Bulldawg Illustrated proves it is really just a BLOG and not a good one at that – NOT news outlet with their view that Justin Fields did NOT do better than Jake Fromm. “Jake Fromm stays the starter until Justin Fields proves otherwise.” Good Lord what does Justin Fields have to do to outshine Jake Fromm than what he has done ? Quit with the excuses for Jake Fromm. Jake Fromm had a BAD GAME in the G-Day Game after going # 105 Passing Offense all of last season while Justin Fields was QUITE IMPRESSIVE and CLEARLY the better QB.

8 of 16 on 3rd Down Conversions for Justin Fields while Jake From was only 3 of 12 on 3rd Down Conversions.


“Jake Fromm stays the starter until Justin Fields proves otherwise.”



Savannah Richardson just shows she knows jack shit about what she witnessed Saturday.


Bulldawg Illustrated Savannah Richardson



After a lackluster performance at the 2018 G-Day game many believe Jake Fromm can not keep his Starting Role.


“Despite what most think Jake Fromm appears to have secured his starting position with his performance.”  Bullshit.  Anything but.


“Excuses Jake Fromm with the first team receivers had them instead drop the ball while back-up second-stringer worse QB Justin Fields had WORSE receivers and none of them dropped the ball by stark contrast.”  What a load of horseshit.


“Overall Jake Fromm put together a solid performance despite losing the game to the Black squad.”  That is a completely biased view Savannah.  I am confused Savannah.  Are you Savannah Richardson or Savannah Leigh.  It appears Bulldawg Illustrated is equally confused calling you BOTH NAMES.


“Unfortunately the chemistry isn’t there yet between the receivers and Jake Fromm.”  Excuses.  The chemistry was NOT there last year either with # 105 Passing Offense with Jake Fromm for the second best team in the nation.  Just figure how good Georgia would have been if we could have passed the ball last year.  The fact is that Jake Fromm opened the door for Justin Fields and Justin rushed through the open door and did everything he could to take the job away.


Then Savannah writes a bunch of crap about all the interceptions by Jake Fromm making excuses.


This is what these very same writers did with Mark Richt every game : Make Excuses.


Justin Fields completed a higher percentage of his passes and took off running down the field several times one for 22 yards running rings around the performance of Jake Fromm.


Justin Fields does not need any excuses as he had the BETTER GAME by far than Jake Fromm.


For millions to see on ESPN main channel # 846 Comcast Saturday.


Instead of saying Jake Fromm has plenty of room to grow, Savannah Richardson says Justin Fields does.  Here.  Stick THIS up your God Damn dumbass asshole Savannah Leigh.


Then this dumbass Savannah Richardson summarizes that : “Jake Fromm Seems to have a Secure Job because of WHO he is.”


That is so freaking weak Savannah Leigh.


“With a full year under his belt it’s hard to take this job away from him. It’s even harder to take it away from him when he put together a performance like he did at G-Day. To most it seemed lackluster but in actuality it should show the fans that the team’s in good hands.”  No he opened the door for Justin Fields and after the game Jake Fromm said that Justin Fields had the better game and is the better QB.


Why did you leave that off ?





Jake Fromm did NOT secure his starting job and in fact did anything but opening the door for Justin Fields according to Jake Fromm himself.



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