There will be no stopping the calls from fans to get Justin Fields ON THE FIELD after the G-Day Game 2018 where Justin Fields lead his Black Team to Victory. Kirby has too many second-team players who should be STARTING. And it cost Kirby in the game watching as really the red team first team offense was outmanned all day long by the black team second stringer offense supposedly worse players – the QB – the OL – the receivers. Thus Justin Fields WINS and now the screams are loud and wide that Justin Fields can FIX # 105 Passing Offense of all last year with Jake Fromm. By the way prior to the G-Day Game I stated that THIS IS EXACTLY that which would happen; and did : And, that NOW I would state I told you so.

Kirby will have to do something about that or the press will be relentless with Kirby Smart that they believe the second-teamers are in fact the real STARTERS.


Kirby loves it when the press does that.


Expect Kirby to do all he can to curtail and nip that in the bud by doing all Kirby can do to PREVENT Justin Fields from all this hype.


Yeah I think Kirby will do that.


ESPN main channel states that Justin Fields should be STARTING rather than a QB who in fact is # 105 in the nation in passing Jake Fromm.


I know this : Justin Fields is a better QB than Jake Fromm – so says Jake Fromm.


I TOLD you so.




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