83 Scholarships 2018 before the June enrollees arrive next month for The Mighty UGA Georgia Bulldogs football Play-Off contention team.

2 QB (2)- Jake Fromm (So), Justin Fields (Fr)


5 RB (5)- D’Andre Swift (So), James Cook (Fr), Brian Herrien (Jr), Elijah Holyfield (Jr), Zamir White (Fr) I see little reason Zamir White can not petition for medical redshirt 2018 either.  Kirby is holding off on that.  That would be a mistake to risk Zamir White who needs a year AT LEAST to recover fully but I include him in the number 83 on the list today of officially on-scholarship 2018 season as it will begin.


5 TE (5)- Isaac Nauta (Jr), Charlie Woerner (Jr), Luke Ford (Fr), Jackson Harris (Sr),  John FitzPatrick (Fr)


11 WR (11)-  Tommy Bush (Fr) Mecole Hardman Junior (Jr), Riley Ridley (Jr), Jeremiah Holloman (rsFr), Kearis Jackson (Fr), Akhil Crumpton (Sr), Terry Godwin (Sr),  Jayson Stanley (Sr), Tyler Simmons (Jr), Trey Blount (rsFr), Matt Landers (rsFr), Michael Chigbu (Sr) (takes medical redshirt in my opinion after no catches 2017 thus not counted in the 11 WR), Caleeb Roberson was NEVER on-scholarship but offered preferred walk-on and gave up.


14 OL (14)- Andrew Thomas (So), Jamaree Salyer (Fr), Ben Cleveland (So), Trey Hill (Fr), Cade Mays (Fr), Isaiah Wilson (rsFr), Netori Johnson (So), D’Marcus Hayes (Sr), Warren Ericson (Fr), Kendall Baker (Sr), Lamont Gaillard (Sr), Solomon Kindley (So), Justin Shaffer (So), Owen Condon (Fr),  Sam Madden (Medical Redshirt Jr no longer counts toward 83 keeps his Scholarship), Pat Allen (Jr) transferring, Chris Barnes (Sophomore moved from OL to DL) transfer


12 DL (12)- Daquan Hawkins-Muckle (Sr), Jonathan Ledbetter (Sr), Michael Barnett (Jr), Michail Carter (Jr), Tyler Clark (Jr), David Marshall (Jr), Julian Rochester (Jr), Justin Young (Jr), Malik Herring (So), Devonte Wyatt (So), Jordan Davis (Fr),   Jay Hayes senior transfer DT from Notre Dame stolen from Oklahoma, Natrez Patrick (He would be a senior if he were on-scholarship but I say he abdicated his and is back to walk-on status as I see thus not counted in 12 DL but Kirby appears to clearly going to play him when his eligibility is also in question indeed his status as a student even.  You count him; I won’t.  How’s that?), Tramel Walthour (NOT FRESHMAN AGREES GRAYSHIRT enrolls after this Summer counts as 2019 but I do not know why he would agree to that when their are 3 free scholarships 2018 to be given to preferred walk-ons when he was promised a scholarship not a preferred walk-on status.  I am not counting him in the 83 on-scholarship for beginning of 2018 but as you can see he has to be added doesn’t he?)

16 LB (16)- Adam Anderson (Fr), Quay Walker (Fr), Brenton Cox (Fr), Azeez Ojulari (Fr), Otis Reese (Fr), Nate McBride (So), Monty Rice (So),  Channing Tindall (Fr), Keyon (Brown wants new name) Richardson (Sr), Rashad Roundtree (Medical Redshirt Sr no longer counts toward 83 keeps his Scholarship), Juwan Taylor (Sr), D’Andre Walker (Sr), Tae Crowder (Jr), Walter Grant (So), Jaden Hunter (So), Robert Beal (rsFr), Jaleel Laguins (Jr) transferring


14 DB (14)- Tyson Campbell (Fr), Deandre Baker (Sr), Jarvis Wilson (Sr), Tyrique McGhee (Jr), J.R. Reed (Jr), Tray Bishop (So), Richard LeCounte (So), William Poole (So), Ameer Speed (So), Eric Stokes (So), Mark Webb (So), Latavious Brini (rsFr), Chris Smith (Fr), Divaad Wilson (Fr – ACL March 2018 obvious medical redshirt as I see it 2018 not counted in 14 DB), Nadab Joseph (Fr), Deangelo Gibbs (Grayson So) not enrolled not in school has not been in school left team expected to play Safety AND receiver really hasn’t played either really on a team with none of either really (not counted in 14 DB because he is NOT here.)


4 K/P (4)- Rodrigo Blankenship (Jr), Marshall Long (So), Jake Camarda (Fr), Landon Stratton (graduate transfer Murray State punter)


83 –   I do NOT list players not on the team right now 7 May 2018 as I am trying to get to 85 when Deangelo Gibbs is NOT here.  Likewise I do NOT list Natrez Patrick whom I consider abdicated his Scholarship here – on the team practicing – but as WALK-ON until such time as he is reinstated and his Scholarship awarded again.  But I believe Kirby has given him his scholarship for 2018 and THUS Tramel Walthour’s grayshirt (which probably should be scholarship by these numbers.) If you give all 3 of them their scholarships back then we are at 86.  These guys are huge and I wish I was counting them making it 86.  Hopefully Deangelo Gibbs wants as this blog hopes and wants Deangelo Gibbs to come back to UGA and thus lose not 2 seasons but the one already lost. Michael Chigbu whom I am granting medical redshirt to too.  Divaad Wilson I am petitioning the NCAA now for a medical redshirt 2018.  I think my list is obviously as correct as it can be.  That would be 88 if you counted Michael Chigbu and Divaad Wilson but clearly that would be stupid in both cases to count them toward 83 in fact scholarships 2018 May 7.


It’s 82.  We have NO ISSUE.


Never mind the LIES by Chip Towers AJ-C DawgNation that it is 87 with NO NAMES LISTED.  Hey Chipper Towers how can it be God Damn 87 on-scholarship when you can’t be bothered to provide the names dumbass ?  Tell me that ?  I already miss Seth Emerson whom Chipper Towers ran-off with his lies and lazy ways.




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