Just who is Justin Fields really and why is that this blog has stated for some time now that Justin Fields MUST be made STARTER at QB 2018 for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs replacing Jake Fromm # 105 Passing Offense of all last season ?

4.51 Justin Fields 40-yard dash 75 inches tall 221 lbs. faster taller bigger

4.61 DJ Shockley 40-yard dash 73.13 inches tall 214 lbs. slower shorter slighter


ESPN # 1 prospect all positions in the United States of America 2018 Justin Fields

247Sports.com # 2 prospect all positions in the United States of America 2018 Justin Fields


Justin Fields is 6 feet 3 inches tall and destined to play every Sunday in the NFL


Justin Fields has this 2018 season then 2019 and 2020 only then NFL

This is true whether he WASTES 2018 here with Kirby or not.


That is what the case was with Knowshon Moreno whom Mark Richt WASTED letting us see him only 2 seasons.  Kirby has made it abundantly clear that Justin Fields plays in EVERY GAME 2018 season coming-up.


So you can GET OVER IT or not now.  He plays.  He plays EVERY GAME.


Kirby has started a true freshman QB every year of his 3-year head coaching career if he starts Justin Fields as his QB this 2018 season.


And he will.


Every word out of Kirby’s mouth confirms every word of this post.


Kirby is NOT holding Justin Fields back.


Sports writers who have told you # 105 Passing Offense all of last season QB Jake Fromm is going to start instead are WRONG.


Jake Fromm is NOT now nor will he EVER be a better QB than Justin Fields.


James Coley and Justin Fields are going to FIX this # 105 Passing Offense of all of last season this up-coming 2018 season.


I told you BEFORE the G-Day Game that Justin Fields would STEAL THE SHOW.


He did.


I told you so.


He also won the game with worse receivers than Jake Fromm had to throw to.


“Justin Fields has competed in all these 7 on 7 and Elite 11 Camps while he scored on 71 percent of his drives and while the rest of the quarterbacks averaged 29 percent.”




975 plays total offense all last season 305 passes  31% of our plays Jake Fromm # 105 Passing Offense


Justin Fields’ best quality is grasping new information digesting it quickly and executing it flawlessly.


It’s not that Justin Fields had 38 touchdowns and 4000 yards of offense in one season.


It’s that we DON’T and that Kirby knows this is Kirby’s weakness.


Kirby WON THE LOTTERY to steal Justin Fields from Penn State Florida Florida State Auburn Alabama LSU TCU vols Texas A&M Michigan State Mississippi State Nebraska South Carolina Texas Oregon Southern Cal USC and Clemson but Dell McGee and Kirby Smart brought him here and NOT TO SIT ON THE GOD DAMN BENCH 2018.


Got it yet ?



Brandon Bam Boykin says Justin Fields is going to be SPECIAL !

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