Only a stupid hard-headed stubborn goof would make the OMISSION – a blunder of EPIC proportions – for ANY Bulldog to EVEN THINK that Justin Fields should not be out there on the opening snap playing football 2018. Justin Fields is the FACE of this team 2018 2019 and 2020 then he is gone. Want another Knowshon Moreno ?

Knowshon Moreno

Top 10 running back high school

Top 10 running back high school

6268 yards high school rushing with 128 TD

4.50 NFL Combine Results 40-yard dash (Justin Fields 4.51)

35.5 NFL Combine Results Vertical Jump

100-meter 11.1 state New Jersey high school state title

All-America high school running back recruited by Michigan and Florida for example

6 years NFL so far with ACL surgery says is ready to play again now

Selected by Denver Broncos with the # 12 overall PICK in the NFL Draft redshirt sophomore

Rushing UGA 2007 freshman 1336 yards rushing

Rushing UGA 2008 sophomore 1400 yards rushing

30 UGA TD rushing and several more catching 2 years



Mark Richt did not play Knowshon Moreno his freshman year redshirting him and so we saw him only 2 years rushing for 30 TD and 1368 yards per season then selected 1st Round NFL Draft Denver Broncos # 12 pick.


Justin Fields is BETTER than Knowshon Moreno.


Justin Fields THROWS the football better than Jake Fromm and that is saying something.


Justin Fields BEAT Jake Fromm in G-Day Game yet Jake Fromm had the 1st Team receivers and Justin Fields the leftovers to throw to.


Justin Fields will have the better NFL career.


Justin Fields is the better QB of the 2 on 5 13 2018.


Kirby started a true freshman at QB each of his first 3 seasons if he starts Justin Fields 2018 and there is NOT one God Damn WORD out of Kirby’s mouth on this that indicated anything but that happening.



Let it be said when I am dead and gone that what I said was right.