Seth Emerson has been REPLACED by Chipper Towers at AJ-C DawgNation which is SAD on BOTH fronts. It gets worse. It now costs MORE than 26 cents per day to read Seth Emerson. That’s bullshit. News is FREE and ALWAYS will be and charging more than a local newspaper for online access ONLY is a FAILED MODEL which NEVER will work.

Goodbye Seth Emerson.


And by that I do NOT mean hello Chipper Towers.  Chip Towers is so FULL OF SHIT with his love fest with Mark Richt who was FIRED from here with CAUSE for FAILURE to win.


Chipper Towers and I have gone round and round.  He LIES.


Seth Emerson was the Premier Georgia Bulldogs’ BEAT WRITER.


As far as I and EVERYONE else is concerned that is OVER.


We don’t have a leading beat writer and were in the national championship game earlier this year.  And he was the ONLY writer other than myself to KEEP-UP with the scholarship numbers.  LIAR Chipper Towers put up his number but NO details this morning which are WRONG.  This blog keeps up with that daily for you.  Chipper Towers says we have 87 and I state with details provided it is in fact 85.




More Lies.


All you EVER get from Chipper Towers.


Farewell Seth Emerson.




26 cents per day to read you online only ?


Stick THIS up your God Damn neophyte asshole Seth Emerson.  I am NOT paying you any God Damn 26 cents per day to read your article today.  I get to read the first 7 lines of each story free.  Try to be BRIEF or I will not even bother to try to read what you might be trying to say over there.


And what is the bullshit that your new city is something OTHER THAN ATLANTA Seth Emerson ?  Your “paper” does NOT even cover Atlanta.


Or anywhere close.


RIP Seth Emerson.


I thought it was bad when you went to and tried to support you there.  You became great at AJ-C DawgNation and leave ?


WTF dumbass ?






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