Jake Fromm who last year went to the line of scrimmage with a resolve to get the ball downfield this year was frazzled and LOST HIS JOB to Justin Fields who outshined Jake Fromm in every conceivable fashion.

And our new quarterback is the 3rd True Freshman Starter in a ROW for Kirby Smart in his 3rd season to begin his career as head coach.


Say hello to Justin Fields.


He is a big boy.


He can make ALL the throws.


He runs very well.


Justin Fields STOLE THE SHOW as millions on ESPN main channel surmise that Justin Fields is Georgia UGA Bulldogs’ quarterback 2018 season.


I told you so.



Today G-Day Game 4 p.m. ESPN and free admission Kirby : “I’m excited to see what Justin Fields does. I’m excited to see what Jake Fromm does. I think the receivers have been a little ahead of the defensive backs and if that continues Saturday and it could there could be some points scored out there.”



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One of the problems Jason Butt has is that his site believe it or not is NOT FREE ACCESS.  That model has long since gone by the wayside.