“Guys were finally fed up with losing then Mark Richt was FIRED so we kinda just took it over ourselves. Then Coach Kirby Smart was here and supported us and kind of led us in the right direction with doing that.” Nick Chubb 2nd leading rusher all-time in SEC history behind ONLY Herschel Walker. “To Mark Richt being Christian was MORE IMPORTANT THAN WINNING AT FOOTBALL.”

Mark Richt did NOT care about winning.  Repeatedly he stated it was NOT how he was going to be judged.  Mark Richt WAS judged for it and it took him by surprise when first I HERE ON THIS BLOG and then The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs’ players and Dawg Nation and Administration FIRED Mark Richt.  We were SICK and TIRED of not winning The SEC and NOT winning the Big Games and we were God Damn sick and tired of losing to CUPCAKES every year too because well it was NOT what was important to Mark Richt.


Alex Martin Smith – AJ-C DawgNation




Now Nick Chubb makes the same very exact point.  All the players have said this that they are sick and tired of not winning The SEC and not winning the Big Games and losing to CUPCAKES.


In 15-game seasons Mark Richt averaged 9 wins a year.


Crappy with the # 7 best talent in the nation.


God Damn pitiful and unacceptable and therefore FIRED for it.




I am NOT confused by this Bluto you dumbass.  gtp Get the Picture.





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