“Is the U Miami of Florida really back with Mark Richt ? The Hurricanes won a lot of close games in 2017 but ending the season with that three-game losing streak looked all too familiar.” – including the LOSS to CUPCAKE Pittsburgh 5-7 who should have been 4-8 and that game was not close double-digit loss followed by the beat down of Biblical proportions next LOSING 3-38 then the loss by double-digits once again to end the season. No. This is all too familiar with Mark Richt. It is what he does. Some call it schizophrenic. But Mark Richt is VERY CONSISTENT in this behavior every single year losing to cupcakes and losing the big games. It is what he does since winning and losing is NOT how he is judged he says. A college football head coach. NOT judged by winning and losing. The HELL you say. He sure as SHIT is.



Miami of Florida unseat Clemson in the ACC ?  That’s bullshit.


2008 to 2015 Mark Richt is the # 45 team vs top 15 time game.


# 45 with the average # 7 Scout.com recruiting class against top 15 time game losing 18 of the 24 such games after 2007 until he was FIRED for it.


And lost to cupcakes every year too.  Don’t forget that.




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