47 Georgia Bulldogs UGA players on NFL teams right now and of those 47 on rosters 29 are NFL STARTERS

  1. Jordan Jenkins Starting Linebacker New York Jets
  2. Ben Watson Starting TE New Orleans Saints
  3. Abry Jones Starting DL Jacksonville Jaguars
  4. Ben Jones Starting OL Tennessee Titans
  5. Dominick Sanders undrafted free agent DB Philadelphia Eagles
  6. Isaiah McKenzie 5th round of 2017 NFL Draft WR Denver Broncos
  7. Tavarres King WR Minnesota Vikings
  8. Keith Marshall RB Washington Redskins
  9. Tyler Catalina Starting OG Washington Redskins
  10. Corey Moore Starting Safety Houston Texans
  11. Davin Bellamy undrafted free agent LB Houston Texans
  12. Nick Chubb Starting RB Cleveland Browns
  13. Trenton Thompson undrafted free agent Cleveland Browns
  14. Reshad Jones Starting DB Miami Dolphins
  15. Mo Smith DB Miami Dolphins
  16. Thomas Davis Starting LB Carolina Panthers
  17. John Theus Starting OT Carolina Panthers
  18. Justin Houston Starting LB Kansas City Chiefs
  19. Chris Conley Starting WR Kansas City Chiefs
  20. Ramik Wilson Starting LB Los Angeles Rams
  21. Todd Gurley II Starting RB Los Angeles Rams
  22. Alec Ogletree Starting LB New York Giants
  23. Lorenzo Carter Starting LB New York Giants
  24. Aaron Davis undrafted free agent db New York Giants
  25. Matthew Stafford Starting QB Detroit Lions
  26. Toby Johnson DT Detroit Lions
  27. Cornelius Washington Starting LB Detroit Lions
  28. Reggie Davis WR Atlanta Falcons
  29. David Marvin Kicker undrafted free agent Atlanta Falcons
  30. Quincy Mauger DB Atlanta Falcons
  31. Garrison Smith DT Atlanta Falcons
  32. Geno Atkins Starting DT Cincinnati Bengals
  33. Clint Boling Starting OT Cincinnati Bengals
  34. Cordy Glenn Starting OG Cincinnati Bengals
  35. A.J. Green Starting WR Cincinnati Bengals
  36. Shawn Williams Starting DB Cincinnati Bengals
  37. Leonard Floyd Starting LB Chicago Bears
  38. Roquan Smith Starting LB until 2030 Chicago Bears
  39. Marlon Brown WR Chicago Bears
  40. Javon Wims WR Chicago Bears
  41. John Jenkins DT Chicago Bears
  42. Aaron Murray free agent QB Chicago Bears
  43. Malcolm Mitchell Starting WR New England Patriots
  44. John Atkins DE New England Patriots
  45. David Andrews Starting OL New England Patriots
  46. Isaiah Wynn Starting OL New England Patriots
  47. Sony Michel Starting RB New England Patriots





11 of these 47 were on our roster 2017 season for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs UGA who won the Rose Bowl beating Oklahoma whom UGA is undefeated against all-time.  These now gone 11 also beat Notre Dame at South Bend against whom UGA is also undefeated all-time.  And these 11 beat Florida Auburn for The SEC Championship and beat Mississippi State who was 9-4 and # 19 this past season.  We did lose to Alabama in the College Football Playoff National Championship at Atlanta Falcons Mercedes-Benz Stadium.  But Alabama had had the # 1 recruiting class in the nation 7 years in a row before the game.


I am not making excuses.  But you just can’t say we were expected to win that game.  Maybe we should have but we did NOT keep the pedal to the medal after scoring 4 of the first 5 scores.  It’s not like the Falcons’ loss in the Super Bowl ?  Well maybe it is.  Maybe Kirby can FIX his passing game 2018 ?


Finally after that loss Kirby became the # 1 recruiting class for 2018 this year.


And we gave Alabama HELL in the NC Game scoring 4 of the first 5 scores only to try to sit on it and take the air out of our football.  This while Alabama threw the ball while Kirby and Jake Fromm did not.  For the season and for the game Kirby was the # 105 Passing Offense 2017-2018 season nationally and threw the ball only 31 percent.  In the NC Game we threw the ball only 31 percent of the time.  That defines # 105 Passing Offense of Jake Fromm.  That is too predicable an offense.  Alabama held Kirby’s offense and Alabama passed the ball which Kirby quit doing.  Now of course you can see the 11 lost to the NFL and see the huge requirement that the offense has to be even better 2018 to make up for the great losses to the NFL.  That is a lot to lose after that game to the NFL but we are still damn proud of ourselves.  Hopefully we are NOT stuck in our ways on offense however.


Now we made James Coley Offensive Coordinator and brought-in ESPN # 1 rated overall player in the U.S. Justin Fields.  Justin Fields in every other ranking other than # 1 player ESPN is the # 2 best player in the United States of America.  And Justin Fields is who WON the G-Day Game.  Justin Fields only threw to back-up reserve receivers who aren’t supposed to be our best receivers for Justin Fields.


So we are # 4 or # 6 or the like in every preseason poll for 2018 because Justin Fields according to EVERYONE expects to play in GAME 1.  And because Kirby makes the noise that James Coley is Offensive Coordinator with a more balanced attack than 31 percent passes of not only the NC Game but every game all season last year too only 31 percent passing.  It did NOT work with Jake Fromm handing off against top defenses.  He had to have a game plan of passing the ball.  And he did NOT do that.  31 percent passes is less than run first run second down pass third down.  That would be 33 percent passing plays for Jake Fromm last year.  If you thought it did you are part of the problem.


So we are doing pretty damn well with these 11 latest trying to make it in the NFL from last year’s roster here at UGA and with these 29 NFL Starting Players from UGA and with 47 in total trying to make NFL 53-man active rosters right this moment.  And hopefully we are doing quite well with James Foley and Justin Fields 2018 passing the ball finally here at Georgia for Kirby.  The more we drag our feet on THAT then the more we will miss these 11 gone to the NFL from last year’s roster.  We can’t pass 31 percent of the time and beat top defenses.  If you think we can God help you.


Congratulations to all 47 of these men trying to make the NFL and the BEST OF EVERYTHING to you gentlemen.  We are all mighty proud of you.  We will miss you but we are excited to see the transition of our offense from run first down run second down and run some on third down too to run one pass one offense.