I am sorry. Kirby thinks we do not need Kevin Harris with what we have now and that is hard to argue. Get over it. DeAngelo Gibbs lack playing time last year was altogether a different story. We did need him and I still want him to come back as I have maintained all along. How can Grayson hold THAT against us ? Gibbs left. That was his decision to lose 2 seasons and not one. Owen Pappoe does NOT want to be honest. He CLEARLY wants easy ride to make roster and his coach further stated that today. “I see all the great LB Kirby just signed and it would be easier for me to go to Auburn where all their LB are all seniors leaving. No brainer. Go to Auburn.” THAT is not DeAngelo Gibbs or Kevin Harris. That is Auburn is a WORSE team than Georgia so get to play. Top players do NOT say that. NOT.

I am NOT into pussies who LIE and who can not step up to the mic and say it like it is.  Plus when you run your God Damn Mouth like Owen Pappoe does daily then you GIVE AWAY your real reasoning.


Look.  People make up their mind emotionally.


Then they justify their position with EXCUSES.


If you don’t know this you know NOTHING about recruiting which is in all its glory selling.


Kirby has selling down pat.  He makes mistakes but honestly with what he does RIGHT he more than makes up for his mistakes.


If there has been a better recruiter I have NEVER witnessed it in all my life.


I wanted DeAngelo Goibbs and wanted him to play more too.  I want him to come back and lose just the one season last year not another this year.


I wanted Owen Pappoe.  He is just one of those God Damn pussies who wants easy street he says to get to play early never mind Auburn SUCKS.  Auburn is a HORRIBLE football team compared to UGA and will NOT beat UGA in the future as EVERYONE can easily see..


Grayson High drama.


It’s big stakes and rare bad news for Kirby who hasn’t given-up.  I did because I understand that Owen Pappoe is just one of those pussies who can NOT tell it like it is when all he wants is to play bad team at Auburn or NOT.  He doesn’t give a shit.  Kevin Harris ?  Owen Pappoe doesn’t care that Kevin Harris went to Alabama since he committed to Auburn INSTANTLY.


Do NOT lie to me Owen Pappoe.  DeAngelo Gibbs is completely a different story but Owen Pappoe did not say shit about that.  I would have.





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