Softball women advance to Super Regionals against vols. Lady Dawgs HOST next weekend. Lady Dawgs OWN vols winner to Women’s College World Series. Lady Diamond Dawgs 7 national seed so that is why we are HOSTING Super Regional this up-coming weekend 46-11. SEC is twice as good as whomever it is who is the 2nd best softball conference. 66-35 All-Time NCAA Tournament Record.

SEC is kicking some ass in softball again 2018.


Lady Bulldogs are 66-35 All-Time in NCAA Division I Softball Tournament.


10 Super Regionals for us now.  In our 9th Super Regional we won to advance to the Women’s College World Series.  It would be a Major Upset not to again in our 10th Super Regional.


2009 we were in the Women’s College World Series.

2010 we were in the Women’s College World Series.

2016 we were in the Women’s College World Series.


Alabama won Women’s College World Series 2012 and Florida won it 2014 and 2015.


We have never been in the Title Game Series like we were in football 2018 UGA Georgia Bulldogs.


SEC has 10 Title Game Series Appearances and 40 Women’s College World Series Appearances 3 by Georgia.


9 SEC teams move on to Super Regionals.  There are only 8 Super Regionals.


Before the Women’s College World Series.



NCAA Athens Super Regional


  • May 24 (Thu) May 27 (Sun)
    vs #10 Tennessee
    Athens, Ga.


Lu Harris-Champer wins just over 73 and a half percent of her games as a our coach.

Lu Harris-Champer has our team # 3 batting average nationally of .337

Lu Harris-Champer has our team # 9 runs per game nationally of 6.14 runs per game.


9 of the 16 teams in the NCAA Softball Super Regionals this up-coming weekend are SEC teams.  Georgia is 11-6 on the season 2018 against these 16 teams nationally :


2-1 vs vols

2-1 vs Florida

0-1 vs Oregon.

3-1 vs Arkansas

2-1 vs Kentucky

2-1 vs Alabama


We have played 6 of the 16 teams in NCAA Softball Super Regionals 2018 and have a 11-6 record against the field.