Paul Johnson and his bullshit flexbone offense is # 43 in won/loss record at Georgia Tech since he got there for the 2008 season. When are folks going to QUIT MAKING EXCUSES for Paul Johnson who has not even been to a bowl game now 2 of the last 3 seasons. He is 61 this year and is 5-7 losing record in bowl games because teams have time to prepare for his chop blocks. Paul Johnson has a LOSING RECORD 9-16 in the STINKING ACC the last 3 years. $ 3.25 million year through 2022 when he would be 66 years old. He’s NOT worth $ 3 and quarter million year. Anywhere else where they cared about football he would be FIRED. A new contract for that ? Bullshit Paul Fish Fry Johnson.

Paul Johnson also PUT Georgia Tech on NCAA Probation 2009 season forcing him to VACATE his 2009 ACC Championship Game win over Clemson.


As we go through this season and TAKE SHIT from EVERYONE about our sorry-assed schedule 2018-2019 remember that I told you this Georgia Tech bullshit football program has NOT PLAYED FOOTBALL after 1957.


61 years of total futility # 49 won/loss record Georgia Tech after 1957.


Why play them ?


They have EVERTYING to win and nothing to lose.


We have EVERYTHING to lose and NOTHING to gain.


We are going to take shit about basically Georgia Tech AGAIN all this year.


If our permanent opponent was Clemson instead of Georgia Tech then we would be deemed as having a GREAT out-of-conference schedule playing # 3 Clemson us # 4 Georgia Bulldogs.


The time when Georgia Tech mattered in college football was a LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG time ago – before 1957.


61 years ago.


Georgia Tech doesn’t care about football.  If they did they would NOT KEEP Paul Fish Fry Johnson.


Compare The University of Georgia with the Georgia Institute of Technology.


# 49 won/lost record Georgia Tech after 1957 and getting WORSE yet Paul Johnson new contract :


# 43 Paul Johnson


NCAA Probation Paul Johnson


6.2 wins per year last 61 years after 1957 Georgia Tech

5.1 losses per year last 61 years after 1957 Georgia Tech


How the HELL is that relevant for Georgia Tech in football after 1957 ?


Georgia Tech has gone 6-5 after 1957 in football # 49 team in the nation.






The DawgBone which only gives you 4 or 5 URL Links anyway has GONE DOWN AGAIN He wants to CONTROL WHAT YOU THINK – this Mr. Blue bullshit artist GONE DOWN TODAY AGAIN TOTALLY STAY DOWN DO US ALL A FAVOR

It’s NEVER been any good providing what it purports it provides URL Links to Georgia Bulldogs’ news.


That is total dog shit.


He provides a SMALL subset he wants to provide you and that is all.


Now it is down all together.


Good riddance.


The Dawgbone Mr. Blue – he gives you some URL Links mostly to pay-per-view sites notably during 8 years of unsatisfactory results refused to provide that news – thinks can control what you think. He wants to CONTROL WHAT YOU THINK – this Mr. Blue bullshit artist GONE DOWN TODAY AGAIN TOTALLY STAY DOWN DO US ALL A FAVOR





9-0 Georgia Bulldogs went to Auburn on the road us as the # 1 team in the nation in the College Football Official Playoff Poll and we NOT ONLY LOST we got BLOWN-OUT @ Auburn 17-40. Auburn was a Top 10 team November 11 when we played them there too. They told us the reason why we had to play there twice in a row was to balance SEC schedule SEC West teams vs SEC East teams. Now Auburn wants us back at their home on even years not odd years. Fine play 2 games @ Sanford in a row now and don’t give me any shit about it.

Auburn was a Top 10 team at home November 11 when they welcomed us to their stadium us as the undefeated # 1 team in the nation.  That was a HUGE ADVANTAGE for Auburn to have us there.  In fact Auburn does not beat us anywhere but there.


That is the ONLY time we have EVER been # 1 in the College Football Playoff Official Poll.  We were on a roll.  We were the best team in the nation.  If Auburn does not have 2 home games against Georgia and Alabama they NEVER are in The SEC Championship Game.


Now that that stretch is OVER Auburn having Alabama and Georgia at their house now they want to change it all.  Fine.  Play here twice in a row at our house and pay that debt back fair-is-fair and I am happy to play any God Damn day you want to play anywhere anytime.  Otherwise go screw yourself Auburn.


58-56-8 Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry


Fair is fair God Damn it.  And unfair is unfair.  We get 2 games in a row @ Sanford or NO you will play this current schedule until the cows come home.


I am sick and tired of being taken advantage of.  And we sit here and rationalize this bullshit.


It is NOT our idea.  It’s Gus Malzahn . So give us our 2 home games in a row or shove it up your ass Gus Malzahn


And get the game out of Jacksonville while you are at it and quit playing Georgia Tech who has not played football after 1957.  Nothing to gain and everything to lose.

# 49 in won/loss record starting 1957 Georgia Tech 383-312-13 how sorry is that ?




“Is the U Miami of Florida really back with Mark Richt ? The Hurricanes won a lot of close games in 2017 but ending the season with that three-game losing streak looked all too familiar.” – including the LOSS to CUPCAKE Pittsburgh 5-7 who should have been 4-8 and that game was not close double-digit loss followed by the beat down of Biblical proportions next LOSING 3-38 then the loss by double-digits once again to end the season. No. This is all too familiar with Mark Richt. It is what he does. Some call it schizophrenic. But Mark Richt is VERY CONSISTENT in this behavior every single year losing to cupcakes and losing the big games. It is what he does since winning and losing is NOT how he is judged he says. A college football head coach. NOT judged by winning and losing. The HELL you say. He sure as SHIT is.


Miami of Florida unseat Clemson in the ACC ?  That’s bullshit.


2008 to 2015 Mark Richt is the # 45 team vs top 15 time game.


# 45 with the average # 7 recruiting class against top 15 time game losing 18 of the 24 such games after 2007 until he was FIRED for it.


And lost to cupcakes every year too.  Don’t forget that.



“Kirby Smart’s Bulldogs fell just short of a national championship last season but it won’t be the last time this program reaches the CFB Playoff. Georgia is primed for another run at the top four in 2018 as Kirby Smart’s team is likely to be favored in all 12 of its regular season contests.” Athlon Sports # 3 team 2018-2019 season.

“Jake Fromm returns under center after a promising freshman campaign. Fromm threw for 24 touchdowns to just seven picks but could be pushed by five-star freshman Justin Fields.”


“Georgia has a favorable path to 12-0 in the regular season – setting up a showdown with Alabama for the SEC title.”



4.Ohio State

3. Georgia

2. Clemson




Courtney Emanuel in her last at-bat at Jack Turner Softball Stadium 2 outs last at-bat for Georgia batting .436 on the season and leading the nation in stolen bases steps to the plate and sends Georgia to the Women’s College World Series for the 4th time and 2nd in the last 3 years with a HOME RUN to beat vols 2-1.

“I came to the plate knowing this was my last at-bat at Jack Turner Softball Stadium here today and I said if the ball is over the plate I am hacking.”


The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs the national # 7 seed will travel to Oklahoma City and play in the Women’s College World Series which begins May 31 Thursday.


48-11 Lady Diamond Dawgs represent The SEC who are the dominant conference in softball 2018 as The SEC has the most wins in the 2018 NCAA Division I Softball Tournament.


Softball Georgia Lady Bulldogs were on ESPN Main Channel this afternoon Comcast # 846.


The tournament culminates with eight teams playing in the 2018 Women’s College World Series at ASA Hall of Fame Stadium in Oklahoma City.


Florida won in 2014 and in 2015 and Alabama won in 2012.    Texas A&M won 3 times none as members of The SEC.  And this is Georgia’s 4th trip to the Women’s College World Series.


Lu Harris-Champer our fantastic softball coach had us 3rd place in 2009 and in 2010 Lu Harris-Champer was 3rd place again but she has never been in the Championship Series between the last 2 remaining teams.


Lu Harris-Champer has a Women’s College World Series record with us at 5-6 so we have done very well.


We are in the UCLA bracket the # 3 seed and we are the # 7 seed.  UCLA in the Women’s College World Series has won 12 times an even dozen.


4 games on ESPN begin Thursday 31 May 2018 at 11 am 1:30 pm 6 pm and 8:30 pm.





Florida Gators are the # 2 seed nationally so we are to play Florida in the 1st Game of the 2018 College World Series.  We are the # 7 seed nationally.  Game 4 is 8:30 p.m. Thursday 31 May 2018.  Winner or loser bracket the next following game for us after 8:30 p.m. Thursday could be against UCLA # 3 seed 8:30 Friday night if that is the loser bracket and 8:30 Saturday night if that is the winner bracket.  Double-elimination Tournament now starting with the Women’s College World Series Softball 2018.


Senior Pitcher Brittany Gray and Senior Outfielder Cortni Emanuel were both just selected in the 2018 National Pro Fastpitch Draft as the 12th and 13th Georgia Bulldogs All-time who were drafted in the National Pro Fastpitch Draft all-time as part of MLB Major League Baseball.


Pitcher Brittany Gray is OUT FOR THE SEASON with injured biceps requiring surgery which she just injured just before the draft ending her career at 60 wins and 2.06 ERA.  You just have to pick her up.  There is nothing that can be done about surgery this late.


The SEC has 42 wins in the 2018 NCAA Softball Tournament and the Pac-12 has 27.  The Big XII has 9 wins.  The Big 10 has 8 wins while the ACC only has 6 wins this entire postseason.  SEC has 2 teams in the Women’s College World Series and both play each other in game 1.  The Pac-12 has 4 teams in the Women’s College World Series.  LSU plays Florida State 3 p.m. Sunday 5-27-2018 to determine the 8th and final team in the 2018 Women’s College World Series.  We are a LOT better in softball than we have been in baseball for quite some time now.





Kirby Smart was asked how he gets his team to ignore all the praise of last year which is OVER and concentrate on our potential for THIS YEAR ? “Be a real butthole on the field : you coach them HARD!”

“Be a real butthole on the field : you coach them HARD!”


Kirby does the SAME to the press.


The press seems convinced that Kirby does not like them.  And I believe some of the players think he doesn’t like them either.


But it’s a LOT better than saying you are NOT JUDGED by wins and losses.


Sure you are.


Which is why only 5 make more money than Kirby while FIRED Mark Richt finds he is not even in the top 25 salaries for college coaches 2018 by STARK CONTRAST.


One knows he is judged by his wins and losses.


The OTHER well he was genuinely surprised he was FIRED for his wins and losses.


Mark Richt STILL THINKS he is NOT JUDGED by his wins and losses.  He is one very mucked-up son of a bitch football coach I can tell you that.


We are ALL judged by that which we do.


If you think you are here for SOMETHING ELSE other than what you do you need to have your head examined or at least need to run into me.


I’ll set you straight.


God Knows I WILL.


I’d say Kirby gets it and Mark Richt NEVER will.


Nice.  That’s what I like to hear Kirby :


“Be a real butthole on the field : you coach them HARD!”


They’re kids.  They do NOT need to be coddled.  They need to be inspired and challenged to be the best they can be on the football field and in the classrooms and in the press – in every part of their life.


You ONLY get one go-round.  When you are dead : You are dead.  There is no after-life.  You’re dead.  It’s over.


We had a chance took the lead scoring 4 of the first 5 scores and sat on the ball refusing to throw it and so for the last game the NC Game and for the season we threw # 105 Passing Offense only 31 percent of our plays 305 of 975 plays as passes.


So we LOST.


Now we have Justin Fields and James Coley to FIX THAT FOR KIRBY this season.


Yesterday is a cancelled check.  Tomorrow is a promissory note.  Today is cold hard God Damn Cash.  Make the most of today.  Do NOT be deterred.  You have to WANT it.    Kids need to learn to want it.  Wanting it is a learned experience.


What have you learned ?


I learned that you are NOT going to win throwing 31 percent 305 of 975 plays to end-up the # 2 team last season with Jake Fromm # 105 Passing Offense for the # 2 team.   God Damn disgraceful and it better get fixed.


I did NOT enjoy going to the Atlanta Falcons Mercedes-Benz Stadium to see us and have this happen to us but the rest of the year was good enough to give Kirby the nod to fix his passing game which I know he can with instead James Coley and Justin Fields as I am firmly focused on fixing our weakest area # 105 Passing Offense for the # 2 team God Awful.


I mince no words and NEVER HAVE.


What kind of a God Damn mealy-mouth are you ?


I am decisive.  I am ALSO right.







Top 10 largest in the nation and 14th largest in the world Sanford Stadium is expanding again 2018 from our 92746 to 93246 not moving up the list and NOT over 100 thousand which it should have been long ago. Race tracks are NOT stadiums. Permanent STANDING ROOM ONLY are included. American FOOTBALL STADIUMS include MANY who have OVERTAKEN Sanford Stadium in recent years while The University of Georgia has DONE NOTHING to keep-up with other Podunk schools or take BACK our rightful position while Podunk schools pass us by. Of course we play FLORIDA every stinking year in God Damn JACKSONVILLE so while it is common to see other venues have 8 and even 9 home games we are stuck with 6 largely bullshit home games by STARK CONTRAST. Combined all our opponents at Sanford 2018 do NOT even have a winning record their most recent year of “football.”

Largest stadiums in the world including standing room only with permanent capacity :


  1. 114000 Rungrado 1st of May Stadium North Korea
  2. 107601 Michigan Stadium was 97 thousand 239 in 1955
  3. 106572 Beaver Stadium Penn State was 83 thousand 370 in 1990
  4. 104944 Ohio State was 91 thousand 470 in 1994
  5. 102733 Kyle Field Texas A&M was 82 thousand 589 in 2013
  6. 102455 Neyland Stadium vols was 80 thousand 250 in 1976
  7. 102321 LSU Tigers was 80 thousand even 1994
  8. 101821 Bryant–Denny Alabama was 92 thousand 012 in 2009
  9. 100119 Darrell Royal – Texas Stadium was 85 thousand 123 in 2006
  10. 100024 Melbourne Cricket Ground
  11. 99354 Camp Nou Barcelona Spain
  12. 94736 Soccer City Johannesburg South Africa
  13. 93607 Southern California Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum was 92 thousand in 2007
  14. 92746 while 2018 is 93246 Sanford Stadium Bulldogs was 86 thousand 117 in 1999


Did I mention that indeed The SEC is really down with BOTH of the top 2 teams in the nation Alabama and Georgia.


Thank you very much.


We really have not done jack shit on our stadium while instead we have stood on the sidelines and watched all these other teams pass us by in attendance per game and in the number of home games not to mention having BIG HUGE GAMES OF great importance while our home slate this season includes :


Austin Peay 8-4 FCS Division 1-AA

Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders  7-6 who quit being FCS Division 1-AA 2000

Tennessee vols 4-8

Vanderbilt 5-7

Auburn 10-4 and # 12 in the Coaches’ Poll after losing Peach Bowl to UCF

UMass 4-8 who quit being FCS Division 1-AA 2011

Georgia Tech 5-6 who has not done shit in college football starting 1957


Motley crew for National Championship Game team last year isn’t it ?  This what we are supposed to spend our monies on 2018 for these bullshit games.  Got it ?


Combined our opponents at HOME at Sanford Stadium still Top 10 nationally stadium are 43-43.  Our opponents at HOME 2018 don’t even have a combined winning record their most recent season of “football.”



# 49 in won/loss record starting 1957 Georgia Tech 383-312-13 how sorry is that ?


We have nothing to gain playing these teams 2018 and everything to lose.




So while we ACT so high and mighty I thought I would point this out this morning.  Everyone ELSE is talking about NOTHING ELSE with regard to us 2018 in case you give a shit what everyone else is saying about us.




“It’s a SICK JOKE” to be FORCED to room together the top quarterback and top running back for the NFL Cleveland Browns ? Shouldn’t the QB and his RB WANT to room together to get you both more on the same page offensively ? Really BAKER MAYFIELD you GOD DAMN dumbass. Do you really think anyone gives a shit Baker Mayfield that you CRIED at your last game – the Rose Bowl LOSS to Nick Chubb and Georgia. Nick Chubb certainly doesn’t care about that but about being on the same page as his QB. Nick Chubb is ALL BUSINESS and you are a GOD DAMN CHILD Baker Mayfield saying it is some SICK JOKE to room you two together. I fully expected and predicted this bull shit from you BAKER MAYFIELD. Why ? Because you have proven you are a total dumb shit.

Jesus Christ Baker Mayfield.  Try to act with HALF as much class as Nick Chubb Baker Mayfield you God Damn dumbass.


I told you so about Baker Mayfield.


What a dumb shit Baker Mayfield.






Texas Longhorns are the # 62 team won/loss record starting 2010 in the struggling Big XII at just 53-48. That’s WORSE than Georgia Tech starting 2010. vols are 50-50 the # 72 team starting 2010. So there is that for this latest 8-year period.

Georgia is # 16 at 77-31 starting 2010 :


Kirby is # 14 at 21-7   :


Alabama is 27-2 after losing Kirby and beat Kirby as the nation’s top team during the Kirby Smart Era at Georgia Bulldogs UGA.


Mark Richt was # 17 after 2007 until he got FIRED for it.


Mark Richt was # 19 starting 2010 until he got FIRED for it :


THAT with the # 7 average recruiting rankings.


Kirby is # 6 and # 3 and # 1 his 3 recruiting classes by STARK DIRECT COMPARISON.


Kirby averages # 3 recruiting class.


Kirby is a LOT better recruiter than Mark Richt of Miami of Florida who is in a better recruiting hotbed there in Florida than Kirby is here in Georgia.


But Texas is just getting its ass kicked.


I thought Tom Herman was a better coach than that.


Tom Herman replaced Charlie Strong who only lasted 3 years all losing-record seasons.


Mack Brown running back at Vandy got injured when he transferred to FSU 1971 and now just has been named to College Football Hall of Fame as a coach but he fell from grace at Texas too.


And Mack Brown SUCKED as Texas Coach starting with his loss in the Rose Bowl to Alabama January of 2010 – in fact BLOWN-OUT by Alabama by 2 touchdowns and a field goal then was forced-out not doing a damn thing starting with this game.


Tom Herman is not doing any better.



Toneil Carter Jr. whom Kirby offered a scholarship to for early enrollment last year then had Coach Dell McGee call his 5 brothers and sisters and parents and tell them the Early Enrollments were full early-on in the recruiting right after Sony Michel and Nick Chubb both said they were returning for their senior seasons is TRANSFERRING from Texas. He is VERY UNHAPPY there. He fumbled the ball all the time. Only 252 yards rushing all season and was a Starter at TB several games. Toneil Carter Jr. was SUSPENDED for the bowl game reportedly for BAD GRADES.

Toneil Carter Jr. only ended-up playing in 9 games.  This is NOT GOOD for a guy who Tom Herman picked to be his Starter several of those 9 games.  Quickly he fell from grace.  Then reportedly his grades went South too.


Suspended for the bowl game at the time when other players with grade issues were suspended for team rules as well.


According to everyone following Texas who had had 3 losing seasons in a row before 7-6 last year with Tom Herman – the problem that cost Toneil Carter Jr. his job was FUMBLES.


You do NOT get suspended 22 December for THAT.


You get suspended 22 December for FLUNKING-OUT.


He is going to have to go to school somewhere where he can make grades of D.


Toneil Carter Jr. pronounced toe nail only carried the ball 25 yards in the Spring Game Texas Longhorns 2018 adding ANOTHER FUMBLE on just 10 carries 2.5 yards per carry and FUMBLED again.


So it appears Toneil Carter Jr. has NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS.


Here now he would have been competing for the Starting Job at TB Georgia Bulldogs UGA for Kirby Smart Dell McGee.


There he seems to have some mad cow disease.


All cows are bad anyway causing Global Warming worse than cars do.


Sorry for all your problems Toneil Carter Jr. but your parents should have named you better and you should have disregarded their BS and stayed the course with Kirby who NEVER rescinded your scholarship he STATED for all to consume.


Early enrollment.


That might have changed.


Now you are unhappy suspended fumbling and making bad grades telling everyone you are transferring.


What not happy with your Spring Game 2018 Toneil Carter Jr. with yet ANOTHER fumble and only 2.5 yards per carry.


How are your grades ?


How did you get to play in the Spring Game ?


You have totally screwed-up your college career Toneil Carter Jr.


And it does NOT appear Texas Longhorn Tom Herman is TREATING you very well either  Toneil Carter Jr.





Softball women advance to Super Regionals against vols. Lady Dawgs HOST next weekend. Lady Dawgs OWN vols winner to Women’s College World Series. Lady Diamond Dawgs 7 national seed so that is why we are HOSTING Super Regional this up-coming weekend 46-11. SEC is twice as good as whomever it is who is the 2nd best softball conference. 66-35 All-Time NCAA Tournament Record.

SEC is kicking some ass in softball again 2018.


Lady Bulldogs are 66-35 All-Time in NCAA Division I Softball Tournament.


10 Super Regionals for us now.  In our 9th Super Regional we won to advance to the Women’s College World Series.  It would be a Major Upset not to again in our 10th Super Regional.


2009 we were in the Women’s College World Series.

2010 we were in the Women’s College World Series.

2016 we were in the Women’s College World Series.


Alabama won Women’s College World Series 2012 and Florida won it 2014 and 2015.


We have never been in the Title Game Series like we were in football 2018 UGA Georgia Bulldogs.


SEC has 10 Title Game Series Appearances and 40 Women’s College World Series Appearances 3 by Georgia.


9 SEC teams move on to Super Regionals.  There are only 8 Super Regionals.


Before the Women’s College World Series.



NCAA Athens Super Regional


  • May 24 (Thu) May 27 (Sun)
    vs #10 Tennessee
    Athens, Ga.


Lu Harris-Champer wins just over 73 and a half percent of her games as a our coach.

Lu Harris-Champer has our team # 3 batting average nationally of .337

Lu Harris-Champer has our team # 9 runs per game nationally of 6.14 runs per game.


9 of the 16 teams in the NCAA Softball Super Regionals this up-coming weekend are SEC teams.  Georgia is 11-6 on the season 2018 against these 16 teams nationally :


2-1 vs vols

2-1 vs Florida

0-1 vs Oregon.

3-1 vs Arkansas

2-1 vs Kentucky

2-1 vs Alabama


We have played 6 of the 16 teams in NCAA Softball Super Regionals 2018 and have a 11-6 record against the field.







37-17 men Keegan McGovern caught fly ball to left rifled throw to catcher Austin Biggar tagging the runner trying to tag-up and score the tying run in the bottom of the last inning against # 6 Arkansas while in softball the women won 12-0 at 45-11 needing a win Sunday at noon 5-20-2018 to advance to NCAA Super Regional Softball 2018.



It was a hell of a play.  If you did not see it you missed it.  It was on SEC Channel 792 this afternoon after lunch The Diamond Dawgs ahead 3-2.


2-1 vs Alabama

1-1 vs # 7 Clemson

1-2 vs # 19 Kentucky

1-2 vs # 5 Ole Miss

1-2 vs # 1 Florida

2-1 vs # 6 Arkansas

# 22 Auburn


# 13 Georgia Diamond Dawgs UGA Bulldogs 2018



2-1 vs South Carolina

3-0 vs Georgia Tech

0-3 Vanderbilt

2-1 vs vols

3-0 vs Missouri


Georgia RPI # 4


# 16 Georgia


# 4 RPI Georgia

# 16 Georgia


37-17 Georgia Men Baseball 2018


Georgia secured a top four seed and a bye in The SEC Baseball Tournament


Georgia beat Arkansas on a bang-bang play at the plate to end the game 19 May 2018 in dramatic fashion. Senior Keegan McGovern caught the fly ball to left field and rifled a throw to sophomore catcher Austin Biggar tagging the runner trying to tag-up on the fly ball and score the tying run in the bottom of the last inning.



# 12 Georgia Lady Dawgs Softball 2018


45-11 NCAA Super Regional if ladies can win Sunday at noon 5-20-2018





Only baseball has more attendance than Collegiate Football and they have 162 games plus another 38 games postseason 200-game year while we have at most a 15-game season. So what is the MOST POPULAR SPORT ? Why it’s collegiate football with 47 million 622 thousand 196 attendance and billions worldwide who follow the sport and I do mean follow college football – to my way of thinking the # 1 sport.

I am not biased on this.


So what that a few million more attend baseball than college football ?  They have 200-game season to our 15-game season so they do NOT have a bigger fan base just MORE GAMES.  Too many games to my way of thinking and really even with more than a dozen times more games than college football major league baseball MLB only barely has more attendance than college football.


NFL does NOT come close to college football in total attendance at LESS THAN HALF the attendance of college football.  And again while there are avid NFL fans there are NOT AS MANY as college football.


And we are far more rabid fans in college football obviously than Major League Baseball MLB or National Football League NFL both of whom are PROFESSIONAL SPORTS.  Note if you please that MOST comparisons of attendance detail ONLY professional sports.


They don’t LIKE being put-down by college football as a sport.


I was 10 thousand 500 miles away from Grant Field 5 December 1981 in Sydney New South Wales Australia yet the local newspaper in Sydney we had subscription to carried an article which stated that Herschel Walker scored 4 tries against rival Georgia Tech which is like 4 scores in Rugby the paper said.  36 rushes for 225 yards and 4 Touchdowns we call it in the 44-7 rivalry match-up blow-out by us in college football.  The article had a picture with caption of Herschel diving-over Georgia Tech’s players into the end zone.


American football has a HUGE FOLLOWING the world over and players in our colleges here come from every nation of the world nowadays.


Indeed college football is a huge sport.  Our fervor for the game as fans especially in the noted SEC Conference is unmatched even by the soccer-mad fans of Europe and South America.  Our fans are MORE INVOLVED and spend MORE TIME outside game time following our sport.


We invest MILLIONS of hours following collegiate football when there is NO GAME just us following our team.


Fans pick a team even if they did not attend any college so swept-up in the intensity of our hated rivalries.


Alabama – Auburn

Michigan – Ohio State

Georgia – Auburn

Texas – Oklahoma

Navy – Army

Clemson – South Carolina

Georgia – Florida

Georgia – Clemson

Georgia – Tennessee

Georgia – Georgia Tech

Michigan – Michigan State

Southern Cal USC – Notre Dame


There are colleges and universities in every suburb of every city on this planet and they ALL are intensely aware of the American Football College Rivalries.


What has baseball got like this ?  New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Socks ?  Is that at all like college football in Major League Baseball MLB ?  Is it really ?


Live American Football games are shown worldwide on ESPN for other nations to watch with their own commentators and their own commercials.


Does the world really give a shit about watching American Baseball ?  It is a boring game. Yes I lettered in baseball every year and was the starting catcher my junior and senior years but baseball pales by comparison with the love of the game college football fans the world over share with me.


Don’t tell me MLB has MORE ATTENDANCE than college football with their God Damn 200-game season to our 15-game season them barely more in attendance even then.


I know what the most popular sport is.


And when I see that College Football is the # 2 sport in attendance without describing # 1 an obvious idiotic article in the first place I know who it is they say with their 200-game schedule has MORE ATTENDANCE than College Football.


Bullshit in 15-game schedule we nearly catch MLB with their 200-game schedules every year by direct comparison.


College Football – the best and the most favored sport a LOT more than the NFL who does have half what college football has for fans and they too have MORE GAMES than college football too.


Part of the charm of college football is that there are so few games.  You can only suffer a mistake game or 2 and still be at the top of the sport.


NFL might lose nearly as many as they win in the year and still be Super Bowl Champions.  How God Damn screwed-up is that ?  MLB always loses well over 100 games and still is World Series Champion.  That’s not the same.  That’s not like College Football.


2011 for example the New York Giants NFL went 9-7 losing twice to the Washington Redskins by blow-out scores both times while the miserable God Damn Washington Redskins were 5-11.  These Washington Redskins losers were 3-11 except beating the Super Bowl Champs two times.  No other team the Redskins beat had a winning record but the Redskins beat the New York Giants twice who then won the Super Bowl.  NO WONDER more fans attend watch follow care about and are obsessed with college football than professional NFL football.


That is not the only example.  There are ALL KINDS of teams who win the Super Bowl of the NFL who LOST 7 games or lost 6 games or lost 6 games or lost 6 games or lost 5 games.  It’s disgraceful.


More than one-third of the 32 NFL football teams make the play-offs every year.  That is bullshit.  Total unadulterated bull shit.  More than 37 percent of all NFL teams make the playoffs.  That is so full of shit.  It’s like racing Daytona or Talladega – anyone can win.  It is not a contest of skill.  It’s not.  Skill is being the best and beating the best while NOT LOSING TO CUPCAKES.  That’s skill.  The NFL has not been about skill when for 3 decades now the NFL includes more than 37 percent of all teams in the playoffs.  They do that to increase fan interest in cities which have no God Damn hope or business in acting like they are # 1 but they might be if they get home field advantage and CHEAT to win a game like the NFL does.  College football we STRIP the cheaters such as USC Southern Cal in 2004 of their national championship # 1.  Is it perfect ?  No.  But we do a  LOT better job than Bluto Senator of Not a God  Damn thing gtp Get the Picture would have you believe cynical bullshit artist.  I like college football.  He can stick it up his God Damn dumbass asshole.  College football is RIGHT.


College Football does a fine job of making me happy following UGA.


The Pac-12 not so much since they have not won a national championship now after 1972.


Now I follow The University of Georgia Bulldogs UGA and we have the world’s greatest mascot UGA.  We played in the national championship game and scored 4 of the first 5 scores in the game trying to SIT on the LEAD and refusing to pass the ball.


Kirby has to fix that this year.  James Coley and Justin Fields can do JUST THAT.



# 2 total attendance last season 1246201 one and a quarter million fans watched UGA

We only had 6 home games.  Miami of Florida Hurricanes had 8 home games for example.







You’ve had a true freshman Starting QB every year Kirby. How do you determine who is your Starting QB Kirby ? “You compete. You let guys come out and compete. I think sometimes you guys think we just make a decision and just go with it. We do what happens in practice. We have scrimmages. We’ve got 25 practices before our first game.”

“We’re excited about those opportunities to find out how much better Jake can get and how much better Justin can get.  Both of them do a good job managing our team. Both of them are great in the locker room. I’m excited to see where they go.”


Kirby Smart quote 5-18-2018

Does that sound like Kirby is going to start Jake Fromm 2018 to you you God Damn fool ?
It does NOT sound like Jake Fromm has won the Starting job  to ME at all.
It can not sound like he has to you either.
To me it would be all 3 of Kirby’s first 3 years as head coach that he chose a true freshman to be his starting QB.
That is what this sounds like to me.

Jake Fromm QUOTE about the stellar performance by Justin Fields in Justin’s G-Day debut : “Justin Fields did great. He ran around made a lot of plays. He did really well for his team and I’m excited to see where he’s going.” You get that ? That is JAKE FROMM saying this. Ok ?




Auburn wants to play home and away on different schedule now. Fine. We had to play @ Auburn 2013 and 2012. So Auburn can play 2 straight games here. That would even it up.


58-56-8 Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry



Just who is Justin Fields really and why is that this blog has stated for some time now that Justin Fields MUST be made STARTER at QB 2018 for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs replacing Jake Fromm # 105 Passing Offense of all last season ?

4.51 Justin Fields 40-yard dash 75 inches tall 221 lbs. faster taller bigger

4.61 DJ Shockley 40-yard dash 73.13 inches tall 214 lbs. slower shorter slighter


ESPN # 1 prospect all positions in the United States of America 2018 Justin Fields # 2 prospect all positions in the United States of America 2018 Justin Fields


Justin Fields is 6 feet 3 inches tall and destined to play every Sunday in the NFL


Justin Fields has this 2018 season then 2019 and 2020 only then NFL

This is true whether he WASTES 2018 here with Kirby or not.


That is what the case was with Knowshon Moreno whom Mark Richt WASTED letting us see him only 2 seasons.  Kirby has made it abundantly clear that Justin Fields plays in EVERY GAME 2018 season coming-up.


So you can GET OVER IT or not now.  He plays.  He plays EVERY GAME.


Kirby has started a true freshman QB every year of his 3-year head coaching career if he starts Justin Fields as his QB this 2018 season.


And he will.


Every word out of Kirby’s mouth confirms every word of this post.


Kirby is NOT holding Justin Fields back.


Sports writers who have told you # 105 Passing Offense all of last season QB Jake Fromm is going to start instead are WRONG.


Jake Fromm is NOT now nor will he EVER be a better QB than Justin Fields.


James Coley and Justin Fields are going to FIX this # 105 Passing Offense of all of last season this up-coming 2018 season.


I told you BEFORE the G-Day Game that Justin Fields would STEAL THE SHOW.


He did.


I told you so.


He also won the game with worse receivers than Jake Fromm had to throw to.


“Justin Fields has competed in all these 7 on 7 and Elite 11 Camps while he scored on 71 percent of his drives and while the rest of the quarterbacks averaged 29 percent.”


975 plays total offense all last season 305 passes  31% of our plays Jake Fromm # 105 Passing Offense


Justin Fields’ best quality is grasping new information digesting it quickly and executing it flawlessly.


It’s not that Justin Fields had 38 touchdowns and 4000 yards of offense in one season.


It’s that we DON’T and that Kirby knows this is Kirby’s weakness.


Kirby WON THE LOTTERY to steal Justin Fields from Penn State Florida Florida State Auburn Alabama LSU TCU vols Texas A&M Michigan State Mississippi State Nebraska South Carolina Texas Oregon Southern Cal USC and Clemson but Dell McGee and Kirby Smart brought him here and NOT TO SIT ON THE GOD DAMN BENCH 2018.


Got it yet ?



Brandon Bam Boykin says Justin Fields is going to be SPECIAL !

Brian Herrien a junior 2018 season only got 63 and 61 carries all of 2016 and 2017 but he led all 5A running backs with 1875 yards his senior season and was named the # 18 best running back in the United States of America. It is my contention from his signing date by Kirby that Brian Herrien DOES PLAY in the NFL. I fully expect Brian Herrien to be the # 20 Georgia Bulldog rushing 1000 yards in a season. In fact we will add several this season rushing 1000 yards this season. Do NOT forget I said Brian Herrien plays in the NFL 62 carries a season so far or NOT. That is ONLY 4 carries so far per game Brian Herrien. He would only need 14 carries game if we play the same number games this season to reach 1000 yards per season and be our # 20 player all-time achieving 1000 yards rushing.

No one tells you this.


Just I here.


So I remind you of this on-going statement I have made for now 3 years that Brian Herrien PLAYS in the NFL as a running back.


And that he gains 1000 yards rushing here at UGA our 20th so accomplished with 1000 yards rushing here at Georgia for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs UGA.


In fact he can go to the NFL after this season.



Brian Herrien led all 5A running backs with 1875 yards his senior season and was named the # 18 best running back in the United States of America.


19 Georgia Bulldogs have rushed for 1000 yards in a season.





47 Georgia Bulldogs UGA players on NFL teams right now and of those 47 on rosters 29 are NFL STARTERS

  1. Jordan Jenkins Starting Linebacker New York Jets
  2. Ben Watson Starting TE New Orleans Saints
  3. Abry Jones Starting DL Jacksonville Jaguars
  4. Ben Jones Starting OL Tennessee Titans
  5. Dominick Sanders undrafted free agent DB Philadelphia Eagles
  6. Isaiah McKenzie 5th round of 2017 NFL Draft WR Denver Broncos
  7. Tavarres King WR Minnesota Vikings
  8. Keith Marshall RB Washington Redskins
  9. Tyler Catalina Starting OG Washington Redskins
  10. Corey Moore Starting Safety Houston Texans
  11. Davin Bellamy undrafted free agent LB Houston Texans
  12. Nick Chubb Starting RB Cleveland Browns
  13. Trenton Thompson undrafted free agent Cleveland Browns
  14. Reshad Jones Starting DB Miami Dolphins
  15. Mo Smith DB Miami Dolphins
  16. Thomas Davis Starting LB Carolina Panthers
  17. John Theus Starting OT Carolina Panthers
  18. Justin Houston Starting LB Kansas City Chiefs
  19. Chris Conley Starting WR Kansas City Chiefs
  20. Ramik Wilson Starting LB Los Angeles Rams
  21. Todd Gurley II Starting RB Los Angeles Rams
  22. Alec Ogletree Starting LB New York Giants
  23. Lorenzo Carter Starting LB New York Giants
  24. Aaron Davis undrafted free agent db New York Giants
  25. Matthew Stafford Starting QB Detroit Lions
  26. Toby Johnson DT Detroit Lions
  27. Cornelius Washington Starting LB Detroit Lions
  28. Reggie Davis WR Atlanta Falcons
  29. David Marvin Kicker undrafted free agent Atlanta Falcons
  30. Quincy Mauger DB Atlanta Falcons
  31. Garrison Smith DT Atlanta Falcons
  32. Geno Atkins Starting DT Cincinnati Bengals
  33. Clint Boling Starting OT Cincinnati Bengals
  34. Cordy Glenn Starting OG Cincinnati Bengals
  35. A.J. Green Starting WR Cincinnati Bengals
  36. Shawn Williams Starting DB Cincinnati Bengals
  37. Leonard Floyd Starting LB Chicago Bears
  38. Roquan Smith Starting LB until 2030 Chicago Bears
  39. Marlon Brown WR Chicago Bears
  40. Javon Wims WR Chicago Bears
  41. John Jenkins DT Chicago Bears
  42. Aaron Murray free agent QB Chicago Bears
  43. Malcolm Mitchell Starting WR New England Patriots
  44. John Atkins DE New England Patriots
  45. David Andrews Starting OL New England Patriots
  46. Isaiah Wynn Starting OL New England Patriots
  47. Sony Michel Starting RB New England Patriots


11 of these 47 were on our roster 2017 season for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs UGA who won the Rose Bowl beating Oklahoma whom UGA is undefeated against all-time.  These now gone 11 also beat Notre Dame at South Bend against whom UGA is also undefeated all-time.  And these 11 beat Florida Auburn for The SEC Championship and beat Mississippi State who was 9-4 and # 19 this past season.  We did lose to Alabama in the College Football Playoff National Championship at Atlanta Falcons Mercedes-Benz Stadium.  But Alabama had had the # 1 recruiting class in the nation 7 years in a row before the game.


I am not making excuses.  But you just can’t say we were expected to win that game.  Maybe we should have but we did NOT keep the pedal to the medal after scoring 4 of the first 5 scores.  It’s not like the Falcons’ loss in the Super Bowl ?  Well maybe it is.  Maybe Kirby can FIX his passing game 2018 ?


Finally after that loss Kirby became the # 1 recruiting class for 2018 this year.


And we gave Alabama HELL in the NC Game scoring 4 of the first 5 scores only to try to sit on it and take the air out of our football.  This while Alabama threw the ball while Kirby and Jake Fromm did not.  For the season and for the game Kirby was the # 105 Passing Offense 2017-2018 season nationally and threw the ball only 31 percent.  In the NC Game we threw the ball only 31 percent of the time.  That defines # 105 Passing Offense of Jake Fromm.  That is too predicable an offense.  Alabama held Kirby’s offense and Alabama passed the ball which Kirby quit doing.  Now of course you can see the 11 lost to the NFL and see the huge requirement that the offense has to be even better 2018 to make up for the great losses to the NFL.  That is a lot to lose after that game to the NFL but we are still damn proud of ourselves.  Hopefully we are NOT stuck in our ways on offense however.


Now we made James Coley Offensive Coordinator and brought-in ESPN # 1 rated overall player in the U.S. Justin Fields.  Justin Fields in every other ranking other than # 1 player ESPN is the # 2 best player in the United States of America.  And Justin Fields is who WON the G-Day Game.  Justin Fields only threw to back-up reserve receivers who aren’t supposed to be our best receivers for Justin Fields.


So we are # 4 or # 6 or the like in every preseason poll for 2018 because Justin Fields according to EVERYONE expects to play in GAME 1.  And because Kirby makes the noise that James Coley is Offensive Coordinator with a more balanced attack than 31 percent passes of not only the NC Game but every game all season last year too only 31 percent passing.  It did NOT work with Jake Fromm handing off against top defenses.  He had to have a game plan of passing the ball.  And he did NOT do that.  31 percent passes is less than run first run second down pass third down.  That would be 33 percent passing plays for Jake Fromm last year.  If you thought it did you are part of the problem.


So we are doing pretty damn well with these 11 latest trying to make it in the NFL from last year’s roster here at UGA and with these 29 NFL Starting Players from UGA and with 47 in total trying to make NFL 53-man active rosters right this moment.  And hopefully we are doing quite well with James Foley and Justin Fields 2018 passing the ball finally here at Georgia for Kirby.  The more we drag our feet on THAT then the more we will miss these 11 gone to the NFL from last year’s roster.  We can’t pass 31 percent of the time and beat top defenses.  If you think we can God help you.


Congratulations to all 47 of these men trying to make the NFL and the BEST OF EVERYTHING to you gentlemen.  We are all mighty proud of you.  We will miss you but we are excited to see the transition of our offense from run first down run second down and run some on third down too to run one pass one offense.






Only a stupid hard-headed stubborn goof would make the OMISSION – a blunder of EPIC proportions – for ANY Bulldog to EVEN THINK that Justin Fields should not be out there on the opening snap playing football 2018. Justin Fields is the FACE of this team 2018 2019 and 2020 then he is gone. Want another Knowshon Moreno ?

Knowshon Moreno

Top 10 running back high school

Top 10 running back high school

6268 yards high school rushing with 128 TD

4.50 NFL Combine Results 40-yard dash (Justin Fields 4.51)

35.5 NFL Combine Results Vertical Jump

100-meter 11.1 state New Jersey high school state title

All-America high school running back recruited by Michigan and Florida for example

6 years NFL so far with ACL surgery says is ready to play again now

Selected by Denver Broncos with the # 12 overall PICK in the NFL Draft redshirt sophomore

Rushing UGA 2007 freshman 1336 yards rushing

Rushing UGA 2008 sophomore 1400 yards rushing

30 UGA TD rushing and several more catching 2 years



Mark Richt did not play Knowshon Moreno his freshman year redshirting him and so we saw him only 2 years rushing for 30 TD and 1368 yards per season then selected 1st Round NFL Draft Denver Broncos # 12 pick.


Justin Fields is BETTER than Knowshon Moreno.


Justin Fields THROWS the football better than Jake Fromm and that is saying something.


Justin Fields BEAT Jake Fromm in G-Day Game yet Jake Fromm had the 1st Team receivers and Justin Fields the leftovers to throw to.


Justin Fields will have the better NFL career.


Justin Fields is the better QB of the 2 on 5 13 2018.


Kirby started a true freshman at QB each of his first 3 seasons if he starts Justin Fields 2018 and there is NOT one God Damn WORD out of Kirby’s mouth on this that indicated anything but that happening.



Let it be said when I am dead and gone that what I said was right.





Bama fans want Kirby to be their next head coach when Nick Saban quits soon but we are paying Kirby $ 7.4 million for the last year of the contract PLUS he can earn up to $ 925 thousand additional per year in total bonuses. So Bama would have to pay him a TON of money to steal him when Nick Saban quits football soon. $ 7.5 million per year would only be $75 thousand more than UGA would pay him in the last year were Kirby to maximize his bonuses too.

Kirby has hurt Alabama’s recruiting by being our coach here in the state of Georgia.  Kirby has a fine defense.  Where Kirby is lacking is not recruiting nor his defense but his offense.  Last season we were the second best team in the nation but only # 105 Passing Offense.


Obviously if James Coley and Justin Fields can enhance our Passing Offense to better than # 105 Passing Offense for this entire year coming-up then Kirby would be known as a well-rounded coach.  Right now he does have that glaring lack of competitiveness in Passing Offense for all of last season at # 105 Passing Offense with Jake Fromm his QB.


Let the speculation begin for Kirby most certainly IS the PICK for Bama fans today to replace the long expected retire of Nick Saban who is two years after Medicare now this season coming-up at 67 years old 2018.  Will Nick Saban still be coach of Alabama during Kirby’s current contract paying Kirby $ 7.4925 million with bonuses the last year of his contract with his alma mater UGA ?


No but Nick Saban does have 6 National Championships.



Georgia won 9 of last 10 games against Georgia Tech in BASEBALL. We are 11-5 against Georgia Tech at Turner Field and now at SunTrust Park. 210-158-2 we have a HUGE ADVANTAGE over Georgia Tech in BASEBALL. Listen to Georgia Tech you would NEVER KNOW all this.

Diamond Dawgs Georgia Bulldogs Baseball


210-158-2 we have a HUGE ADVANTAGE over Georgia Tech in BASEBALL.


Listen to Georgia Tech you would NEVER KNOW all this.


We kick their ass in BASEBALL and ALWAYS HAVE.


We swept Georgia Tech in BASEBALL 2018 all 3 games the one here the game there and the game at Braves Field.


Compare The University of Georgia with the Georgia Institute of Technology


34-14 Georgia Bulldogs BASEBALL 2018 season

27-22 Georgia Tech nerds




We play Florida now today 3 games this weekend.




Alex Scarborough ESPN states UGA # 4 for new season AND “Justin Fields is ready to get on the field right now. Justin Fields is too good an athlete and too capable a passer for Kirby Smart and the coaching staff not to find certain packages.” Well for # 105 Passing team Georgia Bulldogs with Jake Fromm last year that is inarguable.

# 105 Passing Offense all 2017-2018 season UGA Georgia Bulldogs Jake Fromm quarterback



The identity of this team for the next three (3) God Damn Years is Justin Fields.


I will tell you this.  After THAT G-Day Game by Justin Fields with JAKE FROMM STATING JUSTIN FIELDS WAS GREAT…


if Kirby does NOT put Justin Fields out there he will LOSE ANOTHER 5-star QB and this one with 4.51 speed in the 40-yard dash at several inches taller than Jake Fromm.


It would be a gross dereliction of duty on Kirby’s part to not get Justin Fields out there instantly.


Who do I think is the better QB ?


Justin Fields and I LOVE JAKE FROM.


I am not giving a trophy to everyone.  I am putting MY BEST PLAYERS ON THE FIELD.


You do as you like but Kirby has started a TRUE FRESHMAN at QB 3 years in a ROW if he starts Justin Fields too now.



Kirby KNOWS this is EXACTLY the kind of guy Kirby can NOT defend against.  It is Kirby’s weakness that he can NOT defend Justin Fields and others like him.



You might be stupid enough to tell Kirby to NOT START JUSTIN FIELDS : I for one am NOT.



Brandon Boykin says you do not bring in the nation’s # 1 player overall all positions and just sit him down on the bench and waste him a year. “Justin Fields is going to play 2018. I love Jake Fromm but I went to the G-Day Game and Justin Fields my God he’s really good.”

“Was a Great day in Athens. Boys looking good. & Justin Fields is gonna be special special 👀⭐️.”






Big Ten Conference not only shut-out College Football Playoffs followed by bad NFL Draft and now Comcast REMOVED BTN Big Ten Network from its Sports Channels in 36 of 50 states. Compare The SEC with the B1G Big 10 Big Ten Conference 2017-2018 Season : How bad is the Big Ten Conference in football 2017-2018 and who really watches Big 10 ? Who gives a shit about the Big 10 ? Hype the shit of the Podunk conference then it falls on its collective face every God Damn Year. Here are the details : The MYTH of how great the B1G is :

Compare The SEC with the B1G Big 10 Big Ten Conference 2017-2018 Season Football :

SEC both teams NC Game Big 10 no team in College Football Playoffs shut-out

SEC played in 11 Bowl Games the most any conference 2 NC Game both teams

Big 10 only played in 8 Bowl Games shut-out not only NC Game but CFP too

No team Big 10 College Football Playoffs 2017-2018 season SHUT-OUT.

SEC both # 1 and # 2 Final AP Poll 2017-2018 Season Big 10 highest # 5

# 5 is NOT in the College Football Playoffs

# 5 Ohio State LOST twice score OK at home whom UGA beat and LOST Iowa 5-losses

Ohio State therefore NOT in College Football Playoffs SHUT-OUT for Good Reason.

SEC won 13 MORE WINS than Big 10 Out of Conference 2017-2018 season 45 to 32

Coaches’ Poll and College Football Playoff Poll are BOTH SAME AP Poll 2017-2018

Big 10 not competitive at the top of the conferences with Mighty SEC

Overall Big 10 not as many wins out of conference than SEC by 13 fewer wins

Overall SEC 11 Bowl Games Overall Big 10 only 8 Bowl Games 28% worse than SEC

Overall Big 10 also 29 % worse on Out of Conference wins only 32 to SEC 45

SEC 7 Bowl Games Jan 1 or later Big 10 only 1 Bowl Game Jan 1 none later

That 1 was Outback Bowl SEC South Carolina beat shit out of Michigan

1 Bowl Game Jan 1 or later Big 10 LOST to SEC while SEC won 4 Jan 1 or later

4 SEC Bowl Wins Jan 1 or later Big 10 NO Bowl won Jan 1 or later NONE

Jim Harbaugh and Urban Meyer BOTH have a bad heart.

So they like playing pussies EVERY week in the lousy stinking Big 10.

Jim Harbaugh a BUST as a NFL QB with as many interceptions as TD.

.77 QB rating with one and a half fumbles or interceptions to TD passes.

Jim Harbaugh sucks as head football coach too and is way overpaid.

In 14 NFL seasons Harbaugh won all of 4 games after the regular season.

Harbaugh LOSING RECORD post season college football coach too.

134-154-1 Big 10 LOSING Bowl Record All-Time

247-187-9 SEC WINNING Bowl Record All-Time

443 SEC Bowl Games only 289 B1G Big 10 Bowl Games

SEC more than 1 and half times as many Bowl Games than Big Ten.

SEC more than 1 point 8 times as many Bowl Wins than Big Ten.

Not just latest season SEC better SEC always better than Big Ten.

Big Ten is a WORSE Conference in football than SEC.

Isn’t it ?

Why are there no Bowl Games up North ?


Bowl Games The SEC is 52-30 against the Big Ten.

SEC 1 and three-quarters times better in Bowl Games against Big Ten.

NO COMPARISON SEC vs Big 10 is there ?


Big 10 is actually OLDER Conference and has MORE members than SEC too.




2003 LSU NC

2004 * Auburn NC was undefeated and consensus next in line since USC vacated nc game win

2006 Florida NC

2007 LSU NC

2008 Florida NC

2009 Alabama NC

2010 Auburn NC

2011 Alabama NC

2012 Alabama NC

2015 Alabama NC

2017 Alabama NC


11 SEC National Championships in Football starting 2003

1 Big Ten National Championship starting 2003


11 SEC NC football starting 2003 to only 1 Big Ten NC football starting 2003.








National Championships




NFL Draft Picks

Recruiting Rankings

Branded merchandise


Top-ranked teams

Super Bowls Played in

Bowl Games


Super Bowls

Media Coverage

Bowl Games Won

Blog Posts

Social Media

Super Bowl MVP Winners


Sports Writers

TV Personalities

Blog Replies

Party Schools

Hottest Student Bodies

TV Coverage

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TV Revenue

Revenue-Sharing Revenue

College Football

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NFL Draft Picks


Stories on The Mighty SEC

NFL Players

Super Bowls Won

Most Accomplished Conference in Winning Football

Most Valuable Conference

Most Influential Conference

Who won the latest National Championship ?

Oh that is The SEC too.

Who is # 1 this year ?

Oh that too is The SEC ?

Poor little whiny-assed babies, grow-up The SEC is down ?

The SEC in fact is anything but down.

You only dreamed-up this bullshit you call the “Power 5 Conferences” to TRY to make yourselves EQUAL in your wee itty-bitty mind to The Mighty SEC when you KNOW you are nowhere compared to The SEC in ANY measure.  It is The SEC and the NEXT-in-line sucking the hind tit with all the shit all over that tit “Power 4 also-ran conferences” trying wishing hoping praying Christmas Wish you WILL BE this season ALMOST nearly as equal to The SEC – so you BUNDLE us with your utter nonsense conferences chalk full of a LOT WORSE than SEC your conferences WHO BEAT NO ONE and have FAR WORSE WON LOSS RECORDS THIS SEASON TOO than our “worst teams” while your “top teams” are not better than our SEC top teams either are they ?


In 154 all-time meetings the SEC holds an 90-62-2 advantage against the Big Ten.



For 2 decades in a row The Mighty SEC has DOMINATED College Football Attendance.


After the 1st College Football Playoff Big Ten scored zero points.





SEC 10 NFL Draft 1st Round Picks 2018 Big Ten only 4.

SEC 53 NFL Draft Picks 2018 Big Ten only 33.


And now the revenue of The SEC already twice that of Big Ten is going way DOWN for Big Ten with the FAILURE of the Big Ten Network.  Good luck with that no one watching you.



The MYTH of how great the B1G is.


You are The SEC’s bitch and hate it B1G Big 10.


You’re not evenly matched with The SEC B1G Big 10  –  you’re The SEC’s bitch and always have been and always will be.





We were dominated online by a clique who said they wanted their son to play for him. When I asked what ? To win 9 games in a 15-game season ? To lose to the top teams and lose to cupcakes EVERY YEAR too ?

They always said delete that guy’s post.  He is NOT a Dawg fan.  Yes I am.  They NEVER would answer to have their son come here and lose all the games to the top teams and lose to CUPCAKES every year too ?


They thought they could BAN me from talking and bully me.  They did not BAN me from talking.


Did they ?


I FIRED Mark Richt’s sorry ass didn’t I ?  I took these little shits on didn’t I ?  They will go to their GOD DAMN grave KNOWING that I was RIGHT ALL ALONG on THIS and that they were totally absolutely fully WRONG – just EXACTLY as I told them they were from 2008 until he was FIRED.


And I CAUSED his firing.


And YOU know it.


Don’t try to tell me NOW that Mark Richt should have been FIRED 2015.  Not after what you said THEN.  Not after the manner in which you treated ME for what I said about dumbass Mark Richt in the face of the absolute hogwash you were trying to only allow be said about him.


He sucked.  I said it.  You did NOT.


They didn’t care.


Neither did Mark Richt.


I am glad Mark Richt got fired. We’ve recruited loads better afterwards. I knew we would.  I PROMISED you we would.


I tried to share the top players want to WIN. They said oh you are not a Dawg fan. Yes I am. We lost to no cupcake last year here at Georgia but Mark Richt did AGAIN to 5-7 Pitt.


Someone tried to say we were Schizophrenic but we were VERY consistent at losing to the top teams and losing to CUPCAKES too every year. That is NOT inconsistent and contradictory. It is a deal killer for the kids who are the top players who want to WIN baby.


Todd Gurley II said it. He was sick and tired of losing and not winning The SEC Championship and playing in meaningless bowl games. Now last week Nick Chubb made the exact same statement.


I said it daily starting after 2007.


That is how long it went on.


Now we’re actually recruiting better as I told you all along we would.


Now we actually did not lose to any CUPCAKE like Mark Richt did again Pitt 5-7 last year.


Now we actually won the Rose Bowl.


Now we actually won The SEC Championship.


THIS is our destiny.


Not some God Damn BULLSHIT from a clique of Richtofiles about how they wanted their SON to come play for Mark Richt and how something was MORE important than winning.


NO it is NOT.


AJ-C DawgNation Jeff Sentell



I grew up on the wrong side of the railroad tracks.  You either can let people BULLY you or not.  It’s your choice.  It doesn’t hurt.  You have to get hurt removed out of your head and live your one life you have.  There is NO AFTERLIFE and you get only 1 go-round.  Try to do it honestly.  Try to TELL THE TRUTH.


I am not taking your GOD DAMN BULLSHIT that him averaging 9 wins a season for 15 seasons and not having won The SEC Championship after 2005 through 2015 was great with the # 7 recruits.  NO IT WAS NOT dumbasses.


Clique together all you want.


I will make you out to be the village idiot for that I told you.


Now you write as if you said it all along.


No you did NOT.


I did and you HATED it.


I told you he mostly kicked-off but also had flunk-out not qualify quit or get arrested 63 of his last 146 signed scholarship recruits from 2010 until I was PROVEN CORRECT and he FIRED after the Georgia Tech game 2015.


2010 to 2015 he signed 146 signed scholarship recruits.  Of those 146 a total of 43 % were gone for Kirby who was offered his job in the car by Greg McGarity driving home after the Georgia Tech game 2015.  So 43 % of Mark Richt last 146 signed scholarship recruits were GONE not on the team.


How are you going to win recruiting averaging # 7 in the # 1 recruiting base here of our over 7 million high school football hotbed and losing 43 % of those ?  Losing 63 of your last 146 – having them be you called it “ADDITION BY SUBTRACTION  :   GOOD RIDDANCE.”  How ?


He could not keep them here because HE did not care about winning and they came here to PARTY.  They did not come here to win.


That is not how he analyzed them could they come here and win because WINNING he said repeatedly was NOT HOW HE WOULD BE JUDGED.


WINNING was NOT how he THOUGHT he was going to be judged.   He recruited fine but NOT GREAT like Kirby is but he could NOT do jack shit with them.  He SAID repeatedly that he would NOT be judged by his wins and loses that that was NOT important to him.  We FIRED him for it.  How was he judged ?


That 9-wins in 15-game seasons losing 18 of his last 24 games vs top 15 for # 11 all-time wins UGA with # 7 recruits losing 43% of those and losing to 12 unranked teams time game or for season after 2007 is GREAT ?


Is that why he was FIRED ?


No.  He was FIRED because that is NOT GREAT.


If you had a shred of decency in you you would admit you were wrong and that I was right not try to pass-off NOW that you said Mark Richt should have been fired 2015. No you did NOT.  Anything but in fact.


Right ?


I was NEVER going to let you dumbasses pick on me and prevent me from telling you to stick it up your God Damn dumbass assholes about Mark friqin’ Richt.


Good Riddance.


Addition by subtraction.


We got BETTER when we got rid of and FIRED Mark Richt.


I’m still here.


Mark Richt after 2007 until the day he was FIRED with cause LOST 18 of 24 games against top 15 teams time game which was # 45 in the nation at that.  Yet he averaged recruiting the # 7 recruiting rankings.  It wasn’t that he couldn’t recruit but that he couldn’t win with the recruits he had.  In addition over this same timeframe of after 2007 until he was FIRED with cause he LOST to 12 unranked teams time game or unranked teams that season in the final polls CUPCAKES.  It is what he did 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 and 2015 eight (8) long excruciating years of LOSING to top teams and LOSING to CUPCAKES in ADDITION.  Consistently Mark Richt was NOT taking advantage of his opportunity to recruit this city of more than 7 million here.  He NEVER offered Jake Fromm and WOULD NOT HAVE had we NOT FIRED him.  But we did.


Consistently it was not his recruiting but that he couldn’t fill-up his 85 scholarship limit.  At one point he got down to 68 on-scholarship.  He was God freaking awful at roster management.  You kept telling ME that was “ADDITION BY SUBTRACTION : GOOD RIDDANCE.”


Guess what ?


THAT is what I said you did NOT want to hear after 2007 that getting rid of him would be addition by subtraction good riddance.


Now AJ-C DawgNation Jeff Sentell you little shit you want to TRY to say that you said all along that Mark Richt could NOT recruit.  No that was NOT his problem.  His problem is that he does NOT give a shit about winning that THAT is NOT how he was going to be judged.  Yeah it was and now it is for you you little shit.


Mark Richt held us back.  But you would not let anyone say it.  And you could not bring yourself to fess-up about it then either.  So now you try to REWRITE history Jeff Sentell.  Guess what you little shit ?


I REMEMBER you kowtowed to Mark Richt his entire 15-year history and kept it up even in a post 2018 how great Mark Richt is now 2018.




He held us back.


You hold us back.


I see you tried to rewrite history AGAIN.


Here to judge that I say uh no sir.  You shall NOT boy.  Be consistent.  If you defended him then keep defending him.


Or ADMIT I was right ALL ALONG wasn’t I you little shit Jeff Sentell ?


And all the other back then who did NOT want to hear how bad Mark Richt was.


Now you quote me and act like you said that back then that he had to be FIRED.


No you didn’t.  You argued with me that I was wrong that he had to be fired.


The time to tell us how bad Mark Richt was back in 2010 was BACK in 2010 not now like you said it back then.



83 Scholarships 2018 before the June enrollees arrive next month for The Mighty UGA Georgia Bulldogs football Play-Off contention team.

2 QB (2)- Jake Fromm (So), Justin Fields (Fr)


5 RB (5)- D’Andre Swift (So), James Cook (Fr), Brian Herrien (Jr), Elijah Holyfield (Jr), Zamir White (Fr) I see little reason Zamir White can not petition for medical redshirt 2018 either.  Kirby is holding off on that.  That would be a mistake to risk Zamir White who needs a year AT LEAST to recover fully but I include him in the number 83 on the list today of officially on-scholarship 2018 season as it will begin.


5 TE (5)- Isaac Nauta (Jr), Charlie Woerner (Jr), Luke Ford (Fr), Jackson Harris (Sr),  John FitzPatrick (Fr)


11 WR (11)-  Tommy Bush (Fr) Mecole Hardman Junior (Jr), Riley Ridley (Jr), Jeremiah Holloman (rsFr), Kearis Jackson (Fr), Akhil Crumpton (Sr), Terry Godwin (Sr),  Jayson Stanley (Sr), Tyler Simmons (Jr), Trey Blount (rsFr), Matt Landers (rsFr), Michael Chigbu (Sr) (takes medical redshirt in my opinion after no catches 2017 thus not counted in the 11 WR), Caleeb Roberson was NEVER on-scholarship but offered preferred walk-on and gave up.


14 OL (14)- Andrew Thomas (So), Jamaree Salyer (Fr), Ben Cleveland (So), Trey Hill (Fr), Cade Mays (Fr), Isaiah Wilson (rsFr), Netori Johnson (So), D’Marcus Hayes (Sr), Warren Ericson (Fr), Kendall Baker (Sr), Lamont Gaillard (Sr), Solomon Kindley (So), Justin Shaffer (So), Owen Condon (Fr),  Sam Madden (Medical Redshirt Jr no longer counts toward 83 keeps his Scholarship), Pat Allen (Jr) transferring, Chris Barnes (Sophomore moved from OL to DL) transfer


12 DL (12)- Daquan Hawkins-Muckle (Sr), Jonathan Ledbetter (Sr), Michael Barnett (Jr), Michail Carter (Jr), Tyler Clark (Jr), David Marshall (Jr), Julian Rochester (Jr), Justin Young (Jr), Malik Herring (So), Devonte Wyatt (So), Jordan Davis (Fr),   Jay Hayes senior transfer DT from Notre Dame stolen from Oklahoma, Natrez Patrick (He would be a senior if he were on-scholarship but I say he abdicated his and is back to walk-on status as I see thus not counted in 12 DL but Kirby appears to clearly going to play him when his eligibility is also in question indeed his status as a student even.  You count him; I won’t.  How’s that?), Tramel Walthour (NOT FRESHMAN AGREES GRAYSHIRT enrolls after this Summer counts as 2019 but I do not know why he would agree to that when their are 3 free scholarships 2018 to be given to preferred walk-ons when he was promised a scholarship not a preferred walk-on status.  I am not counting him in the 83 on-scholarship for beginning of 2018 but as you can see he has to be added doesn’t he?)

16 LB (16)- Adam Anderson (Fr), Quay Walker (Fr), Brenton Cox (Fr), Azeez Ojulari (Fr), Otis Reese (Fr), Nate McBride (So), Monty Rice (So),  Channing Tindall (Fr), Keyon (Brown wants new name) Richardson (Sr), Rashad Roundtree (Medical Redshirt Sr no longer counts toward 83 keeps his Scholarship), Juwan Taylor (Sr), D’Andre Walker (Sr), Tae Crowder (Jr), Walter Grant (So), Jaden Hunter (So), Robert Beal (rsFr), Jaleel Laguins (Jr) transferring


14 DB (14)- Tyson Campbell (Fr), Deandre Baker (Sr), Jarvis Wilson (Sr), Tyrique McGhee (Jr), J.R. Reed (Jr), Tray Bishop (So), Richard LeCounte (So), William Poole (So), Ameer Speed (So), Eric Stokes (So), Mark Webb (So), Latavious Brini (rsFr), Chris Smith (Fr), Divaad Wilson (Fr – ACL March 2018 obvious medical redshirt as I see it 2018 not counted in 14 DB), Nadab Joseph (Fr), Deangelo Gibbs (Grayson So) not enrolled not in school has not been in school left team expected to play Safety AND receiver really hasn’t played either really on a team with none of either really (not counted in 14 DB because he is NOT here.)


4 K/P (4)- Rodrigo Blankenship (Jr), Marshall Long (So), Jake Camarda (Fr), Landon Stratton (graduate transfer Murray State punter)


83 –   I do NOT list players not on the team right now 7 May 2018 as I am trying to get to 85 when Deangelo Gibbs is NOT here.  Likewise I do NOT list Natrez Patrick whom I consider abdicated his Scholarship here – on the team practicing – but as WALK-ON until such time as he is reinstated and his Scholarship awarded again.  But I believe Kirby has given him his scholarship for 2018 and THUS Tramel Walthour’s grayshirt (which probably should be scholarship by these numbers.) If you give all 3 of them their scholarships back then we are at 86.  These guys are huge and I wish I was counting them making it 86.  Hopefully Deangelo Gibbs wants as this blog hopes and wants Deangelo Gibbs to come back to UGA and thus lose not 2 seasons but the one already lost. Michael Chigbu whom I am granting medical redshirt to too.  Divaad Wilson I am petitioning the NCAA now for a medical redshirt 2018.  I think my list is obviously as correct as it can be.  That would be 88 if you counted Michael Chigbu and Divaad Wilson but clearly that would be stupid in both cases to count them toward 83 in fact scholarships 2018 May 7.


It’s 82.  We have NO ISSUE.


Never mind the LIES by Chip Towers AJ-C DawgNation that it is 87 with NO NAMES LISTED.  Hey Chipper Towers how can it be God Damn 87 on-scholarship when you can’t be bothered to provide the names dumbass ?  Tell me that ?  I already miss Seth Emerson whom Chipper Towers ran-off with his lies and lazy ways.



“Coach Kirby Smart blew a gasket at Jake Fromm for not getting a first down in the third quarter of a blowout win at Vanderbilt.” Well yeah he was # 105 Passing Offense all of last season.


Saturday Down South Connor O’Gara



# 105 Passing Offense all last season for Kirby

31 percent of our offensive plays were passing plays  all last season for Kirby

975 plays offense all last season 305 passes 31% not balanced Kirby sat lead lost


$ 50 million dollars we are PAYING for a BETTER God Damn Offense than that Kirby.


Maybe instead of yelling at Jake Fromm you need to try Justin Fields Kirby.










If Mark Richt is so God Damn GREAT why did he get FIRED and is # 31 in salary at just $ 4 million year while Kirby is # 5 at $7 million dollars a year plus BONUSES ? Tell me why is that ? Mark Richt NOT in Top 25 salaries 2018. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU ?

Mark Richt # 31 salary only $ 4 million year :


Kirby is # 5 at $ 7 million a year nearly TWICE what Mark Richt gets and with bonuses is twice.


# 1 Urban Meyer $ 8.49 million year

# 2 Nick Saban $ 8.28 million year

# 3 Jim Harbaugh $ 7.73 million year

# 4 Jimbo Fisher $ 7.5 million year

# 5 Kirby Smart The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs $ 7 million dollars per year plus bonuses

# 6 Gus Malzahn $ 7 million unlikely win bonus losing to Kirby as continues to

# 7 John Calipari $ 7 million year 4 times as many games

# 8 Dabo Swinney $ 6.75 million LOST to SEC again

# 9 Dan Mullen $ 6 million what a God Damn WASTE of money 33-39 SEC record

# 10 David Shaw $ 6 million year

# 11 Tom Herman $ 5.95 million year

# 12 Mike Krzyzewski $ 5.5 million year

# 13 Charlie Strong $ 5.2 million year

# 14 Rick Pitino $ 5.057 million year

# 15 Kevin Sumlin Texas A&M still paying him $ 5 million year 2018

# 16 Gary Patterson $ 4.75 million year

# 17 Bill Self $ 4.75 million year 4 times as many games

# 18 Jim McElwain still paid $ 4.75 million year by Florida as Michigan OC 2018

# 19 Hugh Freeze still being paid $ 4.7 million Ole Miss 2018

# 20 Sean Miller $ 4.53 million year said did not do it reinstated

# 21 Bobby Petrino $ 4.525 million year

# 22 James Franklin $ 4.5 million year

# 23 Kirk Ferentz $ 4.5 million year

# 24 Mark Dantonio $ 4.38 million year

# 25 Bret Bielema still being pad $ 4.2 million year by Arkansas 2018

# 26 Mike Gundy $ 4.2 million year

# 27 Chris Petersen $ 4.125 million year

# 28 Butch Jones still being paid $ 4.11 million year by vols 2018

# 29 Bob Stoops $ 4.05 million year

# 30 Jeremy Pruitt vols $ 4.0 million year

# 31 Mark Richt $ 4.0 million year not earning any bonus losing to CUPCAKE Pitt 5-7





Mark Richt NOT in Top 25 salaries 2018.  WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU ?


Kirby gets $2500 dollars an hour until 2025.  That’s a LOT of God Damn monies.


I thought I was something when I made one dollar a minute for 7 years.




I am sorry. Kirby thinks we do not need Kevin Harris with what we have now and that is hard to argue. Get over it. DeAngelo Gibbs lack playing time last year was altogether a different story. We did need him and I still want him to come back as I have maintained all along. How can Grayson hold THAT against us ? Gibbs left. That was his decision to lose 2 seasons and not one. Owen Pappoe does NOT want to be honest. He CLEARLY wants easy ride to make roster and his coach further stated that today. “I see all the great LB Kirby just signed and it would be easier for me to go to Auburn where all their LB are all seniors leaving. No brainer. Go to Auburn.” THAT is not DeAngelo Gibbs or Kevin Harris. That is Auburn is a WORSE team than Georgia so get to play. Top players do NOT say that. NOT.

I am NOT into pussies who LIE and who can not step up to the mic and say it like it is.  Plus when you run your God Damn Mouth like Owen Pappoe does daily then you GIVE AWAY your real reasoning.


Look.  People make up their mind emotionally.


Then they justify their position with EXCUSES.


If you don’t know this you know NOTHING about recruiting which is in all its glory selling.


Kirby has selling down pat.  He makes mistakes but honestly with what he does RIGHT he more than makes up for his mistakes.


If there has been a better recruiter I have NEVER witnessed it in all my life.


I wanted DeAngelo Goibbs and wanted him to play more too.  I want him to come back and lose just the one season last year not another this year.


I wanted Owen Pappoe.  He is just one of those God Damn pussies who wants easy street he says to get to play early never mind Auburn SUCKS.  Auburn is a HORRIBLE football team compared to UGA and will NOT beat UGA in the future as EVERYONE can easily see..


Grayson High drama.


It’s big stakes and rare bad news for Kirby who hasn’t given-up.  I did because I understand that Owen Pappoe is just one of those pussies who can NOT tell it like it is when all he wants is to play bad team at Auburn or NOT.  He doesn’t give a shit.  Kevin Harris ?  Owen Pappoe doesn’t care that Kevin Harris went to Alabama since he committed to Auburn INSTANTLY.


Do NOT lie to me Owen Pappoe.  DeAngelo Gibbs is completely a different story but Owen Pappoe did not say shit about that.  I would have.




Seth Emerson has been REPLACED by Chipper Towers at AJ-C DawgNation which is SAD on BOTH fronts. It gets worse. It now costs MORE than 26 cents per day to read Seth Emerson. That’s bullshit. News is FREE and ALWAYS will be and charging more than a local newspaper for online access ONLY is a FAILED MODEL which NEVER will work.

Goodbye Seth Emerson.


And by that I do NOT mean hello Chipper Towers.  Chip Towers is so FULL OF SHIT with his love fest with Mark Richt who was FIRED from here with CAUSE for FAILURE to win.


Chipper Towers and I have gone round and round.  He LIES.


Seth Emerson was the Premier Georgia Bulldogs’ BEAT WRITER.


As far as I and EVERYONE else is concerned that is OVER.


We don’t have a leading beat writer and were in the national championship game earlier this year.  And he was the ONLY writer other than myself to KEEP-UP with the scholarship numbers.  LIAR Chipper Towers put up his number but NO details this morning which are WRONG.  This blog keeps up with that daily for you.  Chipper Towers says we have 87 and I state with details provided it is in fact 85.




More Lies.


All you EVER get from Chipper Towers.


Farewell Seth Emerson.




26 cents per day to read you online only ?


Stick THIS up your God Damn neophyte asshole Seth Emerson.  I am NOT paying you any God Damn 26 cents per day to read your article today.  I get to read the first 7 lines of each story free.  Try to be BRIEF or I will not even bother to try to read what you might be trying to say over there.


And what is the bullshit that your new city is something OTHER THAN ATLANTA Seth Emerson ?  Your “paper” does NOT even cover Atlanta.


Or anywhere close.


RIP Seth Emerson.


I thought it was bad when you went to and tried to support you there.  You became great at AJ-C DawgNation and leave ?


WTF dumbass ?





The Top 50 Most Important Players for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs 2018 season – these guys should make the most impact 2018 for us

  1. Justin Fields
  2. D’Andre Swift
  3. J.R. Reed
  4. Jake Fromm
  5. Brenton Cox 5-Star Stockbridge 6′ 4″ 250 lbs. # 33 nation overall # 2 DE
  6. Richard LeCounte
  7. Zamir White 5-Star Scotland NC  6′ 1″ 220 lbs. # 6 nation overall # 1 RB
  8. Mecole Hardman
  9. Terry Godwin
  10. Natrez Patrick
  11. Riley Ridley
  12. Jeremiah Holloman
  13. Kearis Jackson Peach Ft Val 4.53 in 40-yard dash # 26 nation overall # 4 WR
  14. Elijah Holyfield
  15. Jonathan Ledbetter
  16. D’Andre Walker
  17. Deandre Baker
  18. Isaac Nauta
  19. Ahkil Crumpton
  20. Monty Rice
  21. Robert Beal Jr.
  22. Brian Herrien
  23. Tyler Clark
  24. Trey Hill Houston Warner Robins 6′ 3.5″ 346 lbs. # 38 nation overall # 2 Guard
  25. Andrew Thomas
  26. Netori Johnson
  27. Ben Cleveland
  28. Cade Mays 5-Star Knoxville  6′ 6″ 318 lbs. # 16 nation overall # 2 OT
  29. D’Marcus Hayes
  30. Isaiah Wilson
  31. Charlie Woerner
  32. DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle
  33. Rodrigo Blankenship
  34. Jamaree Salyer 5-Star Pace Academy 6′ 4″ 342 lbs. # 10 nation overall # 1 OG
  35. Tyson Campbell 5-Star Am Heritage Ft Lauderdale # 12 nation overall # 2 CB
  36. Adam Anderson 5-Star Rome  6′ 5″ 225 lbs # 18 nation overall # 1 OL
  37. James Cook 5-Star Miami Northwestern 5′ 11″ 183 lbs. # 22 national # 3 RB
  38. Quay Walker 5-Star Cordele # 2 best OLB nation # 31 overall JaQUAvian
  39. Luke Ford Illinois 6′ 6″ 252 lbs. # 49 nation overall # 2 Tight End
  40. Azeez Ojulari Marietta  6′ 3″ 230 lbs. # 79 nation overall # 7 Defensive
  41. Otis Reese Leesburg GA # 56 overall prospect in the nation # 5 OLB
  42. Channing Tindall Columbia SC 6′ 2″ 218 lbs. # 91 nation overall # 5 OLB
  43. John FitzPatrick Marist School  6′ 6″ 230 lbs. # 121 nation overall # 5 TE
  44. Chris Smith Hapeville Atlanta # 295 nation overall # 29 cornerback
  45. Devonte Wyatt Towers 6′ 3″ 301 lbs. DL # 10 JUCO nation # 4 JUCO DT
  46. Nadab Joseph Miami 6′ 180 lbs. # 155 nation overall # 10 Cornerback
  47. Warren Ericson North Gwinnett 6′ 4″ 315 lbs. # 222 nation overall #11 OG
  48. Jake Camarda Norcross Keith Maloof 6′ 2″ 175 lbs. # 7 Kicker nation and Punter
  49. Tommy Bush Samuel Clemens Schertz Texas # 196 overall # 37 top WR
  50. Jay Hays DT transfer from Notre Dame


These are ALSO the ones I see with NFL potential.


As you can SEE HERE the # 1 recruiting class in the nation makes up quite a bit of our talent 2018.  If Kirby HOLDS THEM BACK 2018 then 2018 is shot and we shall NOT make our potential.


29 seasons Mighty Georgia Bulldogs won 80 percent of our games and this will be 30 seasons college football play-off final 4 team – if we get these 50 on the field doing the heavy lifting and if Justin Fields and James Coley can do SOMETHING about only 31 percent of our plays all last season passing plays and the # 105 Passing Offense awful numbers we put up for all of last season. We need our freshmen and Kirby has held back freshmen both 2016 and 2017 seasons costing us.  He pulls that again 2018 and we will not achieve what we could 2018.




Get over this shit from pussies like Owen Pappoe who said that we had TOO MUCH COMPETITION FOR HIM HERE AT GEORGIA WITH A LOT OF GREAT LINEBACKERS WE SIGNED HERE while Auburn has ALL SENIORS on their linebacker depth chart – easy to go there and play. You are NOT overcoming that for pussies like that who don’t want to have to compete. He can STICK IT UP HIS GOD DAMN asshole and all the pussies like him Alabama and now Georgia are NOT LIKE THAT.

“I know Georgia brought in a lot of good linebackers.”


“I just look at Auburn and see that they would have a whole bunch of seniors leaving.”


“My opportunity there would be better than it would be at Georgia.”


We do NOT need any God Damn pussies like Owen Pappoe.




“Guys were finally fed up with losing then Mark Richt was FIRED so we kinda just took it over ourselves. Then Coach Kirby Smart was here and supported us and kind of led us in the right direction with doing that.” Nick Chubb 2nd leading rusher all-time in SEC history behind ONLY Herschel Walker. “To Mark Richt being Christian was MORE IMPORTANT THAN WINNING AT FOOTBALL.”

Mark Richt did NOT care about winning.  Repeatedly he stated it was NOT how he was going to be judged.  Mark Richt WAS judged for it and it took him by surprise when first I HERE ON THIS BLOG and then The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs’ players and Dawg Nation and Administration FIRED Mark Richt.  We were SICK and TIRED of not winning The SEC and NOT winning the Big Games and we were God Damn sick and tired of losing to CUPCAKES every year too because well it was NOT what was important to Mark Richt.


Alex Martin Smith – AJ-C DawgNation


Now Nick Chubb makes the same very exact point.  All the players have said this that they are sick and tired of not winning The SEC and not winning the Big Games and losing to CUPCAKES.


In 15-game seasons Mark Richt averaged 9 wins a year.


Crappy with the # 7 best talent in the nation.


God Damn pitiful and unacceptable and therefore FIRED for it.


I am NOT confused by this Bluto you dumbass.  gtp Get the Picture.




KIRBY SMART QUOTE : “Without Justin Fields here there’s times Jake Fromm may relax and Jake can’t do that. You can’t do that in any profession. There’s always someone trying to take a step up and move up that ladder. I think both those guys have done it really well doing a good job of understanding the offense. Justin has been I’m not saying a surprise — because I knew the kid was sharp and bright — but he’s picked things up well. He’s handled himself well. He’s had some good plays in the scrimmages that have allowed him to make plays down the field and I know Jake’s seen that.” KIRBY