Only baseball has more attendance than Collegiate Football and they have 162 games plus another 38 games postseason 200-game year while we have at most a 15-game season. So what is the MOST POPULAR SPORT ? Why it’s collegiate football with 47 million 622 thousand 196 attendance and billions worldwide who follow the sport and I do mean follow college football – to my way of thinking the # 1 sport.

I am not biased on this.


So what that a few million more attend baseball than college football ?  They have 200-game season to our 15-game season so they do NOT have a bigger fan base just MORE GAMES.  Too many games to my way of thinking and really even with more than a dozen times more games than college football major league baseball MLB only barely has more attendance than college football.


NFL does NOT come close to college football in total attendance at LESS THAN HALF the attendance of college football.  And again while there are avid NFL fans there are NOT AS MANY as college football.


And we are far more rabid fans in college football obviously than Major League Baseball MLB or National Football League NFL both of whom are PROFESSIONAL SPORTS.  Note if you please that MOST comparisons of attendance detail ONLY professional sports.


They don’t LIKE being put-down by college football as a sport.


I was 10 thousand 500 miles away from Grant Field 5 December 1981 in Sydney New South Wales Australia yet the local newspaper in Sydney we had subscription to carried an article which stated that Herschel Walker scored 4 tries against rival Georgia Tech which is like 4 scores in Rugby the paper said.  36 rushes for 225 yards and 4 Touchdowns we call it in the 44-7 rivalry match-up blow-out by us in college football.  The article had a picture with caption of Herschel diving-over Georgia Tech’s players into the end zone.


American football has a HUGE FOLLOWING the world over and players in our colleges here come from every nation of the world nowadays.


Indeed college football is a huge sport.  Our fervor for the game as fans especially in the noted SEC Conference is unmatched even by the soccer-mad fans of Europe and South America.  Our fans are MORE INVOLVED and spend MORE TIME outside game time following our sport.


We invest MILLIONS of hours following collegiate football when there is NO GAME just us following our team.


Fans pick a team even if they did not attend any college so swept-up in the intensity of our hated rivalries.


Alabama – Auburn

Michigan – Ohio State

Georgia – Auburn

Texas – Oklahoma

Navy – Army

Clemson – South Carolina

Georgia – Florida

Georgia – Clemson

Georgia – Tennessee

Georgia – Georgia Tech

Michigan – Michigan State

Southern Cal USC – Notre Dame


There are colleges and universities in every suburb of every city on this planet and they ALL are intensely aware of the American Football College Rivalries.


What has baseball got like this ?  New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Socks ?  Is that at all like college football in Major League Baseball MLB ?  Is it really ?


Live American Football games are shown worldwide on ESPN for other nations to watch with their own commentators and their own commercials.


Does the world really give a shit about watching American Baseball ?  It is a boring game. Yes I lettered in baseball every year and was the starting catcher my junior and senior years but baseball pales by comparison with the love of the game college football fans the world over share with me.


Don’t tell me MLB has MORE ATTENDANCE than college football with their God Damn 200-game season to our 15-game season them barely more in attendance even then.


I know what the most popular sport is.


And when I see that College Football is the # 2 sport in attendance without describing # 1 an obvious idiotic article in the first place I know who it is they say with their 200-game schedule has MORE ATTENDANCE than College Football.


Bullshit in 15-game schedule we nearly catch MLB with their 200-game schedules every year by direct comparison.


College Football – the best and the most favored sport a LOT more than the NFL who does have half what college football has for fans and they too have MORE GAMES than college football too.


Part of the charm of college football is that there are so few games.  You can only suffer a mistake game or 2 and still be at the top of the sport.


NFL might lose nearly as many as they win in the year and still be Super Bowl Champions.  How God Damn screwed-up is that ?  MLB always loses well over 100 games and still is World Series Champion.  That’s not the same.  That’s not like College Football.


2011 for example the New York Giants NFL went 9-7 losing twice to the Washington Redskins by blow-out scores both times while the miserable God Damn Washington Redskins were 5-11.  These Washington Redskins losers were 3-11 except beating the Super Bowl Champs two times.  No other team the Redskins beat had a winning record but the Redskins beat the New York Giants twice who then won the Super Bowl.  NO WONDER more fans attend watch follow care about and are obsessed with college football than professional NFL football.


That is not the only example.  There are ALL KINDS of teams who win the Super Bowl of the NFL who LOST 7 games or lost 6 games or lost 6 games or lost 6 games or lost 5 games.  It’s disgraceful.


More than one-third of the 32 NFL football teams make the play-offs every year.  That is bullshit.  Total unadulterated bull shit.  More than 37 percent of all NFL teams make the playoffs.  That is so full of shit.  It’s like racing Daytona or Talladega – anyone can win.  It is not a contest of skill.  It’s not.  Skill is being the best and beating the best while NOT LOSING TO CUPCAKES.  That’s skill.  The NFL has not been about skill when for 3 decades now the NFL includes more than 37 percent of all teams in the playoffs.  They do that to increase fan interest in cities which have no God Damn hope or business in acting like they are # 1 but they might be if they get home field advantage and CHEAT to win a game like the NFL does.  College football we STRIP the cheaters such as USC Southern Cal in 2004 of their national championship # 1.  Is it perfect ?  No.  But we do a  LOT better job than Bluto Senator of Not a God  Damn thing gtp Get the Picture would have you believe cynical bullshit artist.  I like college football.  He can stick it up his God Damn dumbass asshole.  College football is RIGHT.


College Football does a fine job of making me happy following UGA.


The Pac-12 not so much since they have not won a national championship now after 1972.


Now I follow The University of Georgia Bulldogs UGA and we have the world’s greatest mascot UGA.  We played in the national championship game and scored 4 of the first 5 scores in the game trying to SIT on the LEAD and refusing to pass the ball.


Kirby has to fix that this year.  James Coley and Justin Fields can do JUST THAT.



# 2 total attendance last season 1246201 one and a quarter million fans watched UGA

We only had 6 home games.  Miami of Florida Hurricanes had 8 home games for example.








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