ESPN picks Georgia not only to WIN SEC Championship 2018 but to win EVERY GAME all regular season long too. Did you get that ? Georgia BEATS Florida beats LSU Booger McFarland beats Alabama SEC Championship Game beats South Carolina Booger McFarland beats Auburn. So according to ESPN Booger McFarland Georgia UGA Bulldogs are FAVORED TO WIN EVERY GAME this regular season AND FAVORED TO WIN SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME too over Alabama – according to ESPN at THIS URL LINK


Auburn is supposed to give Kirby the best game 2018 regular season with only a 66 % win percentage for Georgia over Auburn while EVERY ONE else ESPN picks Georgia to win by 77 % or MORE including beating Alabama for The SEC Championship back-to-back 2017 as I guaranteed on THIS BLOG this time last year and every day since AND as ESPN guarantees 2018 as well.


I said we are going 12-3 but we could go 13-2 again 2018 if Justin Fields plays EVERY game as I predict AND if more than Ben Cleveland AND Isaiah Wilson START 2018 on the OL as I said Ben should have started 2016 and I said Isaiah Wilson should have started 2017.


As long as Justin Fields does NOT START 2018 and as long as Kendall Baker (LG) and Lamont Gaillard (C) both DO START 2018 we will be 12-3 otherwise 13-2.  Not having Justin Fields start will COST US a game this season AND so will Kendall Baker LG and Lamont Gaillard C COST US a game this up-coming season too.




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