in a row NFL Drafts with The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs having our UGA players drafted.


  1. Roquan Smith # 8 single digit Chicago Bears just like I said all along.
  2. Isaiah Wynn # 23 New England Patriots.
  3. # 31 Sony Michel New England Patriots 3 UGA 1st Round NFL Draft Picks 2018


$18.5 million 4-year contract Roquan Smith plus signing bonus $11.5 million

$11.5 million 4-year contract Isaiah Wynn plus signing bonus $6.5 million

$9.6 million 4-year contract Sony Michel plus signing bonus $5 million





The Atlanta Falcons took Calvin Ridley with the 26th pick.


10 of the first 32 NFL Draft Picks are SEC and Roquan Smith is the # 1 player in The SEC drafted.


UGA Georgia Bulldogs in the NFL Draft are # 14 All-Time UGA with 316 NFL Draft Selections.


The Georgia Bulldogs look to have the most NFL Draft Picks this year of all teams.


We already have the most 1st Round NFL Draft Picks ever for us with 3.


It could have been 5.


We are expecting 2 early picks tonight at 7 p.m.



Mr. Irrelevant has included one Georgia Bulldog born in Germany back in 1985. But the Falcons before this draft had never had a Mr. Irrelevant. 26th year in a row an UGA is drafted in the NFL Draft. But even more impressive is that 75 of last 76 NFL drafts have included a Georgia Bulldog. I am hoping for DOUBLE-DIGIT Bulldogs to be drafted. Clearly there will be more UGA Georgia Bulldogs drafted than every other single school this year. 8 p.m. tonight.



Mr. Irrelevant could include an UGA Georgia Bulldog 2018.

Falcons never before did have the last pick in the NFL Draft.  This year we have poor draft picks but kept our early round draft picks so they are at least where they are supposed to be.

Donald Chumley was selected in the 1985 NFL Draft with the last pick and he went on to nothing career but did end up becoming a head football coach at Savannah Christian Raiders after 20 years.  He also played one year in the Canadian Football League CFL Calgary.

Mr. Irrelevant is given a trophy much like the Heisman Trophy except with the statue FUMBLING the football called the Lowsman Trophy.


Some of the last NFL Draft Picks have gone on to some glory in the NFL.  After all it is quite an accomplishment to be drafted in the NFL Draft.


The Georgia Bulldogs look to have the most NFL Draft Picks this year of all teams.

This will be the 26th in a row NFL Draft where UGA Georgia Bulldogs are drafted.

75 of the last 76 years back to 1942 UGA Georgia Bulldogs have been drafted.





This year’s NFL Draft features Roquan Smith whom an NFL team could build their defense around for the next dozen years until 2030 and he will NOT be on the board very long – far higher selection than given credit prior to today.  I think he will be off the board in a single-digit selection.


The NFL Draft starts today the 26th Thursday 8 p.m. and concludes with the Falcons choosing Mr. Irrelevant 28th for the 1st time in Falcons’ history.




UGA Georgia Bulldogs in the NFL Draft are # 14 All-Time UGA with 316 NFL Draft Selections.





KIRBY GAGGED FRESHMEN ? I DON’T THINK SO : Twitter JUSTIN FIELDS : “I just want to thank all of the Dawg fans for coming out and supporting the team yesterday! Best fans in the country by far! #GoDawgs” That sound like Justin Fields has some God Damn GAG order ?

We are having fun here at Georgia and Justin Fields twitter feed about how great our fans are is more fun for Georgia on social media.  Obviously Justin Fields had a GREAT GAME on national TV  millions watching.


Bulldawg Illustrated said Justin Fields did NOT have a great game.


Sure he did.


The PRESSURE is ON Jake Fromm and he did not do well in that game not nearly as well as Justin Fields.


Now after the game Justin Fields true frosh takes to TWITTER and thanks all Georgia fans for the being the very best fans.


Good stuff.


Good work Justin Fields.


Kirby has to LOVE it.





We are at FULL POOL 1071.6 feet Lake Lanier. We were at 1058 Feb 2013 and 1060 Dec 2016 so this is GREAT NEWS.


Full Pool




It’s OUR WATER.  It belongs to us.  It starts here.  It’s OURS.


Florida tried to say it was their water in Lake Lanier.  Alabama too said that Atlanta had NO RIGHT to have Lake Lanier.


Yeah we do.




I tried to tell you that all along.


Full pool 1071 feet.


We last were at Full Pool February 2016 so it has been a long hard grueling climb back up to there for all the rest of 2016 and all of 2017 and now 2018 to make it back to February 2016 when we last were at Full Pool 1071.


This is great for everything at Lake Lanier and the state of Georgia.


1071.6  Lake Lanier highest in a long time




Kirby Smart QUOTE on Justin Fields’ amazing performance in the G-Day Game 2018 winning the game as a result of his heroics : “Justin Fields has gotten better. Justin Fields has gotten more comfortable in the offense but I’ll be honest with you it’s not like he’s been behind with the offense from Day 1. Justin Fields has done such a good job coming in and learning. It’s not like it’s been a growth process. He’s never been behind with the offense from Day 1. Justin Fields has gotten more confident and is able to move around in the pocket and create some things when things break down.” KIRBY QUOTE


There will be no stopping the calls from fans to get Justin Fields ON THE FIELD after the G-Day Game 2018 where Justin Fields lead his Black Team to Victory. Kirby has too many second-team players who should be STARTING. And it cost Kirby in the game watching as really the red team first team offense was outmanned all day long by the black team second stringer offense supposedly worse players – the QB – the OL – the receivers. Thus Justin Fields WINS and now the screams are loud and wide that Justin Fields can FIX # 105 Passing Offense of all last year with Jake Fromm. By the way prior to the G-Day Game I stated that THIS IS EXACTLY that which would happen; and did : And, that NOW I would state I told you so.

Kirby will have to do something about that or the press will be relentless with Kirby Smart that they believe the second-teamers are in fact the real STARTERS.


Kirby loves it when the press does that.


Expect Kirby to do all he can to curtail and nip that in the bud by doing all Kirby can do to PREVENT Justin Fields from all this hype.


Yeah I think Kirby will do that.


ESPN main channel states that Justin Fields should be STARTING rather than a QB who in fact is # 105 in the nation in passing Jake Fromm.


I know this : Justin Fields is a better QB than Jake Fromm – so says Jake Fromm.


I TOLD you so.



Jake Fromm 3 of 12 on 3rd Down G-Day Game while Justin Fields 8 of 16 on 3rd Down Conversions some of those on long runs by Justin Fields one a 22 yard scramble. Despite having Jake Fromm the # 1 OL Terry Godwin Isaac Nauta Charlie Woerner Mecole Hardman Jr. it was the BLACK TEAM led by true frosh QB Justin Fields # 1 overall player in the nation 2018 recruiting class according to ESPN. It was PLAIN for ALL to see with their own eyes Justin Fields WON the STARTING QB JOB based on what we saw today with our own damn eyes. I don’t know what you saw. That’s what I saw this fine Spring Day.




Jake Fromm who last year went to the line of scrimmage with a resolve to get the ball downfield this year was frazzled and LOST HIS JOB to Justin Fields who outshined Jake Fromm in every conceivable fashion.

And our new quarterback is the 3rd True Freshman Starter in a ROW for Kirby Smart in his 3rd season to begin his career as head coach.


Say hello to Justin Fields.


He is a big boy.


He can make ALL the throws.


He runs very well.


Justin Fields STOLE THE SHOW as millions on ESPN main channel surmise that Justin Fields is Georgia UGA Bulldogs’ quarterback 2018 season.


I told you so.



Today G-Day Game 4 p.m. ESPN and free admission Kirby : “I’m excited to see what Justin Fields does. I’m excited to see what Jake Fromm does. I think the receivers have been a little ahead of the defensive backs and if that continues Saturday and it could there could be some points scored out there.”



Macon.com Jason Butt


One of the problems Jason Butt has is that his site believe it or not is NOT FREE ACCESS.  That model has long since gone by the wayside.




I will be rooting for the BLACK TEAM tomorrow and I hope that they WIN. THIS is what is BEST for the team despite the fact that KIRBY’S STARTERS are on the RED TEAM OFFENSE. Those are the WRONG CHOICES and I hope to HIGHLIGHT THAT after tomorrow’s G-Day Game 2018 UGA Georgia Bulldogs and say I TOLD YOU SO again.



I am expecting big goings-on in this G-Day Game tomorrow which should produce tremendous pressure on Kirby to make proper decisions on his offense specifically about which led to us to being # 105 passing offense last year that cost us dearly trying to just cram the ball down throats against top defenses telegraphing our offense.


We ran 1st Down

We ran 2nd Down

We sometimes threw on 3rd Down


We threw the God Damn football but 31 percent of Kirby’s offensive play calls last year including in the national championship game and LOST.


It was a FAILED strategy.


Justin Fields needs to throw the ball down the God Damn Field tomorrow and every game this season.


If Jake Fromm does not then he is going to be replaced by someone who can and will throw the ball better than Jake Fromm’s # 105 Passing Offense in all the games of last season.


Jake Fromm has to know that # 105 Passing Offense he put-up all of last season is not acceptable.  He HAS to feel the pressure to fix that.  Yes he is accurate.  What good is that if he DOES NOT throw it ?




Top 5 Greatest True Freshmen All-Time. Justin Fields is this caliber player. Has there been ANY indication from Kirby other than Justin Fields is going to play 2018. Well is there ?



# 5 Running Back Ron Dayne of Wisconsin 1996 finished freshman season with 2109 yards # 14 most ever 21 TDs.  325 carries and averaging 6.5 yards per attempt.





# 4 Safety Kenny Easley UCLA 1977  set school freshman record with 93 tackles 9 interceptions named a first-team All-Pac-8 only player in league history to be a four-time first-team all-conference selection.  You don’t WASTE a year like that.





# 3 Linebacker Andy Katzenmoyer Ohio State 1996 1st true freshman in school history to start a season opener at linebacker. All-Big Ten pick and a second-team All-American that season 85 tackles 12 sacks 23 tackles for loss and four interceptions. The sacks and TFL totals are school single-season records for a linebacker.  Kirby blow a year like that for nation’s # 1 QB and # 1 overall best player 2018 according to ESPN?   No way.





# 2 Running Back Adrian Peterson Oklahoma 2004 FBS freshman-record 1925 yards 15 rushing TDs consensus All-American 2nd in the Heisman voting eleven 100-yard games and three 200-yard games led Big XII in rushing and led the nation with 325 carries.


# 1 Running Back Herschel Walker Georgia 1980 Vince Dooley said “No freshman is going to start for me.” Recognized as the # 1 player of all-time in college football unquestioned.  Would start out to right bottled-up cut back against grain out-rush defense to other sideline with no hint of a passing game or any other weapon just stop Herschel.  1616 yards 15 TDs four 200-yard games Georgia won the national championship 1980 his freshman season because of just only Herschel Walker. One-man band on offense named  1st Team Associated Press All-American 3rd in the Heisman voting pocketed $ 5 million he still has of President Donald Trump’s money.  At the time Vince Dooley was embroiled in DUMP DOOLEY as the Railroad Tracks Junkyard Dawgs wanted ERK RUSSELL to be the head coach.  Had Vince Dooley not put-in Hershel down losing to vols he never runs over Bates and we never win the national championship.  It is the only national championship universally recognized for Georgia although we have six national championships two by Charley Trippi by the VERY SAME POLLS Georgia Tech claims 6 national championships in football.  Unbeaten.  Untied.  Unbelievable. Beat Notre Dame who we are undefeated against all-time for the national championship with an injury no other player would have played with.  There have been many memorable Georgia Bulldog performances by freshmen.  Frankly we could have had one last year. Herschel Walker has world-class speed 4.28 but he does NOT throw the football and Justin Fields does 4.51 Justin Fields 40-yard dash 75 inches tall 221 lbs. faster taller bigger than our other players all-time other than Herschel Walker who was a LOAD too with speed but NOT the arm.


Come see his arm day after tomorrow.  This is a once in a lifetime QB for Georgia UGA Bulldogs.  I love Jake Fromm and told you about him in the Little League World Series with his accuracy 16 strikes in a row and hit 3 home runs.  I told you about him at the time when it was happening and watched EVERY minute of it live.  Mark Richt was NOT even going to give Jake Fromm a scholarship offer and in fact did NOT.  But he is NOT Justin Fields now is he ?  # 105 passing offense 2017-2018 season.  THAT will NOT happen 2018 season with Justin Fields.  Why do you think he came here ?  To ride the God Damn bench ?  Well ?


This is why Kirby has no choice but to play Justin Fields : Justin Fields 6′ 3″ Harrison 221 lbs. per ESPN Nation’s # 1 recruit happens to also be # 1 Dual-Threat QB prospect but # 1 overall prospect in nation CAN NOT BE HELD BACK


The day after tomorrow all eyes will be on Justin Fields.  This is NO FLUKE.












Look I don’t have a problem if Kirby is tough-love. It did NOT work for Rodney Garner. I would not say it assisted Kirby with Jacob Eason either for example. And I think that Justin Fields GOT ON KIRBY’S CASE privately for Kirby’s comments about Justin Fields hitting a God Damn WALL a week’s worth of practices under his belt in this RUN HAPPY OFFENSE of Kirby. What MY PROBLEM is is his GOD DAMN BULLSHIT he feeds the press and all the crap about keeping it secret so no one can second-guess Kirby on this FAILED OFFENSE of his 2016 and 2017 refusing to allow us to throw the ball. Run 1st Down. Run 2nd Down. Pass SOME OF THE TIME on 3rd Down 31% pass plays all 2017-2018 season # 105 Passing Offense. Kirby thinks he can gag the press gag the players gag all his coaching staff but he sure as shit can NOT gag me.

That’s the problem I have – NOT that Kirby is tough-love but that he THINKS he can CONTROL what I know and don’t know about our football program I hired him to fix.


We are NOT here to spy on Kirby with his one year’s experience with an offense anywhere 2005 Mark Richt’s running backs’ coach.


We are all of us PULLING in the SAME DIRECTION as Kirby SHOULD BE.  I have no idea why Kirby sees us loyal Bulldog fans and dedicated press as offside to him and to everything Georgia.  No we are NOT Kirby.  We’d like to HELP you with your offense.


You OBVIOUSLY need our help on offense Kirby.





85 on Scholarship 17 April 2018 four days before G-Day Game

2 QB (2)- Jake Fromm (So), Justin Fields (Fr)


5 RB (5)- D’Andre Swift (So), James Cook (Fr), Brian Herrien (Jr), Elijah Holyfield (Jr), Zamir White (Fr) I see little reason Zamir White can not petition for medical redshirt 2018 either.  Kirby is holding off on that.  That would be a mistake to risk Zamir White who needs a year AT LEAST to recover fully but I list him on the list of 85 today.


5 TE (5)- Isaac Nauta (Jr), Charlie Woerner (Jr), Luke Ford (Fr), Jackson Harris (Sr),  John FitzPatrick (Fr)


11 WR (11)-  Tommy Bush (Fr) Mecole Hardman Junior (Jr), Riley Ridley (Jr), Jeremiah Holloman (rsFr), Kearis Jackson (Fr), Akhil Crumpton (Sr), Terry Godwin (Sr), Michael Chigbu (Sr) takes medical redshirt in my opinion after no catches 2017, Jayson Stanley (Sr), Tyler Simmons (Jr), Trey Blount (rsFr), Matt Landers (rsFr)


15 OL (15)- Andrew Thomas (So), Jamaree Salyer (Fr), Ben Cleveland (So), Trey Hill (Fr), Cade Mays (Fr), Isaiah Wilson (rsFr), Netori Johnson (So), D’Marcus Hayes (Sr), Warren Ericson (Fr), Kendall Baker (Sr), Lamont Gaillard (Sr), Solomon Kindley (So), Justin Shaffer (So), Owen Condon (Fr),  Sam Madden (Medical Redshirt Jr no longer counts toward 85 keeps his Scholarship), Pat Allen (Jr)


13 DL (13)- Daquan Hawkins-Muckle (Sr), Jonathan Ledbetter (Sr), Michael Barnett (Jr), Michail Carter (Jr), Tyler Clark (Jr), David Marshall (Jr), Julian Rochester (Jr), Justin Young (Jr), Malik Herring (So), Devonte Wyatt (So), Jordan Davis (Fr), Tramel Walthour (Fr), Chris Barnes (Sophomore moved from OL April 14 of 2018)

17 LB (17)- Adam Anderson (Fr), Quay Walker (Fr), Brenton Cox (Fr), Azeez Ojulari (Fr), Otis Reese (Fr), Nate McBride (So), Monty Rice (So),  Channing Tindall (Fr), Keyon Brown (Sr), Rashad Roundtree (Medical Redshirt Sr no longer counts toward 85 keeps his Scholarship), Juwan Taylor (Sr), D’Andre Walker (Sr), Tae Crowder (Jr), Jaleel Laguins (Jr), Walter Grant (So), Jaden Hunter (So), Robert Beal (rsFr)


14 DB (14)- Tyson Campbell (Fr), Deandre Baker (Sr), Jarvis Wilson (Sr), Tyrique McGhee (Jr), J.R. Reed (Jr), Tray Bishop (So), Richard LeCounte (So), William Poole (So), Ameer Speed (So), Eric Stokes (So), Mark Webb (So), Latavious Brini (rsFr), Chris Smith (Fr), Divaad Wilson (Fr – ACL March 2018 obvious medical redshirt as I see it 2018), Nadab Joseph (Fr)


3 K/P (3)- Rodrigo Blankenship (Jr), Marshall Long (So), Jake Camarda (Fr)


85 –   I do NOT list players not on the team right now April 17 2018 as I am trying to get to 85 when DeAngelo Gibbs is NOT here.  Likewise I do NOT list Natrez Patrick whom I consider abdicated his Scholarship here – on the team practicing – but as WALK-ON until such time as he is reinstated and his Scholarship awarded again but NOT today if you give him his Scholarship 2018 then 86.  These guys are huge and I wish I was counting them making it 88.  But it is not 88 because of these including now Michael Chigbu whom I am granting medical redshirt to too.  Divaad Wilson I am petitioning the NCAA now for a medical redshirt 2018.



G-Day Game 2018 next Saturday FREE ADMISSION 21 April 2018 at 4 p.m. and on ESPN main channel # 846 Comcast. Gate 10 Bridge Tate Center is CLOSED. Given seating section pass at other gates.

The game should be over by 8 p.m. just after dark and the new scoreboard is finished so we should have seen that Justin Fields is THE STARTER 2018.


G-Day Game  UGA Georgia Bulldogs 2018.



“Justin Fields AND Jake Fromm performed well in the scrimmage today” Kirby said to Kelsey Russo of The Red and Black student newspaper noting “the offense dominated during the third-down period.” Are you concerned Kelsey that that is the fault of our defensive backs ? Or Kelsey do you see that as a sign of our strength of our passing game which made up only 31 % of all of Kirby’s plays all last season the # 105 passing offense. Kelsey you owe further questioning or are you AFRAID of Kirby Kelsey ? WTF ?

Kirby continued the defense did well against the RUN.


So :


(1) Both Quarterbacks performed well in the scrimmage today

(2) The Offensive passing game had “explosive plays” Kirby told Kelsey

(3) The offense dominated during the 3rd down period meaning run run pass Kirby again 2018

(4) The Defense stopped the RUN

(5) Georgia Bulldogs’ running back D’Andre Swift will NOT play until Fall with groin pull

(6) Kirby can NOT control what WE SEE Saturday at 4 p.m.



I remain not into this bullshit of Kirby being the only source of how we’re doing.  He has been caught red-handed with complete and utter lies about the answers he gives us anyway.


Why ask him ?


Kirby has not had an explosive offense since he got here.


Clemson does.


Trevor Lawrence won the STARTING job at QB for Clemson 2018 today.




Georgia is coming off 2 seasons of FAILED OFFENSE in a row so far for Kirby’s career.


Kirby had a hell of a great defense 2017.


There were concerns in that secondary as well – as seen in the national championship game yet again costing the game.  That and THEIR quarterback made plays and our QB did NOT having him instead try to sit on the ball take the air out of the ball although had scored 4 of the first 5 scores ahead 20-7 and LOST as a direct result thereof.


The question is what are we doing to FIX that ?


Kirby we will see for ourselves Saturday evening 4 p.m.  Explosive plays on offense Kirby ? What does THAT mean ?  That your secondary sucks ?  That your quarterbacks THREW the ball deep on your secondary ?  That your running game is no good without D’Andre Swift ?


Answers in person 4 p.m. Saturday evening for ALL to see Kirby.


I am presuming that Justin Fields IS THE REAL DEAL.


That’s my guess.


What’s yours ?


I do like this schedule where we at least are starting 2 guys on the OL I said one of which should have started 2016 and the other of which I said should have started 2017.  This is good.  We’re ahead on that schedule.  Not ahead of my schedule of that schedule but ahead of my prediction that Kirby would NOT get his best OL out there 2018 either based upon Kirby’s poor choices on the OL 2016 and 2017.


We hold our offense back.


That’s Kirby.


And we LIE about it.


That’s Kirby too.



HOW DO YOU FEEL about what you are being TOLD and NOT TOLD specifically about the offense which Kirby has no prior experience except one year as Mark Richt’s running backs’ coach ?


Kirby gags not only the players and the press but the coaches too.


I for one am looking forward to Saturday evening 4 p.m. to see for myself.


Kirby Quotes.


I for one stand-up to Kirby on his bullshit of his on his failed offense.  I hold Kirby responsible for the failure of his offense.


All we had last season was a defense and Nick Chubb and Sony Michel.




Mark Andrews reader asks : “WHY NOT REDSHIRT JUSTIN FIELDS since he could potentially be backup one year with three remaining as starter?”

Mark Andrews you are a dumbass at best.  Jake Fromm just finished his true freshman season.  Jake Fromm was # 105 passing offense with only 31 percent of his plays passes.  Jake Fromm was accurate and runs the ball well but the facts are that our offense with Jake Fromm was predicable and a poor passing attack.  Wasn’t it Mark Andrews ?  Justin Fields all Spring has SPLIT the snaps with Jake Fromm and has done everything equally or better as the nation’s # 1 overall prospect according to ESPN.  Then you say :


“REDSHIRT Justin Fields 2018 so that Justin Fields is our backup one year with three remaining as starter.”


Jesus Christ make up your God Damn mind.


If Jake Fromm is that much better than Justin Fields then presumably you expect Jake Fromm to be drafted by the NFL after 2 more seasons – this upcoming 2018 and then next year 2019 as the # 7 best QB in the nation 2017 as Jake Fromm is ranked by ESPN.


But Justin Fields is NOT drafted by the NFL after his first 3 seasons out of high school ?


Jake Fromm is Justin Fields is NOT Mark Andrews states.


Jake Fromm ESPN 2017 ranked # 132 overall prospect and # 7 QB

Justin Fields ESPN 2018 ranked # 1 overall prospect and # 1 QB



Your question is only 2 sentences.


Can’t you keep consistency among the 2 sentence question Mark Andrews ?


I hate dumb shits truly I do.


I can’t wait to hear your excuse for THIS ONE Mark Andrews.


Look dimwit Justin Fields PLAYS 2018.


I say he STARTS during this 2018 season.  It would be by the way the 3rd year in a row Kirby in his first 3 years as our head coach started a true freshman QB.


You have had all Spring to figure it out just how great Justin Fields is.


NOW you say ah redshirt Justin Fields.




We could have redshirted Jake Fromm AND Jacob Eason 2018 though.


By the way Mark Andrews Seth Emerson TOLD YOU that you can NOT REDSHIRT Justin Fields 2018 as well.


Mark Andrews you are a dumbass to think we can REDSHIRT Justin Fields 2018 like Mark Richt did Knowshon Moreno so that we only saw Knowshon for 2 years.  Redshirt Justin Fields 2018 and you will see the nation’s # 1 overall prospect 2 years next year 2019 and then 2020.  How that translates into 1 year as back-up and 3 years as starter is beyond conjecture Mark Andrews.


Mark Richt would have done that Mark Andrews.  Any chance you are in fact not Mark Andrews but Mark Richt.


Perhaps Mark Andrews is a better judge of talent and Jake Fromm did not throw only 31 percent of his plays all season for # 105 passing offense as the # 7 QB and # 132 overall prospect and despite all proof as well that Justin Fields can NOT be denied 2018 and PLAYS – in fact becomes the STARTER at QB says I in this up-coming 2018 season.


Thanks for the laugh Mark Andrews.


Redshirt Justin Fields 2018 play as back-up 2019 then plays 2020 2021 and 2022 who will be making MILLIONS long before that.


Everyone has opinions – good luck living-up to your statements today Mark Andrews.


There is no way in hell Justin Fields doesn’t do what he has done all Spring and that is to compete heads-up with Jake Fromm since the moment he arrived on campus as 2 previous true freshman starters at QB for Kirby did BOTH Kirby’s first two seasons here as head coach.


Justin Fields will NOT be only 31 percent of his plays passes and will NOT be # 105 passing offense 2018.


Bank on it.


If Jake Fromm is not the # 132 overall prospect and # 7 QB who promptly threw only 31 percent of his plays for # 105 passing offense and Kirby were satisfied as you Mark Andrews where is Jake Fromm 2020 ?  When you FINALLY make the nation’s # 1 overall prospect and # 1 QB in the nation using ESPN’s rankings of both instead of your evaluation Mark Andrews Justin Fields the starter 2020.  Where is Jake Fromm then when you make Justin Fields the starter ?  What I saw last year was that Kirby had a pretty darn good Junkyard Dawg Erk Russell Defense 2017 and one sorry passing attack where Jake Fromm really did not run the ball either.


I know what I have seen all Spring.


I see Justin Fields as the STARTER 2018.


Then there is you out there on the limb in contradiction to me and ESPN.






Kirby says today : “Justin Fields and Jake Fromm have done a TREMENDOUS job this Spring feeding off each other honing in on and picking up the offense. Everybody wants to talk about the quarterback position. Both those kids are working extremely hard.” Kirby

“I am very pleased with the progress those guys have made. They are very good leaders – each one in his own right. They are both athletes. People don’t give Jake enough credit.  He was able to do things with his feet last year that hurt people.”


“You want to be able to continue to do that.  That is an asset that you can’t not have at that position and they are all able to do that. I don’t think it is fair to Justin Fields for people to assume that he is some kind of just running back – back there. He plays in the pocket.  He makes decisions.  He changes protections.  He knows what he is doing. He is growing as a player – just like Jake Fromm did last year.


“Those two guys Justin and Jake will continue to make each other better which in the end makes UGA better.”





4-13-2018 Friday 13th April 2018

“The pressure on Zamir White to return quickly from his late season play-offs ACL to help the team should be minimal with the return of D’Andre Swift clear top back while Juniors Elijah Holyfield and Brian Herrien are competing to be the next back and 4-star recruit James Cook arrives this summer.” Seth Emerson today MOUTHFUL but facts are Brian Herrien is NFL bound and Zamir White should NOT be rushed back like dumbass Mark Richt did to Nick Chubb before he was ready.

Zamir White redshirts.


Brian Herrien plays in the NFL.


So too does Zamir White play in the NFL as well but he’s injured and he needs to be given a fair chance to recover.  Jesus Christ.  Have you never had an injury ?




It is really a pleasure to read AJ-C DawgNation Seth Emerson our # 1 beat writer of all-time right now.



Justin Fields gets even MORE praise from Kirby today 4-11-2018 “This week Justin Fields has been very efficient and made good decisions.” AJ-C DawgNation Cy Brown states : “Smart has been effusive in his praise for Fields.” Effusive is a dumbass word which means gushing enthusiastic heartfelt unrestrained gratitude. I told you that when Chipper Towers said he hit a friqin’ wall that day. Such bullshit about the highest-rated NFL prospect on our entire roster God Damn it. Justin Fields plays 2018 – figure it out however many headlines you generate to the contrary Chip Towers AJ-C DawgNation. Got it you little shit ? God Damn Liar Chip Towers.

“Smart has been effusive in his praise for Fields.”  Cy Brown today AJ-C DawgNation :




Kirby has been over-the-top on his praise of his future starter Justin Fields every single moment from the time he signed him and in COMPLETE contradiction to those attempting to paint the picture otherwise and in complete contradiction to the statements about Jacob Eason whom Kirby could not shut-up about ragging on Jacob Eason picking on every little crap he could daily and in fact still is today criticizing Jacob Eason.


Kirby criticized Jacob Eason.  Kirby has been steadfast in his gushing enthusiastic heartfelt unrestrained gratitude for every snap he can possibly get for Justin Fields.


Justin Fields has been THE STORY of this Spring.


He will remain so for 3 years then have a long NFL career as QB in the NFL.  This year and 2 more years after this year no matter how many snaps Justin Fields gets.  Got it ?


Justin Fields is 6′ 3″ from Harrison at 221 lbs. the Nation’s # 1 recruit according to ESPN and who happens to also be not only the # 1 Dual-Threat QB prospect but # 1 overall prospect in nation – who CAN NOT BE HELD BACK.




Not to be denied.


This is NO DJ Shockley as great as DJ Shockley was.  DJ was quite  a bit smaller and had injuries which therefore define his career as a player at all levels because of his slight stature small guy who got BEAT UP at QB by bigger men.  Justin Fields is NOT like that at 6′ 3″ and 221 lbs. in HIGH SCHOOL.


May I remind you again please that it was I who told YOU about Jake Fromm and his accuracy for 4 years now on THIS BLOG right here where I shared about his exploits in baseball throwing 16 consecutive strikes in the Little League World Series where he ALSO hit 3 home runs and ran the bases with aplomb.


He loses his job to Justin Fields because Justin Fields is EVEN BETTER.





WWE Hall of Fame “And have the knowledge and wisdom to know that there is no way in hell that a Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket can ever — and I mean ever — be as badass as a Georgia Bulldog” Bill Goldberg 6′ 4″ and 285 lbs. Georgia Bulldogs’ UGA Defensive Tackle drafted in 1990 NFL Draft playing for the Falcons and playing for the Rams playing in 14 NFL games including one START in the NFL and two time All-SEC Defensive Tackle for The Mighty Bulldogs leading the team in tackles with 121 in 1989 while his 348 tackles is # 9 all-time for UGA.






Luke Griffin – look at this picture of him. He’s not an OL maybe a Tight End with no hands but he is TOO SMALL to play OL 275 lbs. he would NEVER see the field # 386 seriously # 386 prospect – too small

I do not know why Jim Chaney was recruiting him.  We don’t want Luke Griffin on our OL Jim Chaney.


Wake up that is the kind of OL Mark Richt gave us and you saw how he LOST to unranked teams AND lost EVERY big game.


Nice guy but his OL was way too small.





You can SEE he is too small.




Work on catching the ball to play tight end and give me a call later # 386 prospect Luke Griffin as you are NO OL boy.





“I thought both offensive units moved the ball well.” Kirby today about the scrimmage played at the new Billy Payne Indoor Practice Facility with BOTH Justin Fields and incumbent Jake Fromm both impressing Kirby today : “I thought both offensive units moved the ball well.” Kirby

Obviously Justin Fields PLAYS 2018.




247Sports.com Jake Rowe



“I thought both offensive units moved the ball well.”  Kirby



6 p.m. tonight # 4 Softball RPI 31-4 Georgia Bulldogs ESPNU Comcast Channel 883 at Missouri on our way to 17th consecutive NCAA Tournament with # 3 best team batting avg in the nation at .353 and with # 4 best team ERA nationally at 1.02



# 4 RPI Georgia Lady Bulldogs 2018 April 7


Softball Georgia Lady Bulldogs


# 3 Team Batting Avg # 4 Team ERA :




Coaches Poll # 6 UGA :




# 6 USA Today NFCA Coaches Poll 7 April 2018



“It would be a surprise if Georgia’s starting QB Jake Fromm did anything other than embrace an expanded role for the freshman phenom Justin Fields as he continues to grow more comfortable with the offensive system in place in Athens.” 4-7-2018 Michael Wayne Bratton Saturday Down South




ESPN picks Georgia not only to WIN SEC Championship 2018 but to win EVERY GAME all regular season long too. Did you get that ? Georgia BEATS Florida beats LSU Booger McFarland beats Alabama SEC Championship Game beats South Carolina Booger McFarland beats Auburn. So according to ESPN Booger McFarland Georgia UGA Bulldogs are FAVORED TO WIN EVERY GAME this regular season AND FAVORED TO WIN SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME too over Alabama – according to ESPN at THIS URL LINK



Auburn is supposed to give Kirby the best game 2018 regular season with only a 66 % win percentage for Georgia over Auburn while EVERY ONE else ESPN picks Georgia to win by 77 % or MORE including beating Alabama for The SEC Championship back-to-back 2017 as I guaranteed on THIS BLOG this time last year and every day since AND as ESPN guarantees 2018 as well.


I said we are going 12-3 but we could go 13-2 again 2018 if Justin Fields plays EVERY game as I predict AND if more than Ben Cleveland AND Isaiah Wilson START 2018 on the OL as I said Ben should have started 2016 and I said Isaiah Wilson should have started 2017.


As long as Justin Fields does NOT START 2018 and as long as Kendall Baker (LG) and Lamont Gaillard (C) both DO START 2018 we will be 12-3 otherwise 13-2.  Not having Justin Fields start will COST US a game this season AND so will Kendall Baker LG and Lamont Gaillard C COST US a game this up-coming season too.



“Quarterbacks Jake Fromm and Justin Fields worked on throwing short passes to the receivers – both throwing accurate and strong passes. Fromm and Fields also worked on running the ball themselves.” Of course this is where Justin Fields will particularly set himself apart. Kelsey Russo and Michael Hebert The Red & Black




Athlon : “It’s not normal for a quarterback that just led his team to a 13-win season and the national title game to have to fend for his starting job against an incoming freshman. But that appears to be the case and that’s exactly why this is by far the biggest storyline for the Bulldogs this spring.”

“Justin Fields, the nation’s top overall high school prospect (according to ESPN.com), will certainly have his work cut out for him. Jake Fromm’s (above, right) proven track record, along with his poised demeanor and efficient play, will be tough to overcome. However, if the strong-armed, fleet-footed freshman is as good as advertised, this could develop into a legitimate quarterback controversy by the time spring practice concludes.  It will be very interesting to see if Fields has what it takes to make a serious run at the starting job. If he does, Fromm vs. Fields should make for quite the show at Georgia’s annual G-Day game on April 21.”






“Tough road contests against LSU and South Carolina along with cross-division rival Auburn at home and the neutral-field game against SEC East foe Florida.”


“Preseason 2018 now # 4. Georgia”


“Expect Georgia to be a fixture in the CFB Playoff picture under Kirby Smart. The Bulldogs showed marked improvement from 2016 to ’17 and another strong recruiting class is on the way next fall to add even more talent and depth in Athens. D’Andre Swift, Elijah Holyfield and Brian Herrien and freshmen Zamir White and James Cook will be more than enough to keep the ground game firing on all cylinders.”







The elephant in the room is that ESPN states Justin Fields is the finest football player in the United States of America 2018 and now Kirby is giving him equal footing equal billing equal time equal snaps with Jake Fromm who was # 105 Passing nationally last year for Jim Chaney’s play calls only 31 percent of which were passes.

You cannot ignore the fact that Justin Fields is going to play 2018.


I think he is going to START at some point during the 2018 season.


I am basing this on # 105 Passing Jake Fromm last year throwing only 31 percent of his plays passes.  It COST Jim Chaney his job elevating James Coley who is asking a hell of a lot of Justin Fields to ready Justin Fields for the Fall 2018.


The elephant in the room which no one can ignore is that Justin Fields DOES play 2018 and he is a better QB than Jake Fromm according to EVERYONE.



“Justin Fields looks good once again making impressive throws with tight spirals.” Bulldawg Illustrated Steve Conyers 2 April 2018

” Justin Fields looks good once again making impressive throws with tight spirals.”









Happy Easter but don’t give me this shit that the # 1 recruiting class and the # 1 overall prospect as well Justin Fields are not ready to play 2018. Justin Fields is going to play 2018 this year then next year then the year after that and then he plays in the NFL. We were # 105 Passing Offense last year with Jake Fromm and Jim Chaney. Believe whatever the muck you want to believe but that is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.

Kirby is saying Justin Fields is really fast and moves around very well back there obviously.  Kirby says Justin Fields is very quickly picking-up the offense.  Kirby says what he likes most about Justin Fields is that he continues to improve not letting the good plays so far or bad plays change his even keel.


Kirby has started a true freshman quarterback each of his two previous years and there is every indication that this year is going to be MORE of the same.


# 105 Passing Offense last year for the # 2 best team in America.  Obviously if we had passed the ball better we win the national championship.


You can not be # 105 in Passing Offense and THAT is why Kirby has accelerated Justin Fields in the 6 practices so far this Spring and why Kirby PROMOTED James Coley to quarterbacks’ coach and offensive coordinator.


ANYONE suggesting otherwise is blowing smoke up your ass.


Trust me we can not continue to pass only 31 percent of the time as we did last year with Jake Fromm and Jim Chaney.


THAT is unsustainable.


If on the 1st 2nd 3rd Down you run run and then pass but not every 3rd Down pass then your percentages are 31 percent of all our plays last year were passing plays.


Kirby HAS to fix that.




# 105 Passing Offense Georgia Bulldogs UGA 2017-2018 season football.

31 % of all our plays all season long last year were passing plays.