You’ve had a true freshman Starting QB every year Kirby. How do you determine who is your Starting QB Kirby ? “You compete. You let guys come out and compete. I think sometimes you guys think we just make a decision and just go with it. We do what happens in practice. We have scrimmages. We’ve got 25 practices before our first game.”

“We’re excited about those opportunities to find out how much better Jake can get and how much better Justin can get.  Both of them do a good job managing our team. Both of them are great in the locker room. I’m excited to see where they go.”


Kirby Smart quote 5-18-2018

Does that sound like Kirby is going to start Jake Fromm 2018 to you you God Damn fool ?
It does NOT sound like Jake Fromm has won the Starting job  to ME at all.
It can not sound like he has to you either.
To me it would be all 3 of Kirby’s first 3 years as head coach that he chose a true freshman to be his starting QB.
That is what this sounds like to me.

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