Toneil Carter Jr. whom Kirby offered a scholarship to for early enrollment last year then had Coach Dell McGee call his 5 brothers and sisters and parents and tell them the Early Enrollments were full early-on in the recruiting right after Sony Michel and Nick Chubb both said they were returning for their senior seasons is TRANSFERRING from Texas. He is VERY UNHAPPY there. He fumbled the ball all the time. Only 252 yards rushing all season and was a Starter at TB several games. Toneil Carter Jr. was SUSPENDED for the bowl game reportedly for BAD GRADES.

Toneil Carter Jr. only ended-up playing in 9 games.  This is NOT GOOD for a guy who Tom Herman picked to be his Starter several of those 9 games.  Quickly he fell from grace.  Then reportedly his grades went South too.


Suspended for the bowl game at the time when other players with grade issues were suspended for team rules as well.


According to everyone following Texas who had had 3 losing seasons in a row before 7-6 last year with Tom Herman – the problem that cost Toneil Carter Jr. his job was FUMBLES.


You do NOT get suspended 22 December for THAT.


You get suspended 22 December for FLUNKING-OUT.


He is going to have to go to school somewhere where he can make grades of D.


Toneil Carter Jr. pronounced toe nail only carried the ball 25 yards in the Spring Game Texas Longhorns 2018 adding ANOTHER FUMBLE on just 10 carries 2.5 yards per carry and FUMBLED again.


So it appears Toneil Carter Jr. has NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS.


Here now he would have been competing for the Starting Job at TB Georgia Bulldogs UGA for Kirby Smart Dell McGee.


There he seems to have some mad cow disease.


All cows are bad anyway causing Global Warming worse than cars do.


Sorry for all your problems Toneil Carter Jr. but your parents should have named you better and you should have disregarded their BS and stayed the course with Kirby who NEVER rescinded your scholarship he STATED for all to consume.


Early enrollment.


That might have changed.


Now you are unhappy suspended fumbling and making bad grades telling everyone you are transferring.


What not happy with your Spring Game 2018 Toneil Carter Jr. with yet ANOTHER fumble and only 2.5 yards per carry.


How are your grades ?


How did you get to play in the Spring Game ?


You have totally screwed-up your college career Toneil Carter Jr.


And it does NOT appear Texas Longhorn Tom Herman is TREATING you very well either  Toneil Carter Jr.






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