Bama fans want Kirby to be their next head coach when Nick Saban quits soon but we are paying Kirby $ 7.4 million for the last year of the contract PLUS he can earn up to $ 925 thousand additional per year in total bonuses. So Bama would have to pay him a TON of money to steal him when Nick Saban quits football soon. $ 7.5 million per year would only be $75 thousand more than UGA would pay him in the last year were Kirby to maximize his bonuses too.

Kirby has hurt Alabama’s recruiting by being our coach here in the state of Georgia.  Kirby has a fine defense.  Where Kirby is lacking is not recruiting nor his defense but his offense.  Last season we were the second best team in the nation but only # 105 Passing Offense.


Obviously if James Coley and Justin Fields can enhance our Passing Offense to better than # 105 Passing Offense for this entire year coming-up then Kirby would be known as a well-rounded coach.  Right now he does have that glaring lack of competitiveness in Passing Offense for all of last season at # 105 Passing Offense with Jake Fromm his QB.


Let the speculation begin for Kirby most certainly IS the PICK for Bama fans today to replace the long expected retire of Nick Saban who is two years after Medicare now this season coming-up at 67 years old 2018.  Will Nick Saban still be coach of Alabama during Kirby’s current contract paying Kirby $ 7.4925 million with bonuses the last year of his contract with his alma mater UGA ?


No but Nick Saban does have 6 National Championships.