Mr. Irrelevant has included one Georgia Bulldog born in Germany back in 1985. But the Falcons before this draft had never had a Mr. Irrelevant. 26th year in a row an UGA is drafted in the NFL Draft. But even more impressive is that 75 of last 76 NFL drafts have included a Georgia Bulldog. I am hoping for DOUBLE-DIGIT Bulldogs to be drafted. Clearly there will be more UGA Georgia Bulldogs drafted than every other single school this year. 8 p.m. tonight.



Mr. Irrelevant could include an UGA Georgia Bulldog 2018.

Falcons never before did have the last pick in the NFL Draft.  This year we have poor draft picks but kept our early round draft picks so they are at least where they are supposed to be.

Donald Chumley was selected in the 1985 NFL Draft with the last pick and he went on to nothing career but did end up becoming a head football coach at Savannah Christian Raiders after 20 years.  He also played one year in the Canadian Football League CFL Calgary.

Mr. Irrelevant is given a trophy much like the Heisman Trophy except with the statue FUMBLING the football called the Lowsman Trophy.


Some of the last NFL Draft Picks have gone on to some glory in the NFL.  After all it is quite an accomplishment to be drafted in the NFL Draft.


The Georgia Bulldogs look to have the most NFL Draft Picks this year of all teams.

This will be the 26th in a row NFL Draft where UGA Georgia Bulldogs are drafted.

75 of the last 76 years back to 1942 UGA Georgia Bulldogs have been drafted.



This year’s NFL Draft features Roquan Smith whom an NFL team could build their defense around for the next dozen years until 2030 and he will NOT be on the board very long – far higher selection than given credit prior to today.  I think he will be off the board in a single-digit selection.


The NFL Draft starts today the 26th Thursday 8 p.m. and concludes with the Falcons choosing Mr. Irrelevant 28th for the 1st time in Falcons’ history.




UGA Georgia Bulldogs in the NFL Draft are # 14 All-Time UGA with 316 NFL Draft Selections.





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