Big Ten Conference not only shut-out College Football Playoffs followed by bad NFL Draft and now Comcast REMOVED BTN Big Ten Network from its Sports Channels in 36 of 50 states. Compare The SEC with the B1G Big 10 Big Ten Conference 2017-2018 Season : How bad is the Big Ten Conference in football 2017-2018 and who really watches Big 10 ? Who gives a shit about the Big 10 ? Hype the shit of the Podunk conference then it falls on its collective face every God Damn Year. Here are the details : The MYTH of how great the B1G is :

Compare The SEC with the B1G Big 10 Big Ten Conference 2017-2018 Season Football :

SEC both teams NC Game Big 10 no team in College Football Playoffs shut-out

SEC played in 11 Bowl Games the most any conference 2 NC Game both teams

Big 10 only played in 8 Bowl Games shut-out not only NC Game but CFP too

No team Big 10 College Football Playoffs 2017-2018 season SHUT-OUT.

SEC both # 1 and # 2 Final AP Poll 2017-2018 Season Big 10 highest # 5

# 5 is NOT in the College Football Playoffs

# 5 Ohio State LOST twice score OK at home whom UGA beat and LOST Iowa 5-losses

Ohio State therefore NOT in College Football Playoffs SHUT-OUT for Good Reason.

SEC won 13 MORE WINS than Big 10 Out of Conference 2017-2018 season 45 to 32

Coaches’ Poll and College Football Playoff Poll are BOTH SAME AP Poll 2017-2018

Big 10 not competitive at the top of the conferences with Mighty SEC

Overall Big 10 not as many wins out of conference than SEC by 13 fewer wins

Overall SEC 11 Bowl Games Overall Big 10 only 8 Bowl Games 28% worse than SEC

Overall Big 10 also 29 % worse on Out of Conference wins only 32 to SEC 45

SEC 7 Bowl Games Jan 1 or later Big 10 only 1 Bowl Game Jan 1 none later

That 1 was Outback Bowl SEC South Carolina beat shit out of Michigan

1 Bowl Game Jan 1 or later Big 10 LOST to SEC while SEC won 4 Jan 1 or later

4 SEC Bowl Wins Jan 1 or later Big 10 NO Bowl won Jan 1 or later NONE

Jim Harbaugh and Urban Meyer BOTH have a bad heart.

So they like playing pussies EVERY week in the lousy stinking Big 10.

Jim Harbaugh a BUST as a NFL QB with as many interceptions as TD.

.77 QB rating with one and a half fumbles or interceptions to TD passes.

Jim Harbaugh sucks as head football coach too and is way overpaid.

In 14 NFL seasons Harbaugh won all of 4 games after the regular season.

Harbaugh LOSING RECORD post season college football coach too.

134-154-1 Big 10 LOSING Bowl Record All-Time

247-187-9 SEC WINNING Bowl Record All-Time

443 SEC Bowl Games only 289 B1G Big 10 Bowl Games

SEC more than 1 and half times as many Bowl Games than Big Ten.

SEC more than 1 point 8 times as many Bowl Wins than Big Ten.

Not just latest season SEC better SEC always better than Big Ten.

Big Ten is a WORSE Conference in football than SEC.

Isn’t it ?

Why are there no Bowl Games up North ?


Bowl Games The SEC is 52-30 against the Big Ten.

SEC 1 and three-quarters times better in Bowl Games against Big Ten.

NO COMPARISON SEC vs Big 10 is there ?


Big 10 is actually OLDER Conference and has MORE members than SEC too.




2003 LSU NC

2004 * Auburn NC was undefeated and consensus next in line since USC vacated nc game win

2006 Florida NC

2007 LSU NC

2008 Florida NC

2009 Alabama NC

2010 Auburn NC

2011 Alabama NC

2012 Alabama NC

2015 Alabama NC

2017 Alabama NC


11 SEC National Championships in Football starting 2003

1 Big Ten National Championship starting 2003


11 SEC NC football starting 2003 to only 1 Big Ten NC football starting 2003.








National Championships




NFL Draft Picks

Recruiting Rankings

Branded merchandise


Top-ranked teams

Super Bowls Played in

Bowl Games


Super Bowls

Media Coverage

Bowl Games Won

Blog Posts

Social Media

Super Bowl MVP Winners


Sports Writers

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Party Schools

Hottest Student Bodies

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TV Revenue

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College Football

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NFL Draft Picks


Stories on The Mighty SEC

NFL Players

Super Bowls Won

Most Accomplished Conference in Winning Football

Most Valuable Conference

Most Influential Conference

Who won the latest National Championship ?

Oh that is The SEC too.

Who is # 1 this year ?

Oh that too is The SEC ?

Poor little whiny-assed babies, grow-up The SEC is down ?

The SEC in fact is anything but down.

You only dreamed-up this bullshit you call the “Power 5 Conferences” to TRY to make yourselves EQUAL in your wee itty-bitty mind to The Mighty SEC when you KNOW you are nowhere compared to The SEC in ANY measure.  It is The SEC and the NEXT-in-line sucking the hind tit with all the shit all over that tit “Power 4 also-ran conferences” trying wishing hoping praying Christmas Wish you WILL BE this season ALMOST nearly as equal to The SEC – so you BUNDLE us with your utter nonsense conferences chalk full of a LOT WORSE than SEC your conferences WHO BEAT NO ONE and have FAR WORSE WON LOSS RECORDS THIS SEASON TOO than our “worst teams” while your “top teams” are not better than our SEC top teams either are they ?


In 154 all-time meetings the SEC holds an 90-62-2 advantage against the Big Ten.



For 2 decades in a row The Mighty SEC has DOMINATED College Football Attendance.


After the 1st College Football Playoff Big Ten scored zero points.





SEC 10 NFL Draft 1st Round Picks 2018 Big Ten only 4.

SEC 53 NFL Draft Picks 2018 Big Ten only 33.


And now the revenue of The SEC already twice that of Big Ten is going way DOWN for Big Ten with the FAILURE of the Big Ten Network.  Good luck with that no one watching you.



The MYTH of how great the B1G is.


You are The SEC’s bitch and hate it B1G Big 10.


You’re not evenly matched with The SEC B1G Big 10  –  you’re The SEC’s bitch and always have been and always will be.






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