We are at FULL POOL 1071.6 feet Lake Lanier. We were at 1058 Feb 2013 and 1060 Dec 2016 so this is GREAT NEWS.


Full Pool




It’s OUR WATER.  It belongs to us.  It starts here.  It’s OURS.


Florida tried to say it was their water in Lake Lanier.  Alabama too said that Atlanta had NO RIGHT to have Lake Lanier.


Yeah we do.




I tried to tell you that all along.


Full pool 1071 feet.


We last were at Full Pool February 2016 so it has been a long hard grueling climb back up to there for all the rest of 2016 and all of 2017 and now 2018 to make it back to February 2016 when we last were at Full Pool 1071.


This is great for everything at Lake Lanier and the state of Georgia.


1071.6  Lake Lanier highest in a long time





Kirby Smart QUOTE on Justin Fields’ amazing performance in the G-Day Game 2018 winning the game as a result of his heroics : “Justin Fields has gotten better. Justin Fields has gotten more comfortable in the offense but I’ll be honest with you it’s not like he’s been behind with the offense from Day 1. Justin Fields has done such a good job coming in and learning. It’s not like it’s been a growth process. He’s never been behind with the offense from Day 1. Justin Fields has gotten more confident and is able to move around in the pocket and create some things when things break down.” KIRBY QUOTE