KIRBY GAGGED FRESHMEN ? I DON’T THINK SO : Twitter JUSTIN FIELDS : “I just want to thank all of the Dawg fans for coming out and supporting the team yesterday! Best fans in the country by far! #GoDawgs” That sound like Justin Fields has some God Damn GAG order ?

We are having fun here at Georgia and Justin Fields twitter feed about how great our fans are is more fun for Georgia on social media.  Obviously Justin Fields had a GREAT GAME on national TV  millions watching.


Bulldawg Illustrated said Justin Fields did NOT have a great game.


Sure he did.


The PRESSURE is ON Jake Fromm and he did not do well in that game not nearly as well as Justin Fields.


Now after the game Justin Fields true frosh takes to TWITTER and thanks all Georgia fans for the being the very best fans.


Good stuff.


Good work Justin Fields.


Kirby has to LOVE it.




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