Alex Scarborough ESPN states UGA # 4 for new season AND “Justin Fields is ready to get on the field right now. Justin Fields is too good an athlete and too capable a passer for Kirby Smart and the coaching staff not to find certain packages.” Well for # 105 Passing team Georgia Bulldogs with Jake Fromm last year that is inarguable.

# 105 Passing Offense all 2017-2018 season UGA Georgia Bulldogs Jake Fromm quarterback



The identity of this team for the next three (3) God Damn Years is Justin Fields.


I will tell you this.  After THAT G-Day Game by Justin Fields with JAKE FROMM STATING JUSTIN FIELDS WAS GREAT…


if Kirby does NOT put Justin Fields out there he will LOSE ANOTHER 5-star QB and this one with 4.51 speed in the 40-yard dash at several inches taller than Jake Fromm.


It would be a gross dereliction of duty on Kirby’s part to not get Justin Fields out there instantly.


Who do I think is the better QB ?


Justin Fields and I LOVE JAKE FROM.


I am not giving a trophy to everyone.  I am putting MY BEST PLAYERS ON THE FIELD.


You do as you like but Kirby has started a TRUE FRESHMAN at QB 3 years in a ROW if he starts Justin Fields too now.



Kirby KNOWS this is EXACTLY the kind of guy Kirby can NOT defend against.  It is Kirby’s weakness that he can NOT defend Justin Fields and others like him.



You might be stupid enough to tell Kirby to NOT START JUSTIN FIELDS : I for one am NOT.




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